2015 Free Agency — Day 3

VIDEO: David Aldridge with the latest on LaMarcus Aldridge

From NBA.com staff reports

The first day of NBA free agency was a spending spree. The second day? More of the same. Yet even after that — and more big names (Monta Ellis, Greg Monroe, Tim Duncan) and small names (Aron Baynes, Ed Davis) reaching deals — we’re still waiting for two of the biggest fish in the free-agent pond to swim to their future homes.


Harris stays in Orlando — 10:39 p.m.

Knicks grab Derrick Williams — 10:34 p.m.

Rondo goes to Sacramento — 7:12 p.m.

Beverley stays in Houston — 7:04 p.m.

 Brewer stays put in Houston — 6:11 p.m.

Popovich-Aldridge recruitment meal sighting? — 5:08 p.m.

NSA has nothing on the eyes, ears and smartphones tracking NBA free agency.

Barea sticks in Dallas backcourt — 4:49p.m.

Meanwhile, the Clippers scramble — 4:16 p.m.

Reports: Mavericks land Jordan (4 years, $80M) — 4:05 p.m.

Report: Jordan ‘on verge’ of choosing Mavs — 3:55 p.m.

More and more, looking as if DeAndre Jordan will leave Clippers.

No news is, er, no news on Aldridge — 3:42 p.m.

Neal to Wizards for 1 year, $21M — 3:26 p.m.

Neal joins his fourth team in the past 17 months:

Jordan nixing Knicks led to R.Lopez — 3:17 p.m.

Belinelli to Kings (3 years, $19M) — 2:47 p.m.

R.Lopez, Knicks agree on $54M deal — 2:30 p.m.

Knicks on track for R.Lopez — 1:59 p.m.

Robin Lopez soon will be just one borough away from brother Brook.

Knicks eyeing Brewer as triangle vet? — 1:52 p.m.

Report: Aldridge shifts to pondering mode — 1:04 p.m.

Report: Spurs seek second bite at Aldridge apple — 12:37 p.m.

Knicks chasing quantity vs. quality? — 12:11 p.m.

Aldridge plot thickens via Riley pitch? — 12:01 p.m.

Rondo, Kings spending day — 11:48 a.m.

The latest out of Dallas? Waiting on DJ, yes on Wes — 11:31 a.m.

Keep in mind, decisions expected today or tomorrow could drag into next week …

Report: Wizards pursuing West, but Spurs also in chase — 10:52 a.m.

David West would pair pretty nicely with Marcin Gortat on the Washington frontline …

Lakers backup plans? — 10:21 a.m.

The L.A. Lakers haven’t exactly lit the free-agency world on fire to date …

State of free agency in Houston — 9:48 a.m.

The Rockets have hopes of landing LaMarcus Aldridge, although that seems pretty faint. How are they doing in talks with Corey Brewer and Pat Beverley? …

Report: Kings set to talk with Smith, Williams — 9:29 a.m.

The Sacramento Kings lost out on Wesley Matthews in free agency, but they’re not giving up on a remodel just yet …

Don’t think players aren’t noticing these deals — 9:19 a.m.

Free agency has gotten off to a frantic pace and the deals are flying fast and furious — facts that aren’t lost on the players …

Report: Jordan could make decision today — 8:28 a.m.

Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times says DeAndre Jordan has heard all the pitches and wooing. Now he’s weighing it all over and will decide soon

The free-agent center heard a comprehensive pitch Thursday night from the Clippers, the last of four teams to woo one of the NBA’s top defenders and rebounders over a two-day span.

Clippers executives touched on a variety of topics during the three-hour meeting, including increased marketing opportunities for a player who has lagged in that department behind teammates Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, star pitchmen for several national brands. Coach Doc Rivers also addressed tensions between Paul and Jordan that have given the center pause about his desire to continue playing for the only NBA team he has known in his seven professional seasons.

A person close to Jordan who attended the meeting described the Clippers’ presentation as “tight,” saying “they had their stuff together.”

Jordan was expected to weigh everything he had heard from the Clippers, Lakers, Dallas Mavericks and New York Knicks over the previous 48 hours and make a decision as soon as Friday, though there was some thought he would wait for free-agent forward LaMarcus Aldridge to pick a team before declaring his intentions.


  1. Undeniable Truth says:

    TEAMS that surely wont win next year, don’t talk, just wait and see:) 😦
    CLIPPERS- out in playoffs #reboundtrouble
    MAVERICKS -out in playoffs #nochemistry
    ROCKETS – out in playoffs #justoneofthoseteams
    LAKERS – Out in shame #kobehog
    SUNS – out as 9th seed #notdeepenough
    TRAILBLAZERS- won’t make playoffs, olshey is gonna fire everyone #temperproblem

  2. Undeniable Truth says:

    Response to (*thatguy) and (*Boom): No offense to mavs fans, but DALLAS is not set up to win as long as they get players to play for a noob like Mark Cuban, who constantly changes the team every year. MAVS Just can’t beat CURRY’s GSW’s or SPURS! Just accept the truth mavs fans! #TruthHurts HAHAHAHA!#^##%##$$@$

  3. Jeremiah says:

    good FA left, williams, jackson, Jr smith and J-smoove(maybe??), stuckey, anyone else???

  4. ronald says:

    lakers sleeping well

  5. wtf says:

    LOLl jokes on mavs. Just signed Jordan for 20million a season when he has no offensive game at all and will hurt in closing minutes of games when teams foul him intentionally.

  6. wtf says:

    hahaahahahahahahahahah lakers got no one. that just proves no one wants to play with kobe.

  7. Jeremiah says:

    lou williams and smith too/or get david lee

  8. Jeremiah says:

    Lakers please land at least tobias harris

  9. Kobe@Manila says:

    Free agents are now gone.. AGAIN!! LA = zero.. LA = # 16 in West.. WAKE UP LA!!!

  10. BigPete says:

    Dallas Mavericks:
    sg- wessley Mathews
    sf- parsons
    pf- dirk
    c- DJ
    Only position their struggling with is pg

  11. Robert says:

    Lakers are getting left behind.

  12. robb says:

    he will go to los angeles.. next season, with the spurs, and they will destroy them at home, like 154-48

  13. kobeallthewayto6 says:

    la to la baby then u got Russell Randle Clarkson LA and the black mamba and swaggy and lin seems like a pretty good team to me

  14. Undeniable Truth says:

    The Dallas Mavs will never win in DUNCAN_CURRY_LEBRON_DURANT ERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Invaderg37 says:

    If Lamarcus leaves Portland and doesnt choose the Spurs over the other teams hat are chasing he is clearly a fool. It’s pretty much a no brainer.

  16. Invaderg37 says:

    Who wants to play for mavs or lakers? Cuban is a genius but basketball sense does not understand that you have to keep guys around to win a title. Completely changing everybody every couple of years is hurting chemistry. 1st round and out every year no matter how much money you drop. For Lakers nobody wants to play with Kobe and for a veteran going to a young team that has no chance of winning is stupid. Add on California’s highest taxes and highest cost of living in the entire U.S. Is gonna haunt them regardless of the exposure. That might work for young guys but 30 year olds are not gonna care about partying

    • Knob says:

      No team in the league is winning with chemistry ONLY. Great effort, great coaching, along with teamwork creates a solid foundation to win games. Aldridge and Jordan could definitely contribute to an already successful Mavericks basketball team.

      • charless702 says:

        Aldridge isn’t going to the Mavs. Also nobody said teams win with ONLY chemistry. All he was trying to say is that you don’t win every year at a high level with just Dirk and a bunch of big name, big contract, free agents.

  17. Ivan says:


    This makes more sense if the Warriors wanna dump more money by taking Felton and letting the David Lee role be filled in free agency.

  18. KingdomMan says:

    With Aldridge and West on board, I smell more western conference domination…

  19. Ivan says:


    Knicks get David Lee for Calderon
    Warriors get Marvin Williams for David Lee
    Dallas gets Calderon back for Felton
    Hornets clear up PF log jam with Williams and get back Felton with Mo Williams leaving.

  20. justsayin says:


    Why don’t you mock Bill Russell, Wilt, and Shaq while you’re at it? They were valuable in spite of the fact they couldn’t shoot FT either, genius.

  21. LakerNation says:

    lakers will get Aldridge and Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Dave Danquah says:

    Hell No!, He should stick to the clippers.
    If he works on his FT and his postgame.
    The clippers will be in for several Rings!
    mark my words!! #Truth

    • LAtoDeath says:

      The Clippers are, and will always be, the Clippers. This season should have shown everyone that. Still can’t get out of 2nd round no matter how aligned the stars are.
      Thats your real #Truth

  23. Manny Saenz says:

    The San Antonio Spurs is the best and smartest choice for Aldridge. Should he choose to join Coach Popovich, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard and company, Aldridge may have his first ring this time next year…

  24. harriethehawk says:

    Lamacus Aldridge. Why is he taking so long to decide? Poor Portland. They seem out of the running. And their team is going to stink. I was glancing at the Least and Western Conference standings from this past season. The East seems more or less the same, maybe a few surprises. But the West? Some major shake-ups. Portland and OKC will be doing a major switch up. Watch.

    • jake s. says:

      The only thing that can change for OKC is Enis Kanter… major switchup? I think not.

      • Jeremiah says:

        true! more likely they will face stars leaving in the next free agency if they can’t put their heads together and chase rings while they are still young. thats when they will truly rebuild

  25. awake says:

    aldridge to mavs , deandre to clipps , a cold hot-dog to the lakers

  26. Knob says:

    I totally agree

    The best fit for DeAndre Jordan is Maverick. If Mavs get Aldridge, they will become a strong contender in 2015-16.

  27. Dameon says:

    Can you imagine:

    I think that and the rookie is going to really help Dallas, with Parsons playing more of a point forward don’t see Dallas chasing any PG unless they dump Felton to clear cap space

  28. michael turner says:

    Water boys need to keep paddling until Mamba goes away. DJ will stay and get his FTS up to 60% and with the Truth now we will get to finals.

    • LAtoDeath says:

      If you really think DJ gonna get his FT% up to 60%, I’d have to call you extremely optimistic. But to combine that and the addition of an aging Paul Pierce suddenly getting them to the Finals?
      I’d have to respectfully disagree, simply because the Clippers, with all their talent on the floor and on the coaching staff, still couldn’t prevent the Clippers from doing what they always do. And that’s collapsing in on themselves.
      TBH I was expecting the team get blown up in this offseason but I don’t mind being wrong on that one.
      Personally I predict another first or second round exit this next season no matter who they pick up.
      Its just who they are.

  29. Mitra says:

    The best fit for DeAndre Jordan is Maverick. If Mavs get Aldridge, they will become a strong contender in 2015-16.

  30. robb says:

    and the free throws deandre jordan ? you worked a little since the elimination ? we will see a nice 70% next season, you are working on it right ? lol.

  31. jazcin says:

    im from the philippines and a laker fan.please mr.jordan pick your rivalry on home court and prove to your present team that you are or you can be the best without them.your the missing piece. #FromPhilippinesWithLove

  32. Smooo says:

    He is coming to Lakers.

    • Don't hold your breath says:


    • LAtoDeath says:

      No….he’s not. Any intelligent person can see that. You don’t move to a team that’s rebuilding, when you can just as easily go to a team with a better fit, and in contention for a title.
      I’m a LA fan to death, but I also can see that the Lakers don’t qualify in either category.

      • gmoney says:

        Boston and Miami instantly became a contender through free agency so recent history says a team like the Lakers can land some stars and become instant contenders. The Lakers will only be down for so long haters.