Ginobili confirms he will play in 2015-16

VIDEO: Manu Ginobili’s 2014-15 season highlights staff reports

From the start, the offseason couldn’t have gone better for the San Antonio Spurs. On the first night of free agency, they came to an agreement with star forward/former Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard on a five-year deal. Days later, they reached an agreement with 3-point shooter/perimeter defender Danny Green to stay in the Alamo City on a four-year deal. Shortly after that came word from franchise superstar and future Hall of Famer Tim Duncan that he would return for the 2015-16 season.

Then, of course, came the Independence Day weekend in which they got an agreement with the crown jewel of their offseason — former Trail Blazers power forward LaMarcus Aldridge.

So, how could they top those moves? How about getting word that a long-held fan favorite, franchise legend and potential Hall of Famer will be back in the mix.

The Spurs got exactly that when Manu Ginobili tweeted today that he will be back with the Spurs for the 2015-16 season



  1. sanjay says:

    extremely old team.

  2. GOSPURSGO says:

    Sanjay tell me why CP3 Blake and Dwight haven’t won a freakin championship?!?! They’re only gonna age so their chances of winning r pretty feakin slim to NOTHING!!!!

  3. sanjay says:

    spurs most boring team to watch-no matter whom they bring!
    it is GS,clippers, cavaliers, houston are the one who play entertaining brand of basketball these days.

    • Sole says:

      Sanjay, basketball is a collective game and it should be played as such.. The Spurs are the team who play it like that.. If you want to see people running and jumpin over each other go to the circus.. Go Spurs

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Agree. Sanjay’s a kid for sure. Whether by age or by heart. Doesn’t matter. The all-time moral value: If you have nothing good to say, just shut up!

  4. Eddie says:

    Just read where David West will be in a Spurs uniform, that will give Manu some help. With this team & bench, look for a number 1 seed & of course another Title.

  5. dave says:

    Wow … Spurs and fans are going to be pumped for next year. Very reasonable to think they might just win it all.

  6. D.Rob50 says:

    Everybody is saying KL & LMA will take over after TD and MG retire but I believe the takeover already begun. KL averaged over 20ppg after the All start break so I’d expect him and LMA to take up 40-50 pts a night between them. Off court nobody could replace TD nor would anybody want to. I believe KL will be a leader despite his quiet nature, he has high standards for himself and he is the best player on the team. Leadership will be a natural progression for him.

  7. JC says:

    Who on the spurs will play d? 40 yr old Duncan? 37 yr old Ginobli? Parker? West? Aldridge? Lol
    Kwahi only young guy over long season and playoffs that can defend. Give me the young warriors and 6 guys that can play d + is the best shooting team in the league and the champs

  8. harriethehawk says:

    I think the Spurs will be one of the top 2 just like the Chuckster said” OKC and Spurs.

  9. Glenn says:

    us always SPURS management will find ways to get better every year. Go Go Go spurs

  10. Kevin says:

    I’m excited for the new season, with all the trades, draft, and maturity of the the previous two season drafts, I can see next year is going to be a very nice one. Spurs landed big on this free agency, their bench just got deeper and deeper, I’m hoping for them to make another run to the Finals.

  11. dustydreamnz says:

    Ginobli had a pretty poor season last season but think much of that was down to injuries, in fact the Spurs in general were unlucky with injuries like the Thunder, Rockets and a few other teams. Don’t underestimate a guy with his ability if he’s healthy.

  12. BigDaddy says:

    Some new faces same old Pop system= everything goes thru Duncan first … then Parker n Manu. So is the west…

  13. Apurva Mistry says:

    So here is how it looks –
    TD-TP-LMA-KL-DG starting 5
    MG-DW-BD-PM-xx(Ray Allen, Barbosa, Jason Terry etc) bench.

    Possibilities are endless. Can’t wait for season to start!

  14. Marco says:

    Awesome…the Spurs need his grit

  15. Lashes says:

    Old big 3 back to play with the new big3

  16. en. says:

    Warriors won’t be the same ……won’t be free

  17. KingdomMan says:

    Manu and the boys will be back with a vengeance!!! I have to respectfully disagree with Barkley as I feel we are the front runners for the ring this year. The Warriors will be tough of course but nobody else in the West causes me to lose major sleep. Go Spurs Go!!!!!!!!!

    • Bob Rodriguez says:

      Charles Barkley is never right anyway!! He’s never put the Spurs on top of his list so what he says means nothing!!

  18. jake s. says:

    Spurs really need Ginobili and Duncan. After this season the Spurs will teeter around the 5th seed.

  19. BigPete says:

    Once Duncan and ginobli retire, leanard and Aldridge will be the force of the spurs

  20. Juan says:

    Great news! I’m so happy! As always, Manu will play the absolute best he’s able to. It’s a fact that the Spurs need Manu to win a ring, I hope to see them win one more.
    The Big Three will set legendary records too. This will be an unforgettable year…

  21. Andres says:

    Ginobili, he is going to come back better than ever! He has pride, grit, skills, smarts and plain out competes! Love you Ginobili!!

  22. ????? says:

    POTENTIAL Hall of famer?!?!?!

    Ginobili has won a euroleague championship before even coming to the nba, 4 championships in the nba (and easily could have won the 2005 finals mvp), and an olympic gold. the hall of fame isn’t just for the nba achievements. and even if it was, I think he would definitely get in (considering the players they have admitted in the past). I doubt he’ll be first ballot, though.

  23. SPURS says:

    Good, but not great. Manu will pay just good.