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Gentry wants Davis shooting more 3s | Report: Saric wanted to join Sixers this season | Redick says Clippers deserve ‘F’ for offseason work


No. 1: Gentry wants Davis shooting more 3-pointers — Pelicans forward Anthony Davis is fresh off an All-NBA first team season and one in which he led the Pelicans to the playoffs and showed a national stage what die-hard NBA fans know — he’s really, really good. He’s also very versatile in terms of his ball-handling, defensive ability and scoring touch. But Davis also knows where his bread is buttered (he was tied for 3rd in the NBA in 2-point field goals made per game) and attempted just 12 3-pointers last season. So what does new coach Alvin Gentry want Davis working on this summer? According to John Reid of The Times-Picayune, Gentry envisions Davis shooting way more 3s in 2015-16: 

Coach Alvin Gentry has big plans for star power forward Anthony Davis. One of the objectives he disclosed Tuesday night that he wants Davis to achieve is extend his shooting range to make more corner 3-point shots next season.

Davis made only one 3-point attempt this past season – but it was huge. He made a 3-pointer from 30-feet from the basket at the buzzer to lift the Pelicans to a 116-113 victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder this past February on the road.

The victory helped the Pelicans gain their tiebreaker edge against the Thunder from winning three of the four games in the season series that ultimately clinched the final playoff berth in the Western Conference despite both teams ending with identical 45-37 records.

In a conference call to season-ticket holders on Tuesday night, Gentry says he has already told Davis that every day he works out in the gym this upcoming season he wants him to make 150 corner 3-point shots from each side of the court.

”That’s got to become a consistent shot for him,” Gentry said. ”I don’t think he’s going to have any problem doing it. If you go back and look at his high school days, he was a very good 3-point shooter. But all of sudden he decided to grow six or eight inches. He still has that range, but I don’t think it has been incorporated in the offense in college or the pros that he’s been in.

”We want him to shoot that shot. So I think you probably see him make more 3s than he’s made his entire career.”


No. 2: Report: Saric wanted to come to NBA this season — This season, the Philadelphia 76ers could potentially sport a lineup that features former first-round picks Nerlens Noel (at forward), Joel Embiid (at center) and new rookie Jahlil Okafor (at either frontcourt spot). Philly fans were hoping earlier this summer that another former frontcourt Draft pick, Dario Saric, would make his way to Pennsylvania in 2o15-16, but that has been delayed at least one more season. In an interview with’s David Pick, Saric says he did want to play in the NBA this season:

Dario Saric, the Philadelphia 76ers’ prized overseas stash, had hopes of making the jump to the NBA this offseason.

“Saric told people he wanted to join Philadelphia now, but couldn’t because his contract had no out-clause,” a source told Basketball Insiders.

Despite the Sixers’ late push to bring him over as soon as possible, negotiations with Turkish finalist Anadolu Efes failed to materialize. Saric is handcuffed overseas until 2016, but it was clear, sources familiar with his wishes said, that he wanted to join Philadelphia.

I asked Saric for his thoughts about moving to the U.S. and the situation with his Turkish club.

“It’s really hard for me to answer that,” Saric said. “I can’t comment.”

“I think I’m ready to compete in the NBA, against the best players, but we built a great team in Efes and I want to help the club win a championship.”


No. 3: Redick: Clippers deserve ‘F’ for offseason work — Well, this probably won’t go very far with the Los Angeles Clippers’ brass when new contract time comes up for J.J. Redick. After the Clippers lost out on re-signing center DeAndre Jordan this summer — easily the top free-agent priority for the team — Redick wasn’t super happy about it. In a radio interview with Bleacher Report Radio on Sirius XM, Redick didn’t mince words about how he thought the offseason went in Lob City:

“F. Is there an F-minus?

Listen, we had one priority this summer, and that was to re-sign DJ, and we missed out on that. Barring some miracle, the makeup of our team is completely different now.

“He was such an integral part of what we did, not just defensively, but offensively with the screening, his rolling, his offensive rebounds. His presence down low essentially made teams either commit to the three-point line when Blake [Griffin] or Chris [Paul] penetrated, or commit to him, and that either opened up lobs to him or threes for guys like me and Jamal [Crawford] and Matt [Barnes].

“So he was a huge part of what we did and missing out and having him leave for Dallas gives us a failing grade.”

VIDEO: J.J. Redick talks about the Clippers not re-signing DeAndre Jordan


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: The Utah Jazz are expected to soon sign former second-round Draft pick Raul Neto … Veteran big man Jason Smith is reportedly headed to the Orlando Magic … According to reports, the Washington Wizards will add veteran defensive stopper Alan Anderson … Phoenix Suns big man Alex Len wants to work on his post game this summerLeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul are all vacationing together


  1. BigLuke says:

    Is this News worthy??

  2. michael says:

    anthony davis should be able to hit a three but gentry should not push him to drift away from the basket….that would reduce his effectiveness

  3. dustydreamnz says:

    Pamela Fairbanks, it won’t happen because of the salary cap.

  4. staff2cj says:

    What a dumb comment by Gentry…Wonder why 7 footers can’t do damage in the post

  5. Tuck says:


  6. Sydale says:

    As cool as it is for Anthony Davis to be able to hit the 3… That’s not a shot that I want him taking every game… He should shoot no more than 50 of those in a season… Don’t need him drifting further away from the basket…

  7. Nick says:

    Way to go, JJ! Tell it like it is…

  8. Pamela Fairbanks says:

    I would like to be on that vacation with James, Paul, Anthony and Wade. Particularly during their basketball talk. I think they will work to all end up on one team together. Probably Cleveland. It is possible for James, Paul and Wade for next year. Not sure about Anthony’s contract though. What a super team that would be!

  9. Jonas says:

    Gentry did nothing in Phoenix, why the hell Pelicans think it is going to be different now? Monty >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Alvin

  10. goknicksnow says:

    Come To NYK JJ… love this guy

  11. dustydreamnz says:

    1. Scary, the guy is freakish and should only get better.