Report: Kings, Lakers talking Cousins deal

When is “zero interest,” well, slightly more than that?

It was just Monday when team owner Vivek Ranadivé flatly said the Kings were not interested in trading center DeMarcus Cousins.

But now with the 2015 NBA Draft just hours from starting, it seems talks between Sacramento and the Lakers are heating up.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, the two Pacific Division rivals exchanged the broad framework of a deal involving Cousins and talks could gain momentum Thursday.

The Kings started to engage with teams and explore possible trade scenarios beyond the Lakers on Wednesday, league sources said. Sacramento management has publicly said it won’t trade Cousins, but that stance has increasingly softened and the franchise is proceeding further on moving him, league sources said.

Whether the Kings are making a sincere effort to accommodate Cousins with a trade – or simply trying to placate him that they tried and were unable to find a suitable deal – will become more apparent in tne next few days.

Kings vice president of basketball operations Vlade Divac has pursued a possible deal that would include a bevy of assets, including the Lakers’ No. 2 pick in Thursday’s NBA draft, rookies Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson and other draft assets, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Sacramento also would want to unload the remainder of forward Carl Landry’s two years, $13.5 million contract, league sources said.

While for most teams the notion of moving out a 24-year-old center who is coming off a season of averaging 24.1 points, 12.7 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 1.7 blocked shots would be beyond the pale, Kings management had its hand forced by coach George Karl, who doesn’t believe the emotional Cousins is capable of being the foundation to a team.

When word began to circulate that Karl was pushing Divac to trade the starting center, Cousins felt betrayed and tweeted a not-so-veiled reference to the coach as a “snake in the grass.”

Once Karl’s request for a trade became known, it was a virtual certainty that Cousins would have to be moved. The only questions now is where and when.


  1. j cross says:

    long time laker fan,but kobe is killing us, along with the buss children, yes both jim and jeannie, kobe should have taken less for more years, would have shown other players in the league he really wanted to win and not just get the most money, don’t want cousins if it involves randle

  2. 9ernation35 says:

    Lol laker fans are so funny oh were the lakers we can trade and sign anyone we want because were the lakers. News flash no one wants to play there any more theres a reason none of the big name free agents signed there last year. You all just keep living in that dream world tho

  3. Sammy says:

    Actually this is bad deal,
    Lakers really need him Cousin ? yes, but Clarkson was type Lakers need it in the future.
    They should got Marc Gasol or Aldrich or Love (Califonia native)
    Lakers try to got Rondo as Point Guard, so Lakers have dangerous Small rotation. with Rondo, Clarkson, Russel & Kobe
    With Gasol or Aldrich priority n try to got Jimmy Buttler or Paul Pierce (Cal Native) + Randle
    Keep Ed Davis, Wesley johnson, and got Tristan Tompson or keep Boozer for the Bench.

  4. harriethehawk says:

    Keep Cousins. Fire Karl. Only one head case per team.

  5. Gabriel says:

    Blah, Blah. If Sacramento let Cousin go, they’re cfazy

  6. rob says:

    after that Cousin will not be able to play for Karl again. And this is exactly what Karl wanted, a little media push to enter in the emotional zone, he knows that Cousin doesn’t know to deal with that kind of humiliation. he is the kind to take it directly to the heart and he will never forget or forgive

  7. MPJ 30 says:

    I feel like this is a great deal both ways. Kings are obviously not going anywhere with Cousins all years with him have been nightmares on the court and off, but the Lakers could probably use him with Kobe in his last years and talent needed seriously. Cousins for 2nd pick straight across then the Kings pick Okafor and Mudiay great young core playoffs FOR SURE

  8. 4pt Range says:

    1) Cousins teams have all been lottery.

    2)Loves teams all lottery.

    3)Aldridge takes his team to play-off last 2 years.

    Pick Russell, Mitchie boy and get Aldridge.

  9. Cindy says:

    He is nothing but trouble. I would not take him unless the kings paid me. Lakers do not need any trouble!

  10. drew says:

    Cousins is still young also he will be a beast in LA. People must forget Lakers develop big men better than anyone in the league minus dwhite coward, but Randle is going to be nice in the future but I don’t see that happening in L.A.. And people act like the Kings making the playoffs with Cousins which they are not with or without cousins and

  11. ps673ps673 says:

    Lamarcus Aldridge should be Lakers top priority. Do a three team deal with Portland and Sacramento.

    Make a deal with Sacramento and the Blazers that sends Boozer and Sacre out the door.

    Lakers get Lamarcus Aldridge and Cousins.

    Send Landry to Portland along with Julius Randle and Sacre.

    Send Sacramento Number 2 Pick and Swaggy P with Boozer.

  12. chad says:

    The Lakers have a great opportunity here to make the future NOW! If they can get Cousins and sign Aldridge to a deal, losing Randle and 2nd pick aka Okafor isn’t all that bad and this is why… If you can keep Clarkson I would try to, but their always a chance you can get a cheap Rondo that no one wants to deal with but might have some old celtic form left in the tank, but besides that, Jimmy Butler is getting very fond of living in LA so if you can grab him in a short term deal that he would love and keep Clarkson or get Rondo than you’ve just turned your team into a deep playoff team, if not a title contender… PG:Clarkson/or Rondo SG:Kobe SF:Butler PF:Aldridge C:Cousins Now thats a Laker Lineup.. high hopes but if mitch gets aggressive this can definitely happen and not to mention your bench would be pretty good with players like Davis if he stays, Lin, Black, Brown, WesleyJohnson, and others that got some good experience last year getting some playing time tanking that could come in for a few minutes and provide energy and a few points if needed, but needless to say this starting lineup could scare teams in the NBA and I think Kobe could mold Butler into a young protege perfectly with his great d and aggressiveness on offense.. get on it Mitch, get rid of the picks and Get a championship team and only get Rondo if you have to, actually take a shot at Lou williams if you do have to give up clarkson… your welcome

  13. kingsFan619 says:

    as a kings fan best trade scenario three team deal

    kings gets:#2,#5,nikola vucevic

    Orlando gets: #27,Julius Randle, Darren collision

    La gets: Cousins, Carl Landry

  14. bayaraa says:

    demarcus = randle + clarkson + (okafor or russel)
    please do not do this work. this year god send to get number 2

  15. Mark Harmony says:

    😀 *haha!* If this goes through, playing for Byron Scott will have Cousins wishing he had worked things out with George Karl.

  16. isaac says:

    If the Lakers and king do that deal , kings would win the deal cause they would have there 6th pick , Lakers 2nd pick , Julius Randle , and Jordan Clarkson , having a lot of young players to mold and build on

  17. Mladen says:

    Cousins won’t tolerate Kobe and will leave the Lakers in 6-12 months if he can.

    • Skrutz says:

      I feel like that would happen. Howard was a happy guy, and couldn’t do it. Cousins is a complete 180, and I think they’d hate eachother. Then again, they could magically gel and Kobe could get him in line.

  18. The People says:

    I don’t get this. You say the Kings hand was forced due to Coach Karl, and now Cousins feels betrayed. Well how about this for an option…fire Coach Karl. You have a rare big man on your line-up, young, skilled and playing out of his skin. You do everything to keep him. He is the person who should be your priority, not Karl. It’s not like Coach Karl is some revolutionary, one of a kind coach. He is replaceable. Cousins is not. Fire Karl, and be done with it

  19. Kal says:

    the odds that Clarkson, Randle or Okafor develop into MVPs? … Okafor is hyped to maybe be an all-star someday, so we’ll start there…

    the odds that DeMarcus Cousins can be an MVP? depends but his stats are already there. you know what you’re getting.

    so, if the Lakers have to trade the house minus Kobe, I think they gotta bet the house and hope the Dwightmare was just one weird UFO blip on their bigman radar…

    ps. “headcase” Artest worked out pretty well for them all and all. they won a championship..

  20. The People says:


  21. Noooo says:

    Donts trade three good rookies did the lakers look at clarkson in the practice he is a beast hes game has improved soo much ! get russell you got three rookies that can improved easily ! cmon just go fight for aldridge or better a jimmy butler !

  22. JOE says:

    D.Cousins is a superstar big man, lakers MUST get SOMEBODY this fre agency if they could get cousins and possibly a jimmy bulter that would be a nice start

  23. Larry Green says:

    keep what you got lakers…Remember never give up what you have for seemingly greener pastures…The Cavs did the same thing and it did not help them a bit. LAFanz4Life

  24. ED says:

    Cousins isn’t going anywhere. Don’t waste your breath dreaming or visualizing anything. The Kings would not trade him to a rival and conference member.

  25. dustydreamnz says:

    Was starting to think Cousins was growing up.

  26. Mark says:

    Whilst Cousins is a great player that I love watching play – as a Lakers fan I just can’t feel happy about giving up Randle, Clarkson and a no.2 pick for him. It’s just not worth the risk. 3 players with great potential versus one player in his prime but god knows how he will play next season. Please don’t do it!

  27. Stopmakingexcuses says:

    I’m a kings fan. When your willing to give up clarkson, randle and the number 2 pick. Pull the trigger vlade. That’s a hella of a deal for the Kings. Is not like we’re winning with cousins anyways. I’m sacramento proud regardless

  28. lbj says:

    I am not a Lakers fan. I might even say that I’m a borderline Laker hater.

    But it just doesn’t seem to be best for the team in the long run to place an “emotional”, albeit elite level, player at the center of their rebuild.

    Randle, Clarkson, and Okafor should be allowed to grow together under Byron Scott. Eventually, Kobe will retire, they will have a solid core, they will fire Byron Scott and they will replace him with an elite level coach. Eventually, they will be competitive again.

    As for Cousins, maybe Boston where Brad Stevens is known to turn players into believers?

  29. reynaldo says:

    cousins is good but what the kings had asked in return is too much to swallow

  30. Kevin Kinchen says:

    Given that Okafor is the next Tim Duncan Sacramento should be considering a future with Okafor. I am OK with giving IP Randle OR Clarkson but not both. That would be flat out foolish. Cousins put up great numbers playing for a bad team. So people shouldn’t act as if this guy is Shaquille O’neal.

  31. LakersFan says:

    Why Lakers coach hold Sacre Boozer and young, just trade them three because they are useless.we want Randle Clarkson and Jahil they’ll improve their skill for us Lakers fan.

    Starting lineup,
    Clarkson or Russel

  32. For god sakes let cousins play out the contract

  33. Sick&mental kings says:

    Wow kings fans get screwed again.. Kings fans should stand together and boycott this. There is absolutely no way cousins should be traded at all. Now we’re hearing it’s to the LAKERS. Wow slap in the face. We know that Vlade holds L.A dearly to his heart. This would be just an outright snake move. No trade compares unless we get Durante or someone like that but still I would oppose it. Clarkson straight bum. And Julius Randle the guy who just missed an entire season with an injury. . Cousins had his best numbers under Karl so what is the deal. If cousins go. The kings lose a fan in me. And believe me many others will follow. If cousins gets traded I will encourage all kings fans to boycott the upcoming season and there on.

  34. La@Drama says:

    Kobe,Love, Rondo, Cousin,Butler! Or Lamarcus, Love, Kobe,Cousin, Jordan

  35. Evan says:

    This has all the makings of the ill fated Charlotte Hornets trade of Alonzo Mourning.

    Sure the Hornets got Glen Rice, Matt Geiger, Khalid Reeves and a draft pick, that ended up being Tony Delk.
    That was nice package of players for Alonzo Mourning, LeRon Ellis, and Pete Myers.

    The aftermath.

    Miami went on to win Championships.
    Charlotte ended up in New Orleans.

    Charlotte then had to get an expansion team, and endure all those years as the BOBCATS.
    Before finally , getting the okay to change their name back to the Hornets , THIS PAST YEAR.

    It’s worth noteing that Alonzo Mourning was going to be a free agent so Charlotte had no choice.
    Demarcus Cousins has 3 years left on his contract.

    You don’t tade Centers.

    Philidelphia traded Wilt Chamberlain = Lakers won Championships
    Milwaukee traded Jabbar = Lakers won Championships.
    Magic Traded Shaq = Lakers won Championships.
    Lakers traded Shaq = Miami won Championships.
    Warriors traded Robert Parrish = Celtics won Championships.
    Milwaukee traded Andrew Bogut = Warriors won a Championship.

    • Tee Nice says:

      Alonzo Mourning was not an important star on Miami’s championship team. It was not because of him that they won it.

  36. LakerNation says:

    oh yes!!! lakers are in hot pursuit of Cousins. Please get him, Kobe badly needs another all star.

  37. Markus says:

    Three players is a good trade for Sacramento…..When Kobe retires WHOs gona help Demarcus?

  38. If Cousins comes 2 the Lakers I don’t th?nk he will cause probs or make issues w/ Scott, Kobe, K. Love, & D-Wade when these two hit free agency next month. Wit Young, Wesley, & Brown…let’s hope he don’t pull the “BITCH” card.

  39. jess martin says:

    We (L.A) went through this with Dwight, + L.A media will tear his sensitive volatile self into pieces, Lakers would start from close to ground zero yet again, with a depreciated value for Cousins once league catches on to emotional instability. L.A has to think things through & not drop the ball this upcoming draft..

  40. Carlo says:

    I’d keep the #2 pick, Randle and go after Kevin Love. Imagine Okafor, Randle and Love down low. Man!

  41. ARTE HARRIS says:


  42. ARTE HARRIS says:


  43. sid says:

    I don’t understand the whole wanna get Cousins! This year look at the free agency – enough Center talent out there. Get yourself something else – e.g. Greg Monroe – pick Russel at no 2.
    So you get no. 2 pick and keep it – you keep Randle and Clarkson and get a desired big

  44. thetruth says:

    Hehe , and someone thought Lakers , the team from the biggest market in NBA will become a failure , hehe. U gonna trade your 24 year old all star center , one of the most athletic and most offensive centers in the league for injured unproven kid and some rookie that had , lets say an average season , if they trade Rudy Gay that would make some sense. I wonder what or how much did the big boys paid from behind to force this trade , they cant allow that their business goes down. Next is Kevin Love somehow signing with the Lakers.

  45. Cai says:

    Nah!! Don’t do it. Sacramento is demanding too much for Lakers. Clearly I’m against in that trade, I’m a Lakers fan here. Giving up three players for Cousins?? It doesn’t make sense!

  46. LA LAKERS Valenzuela City says:

    Demarcus Cousins will be a big help in any team at center spot. Lakers should grab him if there’s a zero chance on the likes of LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love or Marc Gasol. And as long as it does not includes the 2nd pick. Don’t forget Rajon Rondo, still one of the best PG today. Lakers should go also for this guy. Otherwise, use the 2nd pick for D’ Angelo Russell. He must be something.

  47. Jeff says:

    if the Lakers will get Cousins, I think Kevin Love and Rajon Rondo will sign with the Lakers.

  48. specialfriedrice says:

    pleeeeeease let a trade happen I want to see a year of kobe and Cousins drama in LA…will be more more exciting than GOT season 6

  49. Kevin says:

    Cousins = Randle, Clarkson and Okafor! WTF! Why would the Lakers ever consider something like that! Rebuild with young talent! Also, I like Russell over Okafor!

  50. Joaz Banbeck says:

    If the Lakers really need a talented 7-foot head case, they can probably get Upshaw with pick #27.
    I wouldn’t give up Randle and Clarkson and Okafor for anyone but LBJ.

    • Copy that... says:

      Trading for a guy who’ll get T’d up almost every other game… get ejected maybe once or twice a month from games… AND all while giving up a possible / prospective HoF’er rookie Center, Julius Randle (arguably the best 4-Man pickup for LaLa Land since Worthy.. and also looking like a HoF type player), and Clarkson – who has all the look & feel of becoming a future star PG?!?!? Are you (..bleeping..) kidding me?!?!? No way! Kupchack & the owners would be certifiably crazy to go ahead with a nunkhead deal like that. Flat out NO, NO NO!

    • Bobby says:

      Ur cooked brah

  51. levon says:

    but the knicks might get okafor

    • Just how do you figure that says:

      …moron? Considering Laker have the 2 pick, and a shot at either of the top two Center/PF’s?? Get a clue, numbskull.

  52. Victor says:

    I say don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Clarkson is coming off a season in which he almost won rookie of the year. Randle is a question mark but I believe will be just as good and hungry after being out his rookie season. I would pick Russell at 2 to bring it all together. So it doesn’t make sense to trade three players for one with an attitude problem like metta

  53. AL Giz says:

    In my opinion, it is not worth trading the three players for cousins. Keep in mind that cousins have personality issues which leads to “how long can he/ investment last for the lakers.” If he is really good, why such a good coach don’t want to keep him.” Lakers that is a hint!

  54. Bill says:

    Orrrr you could fire the coach.

  55. Kobe@Manila says:

    Cousins = Randle, Clarkson and Okafor???? Forget about it!!

    • kas says:

      I know right! Kings get ripped off!

    • PrfsrChaos says:

      Right?! You can have two of the kids but not all three. I hope the lakers don’t get fully wide eyed and just think for a second. Cousins is 24, it would be really nice if he’s got some people with talent to grow up with.

      I’d say, trade Randle and Clarkson and pick Russell at the second pick so he can learn from Kobe that way you have an inside out punch with Cousins and Russell.