Overtime: 24-second thoughts

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What?  No Game 7?

Well, some of us still have some final thoughts on The Finals:

24 — Even in fantasyland, you’ve got to start things off with the National Anthem. How about ultimate fantasy from Bay Area — the Grateful Dead, circa April 1993.

23 — The Catch. The Drive. The Fumble. The Shot. The Decision. The Kneecap. Every major league city has its own share of heartbreak. Cleveland’s just seems larger than Lake Erie.  This one doesn’t belong on that list of hurt.  The Cavs battled proudly.

22 — The Warriors danced harmoniously and gorgeously from October to June with a roster that stayed virtually intact, and in some corners they are asked to apologize for this? As Woody Allen once said, “Eighty percent of life is showing up.”

And durability is a talent.

21 — Irony is that the only significant injury suffered by the Warriors all season, David Lee’s strained left hamstring in the final game of preseason, opened the door for Draymond Green and the championship lineup.

20 — Before Golden State gets pigeonholed into history as banner carriers for jump shots, don’t forget the Warriors had the No. 1 defense in the NBA all season. And were No. 1 in assists.

19 — The best reason ever why coach Steve Kerr didn’t rub the nose of 3-point-shooting critic Charles Barkley in the Warriors’ championship: “I mean, guy picked up every bar tab I ever was part of when I was at TNT. So he can say whatever he wants.”

18 — Is there just the smallest part of Kerr that would be tempted to drop the mic and walk off after one flawless season? How’s that for Zen, Phil Jackson?

17 — Will say it again: For a team that has players with size and strength in low post — LeBron James, Timofey Mozgov, Tristan Thompson — the Cavaliers don’t finish strong at the hoop nearly enough. That especially goes for LeBron. Stop going off the glass and make them foul you and pay the physical price.

16 — Hula Hoops, Pet Rocks, Sea Monkeys, Mood Rings, Cabbage Patch Kids, Matthew Dellavedova.

15 — Somebody will have to explain that Beats headphone TV ad that makes the relationship between Draymond Green and the media look so contentious. For one, nobody has ever asked Green why he acts so arrogant, because he doesn’t. For another, he’s the long-after-the-podium guy who loves to stand in front of his locker way past the final horn and chat. With anybody. It’s like Michele Roberts wrote the script.

14 — The nit-pickers say Stephen Curry still has something to prove since each round of the playoffs featured an opponent with an injured point guard — Jrue Holiday, Mike Conley, Patrick Beverley, Kyrie Irving. They don’t mention that he was also on the first team in history to beat every other member of the All-NBA First Team — LeBron, Anthony Davis, James Harden, Marc Gasol — on the way to the title.

13Is LeBron (2-4) on his way to becoming the 21st century version of Jerry West, who lost eight times in The Finals? One could do far worse than being on the same page of history as The Logo.

12 — “We ran out of talent.” James catches flak for this from some corners? A third quarter lineup by the Cavs in Game 6: J.R. Smith, Dellavedova, Iman Shumpert, Thompson, James Jones. If the NBA playoffs were the NCAA Tournament, they’d be a No. 16 seed playing Kentucky.

11 — If you thought the team that LeBron single-handedly dragged to The Finals and then was swept by the Spurs in 2007 was in deeper water over its head than these Cavs once Irving went down, face it, you’ll never be satisfied with anything he does.

10 — To think it all could have unraveled for the Warriors right at the beginning if Andre Iguodala, who started the first 758 games of his 10-year NBA career, didn’t buy into the program and Kerr’s plan to come off the bench. Unhappy? Yes. Unwilling? No. That’s the definition of a pro’s pro. And don’t forget no grousing from Andrew Bogut when he was benched in The Finals.

9 — So what happens if David Blatt gets that timeout in Chicago?

8 Iggy as Finals MVP? Yes, because it was his move into the starting lineup for Game 4 that began to turn the series around and made what Curry did possible.  And he was the one who made James work so hard and wore him out.

7 — LeBron as MVP? From this corner, to become the historic second player from a losing team to get the honor, James had to pull his bunch into a Game 7.

6 — If you want to follow one more member of the Twitterverse next season, for raw emotion and lots of fun, make it Draymond’s mama:

5 — “I’m the best player the world.” OK, it wasn’t modest. But truth is a defense. And LeBron was clearly just trying to instill confidence in a worn-down, flat-out spent band of merry men that he could somehow get them through Game 6.

4 — Plenty of people and reasons to feel good about in the glow of the Warriors’ championship. Few more than Shaun Livingston, eight years removed from the horrible knee injury that had at least one person at the hospital tell him that he might need his leg amputated.

3 — Two biggest roadblocks to a Warriors repeat: chip-on-his-shoulder Kevin Durant and scarily-fast improving Anthony Davis.

2 — Does Kevin Love stay in Cleveland? Only if winning matters to him.

1 — Same two, same time, next year. Everybody healthy.


  1. harriethehawk says:

    The GSW parade look awesome and it must feel great about now being a fan of theirs. Well deserved, they played excellent the whole season.

  2. Kal says:

    Blinebury, nailed it!

    one thing i’d disagree with is the MVP… LeBron may have got if they made it to game 7, i agree, but i look at it this way: Iggy kept Warriors from getting swept; LeBron gave Cavs a 2-1 edge before they burnt out. … it should still be Bron but I don’t think this was the biggest issue with these Finals, not when you feel happy to be able to give to a guy like Iggy, so the bigger issue…
    people just want their side to win / be right … Warriors win and Cavs maniacs still saying Warriors just beat a depleted roster… a depleted roster with LBJ! in 6 in Cleveland! Curry with 37 in game 5! gotta give them some credit. … likewise, Warriors maniacs should be saluting what LeBron and the Cavs were able to do all playoff long.

    ps. but yes, what does happen if Blatt calls the timeout? I say, Warriors beat Bulls in 5 or 6, Thibodeau isn’t fired, Blatt is and some serious questions in Cleveland about whether Kevin Love comes back…

    pps. Kevin Love better come back… what better situation is there for him? New York? Cavs, all Cavs, Tristan and J.R. and whoever else included, just work through it somehow, gotta be a solution to bring everyone back for a historical championship.

    ppps. the “all Obama” team: Curry, Kobe, LeBron, Nowitzki, Duncan . …

    • Travis Kabua says:

      Iggy getting credit for his D on Lebron is well deserved but I think Iggy should thank Jimmy Butler for prepping Lebron for an empty tank going into the finals.

      • Pretty amazing that the 2 recent nba Finals MvPs were given the honor for ‘mostly’ ‘kinda’ slowing down lebron. That’s an incredible honor to mr James.

        The last time a player was this dominant physically was Shaq. Both eras are marked by other teams seeking to have incredibly strong/tough and talented defenders to kinda sorta stop the dominant superstar from steamrolling to victory.
        2 straight Final MvPs given to Lebron stoppers… only no one can stop him really

    • anothercavsfan says:

      The Bulls losing is of their own doing.

      They didn’t play aggressively enough most of the time.

      Joakim Noah’s offense was terrible. Rose and Butler were inconsistent.

      Overall, even though the Bulls at their best were better than Cavs at their best, the Bulls on average were worse than the Cavs because they were very inconsistent at times.

      Those bulls crushed the bucks by 40+ points, but they also lost 2 games to that same inexperienced team.

      That says it all…

      • BadBoys4life says:

        What about Gasol and Gibson, plus Noah’s not 100%. No way a depleted young Cavs team is on their level, what a fluke.

  3. Brandon says:

    I think This year where a lot of outstanding players we’re hurt this year and Kevin Durant a 2014 year mvp was hurt this year and affects the thunder alot

    • Kal says:

      if Kyrie had played the series,
      I’d agree, LeBron failed.

      but it’d be a heartbreaker type fail, a close one. his one bad one was 2011. there was no failure whatsoever in this Finals, other than to be virtually perfect, shoot a scorching percentage and win the whole series, making it the greatest victory in NBA Finals history.

      it was a bit too good to be true, i think in hindsight.