‘Mutual interest’ between Wade, Lakers

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HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The Los Angeles Lakers might not pose much of a threat to contend for a championship (or even a playoff berth in the Western Conference) next year. The two guys on their roster with real talent – Kobe Bryant and Julius Randle – are both recovering from major injuries, and one of them will be 37 years old and taking up almost 40 percent of the salary cap.

But the Lakers, with their sunshine, 16 championships and as much as $27.8 million in cap space, offer leverage for any potential free agents looking to get a raise from their own team or a lucrative offer elsewhere.

Dwyane Wade could be one of those free agents. Wade has a player option this summer and there’s already been some scuttlebutt about Wade and the Miami Heat not seeing eye to eye about the size of a new contract.

Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix linked Wade and the Lakers with a pair of tweets on Sunday …

At 33, Wade wouldn’t take the Lakers much beyond the Kobe era, which is set to end next April. But he would make things a little more interesting in L.A. and help the Lakers regain their status as a national TV draw.

The Heat could be one of the league’s most improved teams next season if they can bring back Wade, Luol Deng and Goran Dragic, who all have player options. But new and pricey contracts for all three would erase most of their 2016 cap space.


  1. Swamp says:

    Actually I don’t agree with y’all…I’m a baller too and I know Kobe and wade will bring a championship to LaL, I watch them two player in any game and I believe that they’ll make it to final game…but the problem is big man Lakers must take Love, aldrigte , or Lopez I garentee it will happen,

  2. courtsideguy says:

    2 banged up superstar vets on the same team in the west? def no titles but def money for both. guess la dont want to win anytime soon. two la teams and both cant make it to the finals. such is life.

  3. BUNBURY says:

    what about getting Wade and getting RID of Kobe. Wade is 4 years younger…..just saying

  4. dubious says:

    how do you play kobe and wade at the same time ? they’re both vets, injury prone the last few years, playing the same position/role, earn big money … how the hell do you want to build a team around that pair ? this is just stupid … lakers need to look at golden state, spurs, hawks etc … those fanchises are building TEAMS, they’re not stacking names for the sake of markting purpose, if it happens it will backfire … again !

  5. Benjie says:

    Dump Perkins ,Miller and varagio and Marion .And then you got money for wade to play with cavs just a thought.

  6. smokinpro says:

    Wade to Lakers makes no sense. 2 of the 10 greatest 2 guards ever on the same team seems a waste and Wade is in the waning years of his health and years. If he went to the Clippers it would make more sense, and to the Cavs it would be superb. Miami can offer him 16mil to stay now and more if they get rid of some guys, not smart when you are in rebuild mode.
    Cleveland can only offer him about 4mil now, but if you get rid of Perkins and Haywood(both dead weight) that’s almost 12 mil freed up, offer Wade 16mil to come to Cleveland for an almost certain shot at his 4th title…now we’re talking! The flexibility Wade would give the Cavs takes pressure off Kyrie & LeBron, re-purpose Shumpert and JR to Handle the ball more and attack the paint instead of camping out on the perimeter shooting 3s, that would make them more than formidable, they would be virtually unstoppable! You would go from a team with only 2 legit play makers in Kyrie and James, to a whose turn is it to make a play! I’d pay to watch that!!

  7. john gambiina says:

    If the Lakers can come to terms great bit I rather have Dragon if there going to spend the money.Trade swangy

  8. Hugh says:

    I’m a huge Kobe fan but I do not think the Lakers sniff a championship for a few years. Even a healthy,prime Kobe would have trouble packing this squad to a title,even with Okafor. Wade would be a HORRIBLE decision. Yes, he was a beast and can still ball when the knees feel good but we don’t need another Nash type fiasco. Stick with the young guns maybe try to get Cousins or Durant next year but leave the 30+ crowd alone until we become a contender and need to add experience.

  9. David says:

    Wade is too old to play for anyone. Miami knows the real deal. Goodbye Wade from Miami. LA doesn’t need two old maids. Kobe will not play the entire season. It will be very difficult to see the Lakers play with an old gunner doing his thing. The Lakers should start fresh with youth, bring Kobe the gunner off the bench during garbage time, let the young players develop.
    They are going to lose with Kobe anyway. Wade may have to retire at age 33. His knees are shot.

  10. BIG-GAME-JAMES-23 says:

    This is Kobe’s desperate attempt at the elusive 6th ring. Trying to add Wade and Demarcus Cousins still won’t be enough, Kobe should just join a team like OKC and wing his 6th ring

  11. yaw tsin says:

    dwayne can not win a championship without another superstar on the roster. 2006 hes with shaq. the later two, hes with lebron and bosh. who are the other high caliber superstars in LA?

  12. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Kobe, Wade, Butler wants a short deal, Paul Piearce goes back home, then next year they got even more money from the new league tv deal, Clarkson is a good young player up and coming. I’m just to big of a Kobe fan LOL, my hopes are high.

  13. HOST says:

    Wade is too injury-prone. Not helpful to one of the most injury-prone teams in the NBA over the last couple of years. He’s another Steve Nash debacle waiting to happen.

  14. Ronald says:

    Talk about desperation. Teaming up two aging injury embattled superstars. Neither of them will make it through an entire season, take up all the cap space leavin the lakers with no options for when they do (and they will) go down. Love them both, I have always supported Kobe and wade but this deal makes no sense

  15. Kobe@Manila says:

    Kobe and Wade are quite old but old enough to give LA a championship.. They can lead LA and with the supporting cast of Clarkson, Randle, Young, Okafor, they can make it to WEST finals and maybe the championship against Bulls next year.. Then next year, they can get Durant.. GO LA!! Get back to winning form..

  16. Carl says:

    I would like to see D Wade be a real friend, and go and play with LeBron. Return the favor. And, It would be respectful to Cleveland for leading him to Miami. I would like to see D Wade and Kyrie Irving in the backcourt together, and a healthy Kevin Love in a starting role…Kevin Love, yes, but hey I’m from Portland, Oregon!!!

  17. harriethehawk says:

    He will do what’s best for his boys. He knows he won’t win a championship is either LA or Miami. But his wife has easier access to her career gig in LA. I guess we will see but I say he stays and if he goes, it will be to play back alongside his friend Lebron James. Also, he isn’t too far from his own hometown in Chicago.

    • Rob Wilks says:

      No way he’s going to cavs unless Love doesnt resign and LBJ takes huge paycut. Chicago dont have cap space for wade and wouldnt want a 33yr old that can only play half a season anyway. So to all those preaching cavs and bullls, you really need to take a step back and think before you post. Lakers during Kobes last year/years could be decent, he’ll get paid more than in miami for sure but wont win anything. Either way I think he needs to realise he wont win again in his career so just take the most money offered and run

  18. jamal says:


  19. sid says:

    Wade -> Lakers – Bubkes!

  20. John smart says:

    Could lebron and wade be scheming something big and head to lakers!!!! They definitely have the cap space. Doubt it. I reckon wade gies to cavs and gets a new nick name……..coat tails.

  21. lakers4life789779 says:

    The Lakers need one or two more “Qualified” (former All-Star calibur)Vets on the team, Kobe and Boozer are the only ones at the moment, the rest are young guys who are pretty immature, I doubt Wade would want to sign with the Lakers, but if he does, it would be interesting to see how things turn out in t
    he future, he can become a leader for the team after Kobe retires and it would be fun to watch Kobe and Wade play together, Wade started out his career playing the point so I could see him in that role, either that or move Kobe up to the 3 and Wade at the 2. The Lakers have money to spend and they need to pick up a few guys, preferably someone younger than Wade but if they dont sign,
    Wade would be a solid pick up.

  22. Boney Washington says:

    If Kobe didnt make so much money and they could add Wade and some good role players around Randle and the #2 pick the Lakers could win next year. But since they cant do that .. NO HOPE FOR THE LAKERS i say they finish next season .500

  23. jake s. says:

    He’s just bolstering his value to the Heat because he wants a max deal. It’s a bluff, but unfortunately the Heat may call his bluff. Wade to LA? #2BrokeGeezers

  24. e money says:

    I don’t see Wade going to LA because Kobe has a legacy there why would wade want to go somewhere else and the fact they’re the same type of player who’s going to sit on the bench not waDe he needs to go to okc or nyc where the team has a chance to content for a championship or rebuild

  25. Erlo says:

    He’s going to Cleveland, and anyone who doesn’t think so is an imbecile.

    • Rob Wilks says:

      haha with what cap space? Only way this happens is if Love opts out and LBJ takes paycut- not happening bro. Wade is 33, can only play max 50 games a season and still wants max money. The fact that you think he’s going to the cavs makess you the imbecile. Check up on league facts before posting buddy #education

      • Rob Wilks says:

        Just like to add that LBJ left Miami for lots of reasons but it only came after they got destroyed by the spurs in the finals. He knew then he couldnt win anymore with Wade so why woulld he try again now??

  26. Brandon says:

    Is this one of those “Sources” say “Mutual Interest” sorry I am not going to read the article. The thought of the LAL actually signing this guy sickens me.

  27. Kat says:

    Noooo. The lakers already have an old injury prone shooting guard in Kobe, why on earth would we want Wade? And he’s a dirty player remember he broke Kobe’s nose in an all star game. Unless the lakers are gonna tank another season, in which I’d still rather not waste money to see Wade in a Laker uniform. No thank you.

  28. Jeff Van Gundy says:

    Two broken down superstars consolidating media coverage of their Brett Farvish “Farewell Tour” season… an excellent idea,ink the deal all ready!!!

  29. Brantley says:

    So I guess that means that Kobe has forgiven DWade for breaking his nose in the all-star game.

  30. Macfarlane says:

    Wade would be a great addition for LA. Defense would swarm kobe or wade leaving many shot opportunities for okafor, randle, clarkson and co. Or kobe or wade’l draw the defense leaving the other with more space to attack. Wade has a future in either place, but helping revive LA would solidify him as a top-nba moneymaker until he retires.

  31. Joe says:

    I don’t care… Go follow Lebron’s steps…

  32. JC says:

    Wade , no make the same mistake that Lebron , Last year i said : Lebron never will get another title , and you already see what was happening , the same words for Wade , here you can win only have to change some bad player and bring new legs with desire and heart to win , but if leave , looking you future like Lebron : No more champion

    • Anthony says:

      How can u say look at whats happening in talking about lebron. Its been one year and he was in the finals. They just had injury problems. They will be a even better team next year. U may want to wait a couple years before u make this comment and that’s only if they don’t win. MIAMI didn’t even make the playoffs this season in a weak east.

  33. CHRISTIAN says:

    Wade get into legendary by going to lakers and win the next year championship

  34. Karlo Garcia says:

    I will believe it when I see it

  35. timpson says:

    Hope he doesn’t go to cleveland

  36. Kila says:

    No mention of how Kobe and Wade play the same position? Makes no sense at all to me.

    • Rob Wilks says:

      You clearly think about basketball in a rigid way. Yes they are both SG’s but they have different styles. Wade can easily play PG and Kobe could easily play SF in a league thats downsizing. You’ll find now anyway most SG’s over 6ft5/6ft6 will be used as swingman that play both the 2 and 3. Starting lineup of Okafor, Randle, Kobe, Wade and Clarkson sounds pretty decent to me. They wont win it all though haha

  37. Future is good for the lakers….Jordan Clarkson will be the future star

    • Rob Wilks says:

      lol Clarkson could be a great player but future star? Come on now bro be serious. Randle and their number 2 pick this year will likely be the future stars. Unless some free agents actually start deciding they want to go to LA, the lakers will be rebuilding for the next 5 years or so anyway. Face it until Kobe retires and they start to rebuild, the lakers are done

  38. reynaldo says:

    wade plus okafor plus randle plus the pick nos. 27 and 34 and clarkson is an interesting combination

    • That's my take on it too says:

      If the Lakers didn’t have the 2 Draft, i would yawn and turn the page.. but with Kobe, Randle, Boozer, Swaggy, J-Lin, Johnson, and either Okafor or that other big *and maybe* some marquee veteran like Wade (and i’m not saying that it’s anything more than some hyped up rumor), the Lakers will have a roster not to be sneezed at (or laughed at) by opponents or haters. Add Hill, Davis, Sacre, Kelly, Price, Clarkson, and Ellington, and all the sudden there’s depth at evry pos’n. That’s one pretty decent roster, for sure.

      Main Sqaud (of 12) – Season Start

      C: Hill, Okafor
      PF: Boozer, Randle
      PF/SF: Kelly
      SF: Johnson
      SF/SG: Kobe, Swaggy
      SG/PG: Wade, J-Lin
      PG: Clarkson, Ellington

      Starters: Hill, Randle, Swaggy, Kobe, D-Wade

      6th Man: J-Lin

      1st Rotation: Okafor, Boozer, Johnson, J-Lin, Clarkson

      Not too shabby, huh?

  39. jeffrey russell says:

    He is going to the cavs.found out from LBJ insiders