Cavs talk Joe Johnson trade

VIDEO: The New York Post’s Tim Bontemps talks Nets

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The Cleveland Cavaliers already have one of the best starting lineups in the league (assuming that they re-sign LeBron James). Could they get even better by adding Joe Johnson?

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reports that the Cavs are thinking about acquiring Johnson and the final season on his giant contract…

The Cleveland Cavaliers are considering trading for Brooklyn Nets star Joe Johnson with their Brendan Haywood contract chip, sources told

Haywood has a $10.5 million non-guaranteed contract if waived before Aug. 1, an asset that has gained value over the last several days as other teams use up their cap space. The Cavs have been looking for perimeter help, and Johnson would certainly provide a major boost as an additional scoring and shooting option.

The Nets are actively looking to move Johnson to reduce their tax burden this upcoming season as they are facing paying the repeater tax, which would be the most punitive luxury penalty in league history. The Nets have held talks with several teams, including the Memphis Grizzlies, sources told ESPN’s Marc Stein.

A trade of Haywood (with a salary of $10.5 million for 2015-16) and Anderson Varejao ($9.6 million) for Johnson would work under the league’s trade rules. Haywood’s contract is completely non-guaranteed, so the Nets could waive him, erase that $10.5 million from their books and save almost $70 million next season ($19.5 million in salary and $49.1 million in luxury tax, because they would be subject to repeater levels).

Of course, Johnson has been a very good and very durable player for the Nets over the last three years. The deal represents a decision of saving money vs. competing for a playoff spot.

It also represents a choice between saving money this season and saving cap space for next summer. Johnson has just this coming season left on his contract, but Varejao has three more years left on his deal. His 2017-18 salary is completely non-guaranteed, but $9.4 million of his $10.4 million salary for 2016-17 is guaranteed and would eat into their 2016 cap space.

The Nets could trade Varejao for an expiring contract. One suggestion from the Twitterverse: Varejao to the Los Angeles Clippers (who are desperate for a center to replace DeAndre Jordan) for Jamal Crawford, who has just one year left on his deal at $5.7 million. (The Clippers would have to include an additional piece).

Of course, the Cavs could make that swap themselves if they choose not to go for Johnson, who would take their own luxury tax to the sky. They will surely have other options with Haywood’s non-guaranteed contract. But this deal would create one heck of a lineup.


  1. Hypothesis says:

    Varejo would compliment Lopez well. Varejo can rebound a lot better than Lopez can. Johnson needs to go. You don’t take 50 mill out of your bosses pocket, and expect to have a job for long. Plus the nets are stagnant. You’re gonna keep overpaying underachievers to fight for a eight seed. Clean house including deron Williams and try to get a younger back court player, and a future pick. Btw Johnson has ice in his veins, you put him in a high pressure situation more times than not he’s gonna come through. Perfect fit for a team gearing up for a championship run.

  2. Rhadamanthys says:

    It would be nice to see the league allow such trades while at the same blocking others hint hint to CP3 and the Lakers …


  3. LeBron james says:

    If the trade goes through they will b camps for the next 2 to 3 years

  4. cavs fan says:

    Make the trade the cavs would be unstoppable and who ever keeps saying Joe Johnson is injury prone they clearly know anything about joe or the nba

  5. jake s. says:

    Hope you like injured geezers.

  6. TheyCallMeBlaze says:

    Keep Joe where he is because for one he can’t and don’t play D, however he does have a big skill set on offense at the 2 against smaller guards but Melo does too. Joe Johnson is and also will be expendable although he is better the Shumpert on offense. They lost to the Warriors because of Defense not Offense don’t add him to the roster please…

  7. cavs #1 says:

    the cavs should trade andy to clips for crawford and picks then sign david west then sign mo williams if theyd do that they would win 70 games and the title

  8. owtoforder says:

    Joe couldnt start though if it did happen! No way you are taking Shump out the starting lineup no matter how bad he has been at finishing. Shumps starts so he can guard the best player. Do yall see Joe doing that. No. Lebron doesnt want to. He wants to save energy.

  9. Qells says:

    First of all this is stupid why would they do that for an injury prone player ….

  10. deutztony says:

    I’m fine if they lose Haywood to Nets but not including Varejao, we barely need a bigman to protect the rim like Mosgov, Love, and Thompson. I prefer Haywood to Nets for Joe Johnson, and James Jones and those players who didn’t contributed much last season to Clippers for Jamal Crawford. But of course, we still need LBJ back to the Cavs, our team captain.

  11. Celticgreen BRD says:

    Everything that makes the Nets less succesful will help the Celtics (who own all their future draft picks) so im all for it. 😀

  12. wtf says:

    LOL Joe Johnson is overrated.

  13. BIG-GAME-JAMES-23 says:

    As much as it looks good on paper, I would rather the Cavs acquire 3 good role players to add depth, instead of adding 34 year old washed up & overpaid Joe Johnson… its not enough. If he gets injured then what ? would it still be worth it ? The Cavs should try to get 2-3 or more solid younger players off the bench instead of this ridiculous & desperate trade.

    • father time says:

      He would more or less play off the bench and contribute that way, he’s well overpaid at this point in his career but a 3 man rotation on shumpert,smith and Johnson at 2 gaurd might actuly work.

  14. el Perro says:

    Dont make the deal! luxury tax would be enormous, and yet Another veteran??when we already have a bench full of them and they dont produce,,,grab a ypunger player instead the can run and gun.
    And i honestly do belive in bulking up the bench rather than improving our 1st lineup that is 1 of the best in the league

    • Jet says:

      Lol….dnt be stupid, Joe Johnson is not an all star…lmao maybe once…but…just…stop…the madness lol

  15. Kobe@Manila says:

    The team that has the greatest player in world recruiting more all stars.. I wonder why???

    • jim burza says:

      Lebron isnt recruiting Johnson. He would nix the deal because Verajao is one of the reasons he came back to Cleveland. He wont let them trade him.

  16. DAWAYNE says:

    it wouldnt be smart for clippers to lose crawford though and cleveland shouldnt target another player that plays with the ball like joe j because lebron has the bal;l 75% of the time even with kyrie irving on the court ..they should target a cutter/ slasher type of player

  17. rymanjones4 says:

    oh man, how can the Cavs not make this deal. it makes all the sense in the world. After that lock up Tristan Thompson and LeBron will follow.

  18. Kobe@Manila says:

    The Cavs always tries to get all the ALL Stars just to be a champion.. LA has gotten only GASOL and was twice a champion.. Go to LA JOE!

    • Houston Fan says:

      Yeah! Artest wasn’t an all star, Bynum didn’t go on to become an all star, Odom wasn’t six man of the year. This Lakers fan is disgusting…

  19. Ellis says:

    This would be a season worth watching not saying that the others weren’t because I loved it. But not only would James have help but he’ll have another athletic big man to help him gaurd big players. Go cavs #cantwaittillseasonstart

  20. Killah says:


    PG Paker
    SG Green
    SF Leonard > James (as a reminder)
    PF Aldridge
    C Duncan

    doesn’t matter if the cavs get JJ

  21. Not John ShoeMan :P says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Anderson did go to the Clippers through a 3-team deal .

  22. Geelink says:

    Lets go Cavs and get the deal done, What a starting 5. Although LBJ will loose his best teammate but will get another ring, the most important one. David West and another solid back up PG are all we need in Cleveland Nation!!!

  23. joel says:

    yeah right..joe Johnson has taken teams nowhere during his career..a non talent who has worn out his welcome on two teams..another guy LeBron can push around

  24. dorothy says:

    When Lebron left cleveland andy was a trooper he never asked to be traded in all the bad times. If they trade him i will never watch a cavs game.

  25. dorothy says:

    They better not trade andy

  26. jb says:

    Love it. Make it happen.



  27. dustydreamnz says:

    The Cavs need some help I reckon, surprised their favourites.

  28. jerrytwenty-five says:

    I don’t completely agree.
    If Nets received Varejao via trade, it would fill a strong need for a backup Center, who could also start if Brook was injured this year. Otherwise, Nets might have to trade for a backup C.

    Meanwhile Nets plan to bring back Alan Anderson (need for 3 pt shooting and to teach the young players).

    With Varejao and Anderson Nets would probably have a better chance to make the playoffs than with keeping Joe Johnson. Varejao provides needed energy that would go well with some of their young players.
    And RHJ and Bogs would get more playing time with no Joe Johnson (has been playing too many minutes under Hollins).

    Now looking at Varejao’s contract, if he looks great, he could be a keeper. Otherwise his contract may be tradeable after Nets make the playoffs next season.

    Meanwhile Nets could take their time about trading DWill, while developing some of the new PGs that will be on roster (eg Boatright).

  29. Arky says:

    Deal makes lots of sense for Cavs (reduce logjam up front, get an actual reliable wing to start in front of JR Smith) as long as Lebron is chill with losing his favorite teammate. Deal makes no sense for Nets unless they can ship Varejao for expirings (or, better yet, more non-guaranteed contracts. Paging Luke Ridnour).

  30. LakerNation says:

    PG Irivng
    SG Joe
    SF James
    PF Love
    C Mozgov


    • shaun says:

      I dont think mosgov would be the starter if andy came back. He’ll be off the bench unless they want to save any because of the injury and the fact that he’s taller, younger and healthier.

  31. Julia says:

    Cleveland will never trade Varejao. When he is healthy, he is easily top 10 center in the league.

  32. John Schuhmann says:

    David and Bontemps relax guys, don’t make my post look bad

  33. Tim Bontemps says:

    I hate cavs fans!

  34. Mike Stern (OFFICIAL) says:

    Lebron and the Cavs are just not set up to win right now, no matter who they sign.

  35. yeszin72 says:

    That would be a very good deal!!! Joe Johnson is a solid player!!