Blogtable, DeAndre Edition: What you’ll remember most is …?

In this special edition of the Blogtable, we’re asking our stable of scribes across the globe to weigh in on the DeAndre Jordan free-agency saga — and give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

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VIDEOAn emoji battle wages on during the DeAndre Jordan decision

> Emoji wars, Twitter all abuzz, Mavs and Clippers assembling a la The Avengers to sway DeAndre — which of these things (or maybe something else) will you most remember from the DeAndre decision?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comWhat we witnessed wasn’t unprecedented, but it ought to be. Breaking a verbal agreement isn’t honorable, nor is swooping in at the 11th hour to encourage it. Had Jordan told all involved he would mull over his decision until the moratorium ended, fine, he’d have remained in play. But that’s not how this went. This sort of episode encourages cut-throat behavior all around. And unfortunately, there were some marking execs and media types loving it simply because it “had people talking about the NBA” for one more summer day. Yeah, well, carnival geeks get people talking, too. What I’ll likely remember from this is that, instead of teams only lining up at 12:01 a.m. on July 1 to be the first ones in the room with a new free agent, this is what started them mobilizing at 11:59 p.m. at the moratorium’s back end to be the last ones in the room. Just to make sure a deal is a deal is a deal.

Fran Blinebury, Just the thought of Doc Rivers and Blake Grifin barricading the doors of DeAndre’s house with furniture against a possible invasion of desperate Cubanites waving stacks of cash and the image of Chris Paul riding to the rescue on a banana boat. And hoo boy, am I looking forward to the announcement of the 2015-16 schedule with the Clippers at Dallas on Christmas. C’mon, Adam Silver. Show us you get it.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Don’t mention the E word again. I’m doing everything possible to un-see that part of the silliness, although I’m afraid we’ve just seen the start of a trend. The rest of it will be impossible to forget, especially the biggest takeaway of all: How the fate of two franchises changed in one crazy day as the world followed along. The basketball part is the bottom line because that will have implications for years. We may not know the real outcome of Wednesday for years, until seeing how things turned out for the Clippers and Mavericks. DeAndre Jordan showed a lack of maturity and professionalism by not doing the very least he could do and treat Dallas with respect, but that’s for him to sort through. The rest of us will watch the basketball aspect unfold.

Shaun Powell, NBA.comWhat I’ll remember is sitting in my chair for 8 hours reading Twitter, the longest I’ve been locked on that site continuously in like forever. Blake Griffin dropped the Twitter mic with the chair-against-the-door pic. I think he has a future in entertainment.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comBlake Griffin’s tweet of the chair against the front door was my favorite moment. It made me laugh out loud and then have to explain the entire ridiculous situation to my wife.

Sekou Smith, The emoji war was epic, with Kobe Bryant and eventually the fine folks from @Jumpman23 dropping the mic on a crazy day that proved to be Twitter gold for all involved. If the Clippers find their way to the conference finals and perhaps beyond during the next five years, then maybe I’ll change my mind. But until then, the mobilization of the Clippers’ entire basketball operation to get to Houston and secure DeAndre’s services will continue to stick out as the most memorable part of this experience for me.

Ian Thomsen, It will be worth remembering only if Jordan proves to be worthy of the trouble: Can he help lead his team to the NBA Finals? If so, then we’re all going to be looking back on the Clippers’ principals pulling tighter together around Jordan at his house last night, with the focus being on Chris Paul’s emotional plea to his teammate. But if they’re unable to rally, then this little plot twist will have no staying power (apart from possibly leading the NBA to change the timing of the moratorium).

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogSomeone on Twitter noted that this whole saga was tailor-made for the All Ball blog, and I have to agree. Emojis, Blake Griffin making jokes, Mark Cuban allegedly driving aimlessly around Houston while texting furiously, Paul Pierce tweeting out clip art — it was quite an evening. It was one of the most memorable NBA evenings I can recall that didn’t actually have anything to do with basketball. I love this game.


  1. John Stodder says:

    As a Clipper fan, of course the fact that, at the end, DeAndre came to his senses is the most durable part of the story.

    But I gotta say, you really saw the contrast between the old NBA of Kobe Bryant and the new NBA of CP3 and Blake in that “emoji war.” Blake and even Chris were funny as hell. But Kobe? So tone-deaf. He doesn’t understand that the league is about entertainment. His grim mug, his insistence that in every basketball conversation his ego must be stroked — that’s the NBA that failed. The Lakers are going to need an exorcism!

  2. pokie says:

    This isn’t picking a prom date. He just altered the trajectory of a major sports franchise by basically lying to them. I’m sure everyone in Dallas would love to have had his actual answer at the beginning of the free agency period. It would have just been business as usual and they would have continued to work the phones seeking other help. I know some of you won’t understand that giving your word used to mean something and it wouldn’t bother me much if it had not been when he chose to do it. It means he doesn’t understand anything about the league he plays in or maybe just doesn’t care about it.

  3. harriethehawk says:

    I will remember that I really didn’t care DeAndre Jordan, the Mavericks or the Flippers. Just another free agency day.

  4. GNAP says:

    When everything a guy knows is how to play basketball… correction: uses his physiological talents to influence a top level of basketball. But nothing else.

  5. you guys are entertained by unprofessionalism? are you guys serious? what are you 10?

  6. taekayo says:

    That DJ is not the of player who should be getting this type of hype. I still respect his game as an anchor in D, a rebounding monster and a high % inside guy. But the fact remains that he is just a 3rd guy (not even a part of a Big 3) to both teams. The Mavs looked desperate to contend while having Dirk, while it’s almost the same as for LAC in CP3. But the fact remains that whoever has him, they still wouldn’t get past the West’s elite. Unless he is LBJ, KD, a young TD, Wade, Kobe or KG, there won’t be much of a turn around.

  7. birdie says:

    I was not entertained. I was disgusted.

  8. Hypothesis says:

    Always do what’s best for “you”. Deandre Jordan hate to break it to you, but you’ve been bamboozled, hoodwinked(Stephen a voice) . You let your friends convince you to stay with where you are. Being a complacent 10 and 10 guy on a good year will never trump being a 20 and 10 guy. This might not affect you now but 20 to 30 years from now when Blake and Chris Paul are getting inducted into the hof remember the peer pressure they put on you. Bad long term choice,

  9. ronhawkster says:

    two years from now nobody will remember DJ’s poorly handled change of heart. But what we’ll remember is the shocking news that Mark Cuban is not a man of his word!

    SHOCKING NEWS: Mark Cuban is not a man of his word!

  10. pokie says:

    This reinforces the notion that all professional athletes are basically children. At least he didn’t blow his hand off.

    • Jamaal clarke says:

      Children? Adults don’t change their minds? He was making a huge life changing decision, and he had second thoughts. no one has a crystal ball, and yet these guys are expected to make these huge decisions based on potential. In my personal decision he made the right choice by going back to the clippers

  11. Jamaal clarke says:

    God you guys are so dramatic. The owners behave in the most cut throat ways making “business” desicions that aren’t noble at all. Treating players like commodities. De Andre didn’t break the rules, and if the league wants to change the rules than they should. Otherwise this is all part of the game. I do feel bad though for the Mavericks, but they have a ton of cap room and hopefully they will figure something out.

    • sports fan says:

      I agree.

    • bballjunkie1 says:

      You right but let’s not forget the agent who pushed also a friend of Cuban the same Why would he leave all that money he wasn’t going to a team that had won it all recently and certainly wasn’t going to be a big 3 by any means? That explained why his agent wasn’t in photo signing?

  12. Pacesetta says:

    Oh, and about DeAndre, damn that’s messed up! Yo, Mark Cuban I’ll pick up that contract if you need a player. I can give fouls like a pro!

  13. Kim says:

    As a Mavericks fan this is a huge disappointment – I will not watch any NBA next season except for the rematch between Golden State and Cavaliers in the Final. I respect Jordan’s decision, and I didn’t understand his move to Dallas in first place anyway, but keeping me personally in a “high” state for several days only to slap me in the face, this is not what I need. To me this is “unfair” business, and he didn’t even have the guts to talk to Dallas and apologise or tell them in advance. Now just pretend Lebron would arrange an agreement with the Warriors, joining them for half a salary, only so that his team can actually look for free agents in peace, I think this is actively misleading other clubs. I will cancel my NBA subscription now.

  14. Saendre says:

    Two things stuck with me most. The Banana Boat with LeBron’s heavy butt on the tail end – thought they were going topple over. – throat sore from laughter. And who could have directed this 11th hour Thriller, Docucomedy, Action-Adventure the best… M. Night Shymalan, Michael Moore or Michael Bay. This was good theatre from an Entertainment entity.

    • BigRon says:

      Mentioning “good theatre” and M. Naught SHAMalam in the same context is laughable!

  15. Pacesetta says:

    Michael Jordan had all role players? Really? Stop disrespecting Scottie Pippen he won 55 games without MJ and nearly went to the finals! Ron Harper for the second 3 titles, a 6ft 6in PG in the 90s was not typical. Rodman, known as one of the greatest rebounders of all time, but anyways Jordan and Pippen could run most g/f combos off the floor today. Yes jordan was great, but he had a good team around him.

  16. tazilon says:

    A sad day for the NBA. Unless changes are made, beginning next year, Free Agency becomes a weapon to lock rival teams out of improvement, All it take sis collusion from a free agent and a team. The player verbally commits to a team then on signing day switches to the team he had a secret agreement with, effectively freezing the targeted team out of Free Agency competition.

    All you people who think this was fun and entertaining are failing to realize the horrible precedent this creates for the league.

    Cuban should go after Jordan full force for breaking an oral contract and the league owners should change the rules so no contact between players and free agents are allowed until they can sign contracts. Failure to address the issue will make the free agency period a travesty for the league.

    • A says:

      This didn’t change anything. The precedent was already there and has been there for 19 years. and look, in that span, this has only happened a few times. It just has never happened to a max player with so much time between agreements, and in the age of twitter popularity.

  17. keeeleee says:

    you are sick calling this whole thing “fun”. betryal and heartless cheating will mark this idoit his whole life.

  18. Grammar Police says:

    When will you writers PROOF READ before posting/publishing/submitting your work. @Scott Howard-Cooper “… because that will has implications for years.” That sounds like it should be on a cat meme.

  19. CG says:

    “This sort of episode encourages cut-throat behavior all around”. Whatever, teams do this to players all the time. They send them to other teams without notice in the middle of the season,. I find it rather hypocritical that when a player does it, it is considered unethical. Players should be able to treat teams the way team owners and managers treat players. Sorry Cuban, Go Clips!

    • Geoff D says:

      Welcome to Free agency. When you go after a excellent player that has been on a team for a number of years, it is a win or lose situation. If you are able to to get him you win , but if not you lose (nature of the business). Alot of people think Mr. Jordan was wrong, but like Parson said in his interview that a player has to do what is best for him and his family. I personally think he did the right thing, he has some unfinish business in LA. It is so nice to see after all these years that the Clippers is a team to beat. Go Clippers

  20. alizia says:

    I do not get why the people keep saying Michael fired back after Kobe posted his 5 trophies. Unless they are in different time zones when they posted then Michael posted at 4 something in the afternoon to Kobe’s 5 something in the afternoon.

  21. secretname says:

    Ouch! this is some stab in the back to Mavs, Wes and Parsons lol i guess we all know what kind of a person d.jordan really is, shame.

  22. justsayin says:

    NotBillWalton posted a good Night of the Living Dead pic (barricading the doors/windows), that plus Griffin’s pic and Parsons comment were the three biggest laughs of the day. Besides having the last laugh as a Clippers fan disenchanted with Dan Fegan and Mark Cuban’s manipulations.

    And thank god he is backing out of the biggest mistake he could have made at his age. All the deal would have accomplished is watering down BOTH teams to non-contender status, miring him on a mediocre team till he was over 30. (Just to appeal to his ego, so he can be “the man”.) At least he came to his senses and realized he should play to his strengths, and not go try to be something he’s not. (a 20 ppg guy, and he won’t be till he learns to hit FT)

    Mavericks dodged a bullet too – with his head high daydreaming about scoring that’s beyond his current skillset, it would have impacted his energy and focus on rebounding and defense, where Dre excels. They likely wouldn’t have gotten what they were paying for, just a guy pressing too hard with a lowered FG and FT%, and reduced defensive numbers.

  23. Really? Where is the NBA heading? All of this for a guy who can’t even make a free throw?

  24. "real"NBA fan says:

    Kobe was like BAM 5 titles! only thing is Jordan 6 were what 1991? Kobe had 2 titles 2009 and 2010 not too long along jordans were sooo long ago do they mean as much?

    • CG says:

      They mean more because Jordan only had role players on his team. Kobe always had at least one superstar to help him. Kobe can be in the conversation, but never ever win the debate.

      • MagicJohnson says:

        Youre right kobe wont win the debate but cmon Jordan had pippen the hall of famer rodman steve kerr john paxson Bj armstrong horace grant ron harper tony kukoc role players but superior role players (draymond green like) all stars as well

  25. Zing Zang says:

    Well, Clippers are busy trying not to loose their Top Clown status despite recent success.

    Ok, they dropped Barnes but immediately substituted him with Lance.
    And their new owner is there to guarantee the status will hold.