Reports: Clippers lobbying Jordan to reverse Mavs decision

VIDEO: Fran Blinebury on DeAndre Jordan’s indecision

HANG TIME BIG CITY — Not so fast, DeAndre Jordan.

Last week, after several days of lobbying and meetings, the free-agent centerย announced he’d be leaving the Los Angeles Clippers to join the Dallas Mavericks. Coming off a career season, in which Jordan averaged 11.5 ppg and a league-leading 15 rpg, Jordan leaving Lob City was a huge move on several fronts. For the Mavericks, Jordan would be a transformative big man who could play alongside Dirk Nowitzki, and give the Mavs the paint presence they’ve been lacking for years. It was arguably an even bigger issue for the Clippers, who because of salary cap constraints had no real way of replacing Jordan.

But what if they end up not losing Jordan in the first place?

According to a report today from’s Marc Stein, the Clippers have redoubled their efforts and are attempting to convince Jordan to stick around after all…

Free agents are traditionally considered off limits once they strike a verbal agreement with a team during the NBA’s annual moratorium period, but sources said that the Clippers have pushed to secure a meeting Wednesday in Houston for coach/team president Doc Rivers and possibly owner Steve Ballmer to make one last face-to-face pitch to Jordan in an attempt to convince him to walk away from the four-year, $80-plus million max deal he committed to with the Mavericks and instead stay with L.A.

Sources say that some Clippers players have been in contact in recent days as well with Jordan, who informed both teams of his decision last Friday and then flew to his offseason home in Houston.

Thursday is the first day teams and players can formally sign contracts once the moratorium is lifted. Sources say the Clippers, since Jordan’s return to Houston, have been bypassing his representatives from Relativity Sports and have been urging him to take the Clippers’ offer instead while there’s still time.

Sources told ESPN’s Chris Broussard that Jordan has told people close to him since picking Dallas that he’s still “torn” and “unsure” about his choice.

When Jordan initially announced his exit, it was attributed to a collection of factors, from a disconnect with Clippers point guard Chris Paul to a lack of touches on the offensive end.

As some people have added today on Twitter, the Clippers may be trying to address these (and other) concerns with Jordan …

(NOTE: Freshest stuff on this issue at the bottom)


  1. ryan of the Philippines says:

    The Mavs will still gonna make the playoffs this year. They still have a winner in Dirk Nowitzki and they will hurdle this challenging times with poise. And the good thing is. they have a great salary cap after the all star break and next summer that could attract superstars and move on.

  2. MackDaddy says:

    until you sign, there’s no committment.

    good on you DJ… considered all your options and followed your heart.

    much respect.

  3. Mark from Bay area says:

    D Jordan messed up the Mavs roster entirely.
    We won’t see Mavs in the Playoff next year! lol

    • sports fan says:

      Don’t count them out yet, they’re still good enough to at least make the 8th seed. And anything can happen with trades & other teams could get hit with a major injury.

  4. BigTailNoDaddy says:

    D Jordan & Clippers: LOL easiest free-agency team sniping in my entire life EleGiggle Mavโ€™s head == smashed

  5. M. Dalgart says:

    Clippers should have discussed Contract Issues long, long time ago, and would have avoided this unfolded “Circus” it turned out to be..
    This proves, that most General Managers should not be Coaches as well, simultaneously. Most have not been successful
    managing both jobs collectively. It has been proven, that most NBA Players are having more contract issues, when they deal with an Coach/General Manager approach. NBA has been having a lot of unsuccessful Coach/Manager controls.
    It should definitely not been handled by an individual with dual decision making…

  6. 1900 says:

    Enlighten me. Just what loyalty does D.J. owe the Mavs., he’s never played for them before? He backed out of an unsigned contract so where’s the crime? I’ll tell you where the fault lies. It lies with an unethical agent who steals D.J. away from the Clippers persuading him to join his friend Cuban and to dismiss his loyalty to the Clippers. D. J. had pangs of guilt because of his gullibility and rushes back to his true friends where he belongs. You people who portray the Mavs. as victims are delusional.

    • Queirรณs says:

      As you are delusional too. Yep, he doesn’t have a signed contract, but this also portrays him as childish, susceptible to be influenced, and not able to keep his word. Down the line, this might be a bad thing for him.

      By the way, he technically was a free agent, so his “loyalty” to the Clippers was the same as he had with the Mavericks

  7. wtf says:

    LOL this is the funniest joke ever. Are they allowed to keep someone from talking to other clubs like that. cant believe people actually deandre jordan so much that they are kidnapping him.

  8. Jeremiah says:

    wtf DJ????!!! seriously, you good-for-nothing center who can’t even shoot FT. you messed up the mavs bigtime, after almost every bigman is gone in the FA. shame on you!karma will come your way

  9. Jorge says:

    DJordan is best player in LA not with houston & mark cuban seems to be hard to negotiate . Remember mr paul allen ibought LA Clippers at highest price . DJordan must present his asking price n LA must acceot it . Doc River is one if the best in the NBA today . He & clippers were able to eliminate the Spurs because of DJ griffin n paul . Dont LA n paul allen must give what his prized center wants .

  10. WETHENORTH says:

    Clippers were my favourite team to watch this post season. They were must watch games. It turned me in to LAC supporter. Mavs fell off. need work and DJ wouldn’t come close to what is needed. Parson = Mavs downfall, he’s feeling him self too much for no reason. LAC keeping DJ is a good look for both brands his and the team.

    DJ 4 LAC

  11. V2 says:

    The legal aspect of this is confusing. There was a definite offer, acceptance and consideration. Certainly, the Mavs don’t benefit from suing a player since the player can just do a poor job if forced to honor his commitment. I am just surprised reneging is apparently sanctioned in the NBA.

  12. Banana Boat says:

    That’s what you called BACK-A-JORDAN lol. I mean Hack-a-Jordan

  13. Real stuff says:

    The NBA needs to understand that these so called “executives” and owners think they can just think players are some type of toys. If doesnt want to go to your team stop crying about it and move on. And in the mavs case they are in a sticky situation and its their fault. They put all their hopes in one guy and lost DJ at the last minute(smart move DJ). Now who they got. Parsons? Dirk? Wes Matthews? That aint gonna work in the west no sir no sir yall in the tougher conference with only those guys talk about being thrown into the lions den cause they are not gonna make the playoffs this year. Like come on yall lost ellis chandler. So you have no point guard no center and an aging power forward who cant put the team on his back anymore. And that is what they deserve. Cause t

  14. Real stuff says:

    Shout out the players staying with the team that drafted yall! True loyalty is hard to find now a days seem likes kids want to play with the buddies and create this so called Big 3. Man if your a super star and need to get 2 other stars to win a ring then your not a franchise player.

  15. Real stuff says:

    Yo these comments yall posted is ridiculous, DJ can sign whenever he wants because that is his choice who are yall to criticize him. Obviously the clippers have a better team and can pay him more money. & what can the mavs offer? The roster is basically empty after losing chandler and ellis and basically all the can do is sign weak guys. And some of yall getting hurt by a real man decision. Dont hate appreciate what he did he realized he doesnt want to be a type of player where your jersey changes every couple years ahem ahem (lebron). But do your thang DJ. Whatever decision you make I aint mad at cha. Word up

  16. alan elegado says:

    good luck doc.. clipper fan filipinos loves your lob antics they’r so great to watch..push more to keep your big 3 together.. you have proven great coaching when beating the former world champions. don’t give up sooner or later you will become champions too..only if DJ sticks..God bless!!!

  17. artifex says:

    At this point as Mavs fan I’m not sure if I still want Jordan to come to Dallas.
    If hes not 100% commited but 50% in LA….
    There were others before who did not commit (Odum, Fisher, Rondo) and with all it went downhill.
    And I don’t expect everything to fall in place the first 20,30 games. There are 2/3 new players in starting 5.
    And lack of success can quickly increase/fuel his doubts and really harm the spirits.
    While there is noone comparable around, I’m not sure if this is still a good idea

  18. birdie says:

    I hope every FO in the league shuns Doc Rivers from now on, as a treacherous snake. Of course the Clippers say Jordan reached out to them. Why believe proven cheats?

    • ronhawkster says:

      I know what you are saying but in reality Doc just increased his own value. DJ walking would have been what would have created a disaster for him as the lead exec. By correcting the mistake any way he can he is just preventing a PR disaster. He messed up royally when he didn’t engage DJ enough during the season and get a feel for how badly or mildly he wanted to leave. Obviously DJ didn’t really want to leave. As far as I’m concerned Doc should give up the team president job and just stick with coaching. He was distracted and unable to concentrate on DJ when he should have.

    • TrueHEATfan says:

      This is not uncommon. Media is just hyping this up for some reason. Players do this a lot.

    • Skrutz says:

      Yeah Birdie, why would Doc be the villain? It’s all fair, and if anything, DJ would be the bad guy. In reality, I think it’s his agent. But seriously, Doc has every right to try and change his mind. He’d be the bad guy if he held him hostage or something.

  19. TKaminaga says:

    After all this, whichever team he chooses…he has to prove his worth. Nothing matters if he doesn’t improve.

  20. Drew says:

    If Clippers can get DeAndre back, then Dallas can legally get Tyson back; then anyone can still go after LaMarcus before Mid Night?

    • ronhawkster says:

      They can get Tyson back with or without DJ doing one thing or another. Tyson is in the same situation as DJ. He can’t sign until midnight. If he has had second thoughts and contacted Cuban then it’s Cuban’s fault for not having convinced him to come back.

  21. ronhawkster says:

    Doc Rivers: We picked him first, adopted him, raised him, clothed him, fed him (alley oops). He is us and we’re going to keep him.

  22. may says:

    deandre is coming to Dallas

  23. Michael says:

    Why would anybody want to play for Clippers and pay sky-high California taxes, when Texas has no state income tax and much, much lower property taxes?

  24. Lob City Miracle says:

    The Clippers beat the Spurs with a hobbled Chris Paul so they become the favorites if they get this done having added Paul Pierce to the fold. They can beat Golden State, they can beat the Spurs (even with Aldridge) and they wouldn’t choke again against Houston with big shot Pierce. 3 future hall of famers with a possible 4th. You’re that possible 4th De’Andre, but you only get there playing with people who make you better like CP3 and Blake Griffin obviously do. See Dennis Rodman and Bill Russell and know that Doc was onto something by coaching you up to role model those guys. Get the money, the rings, and the hall by making the WISE decision.

    • Mofuggy says:

      DJ will never be the primary or secondary option in LA. If you want to be the focal point within the offense sign with Dallas. Doc knows the Flippers are F’d if DJ signs eslewhere

    • gi4o ko says:

      wake uo dude..stop dreaming

    • sports fan says:

      Not so sure that a healthy Chris Paul & an old Paul Pierce will offset LaMarcus Aldridge & David West.

    • C4 says:

      Okay first of all, spurs were hobbled too. Parker was hurt. Second, spurs got a hell of a lot better with Aldridge and West joining. DJ will not stop the warriors from running the fast break, which they will continue to do with the addition of Crash on the team. Plus they choked against a rockets team that was 100% healthy and didn’t have their star on the floor. There’s no guarantee for the Clips even if DJ goes back

  25. ronhawkster says:

    NEWSFLASH: Clippers release new song: Jordy Come Back:

  26. daaabulls says:

    hey man remember what happened to robb stark when he broke his word. don’t make a stark move.

  27. Jorge says:

    D.J got a better team in L.A…i guess he notice that his P.G is J.J Barea and his second best player is a 37 years old Nowitski plus leaving more $$$ in the table. Go back and fight for at least 3 years D.J

  28. sports fan says:

    DJ did not sign anything & he has a right to change his mind. People all around the world change their minds all the time. If a person tells a car dealer that he agrees to buy a car but changes his mind before he signs then he has the right to do so & is no longer obligated. Nothing is official yet & DJ can do what is best for himself, just like what David West did. Anyone who doesn’t agree with this needs to get their head examined.

  29. warrior nation says:

    I think he should leave clips….

    • "real"NBA fan says:

      i think he should leave too screw cp3. chris paul screwed the lakers so did dwight howard plus david stern veto the co3 trade. but yet pretty boy lebron gets everything he asks for in miami and yet again back in cleveland. but screw guys like Kobe and deandre jordan. i say leave and go to Dallas forget chris paul that guy needs a fist in his big fat mouth. run Jordan run!

  30. No Joke says:

    Mavs should only be upset at DJ. DJ reached out to Doc admitting that he made a mistake, and that conversation is what started all of this. If DJ sign tonight with the Clips at midnight, I would not be surprised at all.

  31. Skrutz says:

    Everyone rippin’ on the Clips for trying this. One, you can’t blame them. Nothing is official yet, and DJ leaving would be disastrous. Two, it really does seem like his manager drove this. He manages a Mav, and is buddies with the owner, who he spurned previously by not bringing his other client, Howard, and pushed hard to get DJ there.

    I mean, DJ had to want to as well, but seems like there was some manipulation.

  32. xyz says:

    shows clips will always stay true to being clips

  33. Jack says:

    Let’s go clippers, let’s get DJ back. Hey Doc Rivers is the coach that really worked hard for DJ and made him in to a defensive big man, so I think Doc deserves another chance to call out to DJ. If DJ wants to get better at offense get a coach for him, give him what he wants to keep him in L.A. Even if Clippers become the most hated franchise, wear that as a symbol of pride and enjoy it. Being hated is like a thrill, enjoy it and win win win.

  34. Michael says:

    That’s not cool man. Keep your words. You will have a better career in Dallas.

    • MagicJohnson says:

      you cant be serious. better career in dallas? his career just became relevant thanks to doc rivers. mavs fans smh

      • Skrutz says:

        Yeah, he was all but irrelevant before Blake and Doc came around, especially Doc. His confidence skyrocketed after Doc said (not totally meaning it) that he could be like Russel, and we saw a clear improvement.

  35. Dwayne says:

    Clippers need to sign Russ Smith.

  36. gzup83 says:

    Mavs should be upset this is eveing happeneing. Clips had their chance to woo

  37. Nick says:

    Jordan, you made a commitment. Honor your word. I’m sure it’s tough and emotional to leave the only team you’ve known, but remember – it’s what you know about them that led you to make the move. Any changes now would be cosmetic. The culture would still be the same.

    • Jason Free says:

      Isn’t Texas is a verbal contract state….he’s essentially signed after verbally committing?

      • Jason Free says:

        Verbal Contracts That Are Generally Enforceable

        Under Texas law, a verbal contract is generally enforceable if the following elements can be proven:

        1) There is an offer made

        2) The parties are agreed and in strict compliance with the terms of the offer

        3) There is a “meeting of the minds” with respect both to the agreement and all its essential terms

        4) There is a communication of acceptance by each party to the terms of the agreement.

      • Skrutz says:

        Except for the NBA rules, obviously. If a verbal contract was legally binding, then they wouldn’t be allowed to make such a contract, as contracts can’t be signed until tomorrow. So, it either breaks NBA free agency rules, or it’s meaningless.

  38. Dragp says:

    Jordan needs to learn to shoot if he wants to be a big option on offense his shooting makes him a easy target and one dimensional.Going to Dallas does not change his big problem and Rick Carlisle will do the same as Rivers with him.Chris Paul should go there if they think to keep him.Paul needs to clear the ear between them if they are to play together.

  39. Jay says:

    If the league let’s this happens mavericks should sue .

    • Skrutz says:

      Why, how, for what? It’d p*ss people off for sure, but it’s perfectly allowed. Verbal agreement is only founded in trust (which he may break) but nothing is official ’till its on paper. This grace period is super wierd, and this is what can happen.

    • sports fan says:

      The Mavs can’t sue, DJ didn’t sign anything.


  41. BigPete says:

    i would be shocked if DJ goes back to lob city.

  42. alexander says:

    A bigger role… about learning how to shoot free throws since his stats were atrocious. Even if he was given a bigger role on the post, a simple foul would send him to the foul line and since when is dj known for more than his dunking rather than down low post play. The nba seems to have lost their iq giving dj that kind of money considering throughout his career he’s averaged 11 points. Sure lets look at his defense which is average but with 80 mil, i think you can buy a player who can actually learn how to shoot a “free” throw.

    • James says:

      This guy’s averages 11 points and shoots over 60 percent from the field. This means he doesn’t need alot of shots to get this average, 8 to 9 shots at the most. Then he grabs you 15 rebounds a game, with multiple 20 rebound games throughout the season. Then you say his defense is average lol tell that to the opposition and see what they say. He’s also young and only getting better the more he plays which will improve his all around game as well. He wasnt like the normal super star player when he came in the league he could barely get on the floor and he has improved dramatically. I think he will take another step this coming year and you will look at that 80 million as a steal.

      • alexander says:

        throughout his career hes averaged 11 points and thats just stretching it since he had a good year. The only reason hes shooting 60% is due to his dunks not his down low post skills. Really 80 mil, u must be an la fan. Only reason he would get that in dallas is because of the desperation on that team. You don’t see spurs offering him that contract except they go ahead and offer it to a real down low player like aldridge. When teams find a way to stop that lob city bs then you’ll see how useless he’ll look on the floor.

      • ko0kiE says:

        oh boy alexander.. “when team find a way to stop that lob city..” – have you watched the clippers recently? as long as they have CP3 and Blake Griffin and 1 or 2 shooters on their team, you cannot simply “stop that lob city”, because they have some many other options to beat you..

  43. Wiggins says:

    If D- Jordan went to the lakers he would of been the first option in the paint

    • ????? says:

      But the 6th option overall. Kobe is the first 5 options.

    • John says:

      Cause there are no other options with the Lakers lol

      • "real"NBA fan says:

        there are no options with the Lakers? who is Kobe Bryant and Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle? oh wait i forgot you dont know NBA kid. so stop talking about basketball and crawl under the rock you been hiding under. Lakers are a great team.

    • sports fan says:

      He’d never be the first option with the Lakers. Dwight Howard is much better offensively & even he wasn’t that first option. The offense has always started with Kobe & that won’t change. After Kobe the offense will go through D’Angelo Russell & Julius Randle. At best he’d be a 4th option.