Old Man River Walk keeps rolling

Well, the cat had at least a paw out of the bag when Tim Duncan was a member of the Spurs entourage that traveled to L.A. to make a free agent pitch to L.A.

But while San Antonio is still awaiting word from LaMarcus Aldridge if he’ll float their championship hopes for another River Walk parade next June, the walking legend Duncan confirmed that he will be back for his 19th NBA season with the Spurs in 2015-16.

There is still the matter of working out the details of a contract, but these are the Spurs we’re talking about and that won’t be a problem. The free agency period had barely begun on Wednesday when a new five-year, $90-million deal for Kawhi Leonard was announced. Then Danny Green passed up a chance to get bigger bucks on the open market by signing a four-year, $45-million contract to stay with “the family.” And Duncan has been playing below market value for years.

The 39-year-old Duncan is coming off a season where he started 77 games, averaging 13.9 points, 9.1 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 2.0 blocked shots in 28.9 minutes per game. Then he bumped those numbers up in the playoffs.

Duncan has always said he’ll keep playing as long as he’s healthy and having fun. Put Aldridge in the Spurs lineup and that could be a while.


  1. Undeniable Truth says:

    Spurs need to make strategic moves in the coming days. They need a good Center, and Point guard who can sizibly back up Parker. Hope Spurs management the best!

  2. Undeniable Truth says:

    SPURS: resign Joseph, mills is too small as a point when SPURS play OKC, CLE, and GSW.

  3. Undeniable Truth says:

    SPURS should resign Cory Joseph, when parker gets injured Joseph is a needed sub coming off the bench

  4. Undeniable Truth says:

    Spurs dont need D.WEST, he’s an aging player and spurs already have too many players on a tight timeline, i.e: Duncan Ginobili

  5. Undeniable Truth says:

    I’m a Spurs fan, but If S.CURRY plays with same tenacity as last year, SPURS will have trouble getting to finals, even with ALdridge.

  6. Undeniable Truth says:

    Hey ROMEO,

    Your post contradicts with itself, you said that howard’s rebounding made the difference in the rockets-clippers series, but the problem is that Clippers had a good rebounder in Jordan. So, even with one of the best rebounders in the league, CLIPPS couldn’t win! So, what’s your point?

  7. freeze3000 says:

    With LA they become the #2 seed after GSW

  8. Undeniable Truth says:

    In order to get DAVID WEST, SPURS will have to clear Joseph, Bellinelli off the books for cap space.

  9. eric says:

    Someone help me….I am not sure about where the spurs are with the cap. Can they get Aldridge and David West? If Aldridge is serious about winning, I am not sure why it is taking him so long to decide. Everything he needs for his game is in SA. Guards who can drive and finish at the rim, hit threes and know how to feed a big man. With the spacing that they use, it is built for his game. Back to the cap…could they then have Leonard, Duncan, Diaw, Aldridge, West, Parker, Green, Mills, Joesph, Bartinelli, Ginobili

  10. Timodadude says:

    Its great to hear that Tim is back for another year,I hope LA joins spurs

  11. YMVSpurs Fan says:

    I’m so Happy! technically the whole gang is coming back again. I knew Duncan would come back, specially since he has claimed that as long as he’s having fun, he will not retire. And any of us spurs fans who watch him play last year (including in that awful month of December) noticed that if anyone, Duncan was the GOAT and was enjoying it all last season. I feel that the spurs should aim at Okafor for backup for either Kawhi or LaMarcus Alridge (if he decides to come to SA). The bench replacements are what have me in doubt. Also, to all of those saying LMA is not a very good defensive guy, need i remind you that Kawhi Leonard wasn’t a sharp shooter when he got drafter by Indi (and traded to Spurs), and look at his game now. Pop will make the adjustments and will make the player step up (that is if the player is modest and decides to listen to reason). Anyways, i can’t wait until Alridge’s decision be it good or not for the Spurs, and to see how will all the other players that are RFA/UFA in the spurs roster work out their payment. #GoSpursGo

  12. Kal says:

    there is no “stronger West” … there is only the San Antonio Spurs making life miserable for everyone else and this is because…

    1a) MJ 1b) Kobe
    3) Larry 4) LeBron
    5) Magic 6) TIM DUNCAN
    7-9) Kareem, Shaq & Hakeem
    10) Wilt Chamberlain

    Duncan is the greatest big to ever play this game. A champion in three different decades. Nearly invincible, seemingly immortal, a basketball god who both forced the Lakers to become champions then took the reign he gave them back away, then did the same thing later with The King, and is still standing, the leader of 5 championships, 6 finals, 9 conference finals (they contended literally every other year of his career)… The NBA is much greater because of him because of how his no b.s. quiet style elevated his teammates, how he sacrificed money for all time glory, how he kept the fundamentals of the game kickin… I won’t hold Robert Horry’s diabolically strategical bodychecking or the NBA’s stupid rules against him… At his position, in his realm, Duncan is the GOAT.

  13. D.Rob50 says:

    I still think the spurs need a ball handling 2 guard to fill manu’s old role form 4 years ago. When parker struggles they don’t have a youthful scoring ball handler which is essential in today’s game. Stucky is out there and would be first option off the bench. Let Belli walk unless his cheap, same with Cory but I recon Cory will get paid this off season and I would rather upgrade for Stucky which is kinda a 2 in 1 version of Cory and Belli, less the dominate 3pt shooting of Belli. Manu’s only gonna play 15-20mins a game and could back up KL. The also need to address who comes of the bench at the 4 & 5. Boris, yep but too small, Scola might come cheap but they need a defender and I don’t see anybody who will be cheap enough, but no doubt spurs will work it out….

  14. Romeo says:

    I disagree with Spurs fans that Aldridge would make us a contender right away. Although i do like Lamarcus because of his scoring, which he is amazing at; he would not help the Spurs win a championship. The Spurs need size down low and a good paint defender who can rebound. Lamarcus is not a good defender and he is not a great rebounder. The Spurs got beat by the Clipps because Jordan was too much for them, they can’t rebound or play defense in the paint and Lamarcus is not the answer for them. Tristan Thompson beat down the Bulls with his rebounding, Jordan beat down the Spurs with his rebounding and Howard beat the Clippers with his tenacious rebounding…see where i am going here? Duncan can’t jump and needs someone versatile down low who can help him pick up the rebounding and defense. Gasol was the man, i would rather wait to see if any trades open up for a versatile big man; the 76ers have plenty of them, get a trade and save money because Lamarcus is not our answer.

  15. sg fan says:

    LA addition to spurs will be straight contender…

    Green / Balotelli / Manu

  16. Undeniable Truth says:


  17. If the spurs get LaMarcus…they’ll surely be a number 1 contender for the title

  18. Undeniable Truth says:

    The KAWHI-ET LEOPARD and LA-MARK will make a great dynamic duo!

  19. Undeniable Truth says:

    The KAWHI-ET, and LA-MARK US ALL RIDGE will make a dynamic duo!

  20. Undeniable Truth says:

    All you spurs haters are just jealous because the unselfish SPURS have been the most successful team over the past decade!

  21. Undeniable Truth says:

    NewsFeed: Tim Duncan has a secret property containing the fountain of youth, allowing him to play NBA basketball into his 90’s!

  22. Undeniable Truth says:

    If Aldridge signs with Spurs you get:

    Even if Duncan has a more limited role, spurs still have Boris Diaw as a Back-up and 3 great players in their prime:(Green, Leonard, and Aldridge), all of which provide sufficient firepwer and solid defense. To put the icing on the cake,Bellinelli and Mills can come off the bench and drill in some quality 3’s! #SPursarecoming

  23. Undeniable Truth says:

    If L.A joins spurs, the spurs will be formidable:

    #Undeniable Truth

  24. Marko Viter says:

    He may be back but he’ll never be a champ again.

  25. DLV250314 says:

    SPURS are about what the game use to be about ..BASKETBALL!! Not about max deals, prime market, drama filled “front office” BS

  26. harriethehawk says:

    I think it’s silly when players do these 7 team tours to be courted and only to stay w/ their home team. In this case I do think he will go to the Slurs and leave Portland. It just seems like a waste of time when you really know where you want to be.

  27. Hugh Phillips says:

    Win over money that makes them a step above and is why they have had much success but lets not forget that they are still multi millionaires and will never have to worry where their next meal is coming from lol. Seriously though, good to see guys turn down money in this day where greed is the name of the game! Not a Spurs fan but fast becoming one!!

  28. dustydreamnz says:

    I’m a Spurs fan too and it’s because they play team ball, I’d much rather watch that than individual stars.
    Duncan is one of the most consistent players of all time and I hope they get LMA.

  29. Staygolden_951 says:

    “Duncan has always said he’ll keep playing as long as he’s healthy and having fun. Put Aldridge in the Spurs lineup and that could be a while.”

    SERIOUSLY!! Sweet jeebas, I get them FEELS all over my body.

    and not to mention what Danny Green just did for the Spurs organization ( not just them, but for all the die hard Spurs fans/family). I can’t even fathom how much money he turned down to stay with SA. As a working modern man, its sooo mind blowing! GREAT PEOPLE!