Report: Reggie Jackson stays in Detroit for $80M

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Reggie Jackson is staying in Detroit … and also getting P-A-I-D.

Jackson is the 11th restricted free agent to agree to terms with his current team without a real bite from elsewhere. There are another 12 restricted free agents on the market, but thus far, Kyle O’Quinn is the only one that is changing teams.

The Pistons acquired Jackson in a three-team trade at the deadline, and he gave their offense a boost. But he has yet to play with Brandon Jennings, who tore his Achilles in January and is under contract next season for $8.3 million. As team president Stan Van Gundy retools his team, he looks to be building around Jackson and 21-year-old center Andre Drummond, who is eligible for a contract extension this summer.


  1. Hypothesis says:

    Hmm…so does that mean Jennings is on the block

  2. Mark from Bay area says:

    This guy is getting paid more than CURRY?????
    Has he won any championhsip nor MVP??

    What da hell is Piston doing?
    Trust me.
    Piston will be another bottom dwellers.

  3. Jonas says:

    Oh man, I wish I was a 6’3″ guy in USA.

  4. Shut up about the money. You would do the same thing if given the opportunity. It’s the business of basketball. Reggie isn’t good at the business side, yet. He did get paid so he’s getting better at it. He just needs to stop listening to his brother who became the biggest joke in OKC. Unfortunately, Reggie had to deal with it. Torn by his loyalty to his brother and what he knows is right, he made himself look bad. That said, he’s not a cancer. His own teammates were telling him to get paid. All he wants to do is have the opportunity to be a starter just like Harden did. Side note, NOBODY wants to play with Westbrook. Even KD will leave when the opportunity arises. So get off your pedestal and stop acting like he’s selfish and a cancer. I mean, would you take 4 and $48 to be the 6th man or would you take 5 and $80 to be a starter?

  5. B@S says:

    Too much money for a player that has not earned it yet. RJ has still a lot to prove and I believe it was a selfish one, This is considering that the main goal is to build a stronger team by having more money room for more solid signings.

  6. Chan says:

    I think they’re anticipating the new TV money that will come on 2016, i believe, and the rise of the salary cap. Based on salaries being offered to promising, not proven, players, i think it’ll be a lot of money in the pockets of teams to spend on marquee and talented, but still unproven, players.

  7. Jorge says:

    Amazing in this day if you got 15ppg and 5ast and 5reb season is = 80 millions or more. You dont need to be a superstar to make millions in the nba great opportunity for players to make a lot of $$$$ Curry is going to make a lot $$$ very soon..

  8. Lovins says:

    …and this is why OKC dumping him was a terrific move. NO WAY is he worth that kind of money. If only they’d known 3 years ago that Harden WAS worth the money lol

    This epidemic of horrible contracts is out of control this summer…

  9. Steve says:

    He is locker room poison. He was the starting PG for the Thunder, when Westbrook was out out with the broken finger, and the team was 3-12. Tell me how this guy deserves $80 million? Have fun with the Detroit! Overpaid locker room poison.

  10. James says:

    15-16: James Harden $15,756,438

  11. JBR says:

    The NBA PA should band together and buy Greece.

  12. overpaid….way overpaid…

  13. dustydreamnz says:

    Wow, didn’t think he’d get that much. Promising but not proven.
    Surely they’ll trade Jennings?

  14. wtf says:

    What are they doing with jennings?

  15. sg fan says:

    an underrated PG for well deserved contract.. finally steeping out of the shadow of Westbrook… just like Bledsoe off CP3.

  16. George says:

    Wow the NBA is just throwing money away first Draymond green now reggie jackson. What is separating these players from the elites Pay?

    • jae porter says:

      Did you watch the finals or even 1 warriors game??? Defense wins championships & get you paid $$$

  17. i dont know about this but reggie hasnt proved himself yet, but he sure does have the potential

  18. OKC Since fan( 08) says:

    He is not worth 80 mill contract….How is this guy getting payed close to Westbrook money(star player/franchise players) for not earning any of the following/ at least a respectable amount of these achievements:
    No Rings,
    No MVP award
    No All Nba Teams
    No Allstar games(skill challenge doesn’t count/rookie game doesn’t count)
    No sixth man of the year award
    No R.O.Y award
    No Olympic medals.
    No Most improved
    No All defensive teams
    Hell he hasn’t even lead a team to the playoffs yet…
    He is young but come on this how lockouts start guys SMH….Hell I don’t even know if this guy deserves curry money/rondo money(4 years 45 million-55 million) yet.

    • dcawston says:

      So you’re saying westbrook deserves more money than Curry because Westbrook ticks all those boxes?

  19. jake s. says:

    Locker room poison if you ask me. Pistons will stay pistons with this move.

  20. RANC says:

    That’s just crazy money!

  21. Pistons4life says:

    Finally a plan being put in place in Detroit. Looking forward to seeing how all these new parts work together next season. Huge year for Drummond, lots to prove for Jackson and a hungry rookie in Johnson.

  22. Derrick says:

    NBA is paying Japanese YEN now?