Blogtable, DeAndre Edition: Impact of his decision on the Clippers?

In this special edition of the Blogtable, we’re asking our stable of scribes across the globe to weigh in on the DeAndre Jordan free-agency saga — and give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

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VIDEODavid Aldridge breaks down the DeAndre Jordan decision

> What does his return do for the Clippers given their other reported offseason moves? Where do they now rank in the West hierarchy?

Steve Aschburner, The Clippers avoid a drop in the Western Conference standings with this move – they were looking at retreads or minimum-salary types to man the center spot if Jordan had left. But they’re still not cracking the top three out West – Golden State, San Antonio, Memphis – and to me, it’s the latest example of that franchise’s frantic, emotional, not-quite-professional way of doing things. It doesn’t instill new confidence the Clippers can get through tough postseason times.

Fran Blinebury, What the Clippers avoided was falling like a piano off a roof. They are in the same place they ranked last season, fighting to be in the upper half of the West bracket, a step below Golden State, San Antonio and OKC, duking it out with Houston and Memphis for home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Obviously it is a dramatic change. It’s a double blow, keeping the Clippers in a prominent place after all while undercutting the Mavericks’ hopes of being in the upper echelon. We have to see how the rest of the summer turns out rather than give daily updates on where teams rank because the situation is so fluid. A lot of teams are still filling out depth charts. But this minute, the Clippers are behind the lead group of Golden State and San Antonio, part of the pack with OKC, Houston and Memphis in some order.

Shaun Powell, Obviously this is a game-changer for the Clippers. They went from JaVale McGee to DeAndre. So it’s fair to say they didn’t lose their place in line in the West. That said, the other offseason pieces must deliver in order for the Clippers to go deep into spring. Paul Pierce can’t fall off the cliff just yet. Lance Stephenson must straighten his head and his game in a hurry. And there’s still questions about the depth of the bench especially at point guard.

John Schuhmann, The Clippers avoided wasting, in regard to contending for a championship, a season of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin at their best. They’re still gambling on Lance Stephenson and they still need to hope that their big three stays healthy, because they don’t have anyone to back up any of them right now. But they’ll go into the season as a top-six team in the Western Conference, certainly behind Golden State and San Antonio, and in the mix with Houston, Memphis and Oklahoma City. They can truly contend for a title if coach Doc Rivers can somehow get another reliable contributor with what little flexibility he has left (minimum-contract offers and Jamal Crawford‘s tradeable deal) and if they can improve defensively.

Sekou Smith, DeAndre’s return keeps the Clippers firmly entrenched in the upper echelon of the Western Conference standings. They are still a top-four or-five team in the West and one of the best teams in the league. I’m more interested in the impact both Paul Pierce and Lance Stephenson will have on this group, on and off the floor, more than I am DeAndre’s return. The Clippers know what they have in their big man. Those other guys remain a mystery.

Ian Thomsen, NBA.comThe last couple of years have shown how much injuries and other surprises can influence the outcome – the key is to enter next season with a competitive roster and coaching staff, and the Clippers will be right there. They can excel at both ends, their depth has improved and they should be loaded with hungry players, from their Big Three (who collapsed on the verge of the conference finals) to Lance Stephenson (who should be receptive to Doc Rivers’ coaching after a horrible season with Charlotte). I can also envision them adding another player in midseason to add to their run. This was a big summer for the Clippers, and year three with Rivers should be their culmination.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: With Jordan, I’d still have the Clippers third, behind Golden State and San Antonio. Not sure which version of Lance Stephenson they’ll get, but if they get Indiana Pacers Lance instead of Charlotte Hornets Lance, they might be able to leapfrog those teams. Interestingly, I also think the key there is Jordan, and whether he’s able to continue to develop and be more than a 10 ppg scorer and develop into more of an offensive threat. They still need a bench, of course, but that core of CP3, Blake and DeAndre is going to be what makes the Clips a contender.


  1. Khadija says:

    Not a chance. They are the looser they always have been

  2. caloyski says:

    What happened put a question on the Character of the people in the Clipper organization– they will definitely make the playoffs but will not be champions coz they lack the resources to build a competitive bench

  3. rcjur says:

    Clips did good bringing back Jordan but adding Stephenson and an aged Pierce might just back fire. Their best best was to not think about. 37 year old and stayed younger and safer on the new additions.

  4. jimjule says:

    The Clippers will be much the same this coming season. They really haven’t improved despite the addition of Stephenson and Pierce. Stephenson is a basket case and Rivers will nail him to the bench after his first two or three outbursts. I expect Dallas will be taking a deep six this year and Houston hasn’t improved much either. That leaves Golden State, San Antonio, Memphis and watch out for sleepers New Orleans and Phoenix. One of those two will make the playoffs this time around. The Clippers will make the playoffs, but probably will be knocked out in the second round if they get a good draw in the first. RC Buford just seems to keep on doing what he does best and that is keep the Spurs relevant. The addition of Aldridge, West and even Ray McCallum more than makes up for the loss of Splitter, Baynes, Belinelli and Joseph. The Spurs have 12 signed to contracts and five others battling for the remaining three spots. If the Spurs can sign a backup free agent center who is an improvement over Jeff Ayers they will be tough to beat even for the vaunted Warriors or Cleveland. Promises to be a really interesting season for Spurs fans.

  5. Lincoln says:

    Journalists make the gaps between teams seem so big, The west it’s super tight, 2nd place and 6th place usually only have a couple of games difference between them. I hear so much about the Spurs this off season, a team that finished 6th and got knocked out in the first round.their additions are great but I feel like all this media attention should go to the Warriors, not the Spurs. it’s insulting that OKC get so much hype too, what are the chances of them actually staying injury free? Houston, Clippers and Warriors are the top 3 teams in the West with Memphis a close 4th.
    I think the Clippers are dangerous with the Truth there. It was the right move from Jordon to stay. The Mavs were not the answer for him to get rings. Jordon is clearly a big kid, but this experience with the leadership of the Truth and Rivers, with Paul knowing how he almost drove Jordon away will make this team dangerous.

  6. harriethehawk says:

    Without DeAndre Jordan the Flippers may have made it through the first round of playoffs. Now with him, semi finals.

  7. ko0kiE says:

    even though I can’t wait how good the thunder will be.. their core guys Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka have improved year for year, it’s time they take the next step as a team…

  8. ko0kiE says:

    my top four in the west are Golden State, Houston, San Antonio and Clippers… sorry Memphis :O

  9. sports fan says:

    Keeping DJ keeps the Clippers in the hunt. Without DJ they would’ve been sunk.

  10. Caldron Pool says:

    I don’t know why everyone is putting San Antonio so high. Aldridge couldn’t get a Portland team with as much talent more than a single first round victory. I don’t see how putting him on a San Antonio team which couldn’t beat the Clippers last year puts them over the top. San Antonio lost a lot pieces which helped them out a lot last year, particularly Splitter and Belinelli. I don’t think Aldridge makes them immensely better.

    It remains to be seen if Aldridge can even fit in their system. He’s just an ISO turn around mid range jump shooter. Does that work with the SA offense?

  11. justsayin says:

    Whatchootalkinbout Fran? The Clips weren’t “a step below” OKC, MEM , or SAS last season. OKC missed the playoffs entirely, and the Clips had the 3 seed: better than MEM or SAS, and they beat the defending champs fairly in the best non-finals series I’ve ever seen. They just shouldn’t have let go of the rope in game 6 against Houston, would’ve loved to see the fireworks in the conference finals against GSW.

    Though if you’re projecting how they’ll be this year, yeah SAS and OKC are going to be competing with GSW for the 1 seed if healthy.

  12. Clint McPherson says:

    My call is: If Jordan can improve his free throw to at least 72%, develop a Low Post move and with the addition of Paul Pierce trust me, it will level the playing field out west. I would see them above San Antonio.

  13. Zing Zang says:

    Begging, crying, praying, paying… And in the end: they have the same losers’s team of last year.

    • jOLAN says:

      except now they are more experienced, they have paul pierce, and lance (that could go horribly wrong thought lol). So, not the same team. They can’t rely on CP3 to fun everything though.

      • Khadija says:

        2 more loosers!! Wow. What did Pierce and Lance do???? Exactly, nothing. Piece needed Garnet and Allen to get his 1 and only championship. Without them , he would’ve never got it. And Lance??? Because of his antics he is no longer in the east. No one respects nor likes him