DeAndre Jordan picks Clippers after all

VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan opts to stay in Los Angeles

Ending — maybe — one of the bizarre moments in league history, DeAndre Jordan on Wednesday reneged on a previous commitment to sign with the Mavericks and chose instead to remain with the Clippers.

The decision not to stick with his original decision casts Jordan in a terrible public light, but apparently is the outcome he wanted after reportedly reaching out to the Clippers to let them know he was interested in staying with the only professional team he has known. That prompted the most high-profile of the Clippers — Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Doc Rivers — to converge on Jordan’s home in Houston to close the deal.

If the Clippers could not get Jordan to return, it would have faced being a franchise considered to be an annual title contender to becoming a team in the middle of the pack in the ultra competitive Western Conference, especially with the Spurs landing LaMarcus Aldridge and getting David West. Also the Oklahoma City Thunder expect to contend with the healthy return of former MVP Kevin Durant and we can not forget the Clippers’ main rivals, the defending champion Golden State Warriors.

The Mavericks, likewise trying to get an audience, apparently never got inside. The attempt to convince Jordan to stick with his first instinct and join Dallas never happened, until owner Mark Cuban began to inform his front office the new starting center would not be coming after all, according to several reports.

The Mavericks are in the same position the Clippers were in when shopping in the free agent market. The Mavericks lost Tyson Chandler when he agreed to a deal with the Suns. The Mavericks had a backup plan in place if Jordan had turned down the team last week. But those plans may not be an option as the Pacers have a proposed trade of Roy Hibbert to the Lakers.

Wednesday’s turn of events began when a report from’s Marc Stein stated the team would step up its efforts in retaining the center piece of their defense.

On Tuesday, J.J. Reddick was asked to grade his team’s offseason in a radio interview with Bleacher Report Radio on Sirius XM, he didn’t mince words about how he thought the offseason went in Lob City.


  1. Tedwilliams says:

    Cuban got lucky once,no more soup for you!

  2. sports fan says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous on the part of the Mavs. This shouldn’t have happened in the first place because they should’ve made a bigger effort to keep Tyson Chandler. They let him go TWICE! They’re a better team with Chandler than DJ and now they have neither.

  3. harriethehawk says:

    It’s intriguing and just simply part of the business. Nothing personal.

  4. I see a very unprofessional, childish and disgusting player just like carlos boozer

  5. sports fan says:

    Business is business. DJ did not sign anything so he has the right to change his mind to do what’s best for himself. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. After a change of heart & if he’s forced to sign with the Mavs then his heart won’t be in the game because he’d be on court while regretting it. Chemistry would be non-existent just like the Rondo experiment. When someone plays like that then that’s when they’re breaking their commitment. It’s best for the Mavs to not take him anyway at this point.

  6. mike says:

    the league suffers when:

    unauthorized sources comment and violate confidentiality

    men “change their minds.” a man of principle does not commit until he is committed. when you do commit, you honor your commitment. anything less is weakness and a reflection of the weakness of our national values.

    a team and coach isolate and sequester what should have been a mature adult in a contract negotiation.

    the leagues creates a process and set of policies that men of integrity can follow, but weak men cannot.

    all of it looks weak and spineless. Mr. Commissioner, basketball players are counting on you to get the media, and the weenies out of the game….bring basketball, rules and all, back to television, and let basketball define the product…..not the media, or the networks, or ESPN, or men who lack conviction. Basketball, in its purist form, is beyond all that.

    Marcus said it best “Focus on People, Product, Process…” the priorities of a successful business

  7. People have a right to change their mind there was no legal contract signed. It is a good things that he thought about his decision before making it and then later being unhappy with an organization. I am proud of him for staying with an organization where sometimes he felt uncomfortable but that’s family. So let’s go clippers hope you make it to the NBA championship and get beat by my Cleveland Cavaliers

  8. antzlim says:

    I think DJ did the right thing. He stays with LAC and The King should stay with CAVS 5 years ago.
    You people made horrible comments when LBJ leave his team. Now, another (horrible) comments where DJ wants to stay with his team.

  9. John says:

    Yet another NBA player I totally lost respect for.
    May the clipper ship sink.

  10. secretname says:

    Ouch! this is some stab in the back to mavs, wes and parsons lol i guess we all know what kind of a person deandre really is, shame.

  11. gaurav says:

    loser DJ! gave his word and backed out! Number one sign the player has no character. no wonder chriis paul always was always butting heads with him.

    Clippers are not getting anywhere with this team. bringing back the same team will result in the same 2nd round loss especially for a team on the decline.

    NBA really needs to change this free agency policy. they should allow players to sign the day they start meeting with teams.

  12. Robobo says:

    DJ is a sad young man. Obviously agrees with the last person he talks with. Clippers timed their meeting Weds PM perfectly so they’d be the last voices DJ heard & then they barricaded the door & blocked the phones to make sure Mavs’ voice wouldn’t get heard. Really sleazy!! That’s the LA way!! Only one possible response. #BoycottTheClippers

    • John B says:

      Seriously, what ‘man’ needs his hand held through midnight so he doesn’t change his mind?? He just showed how mentally fragile he is and that he’s not ready for the challenges of a lead role.

  13. JJ says:

    DJ just turned to a changing franchise player, he wasn’t like that earlier in his career…on top of that clippers got Paul Pierce to play the 3 the only area in my opinion they needed help in, if you ask me…the clippers just got what they were lacking a true small forward who can still play ball!!!

  14. Mello31 says:

    First of all welcome back DJ!! From reports it sounded like Mavs had been schmoozing DJ since their playoff exit with Chandler Parsons. Then DJ’s agent was Cubans buddy so he put the pressure on also. I’ve heard people say Rivers was a snake but isn’t Cuban on a show called Shark Tank? This was DJs first time as a FA and was overwhelmed by the pressure and schmoozing. Has that ever happened to you? He just realized he’d been duped and had buyers remorse and called for help. Better to not sign with Mavs then to have a Rondo or Odom situation for them. You made the right choice DJ! Go Clips!!!

    • Dameon says:

      He should have been a professional. I lost a whole lot of respect for him. Clippers didn’t give a damn about him until they had no other options. I have no problem with him leaving but really at the last minute, really you as a grown man can’t pick up the phone and let Mark Cuban know you had a change of hurt? You f’d the Mavs and can’t even build up enough courage to own it.

  15. rod says:

    everyone says that clippers can contend for a championship now that they got DJ. they had DJ for 4 seasons and never made the finals!the guys is a horrible FT shooter. what makes you think that they can contend for a championship now?

    and BTW NBA really needs to fix nba free agency policy,seriously. DJ obivouisly said he sign withi MAVS but then he like oh nvm…

    BTW DJ is nothing without CP3 he may play for the clips his whole career,without CP3,if DJ did join the mavs, he would just hog. I bet no one else can through a lop to DJ more better than CP3. watch. if CP3 does deicide to leave clips one day, DJ gonna follow him.

    • courtsideguy says:

      indeed…more than anything though, i feel DJ realizes that he would have gotten exposed. Hes not that good of a player…cp3 makes him look much better than what he is…can he learn some post up moves? can he not develop a lil low post to mid range jumper? hes pretty much an alternate version of dwight howard….clippers all happy for what? yet another year with no ring…same story different year…

  16. dj is a scumbag says:

    FILTTHHHHHHHH.. Wouldn’t want him on my team if he payed to play!!!!!!!!!

  17. BigTailNoDaddy says:

    Congratulations to Clips as they have just invented the best way to beat a team for an entire season (or even more) without playing a single match. Do this a few times and they sure will be champion.

  18. dennis says:

    this is great, Jordan staying where he belongs and the Mavs and the idiot Cuban doing without, another year of failure at trying to buy another championship

  19. Bill says:

    Paul Pierce is loling and so am I.


  20. hellojeffy says:

    Disappointed in DJ. If I remember correctly, the LA players didn’t even bother reaching out to DJ during the clipper’s meeting with him.

    Dallas players all took time out of their schedule to meet DJ with no questions.

    Not until DJ reaches out to clippers do the players bother even making a move. Talk about “motivation”

    LA only has so many touches to offer. He will prob have same numbers this year as last year.

  21. michael says:

    jordan the jerk. i guess i am old school a mans word is gold. people can take your possesions and almost everything we own, but your word is everything. looks like dj isn’t even a man only in size not brains

  22. Lovins says:

    Great for LA, but their time to win was last year, and they choked. No way they’re coming out of the West now with Spurs super team, OKC healthy and obviously, GS.

  23. Defdun says:

    Backbreaker for the Mavs with Cuban already having admitted he would have tanked if not having made the deal with… a double-minded or naive center.
    Verbal commitment? He tweeted out the news himself!

  24. Awesome John says:

    isnt this the same player missing all those critical free throws and was considered a liability so they sat him down during a tight playoff game in the 4th quarter?

    Okay the guy can jump and he can dunk okay we know that “”whoppeedooo”

    but he has to grow as player of else after this contract they will give him total “well deserved hell” when he blows free throws in the fourth quarter and becomes the target for hack a Jordan…

    absolutely disgraceful stuff for a 80 million dollar player!

  25. Tommy McCardell says:

    The joke will be on deandra jordan when his team fails to win the finals, since they got cp3. The rules need to be changed, u hold teams hostage by having that 8 day window. They want win next year, and doc rivers needs fired. The mavs should tank the season so they can get a higher seed. Someone tell me when was the last time the clippers won a championship.

  26. Clipper Darrell II says:

    Listen to all the haters!!!!
    The Clippers have always been a cub on the bottom. Now finally they get a squad of contenders, and out comes the HATERS!!!The Flakers have been the a gleaming part of the NBA for decades, but NOW! its time for them, the Nicks and the Celtics to take a step back, reflect on the MANY championships their cubs have won and reminisce of the GOOD OLE DAYS and then just let the new kids on the block take over.
    Good choice DJ….and welcome back home….where belong (Win, Lose or Draw).

    • courtsideguy says:

      you honestly think getting dj means anything? they will not win..not with teams like warriors, OKC and spurs in the west. Their best chance was last season and they completely choked. Its over for the clips….theyll sell season tickets and we will get lobcity but thats about it..cp3 will be 31 soon. his window for a title is shrinking and if he doesnt win 1 with the clips wihtin the next 3 years..its over for clipps fan needa chill and face reality…cant blame you guys for your optimism though.

  27. Joe DeLaGrande says:

    I am so glad verbal agreements ARE legally binding in Europe. No way to commit to something and then just change your mind, unless it’s a purchasing contract for an item or service you bought online. Anyways, lowest backstab I’ve seen since I’m following the NBA and it just takes every credibitlity of the league. The NBA should do something about this in the future, otherwise they will lose a lot of supporters, starting with me. I love the game, but for a league that pretends so much professionalism, this is complete amateur behaviour and is primarily the mistake of the league. Fix it or burn with it. Cheers from the real western civilization.

  28. pjotr says:

    If his heart is with the Clippers than it is always the best choice. Period. Nice words mr. Poe!

  29. ReallyThink says:

    I don’t have a dog in the fight but this is simply business. Mark Cuban feelings are hurt that’s it. What if the Mavs have a better season then everyone will feel better. Lol! Fickle fans. One minute the love you the next they hate you. Quit listening to all these sports writer. They just want to get a rise out of you.

  30. Rafael says:

    I think the Mavs just got rid of a problem. Jordan is a selfish player, never will be a team player. If he prefer to be a third option that’s his problem. He always will be in the shadow of CP and Griffin

  31. Bill Kovacs says:

    As a life long CELTICS fan I see this thing with jorda

  32. THEdog says:

    Weird but true! My guess is that Jordan will stay with the Clippers for his entire career in the NBA because I don’t see any team that would want to deal with this kid in the future after what he just pull. I hope there’s grounds that the Mavs could take money out of this guy’s pocket legally so the this idiotic act don’t become a thing.

  33. Jorge says:

    Same team for same results. Houston, Spurs, OKC and G.S are much better team than Clippers. Jordan will be the 3rd option and he will keep missing FT. Dallas is worst no playoff. #gocavs

  34. Rhedz03 says:

    Clips aint the same without Dj..So good .choice…Mavs should start looking for their center now..Favors would do but if they dont ink matthews then it gonna be another tough season.

  35. ici says:

    he plain stupid

  36. Lakers4life says:

    What go around will come around … Mr. Cuban. When you stop CP3 trade with the NBA. Wow three years later…. Do you believe in ,,,,,,,? 😏😏😏 Go Lakers!!!

    • L.A. lover in N.Y. says:

      You know that’s right…… Let him (Mr. Cuban) go and complain to the front office about this!

  37. ryan of the Philippines says:

    Well, for the Mavericks, all they have to do is just to sacrifice this season and wait for a really big fish to come after the all star break. They all have the salary cap after all this things happened to them, but they are still not a pushover team. You still have a winner in DIRK NOWITZKI, im sure he will revive his old form and carry the Mavericks again into the playoffs without a doubt. But for this to happen, everyone on the team should step up double time.

  38. 38vertical says:

    The LA Collapsers – whoops, Clippers – will find another way to jerk the rug out from under their fans just about the time they are sure the team will win an important series. They need a new town, new name, new arena and for heaven’s sake, new uniforms. #alwaysaLakersfan

  39. All Holland says:

    I am trying to imagine that ‘LET”S GET DeANDRE BACK’ private plane ride to Houston…….with Donald Sterling still owning the team.
    I’m not even sure there is a word that can explain the level of awkwardness :o)

  40. J4CK Nicholson says:

    “Jordan Rules” of free agency must be created to avoid these conflicts. Not a fan of Clippers or Mavs but I felt the situation wasn’t handled in a professional way. And even though I hate the Mavs I don’t think they nor any NBA teams deserves this.

  41. Celticgreen BRD says:

    I can’t respect a man who does not stick to his word.

  42. anothercavsfan says:

    And btw the Clippers now, with the addition of Paul Pierce and Lance Stephenson, these guys can get it done…

    On paper the Spurs and Thunder may look like better teams, but the Clippers have the same core and the same system.
    So out of the competitive teams in the west, the Clippers and the Warriors have the least adjustments to make.

    Look for the Clippers to finally break their NBA curse next season.

    • John says:

      Looks like they just got cursed even more.

      Greed and breaking your word will never get you anywhere in the long run.

  43. Gary Smith says:

    Now it’s making sense according to several sites DeAndre Jordan as a gay male was more comfortable in LA during the season than Dallas.

  44. anothercavsfan says:

    It was the right call by DeAndre and I know Mavs fans are mad but lets face it, it’s DeAndre Jordan not Shaq and he wasn’t going to do anything with Devon Harris as point guard.

    Why would the Mavs think DeAndre would do any better than Tyson Chandler?
    DJ is DJ because of CP3. Without CP3, he’s just a decent big defensive center.

  45. Hypothesis says:

    Why?! You had a chance to become a elite Player with the mavs. Now you’re the #3 guy on your own team. Clippers would of said anything to make you stay.

  46. There has to be some kind of rule against this. Seems like the mavericks got screwed in this situation. I think the commissioner should do something.

  47. sid says:

    That’s why nobody is supposed to talk about till they are allowed to talk about 😀

  48. frans says:

    The offer the Mavs made to Jordan was crazy. There are better players and centers in the game for that kind of money, so financially no issues here. But the problem now is that with nog good center, Dirk over his prime the Mavericks will lose relevance and rebuilding will be harder and harder. Because top players want to play for a top team for top money. So luring a star will be very hard for the mavericks. Look at the Celtics; no star player seems to be interested in playing for that club since the big three lost their relevance. I like their way of rebuilding though and I believe that they have a chance of making the conference finals next year.

  49. keeeleee says:

    Although “business is business”, but keeping promises is part of business, even an oral one, isn’t it? It is by no means an honorable move.

  50. Peter says:

    Hope DJ will tear his meniscus this season he’s a f-king traitor that ruins teams abuses verbal agreements that already was set in motion and makes other players lose potential more lucrative contracts.
    He messed up the league big time for an average player. I mean hes no Karl Malone or SHAQ they played better in the paint and even Shaq had better FT %.
    Just a sore looser that ruins everything!

  51. Chris says:

    What is lost with this is why would the clippers want such a head case who show no integrity whatsoever. Both in leaving in the first place and then returning in these circumstances shows he doesn’t have the mental side of being a professional right. Add that to Blake and CP3 who already have a mental block when it comes to winning when it matters = not good for the clippers. Paul Peirce and Doc have their work cut-out sorting those dudes!

  52. RA says:

    What comes around, goes around. Karma is now digital. DJ now has no credibility IMO. Can’t trust him no more.

  53. jake s. says:

    Something shady went down for Ballmer to keep Jordan. We will just never know because it probably happened behind closed doors.

  54. Mark from Bay area says:

    I have never seen any IDIOT like DeAndre Jordan.
    His decision just made Mavs like the team in absolute ashes. lol

  55. K_Away says:

    It’s all ’bout biz, so stop whining. Kudos to Doc and LAC for playing on DJ’s emotional strings, great move.

  56. Clips Big Fan says:

    Good news!!

    CP, BG and DJ rules!!

  57. 1900 says:

    Things are as they should be.

  58. Samoan says:

    This is good for the clippers, but their fate will remain the same. Now they have a bigger target on their back for snaking the mavericks.

    Hey maybe the clippers will win 2 games in the second round of the playoffs and be up 2-0 then lose the series 2-4. Last years loss was comical.

    L.A. Fan for life.

  59. gedz says:

    Deandre Jordan will always be a third option in Clipps and probably would not won anything, Mavz should push to Hibbert, Jordan HIll and arthur and get Terry and think they can strive if healthy and upset the pretending super team clippers…..

    • "real"NBA fan says:

      Lakers already signing hibbert so who are clippers gonna get? do you know how to read NBA website

  60. stephen says:

    JORDAN IS just AN idiot big MAN . he cant beat the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS with his teamates.

  61. Sea Pea says:

    Mavericks should sue Steve Balmer or Commisioner should step in like he did with Chris Paul.

    • Nathan Lambert says:

      Wow, after all these years, you still haven’t understood that when Stern came in on the Chris Paul trade, it was because the League were the team in charge of the New Orleans Hornets franchise, while they searched for a new owner??? You really think the league would just swoop in and nix any deal they didn’t like?? The Comissioner has no business ordering what happens between the Clippers and Mavs. They only had a say on the CP3 deal because he played for the then NOLA Hornets, who they were in charge of at the time. #LookItUp

    • "real"NBA fan says:

      hey why not? david stern already screwed 1 of LA’s cities why not screw them both and make it even? call adam silver up and veto the resign with the clippers. lets see some more messed up before season even starts. Lakers will always be hated by high school kids who dont know anything about history 16 x NBA champions. Learn respect people.

      • sports fan says:

        I guess you didn’t read Nathan Lambert’s comment above yours. Also, should DJ be forced to play with a team he won’t be happy with? It would then end up like the Rondo experiment. At the point he had second thoughts it would’ve been bad for Dallas to sign him.

  62. Sea Pea says:

    Is Wesley Mathews going to the Clippers now? He said his deal with the Mavericks was contingent on DeAndre Jordan coming to Dallas.

  63. Ryan says:

    Dallas Mavericks just got flaked…

  64. dustydreamnz says:

    Agree with Scott, they’ve gotta sort this out. I’m not a Clippers/Mavs fan either but it’s not a good look for the game.

  65. ricmar says:

    well i think we cannot blame mR. Dj if He choose again to stay in lob city .. maybe mr. dj wants to play again with his closefriends such as cp3 and bg and other teammates .. what can i say is.. goodluck to him and wish him goodhealth.. can’t wait to start nba this season.. goodluck to my team spurs!!! go spurs!

  66. Joseph Bejjani says:

    So relieved to have dj back. Hes getting better every year and playing every game without a miss or big injury. Straight up I would pick him over any other center in the league. With that said there really is a lack of talented centers in the league. Cousins has a chance to become an elite but needs a better team to see how he performs with a championship caliber team. Some players only play good on bad teams like kevin love. Those players are a dime a dozen in this league. Dj is a proven centerpiece on a championship team. Nba top players per position.
    Anthony Davis

  67. Eddie says:

    Let’s just call a spade, a spade…..Jordan is not the sharpest knife in the NBA drawer.

  68. John B says:

    Wow… basically peer pressured at the last minute and not man enough to make a decision on his own. Half their team had to go hold his hand through the night?? HAHA This goes to show right now he isn’t ready to be the face of any franchise, he’s better suited as a follower in LA.

    • ronhawkster says:

      Read the reports. He had a change of heart on his own on Monday, reached out to Griffin and Doc and said “I made a mistake, I want back”. Since when is that considered peer pressured? You never had buyers remorse?

      • John B says:

        Main point is that he’s not man enough or grown up enough to make the decision on his own like an adult. He literally had half the Clippers in his house holding his hand through midnight ET… That screams ‘I’m fragile’. Mavs would’ve been making a mistake to make him the centerpiece of the franchise because he’s not ready mentally. And okay so he changed his mind on the Mavs, AT LEAST be a man and call them to tell them what you’re doing rather than taking the coward’s way out.

  69. dontbelievethehype says:

    Wow! Question is, are they ever going to be winners? To this day they haven’t won anything,

  70. fashoom says:

    bush league move

  71. BallerAce says:

    Yeah it makes sense that nothing is official until a signing is done, but you can’t help but feel for the Mavericks here; they’re essentially screwed now with Tyson Chandler having left for Phoenix. Everybody not on the Clippers now be havin’ trust issues with DeAndre lol

    • Paul says:

      they had the chance to make a three way deal with clippers and pacers, but they Mavs won’t cooperate. If they did that and DJ reneges, they could still have a hibbert monta swap.

  72. Pantaloons McFreeley Jr. says:

    If the Clips can get past choking in the playoffs, they might get beat by better teams.

  73. bluekaiser says:

    Hey, we (Knicks) can give Mavs Robin Lopez for some no.1 picks.

  74. Me says:

    Idiotic move. Am not a fan of both team but I think what he did wasn’t cool at all. He left Dallas with no possible backup plan now that he changed his mind this late in the game. Am sure Mav’s fans are boiling deep inside at this moment and probably will not forget what he had done for a good long while

    • Yup!!!! says:

      How’s it not cool? It was a verbal commitment which isn’t legally binding. He does what he wants cause he loves being in LA . Oh and the NBA is a business so h can’t blame the guy for going to a better team, the only team he’s known.

  75. Glenn Cook, SR. says:

    DJ, hopefully you will desire to improve your game(by studying all the big time film of post up centers/power forwards) and putting the hours of practice in by yourself to reach what I think you can become, one of the greatest centers ever. You have to believe start in close to the basket banking shots on both sides of the basket….the main things is not to get discouraged. NOBODY IS A NATURAL SHOOTER, IT COMES WITH RELENTLESS PRACTICE AND DESIRE.

  76. Big Guys says:

    DJ is the most overrated player in the league without any doubt.
    Guy has only defense skills, without CP3 he would have been just ordinary rim protector. Does anybody remember big guys from nineties and early 2000’s? Compare his skill set with average skill set of center or pf in the league at that time..

  77. Rez says:

    Loyalty Mr. Jordan……stick to family…..Good decision! I smell CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!

  78. harriethehawk says:

    Still don’t have high hopes for the Flippers and I think Doc Rivers and his buddy Paul Pierce will last only one season if the Flippers don’t make it to the conference finals, which the won’t. DJ or not. Just my opinion. Also, DJ wasn’t going to make the Mavericks much better either. They have the WORST luck.

  79. Roger Tornga says:

    A similar outcome afflicted the Rockets last year when Bosh didn’t come and they lost Chandler, too. If it wasn’t Cuban, I’d feel sorry for the Mavericks. However, he does it to other people, so he reaps what he sows. Personally, I think Carlisle is a more inventive coach and Jordan would have had a more promising offensive career. Rivers may try, but Carlisle is a genius coach. I would have recommended going to the Mavs just for that coaching opportunity.

    • dcawston says:

      Bosh never committed anything to the rockets. They wanted him and he went to a meeting. As for Parsons, He was an RFA and the Mavs offered him more money than the rockets wanted to pay him. Both totally different situations.

  80. Man says:

    All is well in the cosmos.

  81. scott says:

    I am not a clippers or mavs fan, but something needs to be done by the league to address this very rare situation. The issue isnt even him changing his mind, its the ripple effect that it has on other team moves and other player moves. Maybe robin L doesnt do hid thing, maybe wes M takes an offer from another team etc….. I know what defenders will say, its not a deal till its signed, but the other player and team issues that come up from this are just too huge to ignore, players stick up for players, he may have just cost two or three players millions of dollars by re nagging. The NFL sets the cap and then its go, so the NBA needs to follow suit or make all comments illegal until the period is over, and they prolly’ should refund Mr Cubans fine as well.

    • AlleigHoops says:

      Its only rare today…if its not worked out, teams and players will be doing this to competitors and division rivals to weaken them, make them do trades etc after a verbal agt is reached and then reneg once they are weakened.
      It’s a dog act!

  82. bernard says:

    wow mark cuban must be mad as hell they have no Center lol crazy!!

  83. This will make my CLIPPS tougher -tighter and successful come conference finals. DUBS here we come and we have the TRUTH now and finally TEAM unity. WATER BOYS YOU LOSE AGAIN GET USE TO IT.

    • Robert says:

      Never won anything… Keep talking that loser talk

      • Cni2i says:

        Exactly. Haven’t won jack. Adding the “truth” still not getting them past the 2nd round. Obviously they r better with him, but definitely still not Championship caliber.

    • John Lowden says:

      The Jazz has a big center/forward they will part with for the right deal, perhaps the Mavs should pursue him.

    • John says:

      Golden State can beat Clippers any given night, with or without Jordan.

    • LOL says:

      LOL what a loser. clipps won’t survive in west no matter what. clipps still can’t beat GS, memphis, SA, houston. LMAO Adding paul pierce doesn’t really make clips any tougher LOL

    • Hector says:

      Who is the water boys supposed to be,the Lakers? You as pirate as them clippers!
      2nd round team!

      • schmeveland_schmavaliers says:

        English please

      • "real"NBA fan says:

        The Lakers will be back soon to reclaim there fame. we already have won 16 NBA titles so far. what has clippers won 0 and warriors 1 in 40 years? Lakers are better than everyone not named Boston or San Antonio Spurs. 16 championships will always have power when people start running off at the mouth. until you get 16 trophys sit down and be quiet.

    • AlleigHoops says:

      How are you going to win now that the Karma Train is coming to meet with Mr Jordan.?
      Dont be surprised if he breaks his leg or does an ACL next year.

    • John says:

      You are completely delusional.