Kings, Rondo agree to one-year deal

VIDEO: Sacramento making moves during free agency.

The Kings and point guard Rajon Rondo agreed on a one-year, $10-million contract Friday, according to multiple reports, hours after Sacramento came to terms with shooting guard Marco Belinelli as part of the continuing renovation in the backcourt.

Adding the combustible Rondo to the mix with DeMarcus Cousins, George Karl and years of bad chemistry is a curious decision for an organization desperately in need of stability, compounded by the fact that Rondo’s game is in decline at age 29. A one-year deal, though, makes it a reasonable risk. The four-time All-Star with the Celtics already has a lot to prove after a bad 2014-15 ending with the Mavericks, and now will be under greater pressure than ever to not become a distraction if he hopes to have a chance at another long-term contract at good money.

A year ago, with Pete D’Alessandro as general manager, Sacramento drafted Nik Stauskas in the lottery, let Isaiah Thomas go in free agency and signed Darren Collison to become the new point guard. In the last few days alone, new head of basketball operations Vlade Divac traded Stauskas to the 76ers as part of a salary dump and signed Rondo and Belinelli.

While Ben McLemore is likely still projected as the starting shooting guard after an encouraging second season, the plan is for Belinelli to add three-point shooting, following the plan for Stauskas to add three-point shooting. If the Kings get the Belinelli of 2013-14, they made a significant improvement — he shot 43 percent behind the arc with the Spurs. But the same player on the same team dropped to 37.4, making 2015-16 in Sacramento an important proving ground for him as well as Rondo.



  1. joel says:

    Rondo..was a HOT free agent to Be..but..No one wants him now…wait until he headbutts George Karl… accident waiting to happen…probably be joining steph Marbury in china before the season is over…

  2. harriethehawk says:

    Now, all Sacramento needs, is Metta World Peace.

  3. Jon says:

    This might actually be a good fit for Rondo, as most other teams didn’t want to deal with the distraction, but Sacramento needed an upgrade in talent in the backcourt. I can see Rondo running pick and roles with WCS, Boogie, and Gay, while having Belinelli and McLemore spotting up. George Karl, while untraditional and sometimes volatile, has had success with less talented rosters. WCS will make everyone else better by grabbing boards and playing D. Rondo can be better than Collison at creating open looks for the shooters on the team. Gay can play the 4 in small ball lineups, or the 3 in jumbo lineups with Cousins and Cauley-Stein. McLemore needs to improve, especially defensively, but he has the athletic ability to do so. They should be a fun team to watch, and the roster is definitely more talented than last year. Collison just became one of the top backup PGs in the league. Sacramento will be better, but in the stacked up west that just means possibly competing for a playoff spot in March and April, rather than playing for ping pong balls.
    Last year Rondo was a bad fit alongside Monta Ellis, and he didn’t have a training camp to learn the system and the team. Dallas was not the best situation for him. Perhaps Sacramento will be better. They need a perimeter defensive stopper, badly, but they have improved.

  4. curtjester1 says:

    Rondo can and will surprise you this year. When motivated with a skilled-finishing cast he knows how to control the ball for the most efficient situations. He now has a Big Three in WCS, Rudy G. and DC, which was why he was so effective in Boston’s championship 2008 season with The Truth, KG, and Ray Allen. Born and raised in Sac, but a Celtic fan way before the inception of the Kings in Sac and a keen watcher of the 2002 Almost Great King Season; I predict one fun-to-watch team for the KIngs, and maybe a Playofs-and-Beyond team. Rondo will be motivated in the true basketball sense, I do believe. If not, he is ‘Bad Rondo’.

  5. tas06 says:

    i think, offensively DeMarcus Cousins is already the best center in the NBA… if he cotntinues to mature and play some defense, he can take the Kings to the Playoffs..

    it’s funny how every player is in their prime with 28, 29 but Rondo’s game is declining? I hope he can stay healthy..

  6. Can’t wait for the season to start. Put all that mess behind us. Go KINGS. Haters gonna hate

  7. Tim says:

    Darren Collison is a better shooter and better leader than Rondo. Rondo should come off the bench.

  8. BigPete says:

    pg- rondo
    sg- bellinelli
    sf- rudy gay
    pf- hopefully they can keep Derrick Williams
    c- Boogie (if he stays)

    pg- Darren collision
    sg- ben mclemore
    c- willey cauley stein

    Sacremento might be able to squeeze in at the 8th seed for the playoffs

    • Jeremiah says:

      im not sure about the eight seed, yes the blazers will fall but durant will be back and pelicans is stronger after that playoff birth and gentry.

    • Nairo says:

      pg- Rondo
      8th maybe 7th seed

  9. Roy says:

    Ehhhh not sure how I feel about my favorite player going to this franchise. Though at least there are two bright points in having the best offensive center in the NBA and a fantastic coach that can help Rondo fit in.

  10. Bird33 says:

    Oh my…Rajon added to DMC and George K. That’s like throwing gasoline on dynamite, just to be sure, before lighting the fuse. They really need their heads examined.

    All I can say is…..DUCK!!

    PS…cool artwork Pongo!

  11. justine says:

    vlade is for real, i believe he’ll figure it out, it’s a good start

  12. fashoom says:

    The Kings are a train-wreck. That is all.

  13. PONGO says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)