Report: J.R. Smith opts out, wants back with Cavs

After his dreadful disappearing act when the Cavaliers needed him most during The Finals, most might consider the move redundant. But J.R. Smith has opted out of his $6 million contract for next season, likely in hopes of getting a new deal and more money in the long term, according to Shams Charnaria of Real GM.

Smith arrived in Cleveland at the trade deadline along with Iman Shumpert from New York and that pair along with the acquired Timofey Mozgov provided the Cavs with the depth they needed to turn around their shaky start and make it all the way to The Finals. However, Smith shot just 31.2 percent from the field in the six-game series loss to the Warriors, often looking unwilling as well as unable to shoulder more of the offensive load once All-Star Kyrie Irving went down with a fractured kneecap.

Smith said following The Finals that he wanted to return to Cleveland next season and the Cavs expressed mutual interest. Unless another team comes out of the weeds with a big offer, it’s likely that Smith will re-sign for less than the $6 million he was due, but for two or three years that would net him more money over the long run.

Smith wouldn’t be the first Cavalier to opt-out, following suit after Kevin Love reportedly chose to do the same.


  1. HotNickelsNYC says:

    J.R. Smith is like fools gold … dude is a clown NBA player…he has talent but needs too much sorcery to motivate him…dude … if being in the NBA & getting to the finals with Lebron doesn’t bring out the best in u then nothing in this world will…which Iis why the Knicks cut him…J.R. is a CLOWN!

    • HotNickelsNYC says:

      Going to a city without a NYC nightlife shouldn’t be anyone’s selling point…J.R. Smith epitomizes an underachiever!…Go ask Rhi Rhi…lol!

  2. Samuel Adams says:

    Yall ALL sleep he didn’t have anybody , he was supposed to get swept with his depleted lineup , he had the best one man performance ever , he the greatest , unlike MJ he carried his team to the playoffs every year he been in the league MJ didn’t make the playoffs til year 4 when they got

  3. tommyfait says:

    Antonio Perez you are one dumby boy, nobody wants to play with kobe cause he whines and is a ball hog, he doesnt make anybody around him better,

    players die to play beside lebron you tool, he makes them 10x better a player, look at jr smith shumpert, Mozgov, those players were bums before they got traded to Cavs.

  4. sanjay says:

    oops looks like lot of folks would be sent packing.
    haywood, perkins, marion gone, miller must go( he is paid too much to sit and walk around and he is too slow for todays nba), young rookie is also too slow for a pg and cant create his own shot. barring jones they all got to go. verajevo has to go, so does love.

    so this will leave lot of money on the table for cavs and they cant get some quality and hungry pieces and a healthy bench!

  5. Kodie says:

    Boogie is yeah but right elfie on the fly. He got to gyro if he’s in the west but mano mano in east. That’s word! Taliman can’t dance on the court anymore just like wade can’t. All out not in. Sayin’ So JR’s JR but he always is so don’t expect more. Bron’s okay with it just shoot. Bron being 32% from floor can’t complain on JR’s 22%. JR just following king’s lead. That’s bank and you can take it there boyz! James numbers inflated cuz bad team, ain’t that what they say about everyone else on a bad team? You know it

  6. Antonio Perez says:

    Jordan came from another dimension from another time lime beyond time and space

    lebron best finals this year wow amazing 35.8 ppt

    Jordan 41.0 ppt not and not just the individual numbers

    he won the championship and the finals mvp

    and lebron fail

    lebron 6 nba finals won 2 lost 4 only 2 finals mvp

    jordan 6 nba finals won all of them never lost never choke never surrender and with 6 finals mvp

    the more i see lebron play the more i miss Jordan

    anybody with brain knows that jordan is better

    listen to lebrun and listen to Jordan and is even more obvious

  7. Antonio Perez says:

    nobody wants to play with lebron

    just the same way nobody wants to play with kobe

    the cavs fans are starting to look like the lakers fans


    next year we will win the nba championship

    next year , next year , next year

    and they never win

    smart move to leave lebron

    lebron will fail once again

    mark my words

    don’t believe me just wait and see

  8. Edward Tarabey says:

    coming from another planet Lebron is making us to forget Jordan legendary

  9. Polak from Poland says:

    j.r come back to mecca MSG play with ya friend melo….go back to Knicks man:-)

  10. steves11 says:

    I’m a Warriors fan so I was happy to see the Cavs so decimated during the finals, but it was pathetic to see the lack of support that Lebron has on that team. He really had to do everything himself. I don’t care how good a player is…he can’t do it all by himself, with little or no help from his teammates.

  11. Badasi12b says:

    Of course Cleveland would WANT Monta over JR. How MUCH help does Lebron need if he’s the so called “greatest player in the world”??? Monta in Cleveland would be horribly unfair and almost give no need to watch the next season if that happened. The dude comes from the western conference leading GSW before he left and Dallas to the playoffs and in scoring and is still in his prime! For he and Lebron to be on one team in the EAST would be unfair and be the stacked Miami team all over again. BUT it could backfire! Monta like Love NEEDS the ball in his hands, Lebron isn’t gonna want to give that up… Hell even Dirk gave Monta the keys… Lebron WON’T! Just like he hijacked the Heat from Wade!

  12. GARO says:

    Para que pagarle a un jugador que a la hora de la verdad no produce. Le deberian pagar a $2,000 por temporada.

  13. Tyson TT says:

    The cavs will be the nba champion next year!

  14. benjie says:

    If I’m the cars owner ill drop,Jr smith $6 million,kendrick perkins $1 million,mike millers $5.6 million,
    Brendan haywood $750,000 and anderson varajao $ 9.7 million.
    TOTAL SAVINGS = $ 23 million.
    enough money to get wade to sign for $90 million in 5 years. thats 18 million per year.
    I like to see lebron win another championship with dwade in cavs uniform .they got symbiotic relationship both in the court and private life. They click together.
    So cars owner get wade at all cost. And damp your bench warmers your paying them to sit. amen.

  15. klamy says:

    smith is not the problem, but someone in the team (he wants to win the game alone) is overly talented he wants to be a coach a point guard blah, blah blah…….. even if irving and love are not injured the result will be the same . . . . .

  16. Chompz says:

    3 yr 12 Million (Last year team option) would be a good deal for JR, but still I will go for Monta and re-sign Iman

  17. The Truth says:

    Why does the Cavaliers want J.R. Smith back when he tried to help the Warriors win game 2 of the Finals???

  18. BIG-GAME-JAMES-23 says:

    I would prefer Monta Ellis over JR Smith anyday!
    Monta Ellis is getting paid 8 Million, while JR is getting paid 6 Million per year. I would rather spend the extra 2 Million for Monta Ellis. Ellis would have helped LeBron ALOT in the finals had he been on the team instead of JR.

    • lbj says:

      The Cavs already have a Monta Ellis-type player. They have Kyrie Irving!

      Cleveland deserves J. R. and J. R. deserves Cleveland. He’s a great Mario Chalmers-type player (someone who’d fill the gaps, plays unbelievable on occasion but does not surprise anyone when he’s playing poorly) and Lebron needs a Mario Chalmers.

  19. Thomas says:

    6.65 million 2 years JR will take it.

  20. Willie merriweather says:

    It’s unbelieveable the way these owners throw money away on players that cant play.And then be treated like dirt.Basketball players of today are so disrespective toward the fans and even the owners that I dont see how the owners tolerate such behavior.It just go to show they have big egos too.These owners will do or take anything to win.To tell the truth its not good basketball being played these days.lets get back to making basketball respectibl.If you didnt pay such hefty salaries maybe our cable bill would go down.

    • Carl says:

      What you just said makes zero sense.

      No one’s making you pay for cable. Just stop paying for it if it’s that much of a problem for you.

  21. Bertram Ladner says:

    A prima dona without talent to go with a post madonna with talent!!!

    • A says:

      The comment of the year! LOL

      • StonyBalony says:

        One of the best for sure, I hate this trade because I am a Sixers fan and I am desperate for d’Angelo Russell. Boogie is worth the #2 and Randle but not with added picks on top, then again, History says one of the top 3 or 4 players will be a bust so Boogie might be worth all of that.