Report: West agrees to deal with Spurs

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — David West said his next move would be about winning above all things. The veteran power forward meant what he said.

West has agreed to a deal for the veteran’s minimum, of $1.4 million, to join the San Antonio Spurs, a deal first reported by TNT’s David Aldridge. West turned his back on a $12 million deal with the Indiana Pacers to join the summer renaissance in San Antonio.

The Spurs have already agreed to deals with LaMarcus Aldridge and to re-sign both Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green. They also got confirmation earlier today from veteran sixth-man Manu Ginobili that he will return for the 2015–16 season alongside Tim Duncan and coach Gregg Popovich.

West had grown disenchanted with the franchise meltdown he felt occurred in Indiana the past two seasons, when the Pacers went from back-to-back Eastern Conference finalists and one of the top teams in the league to a lottery team. He opted out of the final year of his deal with the Pacers and vowed that his next opportunity would be one that gave him the best chance to win a title and delivered with his decision today.



  1. Pher Pinkle says:

    They have overdid it this time. Aldridge, Leonard, and West are guys that need the ball. I know West gave up about 10 million to play for the Spurs. Can he play in a system where share the ball is must?

  2. Jorge says:

    Spurs is a great team because of a very loving coach popovich . That is why great players aim to play under coach popo. They dont hurt players just to win . They just play great basketball . Most of them are humble players no grandstanding n no one wants to be the best player . This past season they were beaten by LA clippers because they have grwat coach under coach doc rivers . Spurs has a great chance to be in the finals . It wud be great match up next years final cavs vs spurs .

  3. Hypothesis says:

    What happens if you run into the Grizzlies. Gasol on any of their big man is a mismatch. They’re geared up to take out the Warriors

  4. Well it wouldn’t make sense to a person that places their value on money, and its quite apparent that he doesn’t and besides steel (a ring) last longer than paper(money) he wants both he only has one at this time in his life that’s money.

  5. Vernon says:

    Most of you are completely missing why this is a very smart plan for the Spurs / West..

    Sure, this year David West loses 10 Million.. But he has been well paid for quite some time so I think he will be okay.

    He is on a team that (if healthy) is definitely favored to win, and getting a ring means a lot to him.

    And when Duncan / Manu / Tony retire in a year or two, he will get taken care of and help transition the Spurs to the new regime of LA, Kawhi, Danny Green as the big three.

    Pretty smart move, but of course things can go wrong …

  6. Antawn7 says:

    All-Star Players who’d want a ring want to be in teams that consistently competes at the highest level during the playoffs, but walking away from 10million shows the true character of D-West, he wants to win it all and he is not just after the money, after all it’s the Ring that really Matters, both he and LA have stomped the Spurs critics again, we will see a lot of the Spurs come Playoff time in the years to come, big market teams should start copying their boring-but-winning-style-of-play.

  7. phee-o-wheet says:

    The addition of d.west & Aldridge make san Antonio one of the most formidable teams in the nba. pop is one of the best coaches. this WILL be interesting.

  8. prahumac says:

    now it’s a clear path for winning another larry obrien trophy!!!!!!! what a grab by spurs!!!!! go spurs go

  9. Gracie Garza says:

    San Antonio Spurs has always been a great team of great players to be admired this just adds more to admire. When I see the games I’m not banking on any player I’m banking on the team that’s what gets the win. Plus prayer cuz believe me I do pray. They almost had the championship this year but it’s nice Carmelo got his prayer answered. It’s all GOOD!!!

  10. dustydreamnz says:

    People might say it’s a risky decision for West to give up $10 million odd but he’s hardly homeless.
    He’s been well paid for a long time but I still admire his decision.

  11. Fat Tony says:

    @Gary Pantanosas

    The NBA blocked the trade of Chris Paul to the Lakers years ago because it’s disadvantageous to the other teams but the are SILENT about David West joining the Spurs which makes the Spurs a super team and an obvious NBA champion for next season. Where is the NBA now? Paging commissioner Adam Silver.

    The NBA was the Owner of that New Orleans Hornets Team. So they could block the Trade. It was disadvantageous for them as Owners. And David Stern was right.

    • Mark from Bay area says:

      Trade and Free Agent Signing is different things.
      David West decided for himself to take less money.
      He is a Free Agent!!

  12. Wiggins says:

    Once Tim Duncan retires next year, the Spurs will offer David West 5 yrs max contract

    Smart move my friend

  13. Ahem says:

    It’s funny how so many say it’s gaurantee’d I like the Rockets and the Spurs, but even with their amazing roster you’d be a fool to dismiss any western conference team. If this was the east yeah, West is far from broke and if you look at ever top 5 or 6 teams in the west they are all loaded. Some just more talked about than others. I do fear Pop with this many weapons added to his arsenal. This means he can rest Duncan more throughout the season as well as manu and tony. Their first second and third squads all starters on any other team. Rename the team San Antonio “Pick Your Poison” I love this game

  14. dontbelievethehype says:

    Poor Lebricks..He’ll be a loser in the finals again and again.

  15. Jeff says:

    Giving up 12M for 1.4M was just stupid. Ring is not a sure thing in SA, or even in all other teams. Why not wait until next year?

    • anothercavsfan says:

      lol 100% agree that move did not make sense to me either.

      How much is an NBA ring worth?

      It’s not going to get him in the hall of fame.

      It’s not going to increase his commercial value\endorsements by 10M.

      For the pay cuts Wade took during the Big 3 era in Miami, he probably made that money up in boosting his commercial value.

      And like you said Jeff a ring is not guaranteed at all! I would favor the warriors, OKC, and even the Rockets over the Spurs.
      Spurs made great roster changes but it is not easy for a team with new players to just hit the ground running, especially in the western conference.

      This move doesn’t make sense at all…

      • The Voice Of Reason says:

        You guys obviously have never even touched a basketball in your life. How much is a ring worth? Um, once he is old and retired, he can sit back and “yeah I climbed the mountain and got to the top”. Some people value legacy and achievement more that just the money. And don’t be fooled, it ain’t like West hasn’t had some goooooood pay days over his career. He’s at the point where he is hungry to win, and I’d be more than happy to win and get paid a cool $1.4M in the process.

      • Yasar says:

        You made the 1.4 M sound like bankruptcy. this guy is obviously a self-motivated, glory seeker.

        After all, we need more pro athletes like West, and less like Mayweather.

    • anothercavsfan says:

      You know the funny thing about the Spurs, when everyone thought they were done and they were too old and they can’t keep on winning, they surprised everyone and kept on winning.

      And now, when everyone thinks they are going to dominate and stay on top, I bet they’re going to start falling off.

    • daflad says:

      Hey Jeff,

      How is over 1m a year stupid?? How greedy are you? Would you rob your own family to get ahead? I guess you would with a comment like that.

  16. nbapacersfan says:

    Unfortunate how things played out here in Indy, but I respect D. West’s decision. He is a pro in every sense of the word. There is no question he will help the Spurs in their quest for yet another championship.

  17. Lbj says:

    D.West decision made LBJ look bad

  18. sports fan says:

    @Marko Viter,
    The Spurs will definitely get past the first round next season & everybody knows that.
    No one ever wants to face them in the first round & that is now amplified.

  19. Kobe@Manila says:

    Now it is time to forget Lakers for the moment and give support to SPURS.. Truly, a team to beat in WEST and EAST.. Forget the Cavs.. All they can get is the EAST Championship but they will not defeat the WEST.. Even they add Johnson to their line up..

  20. Daniel Gatewood says:

    This kind of selfishness is hard for me to get a grip on. How in the world can you walk away from that kind of money when so many people and organizations are desperate for it. Would he be happy just to warm the bench for 80 games if it meant he could get a ring. Why don’t he just give the damn money to Dennis Rodman and buy couple of his rings. Is it even possible to buy a sense of accomplishment by sacrificing a 11 million dollars to join a guaranteed championship team that can win with or without you.

  21. JoeB says:

    Now…wonder what they say about the big three.

    This is stacking up just to make sure they have a shot at a championship…

    But good decision anyways just to be able to get a ring :)….Hopefully

  22. nbafan says:

    2 yeas ago Spurs bragging that the team was “built not bought” but now… who’s buying who?

  23. Art says:

    Poor Lebron had to wait Cleveland receive more magic 1st picks. West made him cry. Thank you, David.

  24. harriethehawk says:

    I am in awe of David West that he would take such a risk and accept the NBA’s minimum wage. Then I am discouraged by Demarre Carrol who now, seems like he only went to Toronto for the money. While David West clearly is aiming for a championship, Toronto isn’t going anywhere. That makes me sad because Demarre was my favorite player. I guess I can’t blame him if the Hawks were being cheap. I have mixed feelings….

  25. Mark from Bay area says:

    Smart choice to David West.
    He does not only want the Ring.
    Tim Duncan, Ginobili will retire after next season.
    This means he will earn more money after winning the Championship!!

  26. Mark from Bay area says:

    Such a Bless for SA Spurs!!!
    Look at the roster now!!
    Full of Skilled Big Man with good roll player!!
    Most of all, one of the Greatest Coach in NBA history is leading the way!!

  27. emman says:

    much respect for west.. !!
    not like melo and marc gasol.. money over matter

  28. Gary Pantanosas says:

    The NBA blocked the trade of Chris Paul to the Lakers years ago because it’s disadvantageous to the other teams but the are SILENT about David West joining the Spurs which makes the Spurs a super team and an obvious NBA champion for next season. Where is the NBA now? Paging commissioner Adam Silver.

    • sports fan says:

      The attempt to get Chris Paul to the Lakers was a TRADE. David West going to the Spurs is NOT a trade, he chose $1.4 million over $12. He’s a free agent & has a right to accept any offer. Two completely different situations here, you’re comparing apples to oranges.

  29. BIG-GAME-JAMES-23 says:

    Spurs are definitely the favourites of the West, but not favourites to win it all.

    Cleveland still has #23 on their team…

    • Birdman from the Roc says:

      Cavs cannot match the Spurs. In a series finale, Cavs would be lucky to win one, especially with that weak front court in Cle. Mosgov, Love, Tristan versus Duncan, West, LaMarcus? No chance in hell the Cavs win that battle!

      • Mudd says:

        LA and love will equal out, timme will have 5 more points on mosgov, lbj will destroy khawi and kyrie will destroy Parker, iman will lockdown green.

    • Yup!!!! says:

      Yup and look how he did last year and the year before.

    • David C Dentinger says:


    • Chris guerrero says:

      Haha you are just another LeFlop nut hugger man. Cavs had LeFlop on their team this year and look what happened. Did you really just forget what happened just 2 months ago? Wow

    • Lamesauce says:

      Still only 1 man, you saw it in the finals he was about there only true offensive weapon. I love Kyrie and if even just him had been able to go it might of been different, but that’s a big might. That GS team was epicly stacked. Love is a unknown and remains to be seen if he can gel and come together like the past “big 3’s” this league has seen. Barring injuries I fully expect them to be around again. But the Cavs depth is a little spotty imo. They should be ok though getting Varejao* etc back. They need to pick up a shooter, imo sign trade for swaggy p with jr smith. I say that just cause I really don’t like smith, he’s not basketball smart. As shown by the multitude of stupid plays in the finals.

    • has number 23 but lost the Finals MVP to Iguodala LOL

      • Lamesauce says:

        Love how moronic some people are with the Lebron hate, I despise the guy. But if you aren’t smart enough to realize that injuries won it for the Warriors your just not a smart basketball person. I’m not saying Cavs would of won it with a healthy team. But they’d sure as hell have a lot better shot lol. If Curry and Green went out for Warriors and Cavs had the healthy team, do you really think GS would of won it? I mean they could of…..but ya it’s a slim chance. Use your brains people. Golden State was loaded with players and talent and no injuries. I’m not sure even MJ could of pulled that one out of his arse for the Cavs.

  30. Michael says:

    Welcome to SA, David. Thank you for choosing us! Let’s go get the 6th championship!

  31. Real facts says:

    They are stacked, hats off to Pop for running a quality organization

  32. J.T. says:

    As a Pacers fan, I will miss the leadership and professionalism of West along with his mid-range jumper, but congratulate him on signing with another former ABA team and joining the NBA’s best coach. It’s a good fit.

  33. Mr. Foster says:

    I understand both sides of the debate here. I have much respect for West taking such a steep paycut in order to do what he feels is best. At the same time, I think this is a huge risk he is taking. Nevertheless, I wish him good luck on this new endeavor. It is not possible to have bad feelings for someone taking LESS money for the good of their goals.

  34. oj says:


    • Lamesauce says:

      Carmelo is pretty content to just get his dough and be out of the league in under 5 years I’m sure. He’s a selfish player who can’t play defense and has a big mouth. He doesn’t make his players around him better like the superstars. Which is why I never considered him a true superstar. He is probably one of the best offensive talents to come along in a long time I will give him that. Just not a complete player and bigger yet teammate. Sorry Knicks, you wont be relevant for another 10 years.

  35. Ben K says:

    The spurs are intellectually and operationally a unique team. If D.West hasn’t wasted his money he has enough money and money has limited incremental utility. Learning how best of all-time caliber champions like T. Duncan and Pop really operate is both an incredible life experience and also potentially valuable in other ways (Future GM/Coach roles). Also the best chance for the once in a lifetime experience of being a champion. Good luck to him.

  36. Nick says:

    A championship must be won with ridiculously hard work and sweat. The Spurs know more about that than we do, that’s for sure. However, they seem to be putting themselves in great position!
    There are plenty of miserable people making lots of money. In fact the average person making average money generally is not happy where they work, but afraid to take the chance on making a change. In the end it’s about the culture of your workplace. A great culture is almost priceless because it makes life much better. Especially when you consider how many hours we spend each day working!
    Way to go, West. I hope the Spurs take it all next year just for you!

  37. kenneth says:

    Go Spurs Go… I came here to Corpus an hour drive to See my most admired favorite team since I was 8 yrs old… Im excited to watch the Finals……. Go Spurs Go

  38. Tea says:

    Hey! The future is yours–by TD

  39. Gabriel says:

    He gave up 12 million dollars to win a championship, smart player.

  40. Stuart says:

    Wow… Go David West! You gotta respect a decision like that. Not only are the Spurs gonna crush it on the court, but they’re definitely the team to be on 2k16. GO SPURS GO!

  41. PONGO says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  42. Anthony says:

    This decision does not make sense! The Spurs are not guaranteed to make the finals, and two superstars already play his position. Maybe he should ask the players who made big contracts possible what they would do if they had the opportunity to make present day NBA money. Clippers, Rockets, Thunder, Grizzlies, Cavs, Bulls, and Heat are all better options and they might have paid 2 million!!! What a joke. Players forget that the NBA is a BUSINESS first, but the owners never forget. He definitely should have gotten a better contract, especially after proving his worth against the Heat in multiple playoffs.

    • Carlo says:

      Basically, you’re saying West is an idiot who doesn’t know what’s best for him and that YOU know better what’s best for him.
      Why aren’t you his agent?

    • sports fan says:

      You’re talking nonsense, this makes complete sense. Duncan will play center whenever Aldridge or West are on the floor. Also this makes their bench deeper. West knows he already made enough money for his lifetime & his children’s lifetime so he can definitely afford to take a huge pay cut. All that matters to him is winning a championship & San Antonio gives him the chance to do so.

  43. dustydreamnz says:

    David West still has it, plays his guts out and won’t step down to anybody. Yep, not all players are in it for the money. location, championships, family, coaches/management all come into it.

  44. YMVSpurs Fan says:

    Thank God David West did the most sound decision. Welcome aboard mate. Hopefully this free agency teaches them big markets out there what free agency, and what the game of basketball is all about. This is a good sign for many things to come to this league. Hopefully they can throw away their stupid spotlight and be for once all about the sport that we all love to play/watch, Basketball! Can’t wait for October. #GoSpursGo!

  45. sean says:


  46. SkyBreather says:

    OMG! A couple days after landing LaMarcus Aldridge, the SPURS further beef up their roster, by attracting David West for the league veteran minimum for 1.5 million – leaving a guaranteed 12 million contract in Indiana! Be scared, other NBA teams. Very scared! Oh btw, legendary perennial 6th man, Manu is joining the party!

  47. stewart quan says:

    guess you can say the rich get richer! totol admiration/respect for david,s deceison to join the spurs!welcome to the best franchise in ALL professional sports! and at veteran minimun at that! wow!!! all those money-hungry drama-seeking guys out there should take note that money/greed are NOT everything! go spurs go ! the organizatio made us SOOOOO proud! time to plan our next championship parade!!!

  48. Glopez says:

    Its funny, how players go to SAS and turn back money to win and its ok, but when the big 3 was formed in Miami everybody was hating on them for that… SAS not only has a big 3 they have a big 6 and everybody is just nodding their head like that’s cool. But good for spurs always being on the low side of popularity and doing what ever they want in this league.

    • Kindness says:

      Lebrun bought championships. Just enjoy the game and cry hater

    • Drew says:

      The Big 3 in Miami DID NOT turn down money. They got the same rate per year (over 4 years) instead of staying with their old team (for 5 years)

    • TD says:

      Okay let’s try this again SAS know how to billed a team!! Parker & manui were drafted by SAS & coached. Wait did I mention coached. Sorry this is the 1st time SAS has gone after a qauility player in free agency in the TD era. so please don’t insult SAS by comparing them to MIA. The Heat had a good run & much respect!! But please do your home work when you talk about SAS!!

    • sports fan says:

      David West is a very good player but he IS NOT A BIG 3 player!

    • sports fan says:

      Also, Miami’s big 3 all got together & talked about teaming up. That’s not the case with the Spurs. They didn’t form a super team in a single year, they have built their team over years. That’s why everybody hated on Miami & why San Antonio is respected.

  49. KingdomMan says:

    David, you are a real smart guy!!! Welcome to S.A. Never mind the fact that I’m from England but still, you made a great choice!!!

  50. Lamesauce says:

    Sorry Lebron/league this one is wrapped up spurs bought a championship, well they didn’t pay much for it.. Everyone wants to play for a winner/great coach.


    Slacking up for a CHIP???

  52. Jonas says:

    David West >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LaMarcus overrated Aldridge

  53. Easternfrost says:

    Big respect to David West.

    Loving guys (shout out Greg Monroe) making basketball decisions at a time when the dollars coming with the upcoming TV deal are dominating discussion. As has been well documented on this site, the big money franchises might need to rethink the way they do business if guys start thinking about winning first (a novel idea).

    When Milwaukee (MILWAUKEE!?) and San Antonio are winning free-agency, and when guys aren’t chasing the sponsorship cheddar, we are moving in the right direction. #doingitright

    • ChitownSpur says:

      Well said Easternfrost! Basic fundamentals & doin it 4 tha LOVE OF THE GAME! Save your $ early in your career so a move like this isn’t really a big deal & a no brainer. Vets Hve com to SA for ovr a decade now 2 mke less $ but Hve a real chance to win it ALL.
      #It’sthe system #notallboutme #teamfirst #GOSPURSGO!!

  54. ko0kiE says:

    wow.. what a steal!

    • Spurs Fan says:

      Welcome to S.A David West!

    • joey says:

      Spurs will probably win it all next year.
      Tim & Manu are back, they resigned Danny Green and they traded splitter, and of course they signed Aldrige & West. Damn. RIP every other team in the NBA including OKC,GSW & CLE.

      • Marko Viter says:

        They can’t get through the first round. hahaha

      • sports fan says:

        @Marko Viter
        The Spurs will definitely get past the first round next season & everybody knows that.
        No one ever wants to face them in the first round & that is now amplified.