The Finals Stat: Game 6

VIDEO: Andre Iguodala post-game interview

Game 6 basics
Pace 101.0 101.0
OffRtg 105.3 94.9
EFG% 51.2% 42.7%
OREB% 14.9% 33.3%
TO Ratio 9.0 18.6
FTA rate 0.341 0.476

CLEVELAND — The Golden State Warriors are NBA champions for the first time in 40 years. After going down 2-1 in The Finals, they came back to win three straight games (two of them on the road) to take the Larry O’Brien trophy back to Oakland.

One stat stood out from the rest in the Warriors’ 105-97 victory on Tuesday and their 4-2 series win.

The stat

62 – Points by which the Warriors outscored the Cavs with Andre Iguodala on the floor in the series.

The context

That was the best plus-minus in the series. Next best was Stephen Curry at plus-52. The Warriors were outscored by 19 points in Iguodala’s 76 minutes on the bench.

Iguodala started Games 1, 2 and 3 on that bench, which allowed LeBron James to go at Harrison Barnes early and often. But, though the Warriors several long and athletic defenders, it became clear that Iguodala was the most qualified to slow down the best player in the world.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr put Iguodala in the starting lineup in Game 3, a move that not only gave his team better spacing offensively, but maximized the time his best defender was in front of James. From then on, Iguodala was basically on the floor whenever James was, and the Cavs’ offense never got on track. James shot just 38 percent with Iguodala on the floor.

Iguodala contributed on the other end of the floor, too, averaging 16.3 points and 4.0 assists, while shooting 40 percent from 3-point range (9-for-14 in fourth quarters). His two highest scoring games of the season (98 total games) came in Game 4 (22 points) and Game 6 (25). He scored 15 or more points only 12 times all year, and four of those games were in The Finals.

And for his work on both ends of the floor, Iguodala was named Finals MVP.

Pace = Possessions per 48 minutes
OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
EFG% = (FGM + (0.5 * 3PM)) / FGA
OREB% = Percentage of available offensive rebounds obtained
TO Ratio = Turnovers per 100 possessions
FTA Rate = FTA / FGA


  1. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Congrats to the Warriors the best team all year long, i can’t believe Curry didn’t get a finals MVP vote, he showed out in the fourth quarters, Lebron was great, what a performance!!! but know way a player should get MVP from a losing team, The Cavs had a chance to win game’s 1, 4 and 5, so Lebron had chances.

  2. OverseasNBAfan says:

    Seriously LeBron should not have been the MVP in a losing finals series, with horrible shooting from the field/3pt all below 40% in the 30s, that is by far his worst series and playoffs efficiency wise. Sure hes putting up monster stat line virtually averaging a triple double, because his usage rate is sky high. He needs to dominate the ball being the only star (injuries) but a lot of times he wasn’t making his team better just stagnating the offense.

  3. OverseasNBAfan says:

    Curry could not care who on that team won MVP, in fact hes probably happier a deserving teammate won it, that team has been about sacrifice and commitment to winning a championship before anything else all season it paid off. Could think of no one on that Warriors team more deserving of an award than Iguodala, hes the ultimate quiet achiever effecting the game in ways stats can’t measure, the veteran was unbelievable guarding LBJ congrats to him!

    Chalk this award up as a big win for DEFENSE!!

  4. Robert Cline says:

    Lebron James was the true MVP.

    One of the primary reasons Jerry West is on the logo was his excellent play in the NBA finals year after year after year. He was even the finals MVP one of the years that the Lakers lost in the finals.

    If there was ever a year in which the MVP was clearly playing for the losing team this was it.

    (I live in the bay area and watched almost every Warriors game this year)

  5. dustydreamnz says:

    I think LBJ should have been Finals MVP and I’m not a fan of his. He had the best Finals numbers of all time and without him, the Warriors would have dished out 4 thrashings.

  6. Basketfan says:

    Iguodala didn”t deserve MVP. Lebron should have it, andre did not really slow him down, nor show good offense.

  7. used to ball says:

    Kerr: I was handed a great team on a silver platter & I beat an undermanned team to win it all my first year! I’m sure glad I didn’t go to the Knicks!
    Warriors: We just beat an undermanned team to get our first championship in 40 years!
    Warriors botttom bench: We didn’t have to do anything because they were undermanned & we still got our rings!

    Blatt: I’m not supposed to be here my first year. I have no idea what i’m doing. We have more than 7 players?
    LeBron: Gimme me the ball cuz you guys can’t play & the coach can’t coach. I’m the best player on the planet!
    rest of Cavs: I don’t want the ball! Here you take it! Where’s LeBron? Give it to him, we may be tired but he’s not!

  8. ale mehmedi says:

    Hear we go again
    Really no iggy and warriors get stomped!!!! Curry was successful because of iggy’s defense and his ability k nock down the open shot which forced the cavs to rotate… Lebron played almost every minute of every game, game 6 47/48, game 5 45/48, game 4 41/45, game 3 46/48, game 2 50/53, game 1 46/53 275 out of 298 minutes… if someone told you that the cavs would make the finals without irving, love, and bear and give the warriors all the could handle you would have laughed… stats are stats I am not LeBron james fan his post up needs work please Lebron watch film of MJ or Kobe but put curry on the cavs and put LeBron on the warriors what would the outcome have been 4-0 sweep warriors would have won every game by 30

  9. danielg says:

    A. Iguodala was inserted in the starting lineup in Game 4, not Game 3.
    Congratulations to the Warriors, and Andre I. on his MVP.
    Thanks for bringing the championship back to the Bay area after many decades.

  10. mabo says:

    Half way on game 6 I was thinking that Iggy had a good shot for the MVP. I guess I was not crazy.

  11. mabo says:

    I wasn’t rooting for any team in particular, Spurs fan here (I can’t still believe we lost against the Clippers), but the fact is that LBJ did not have any help offensively. I’m surprise they actually won two games, and kept it very close in game 1 and 4 with a very depleted. Without taking anything away from Iggy, GS only had to focus on guarding LBJ since everybody else in that team couldn’t make shots consistently.

  12. Victor says:

    How does a guy who is guarding a player that averages 35ppg get MVP??

  13. mark says:

    Happy for Iguodala and the Warriors))
    Living in south jersey into the Philly teams. Andre’s been my favorite player since he came to the Sixers. Maybe I like watching defense or all around game.. but yea even Denver.. then Golden State ,were then kind of my second team.
    Again, congrats!

  14. fullfillLightAlways says:

    thankfull to the best basketball league,andre grabbed that but STEPHEN DESERVE THE MVP FINALS2015,joy for everyone ,barbosa and barnes for various reasons deserved the championship also. Klay fouled out 24minutes ,but can’t forget the 37 record(even poor defense) ,GOLDEN STATE PLAY BALL ALL DAY (Respect to Latrell Sprewell,Baron Davis & the work of Mark Jackson)

  15. Bob says:

    If it wasn’t for Iggy Cavs would have had a real shot at winning this series despite being so undermanned. Definitely a deserved MVP.

  16. Lebron is gonna switch teams now that the warriors won

  17. Joe L says:

    Why doesn’t Lebron deserve the MVP? Because towards the end of Game 6, when it looked like Cavs are done, he QUIT. The only people who didn’t quit were the other Cavs. Couple of 3’s later, they were within 4… Lebron then and ONLY THEN got back into the game – and was a half-hearted attempt. So yes, he’s the current world’s best player. Yes, Cavs wouldn’t have been here without him. But NO, that’s not MVP material. And before anyone labels me a Lebron hater… I was rooting for Cavs as underdogs since my team wasn’t in it.

  18. Mst3kfanatic1 says:

    Good thing LeBron didn’t win Finals MVP, Jerry West still holds onto the distinction of being the only person to ever win the award and be on the losing team.

    Also Steph was great but Andre deserved it. When you can basically neuter one of the best players in the league the way he did you deserve the Finals MVP no contest.

  19. jmatacola says:

    I was always told his basketball is a team sport. If Lebron would have shot 3’s like”The Greatest Basketball Player in The WORLD”, this series would have been over in 4 or 5 games and Cleveland would be the champions. Lebron has won 2 championships with 2 players that are on course to be in the Hall of Fame and lost 2 with those same players. He has also lost 2 with different players. How many shots was Marion he allowed to shoot? Why did LB need 33 shots and 8 free throws to get 32 points? He also had 6 turnovers. And if he wasn’t LB would he have fouled out? Great player but, ball-hog comes to mind too. When he has chosen to be the BH how many finals games have his teams won?

  20. BillyHewitt says:

    LBJ was stopped by coach Steve Kerr making the decision to play small ball and wear LBJ out in 4th QTR.The foul by Bogut on LBJ was the turning point in game 4 while protecting the basket. The cameraman bonked LBJ in head and LBJ turned woozy for next 3 games

  21. Conspiracy Theorist says:

    NBA just needed some more CONTROVERSY to END this heavily FIXED season.

    I don’t watch NBA no more…Igoudala MVP?…common!

  22. MacFarlane says:

    HaHAHAHAHAHAHa Jebron Lames didn’t get a finals MVP! Curry played like a beast but Andre deserved it, he was stellar this series and it shows that no matter your regular season numbers you can make a name for yourself in the playoffs for your team!

  23. Benjie says:

    If curry didn’t mess around in game 2 with his lowest field goal ever that resulted to a loss then he could have much greater plus and minus 52 when he is playing. On the other hand Andre is plus 62 points when his on the floor. So if you do the math nobody deserve the MVP than Andre. LBJ was useless and forces to shoot in all 4th quarter specially as he is gas and exhausted with Andrés athletic defence. Sorry LBJ you should have stayed in Miami and rebuild with whiteside ,wade,bosh,and dragic ,then probably your not gonna be sorry every time you go to the finals. Wade is bang up but could still play , you just exchange wade with a multiple injury Irving and personally in my own opinion bosh is a better player than kevin love .

    • Jack says:

      Really? The Cavs had two All-Star players injured and were also missing Varejao who could’ve also helped them quite a bit. Yet you say Lebron should’ve stayed in Miami where he had an aging Wade and a mediocre Bosh. Tristan Thompson is better than Bosh and Irving is significantly better than Wade. The Cavs would’ve hands down won the Finals with a healthy roster and they will likely win it next year

  24. Jude says:

    33% Free Throw Shooting is as horrendous as they come but I can’t deny the fact that Cavs seem to get a run going whenever Iggy sits.

  25. cris says:

    Not a Golden State fan rather a Lakers fan. I am however a fan of Iggy, Klay, Green, Livingston ,Barbosa, and David Lee. Good to see these guys achieve their goals.congrats

  26. Hear we go again says:

    There is no doubt that Iggy played a great series. It is also no doubt that James was the best individual player in the series. Having said that the most valuable player in the series was Stephan Curry, period. Yes Iggy’s role in the series changed when Kerr switched strategies and the team benefited. But the question you have to ask yourself is “was there anyway that Golden State could have one that series without Stephan Curry?” The answer is a resounding NO! You can’t say that for Iguadola

  27. Mitch34 says:

    I gotta say I was surprised when Iggy won it, thought Steph would’ve. Glad LeBron didn’t, he wasn’t worthy of it. Yes, his impressive 40-13-9 or whatever it is stat line is astonishing, but what isn’t, is his shooting %. 39% FG, 31% 3-pt, 70% FT I think it was. Pretty ordinary if you ask me. Yes, 40 points is nice and all but when you take 35 shots a game, I’m sure many could score that much. The Finals MVP Award (and all similar championship awards) should be given to the player who provided the most help/value to his team winning.

  28. petr says:

    Let’s hope the kings drought comes undone in a couple years …GO GOLDEN STATE

  29. Congratulations Iguodala! Made all of us happy and glad for your win. Now, hope you will earn what you sure deserves!

  30. Peter Haslund says:

    Congratulations to the best team, far and away. Notice the cunning allusion to Australia. However, Bogut was far from the only deserving player become NBA Champion. Somehow, it feels right. Best team won, after 67-win-season. But then have a heart for Cleveland. And LeBron, best player in the world. Oh, quit the jabbing. He is, and you know it. All the rest is trivia.

  31. Benjie says:

    Iguadala deserved that finals MVP. Consistency on both end of the floor. I salute you Andre ! Now go ask some raise money wise.

  32. antonio santos says:

    James is mvp of the finals. If you want to reward winnig team it should be given to Curry. Andre did not stop or even slow James. LBJ simply ran out of gas . He played 1 on 5 in every single game of the nba finals. Andre is a good player. He played very good in the finals. Now, he is the best nba player in the world(best player of nba finals=best player in the world) .Try explaining that to anyone other than Andre`s family. When supporting actor wins oscar in a leading role category than you should consider giving Andre MVP award.

  33. Vern Deem says:

    It was James vs. Warriors all through out the playoffs. but in the end strength in numbers always beat All in one.

  34. starscream24 says:

    Pope used that strategy and locked James, Leonard made James useless and this year it’s Iguodala do it

  35. HBall says:

    Unity in numbers, Humility in Triumph.

    The warriors live up to their name being Golden Warriors. Iggy being a true humble guy that he is deserves the MVP. No loud “i am the greatest”just loud numbers on the stat sheet. These guys will continue to win more in the years to come.

    Congrats Warriors! You just inspired so many basketball teams with your small ball play.

    And kudos to Steve Kerr! Soft spoken but the result is very very loud.

  36. CLIFF C says:

    Iggy, you deserve it…

    Hands down warriors…

  37. Michelle says:

    Andre Iguodala is the best defender for Lebron. He really have stopped Lebron making field goals. He was one of the keys to the series. But, all the players on the team did their best. So, you’re all valuable guys. Congrats to Coach Steve Kerr, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Bogut, David Lee, Harrison Barnes, Shaun Livingston, Festus Ezeli, Draymond Green and all the other players. Philippians 4:13. All glory belongs to God!

  38. Firestorm383 says:

    It’s good to see Iggy get the credit and recognition that he rightfully deserves and for Golden State to taste the championship flavor again. It’s been 4 decades and I was only 9 when they won the last one. Party hardy OakTown!!

    • NBAfan says:

      …except, the media has relegated him as a “role player”. Iggy the allstar?! Iggy the US mens team member?! He’s a role player?

      Congratulations Iggy. Congratulations GSW.

      Congratulations Lebron…yeah..Lebron. I’m not a fan, but you gained my utmost respect this series than any other finals you’ve been in. I’m guessing many others feel the same.

      Now how are you going to bounce from this Lebron? This is what will measure you against the other all-time greats.

      Will the Warriors be a one-season wonder or will they be the next dynasty?

  39. Shawn Kemp says:

    Warriors had an awesome season! What a great way to cap off Currys MVP season by bringing the title home. Really pleased for the Warriors. Oakland basketball is back on the map.