Reaction: Aldridge moves to Spurs Staff Reports

The Spurs celebrated Independence Day by landing the biggest free agent firework of the bundle. Here’s a timeline of how it went down…

A contented LaMarcus Aldridge followed that soon after with his own announcement.

More from Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who broke the news…

And it looks like what Spurs coach Gregg Popovich let on at lunch may have clinched it…


  1. ric says:

    im very happy and excited to see my team spurs with LA and West .. Goodluck team !! do your best!

  2. Arky says:

    Pretty great squad now. Parker-Green-Leonard-Aldridge-Duncan is scary good. The one question mark is depth at center so that Timmy can rest, given that Splitter and Baynes are gone and Aldridge doesn’t want to play much center.

  3. Undeniable Truth says:

    HAHAHA its so funny to see PORTLAND fans dumping Aldridge like they don’t even know him, when they were like a few years back admiring him like he was micheal jordan. HAHA, PORTLAND WILL NEVER WIN IN ANYTIME SOON!!! MAYBE PORTLAND FANS SHOULD WATCH THE LAKERS, IT MIGHT BE MORE ENTERTAINING!

  4. JosephMagic says:

    Wow. The Spurs all of a sudden goes from being an aging mid-major team to potentially being the NBA Champions. Spurs are pretty lucky to get Aldridge. I think getting one more decent shooting guard will make the Spurs the NBA Champions since Danny Green is inconsistent and Manu Ginobili is downright HORRIBLE! If Manu and Kobe retires, I might just be the happiest person in the world.

  5. J4CK Nicholson says:

    Smart move by LA as he has Leonard as his running mate in the long run and with Pop at helm. I’d like him to go to the Lakers but he’s on his late 20’s and in a win now mode so his choice is not only understandable but a good one. As for the Lakers, I can only hope that they can get a young C (J. Okafor type for example) as they rebuild.

  6. kobeballhog says:

    Strike 3 for the lakers. As ive said all along as long as kobe ultimate ballhog is in lakers. The lakers will be in the dumps. No other superstar wants to play alongside kobe. And it says a lot.

    • MagicJohnson says:

      Dude are you dumb? Carmelo wanted to Wade wanted to but it came down to the money in the end. Even in the past Shaq left for money reasons not Kobe. Oh and ballhog really? You dont win 5 (or two) championships ballhogging.

  7. sid says:

    You might be wondering, but LA going down has absolutely nothing to do with KB.
    That started years ago – when the Buzz kids and GM did not listen to the old Buzz when he tried to tell them how to run a successful franchise.
    Better to ruin a Franchise than to give up a piece (even this piece literally stays in the familiy) – remember the president/GM/trainer story with the Zen master?

  8. sid says:

    Congrats LMA!!! Seems like the right decision.
    For all the haters – I am pretty sure its not KB why he did not wanna go to LA. More seems to be the bad timeline and rebuilding process. No future plans, no team layout, no idea where to go from here (point blank).
    If a team is in the 20/60 range this team hit bottom. It’s no-no-land not anymore la-la-land!

    And hugh loosing records DOES NOT ATTRACT superstars!

    Change management and start a decent rebuild process, with solid player material and a few young talents to get back into the 45/35 range! After that the stars and later when you hit the 50/30 range the superstars will come again and wanna play for your franchise. CAUSE THEY WANNA WIN! Everybody who gives their life and puts their heart out for sports – wanna win!

  9. MagicJohnson says:

    Hes excited to be with family and friends and join a spurs team thats in decline albeit Kawhi. I guess…

    • Mr. Anonymous says:

      A Spurs team that’s in decline…nevermind they won a championship last year.

  10. Robbie says:

    Now let’s get West and bring back cojo and Manu and we’re good!

  11. ps673ps673 says:

    Kobe is jealous. Wishes he retired. Tainting his legacy, credit goes to Mr. Buss. SMH. What have the lakers become.

  12. jimjule says:

    This is great news. A new core is now set with Aldridge, Leonard, Parker and Duncan. Could add Ginobli into the mix, but he has slowed down defensively during the last two years. Green will be the fifth starter. Now the Spurs will have to go after a replacement backup center and someone who can do the job Belinelli did. It is all about filling out the roster from here on in. Looking forward to watching the Spurs summer league entry to see if there are any surprises there. Not sure Ayers or Bonner will be back or Williams either. Looks to be an interesting season. Dallas really improved their team with the addition of D. Jordan. The Clippers are in trouble.

  13. KingdomMan says:

    Manu will be back. Seriously, did anyone think LMA was ever going to the Lakers so KB could shoot 40% and then claim he into “making his team mates better”??? Give me a break!!! Newsflash Laker fans: NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY WITH KOBE!!! Houston and Phoenix were real concerns however. LMA, you are going to love SA…love playing with a TRUE superstar, one who is able to pocket his ego away and concentrate on making his his mates better. Now David West, if you truly want to win, there’s only one place to go…

  14. harriethehawk says:

    Interesting. I guess nobody wants to play for the Fakers. They should do some self reflection…I’m surprised that the Suns were in the running. For what? Getting Aldridge was a great addition; the Slurs go from good to great, but they still can’t beat OKC this year.

    • Mr. Anonymous says:

      They can’t beat OKC…sure, that’s why they beat them last year in the WCF.

  15. Bill Mahlman says:

    The Dynasty continues…………….

  16. Andres says:

    The Spurs are looking better than ever! Great Players, Great food and music, and Popovich the great to gel the team together!!

    Go Spurs Go!!

  17. Emerson Mathias says:

    Congrats, Kobe! Well done to be part of the process to keep Aldridge far from LA…but who will be mad enough to join Lakers next season???

  18. dvast8ya says:

    Great choice! This changes the Spurs from a perennial title contender to a 3-peat team!!! WOW!
    This is a spectacular upgrade from Splitter to Aldridge!

  19. tdot says:

    Although it was obvious where he was going to end up. Great pick! Popovich is the best coach out there ever, and I hope all goes well to add to his legacy to supplant him as the greatest of all time..

  20. Andrew says:

    Spurs seem like they may have everything in place to make a run at multiple championships! Go Spurs Go!!

  21. Nick says:

    I think that the SPURS are the team to beat in the western conference

  22. Michael says:

    That was a no-brainer. Spurs will be the the best team in the NBA next season.

  23. timpson says:

    Great pick go spurs

  24. lex says:

    lakers strike out yet again.

    you’re a garbage president, jim buss. nothing like your pops.

  25. Bill says:

    So this is like, the first time a star FA has picked the Spurs in….in…..was there a last time?

  26. Andy says:

    From a lifelong blazer fan, good luck lma. Youll always be one of my favorite players

  27. Keniel12 says:

    Spurs 2016, 2017 and 2018 Champions, They will beat everyone by 60 pts ahahaha

  28. dope8oiFresh says:

    wet wit it

    timmy still the man this gon be interesting

  29. Roberto says:

    Great choice…. Gonna be an exciting next season for the spurs can’t wait to watch….

  30. Undeniable Truth says:

    Welcome Home Aldridge! Happy independence day to all spurs fans! LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE SIGNS WITH SPURS FOR 4-YRS $80 MIL. #GoSpursGo!

  31. george says:

    Portland will be fine without you…bye bye now…

  32. paul murray says:

    The Spurs are now the favourites to win it all. Imagine if they can pick up, say a David West, as well. Be afraid Golden State, be very afraid!!!!

  33. robb says:


  34. nbafan says:

    They still won’t beat the Warriors next playoffs. They run the exact same offense but the Warriors are in there prime. LA won’t make much difference against the Warriors who have proved big men are not an issue anymore. Gg wp if the cavs can’t stop them they will repeat.

    • Daniel says:

      Dude are freaking kidding me!! What playoffs were you watching?!! The Spurs were going to be the only real test that Warriors would have faced but they lucked out when the Spurs got the Clippers in the first round!! Learn something about the NBA!! The Spurs know their offense inside and out!! They would’ve been prepared for whatever they were going to do like the small ball lineup that Spurs started long ago!! Please!! Now the Spurs will be even more difficult to handle!!

    • Carlo says:

      Mmh… Maybe. But… they beat GS twice this season. Plus, they’ll probably drop Lee and so have to rely on the mood of Bogut.

  35. Phillip Isom says:

    Race for Seis in SA!!

  36. Spurs get it done! says:

    Wow! GSW is in deep trouble now!! The only thing that can stop this team is going to be ‘team chemistry’. But with so many veteran presence(and Pop) i think that can be handled!

  37. fabidali says:

    Getting the money you want. Playing with a future Hall of Famer, that’s as unselfish a player as you’ll ever see; playing for the best coach in the NBA; playing for an organization that’s team first and is always about winning; playing for a team that’s been to the playoffs 18 consecutive years; playing with a young budding superstar in Kawhi Leonard who’s the best perimeter defender in the NBA; returning to your home state………………..I GUESS THAT’S AIGHT! LOL!!!! Championship #6 here we come

  38. Houston Fan says:

    So much for GSW’s chances of repeating… Probably won’t be even be reaching Finals with OKC and Spurs retooled.

  39. Maikeru says:

    Damn… Now just need to know if Manu is still down for one more rodeo

  40. The Spurs will be a beast with Leonard and Aldrige as team captains. Shame… Was hoping my Bulls would get him.

  41. MudTurtle says:

    Welcome to San Antonio, LaMarcus!

  42. ????? says:

    i’ll wait for a few more sources, then I shall celebrate like it’s 3 days after Canada day.