Cavaliers could help Spurs’ pursuit of Aldridge, but should they?

If the Cleveland Cavaliers make it back to the Finals next June and find themselves facing a familiar LeBron James nemesis, the San Antonio Spurs, remember this day.

This is the day, on the eve of NBA free agency 2015, that scenario began to seriously take root.

The LaMarcus Aldridge-to-San Antonio speculation already had a good head of steam, but clearing sufficient cap space — sending off Tiago Splitter or Boris Diaw, for instance, and likely more — to sign Aldridge away from the Portland Trail Blazers while taking care of the Spurs’ other summer business was going to be a challenge. If they didn’t get creative, GM R.C. Buford, coach Gregg Popovich and the rest might wind up dredging a rut in their roster so deep, they could end up taking two steps forward, one back.

Then this emerged Tuesday, the day before the week of free-agent moratorium:

By trading for Haywood and his non-guaranteed salary, the Spurs could cut him loose and use the salary cap space it frees up to take care of more pressing priorities beyond Aldridge. Like keeping Danny Green, the 3-point shooter and solid perimeter defender so essential to their Finals runs in 2013 and 2014. This would, of course, require precise bookkeeping and expert timing in a concrete if/then arrangement triggered first and foremost by Aldridge. As noted by Spurs beat writer Jeff McDonald:

It sounds great for the dynasty lovers down in Texas and, presumably, the Cavaliers would get something they want in return, either from San Antonio or a third team. But would it be enough to prompt them to facilitate the makeover ambitions of a serious rival for the NBA championship? The Spurs qualify as that pretty much every year, but landing Aldridge, re-upping Kawhi Leonard and not tearing down the rest of the roster would have them on the extremely short list that already has James and the Cavaliers, the Golden State Warriors and maybe one other team or two.

Do you really want to have to beat a formidable opponent in June that you could have undermined way back in July, if only you hadn’t served up exactly what its architects and capologists were seeking?


  1. Carlo says:

    Is there anybody here knowing something about salary cap etc.?
    ‘Cause I see tons of fans shouting “Aldridge here!”
    Please, can you explain HOW your team is going to accomodate a max-salary guy in an already $$$stuffed roster?

  2. Sydale says:

    Last time I checked… The Spurs got bounced in the 1st Rd… I think LA should come to the East… a team like Washington is a player like him away from contending…

    If he really wants to win… maybe he should get the Blazers to do a sign and trade deal with the Warriors… I know that they’re shopping David Lee… The deal could be D. Lee + H. Barnes + a 1st Rd pick for LA…

  3. sanjay says:

    I call it coogans bluff! how about aldrige to cavs and love to portland?
    terriffic deal for cavs though!

  4. ryan41 says:

    Aldridge should go to Dallas and the Nowitzki, Aldridge, Parsons and Tyson Chandler would simply become the toughest team in the west. Probably the next NBA Champions and it will be very sweet for Aldridge because it is his hometown period.

  5. Wait so Duncan is coming off the bench?

    Also are the spurs really lacking at the PF position?

    Some things don’t make a lot of sense to me…

    • avry says:

      Yes we need a future pf and LA is it bottom line if he signs with the Spurs instant Finals Contenders for years to come cause we always draft good

  6. GT says:

    Go to the Houston Rockets! Join Dwight and harden and become a big three!

  7. anthony says:

    I wish the hawks would go after Deandre,
    So Al can move back to his natural position.
    If they get carrol back their front court would be a offense and defesive nightmare alone,
    Even though Deandre is not offensively gifted, but he still scores at least 10 a game just on putbacks and easy dunks.
    That I feel would be the piece that would make the hawks move to the next step. Plus their offense would allow deandre more touches, I’m not saying he should be hakeem nolajuwan with sky brick hooks, but i feel he could up his scoring
    and be able to be initiated in the offense more which is something I’m sure he wants instead of running the lob 24/7, which i feel accounts for 80% of his scoring lol.
    The hawks should trade bazemore for haywoods contract, dont resign milsap.
    Deandre would be able to land on the East Al star team easily plus he’d dominate the east a lot better for his position I feel.

  8. jake s. says:

    I think if Aldridge moves it would be a bad move on his part. I don’t even think he would send San Antonio into the championship conversation. I don’t think Aldridge is what the spurs need. I think he is too guardable. He shoots primarily 14 foot jumpers and he doesn’t really shoot the 3. Sure he’s good for a rebound but we fantasy league-rs know how cheap rebounds are. Risky investment, not worth the loss of Danny Green.

  9. Hellani says:

    I think la should go to

  10. puertorricane says:

    Spurs dont need Aldrige

  11. KingdomMan says:

    The clock is ticking on LA’s career…better saddle up and get down to SA…

  12. bokito says:

    la should land with the SA Spurs. next season will be an excited one.

  13. robb says:

    hey M. Aldridge, if you don’t want a title, go the the houston, the lakers, dallas, or stay in portland. If you want a title, pop is waiting.
    At the end of your career, it will be what ? 150M$/0ring or 138M$/nba champion ?
    The spurs are not lucky if you play for them, you are, because they go to the ring with no BS, that’s what they do!

  14. Jaysin says:

    I say that if Lamarcus Aldridge chooses to shun the Mavs and go to the Spurs, the Mavs should give Danny Green an offer sheet that San Antonio won’t be able to match.
    Hopefully all the rumors have been true at least about Deandre being at 50/50 on Clips/Mavs because those are the best odds we’ve (Mavs Fans) have had with a Superstar in probably forever (not counting Monta).

    • D Green says:

      Mavs are in play every seasom and off-season…smart owner great coach…and AWESOME fans…if players dont come to DALLAS, they re missin out…

  15. i think there’s no Hayward in Cavs lineup.. lol..

  16. killthatrooster says:

    i would like to see spurs big three win another one with LA on thier team

  17. Bang shot says:

    If Aldridge choose another team than Spurs, he will regret the rest of his days…

  18. mark says:

    Batum gone a.afflalo soon to be gone La soon to be gone he solid with either team from the Texas triangle but Portland will not be where Aldridge will be playing next season. Also portland will have to be start thinking about over paying for his replacement due to the fact that we’ll it’s portland if your not drafted or traded for a kings ransom then you get paid super over paid. Bright spot however D.lilard. Mathews.lopez Henderson all.decent but Lopez can shoot well all.but Mathews can play solid defense so if there where in the east they would be a 5 or 6 seed lol the east

  19. Lb2 says:

    what if kl leaves what if that 10m is made to make space for la? It is possible. If you guys been following Cleveland their not showing much interest in keep kl. just a theory but a possibility for sure.

  20. H says:

    the Cavaliers should try to get back Danny Green.

  21. lbj says:

    It’s not about beating the Spurs in July for the Cavs. It’s about getting the best deal for Brendan Haywood so they can keep Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson. Without those two, they may not even be competing next June!

  22. yo says:

    who is b hayward ? haywood ? 😀

  23. Spurs Fan says:

    Aldridge to spurs !!!!!

  24. robert says:

    Aldrige’s best chance to win a tittles is the spurs no doubt look at how many years in a row they have made the playoffs they are the winningest team there is today

  25. David says:

    LaMarcus isn’t going anywhere! He has a good life and team in Portland. In fact, he’s going to retire as the greatest Blazer of all time!

  26. Brian says:

    You crazy Dallas not winning a Championship no time soon lmfao!! He better ome to the Spurs if he wants a Ring Now and Not Later!! GO SPURS GO!!!

  27. harriethehawk says:

    Aldridge isn’t going to the Slurs anyway. If he leaves Portland, which I think he should, his best bet is the Dallas Mavericks.

    • Robert says:

      aldrige’s best move would be to the Chicago bulls

      • erik says:

        Aldridge best move will be with the spurs cause none of the teams that want lamarcus will not make it all the way to the finals and he wants a championship now not in 2 or 3 yrs so the spurs is his best choice

      • erik says:

        Aldridge best move will be with the spurs cause none of the teams that want lamarcus will not make it all the way to the finals and he wants a championship now not in 2 or 3 yrs so the spurs is his best choice if u sat lamarcus aldridge is going anywhere else u don’t know what ur talking about

      • HOTSHOT says:

        definitly not the best choice but i would like to see himm sign with bulls GO BULLS GO!!!!!

      • jay says:

        Or Houston. Howard, LA and the beard?? That’s nasty.

      • Quintin says:

        nahh,His best move is the SPURS that’s were he will more likely to get a RING if he wants now.

    • birdie says:

      The Carousel Horses will be garbage as long as Cuban is tinkering about.

    • Skrutz says:

      Dallas seems like they’d be crazy to play for. Weird decisions and not a lot of stability. He and Dirk would be formidable together, though.

    • jake s. says:

      Mav’s lol no point guard is the best kind of point guard.