Cavaliers’ Dellavedova, Shumpert get green light for Game 4

VIDEO: Dellavedova says he feels like he’s ‘pushed the limit a few times’

CLEVELAND – Matthew Dellavedova made his first public appearance Wednesday with a paper cup in each hand, filled either with the beverage touted on the cups’ exteriors – Gatorade – or some other liquid to help keep him hydrated, a particular problem Tuesday night.

The balancing act kept him from diving to the floor or crashing through anybody as he stepped up to greet the media, just another podium game for the unlikely candidate from Down Under.

Dellavedova, the Cleveland backup point guard thrust into a starter’s role after Kyrie Irving’s knee fracture in Game 1, was taken by ambulance to the Cleveland Clinic for treatment of severe cramping after Game 3 on Tuesday. The 24-year-old Australian had scored 20 points and logged 38 minutes – almost double his 20.6 mpg during the regular season – while hurling himself about the court (and its perimeter) in his feisty, even way.

It helped earn the Cavaliers a 2-1 edge in the series, but it earned Dellavedova an intravenous feed to replenish his fluids. The good news for Cleveland is that Dellavedova joined his teammates at Quicken Loans Arena and said he was fine to play in Game 4 Thursday.

Ditto for Cavs guard Iman Shumpert, who hurt his left shoulder running into a Draymond Green screen in the first quarter Tuesday and left the court in the first quarter. Shumpert turned to play another 24 minutes over the final three quarters and said he would be available in Game 4.

“Good news on Shump’s shoulder,” Cleveland coach David Blatt said. “He had an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging exam), he was examined and evaluated by our medical staff. He has a bruised shoulder and it’s painful, but fortunately no serious damage, and that’s really, really good news.

“Delly, obviously, suffered from some fatigue. I don’t know whether to call it dehydration or something else, but the tank was low, and we’re doing everything we can to fill it back up. That’s the best way I could describe it for you.”

Shumpert admitted that, had he taken the same hit in a regular season game, he might not have come back as a precaution (he dislocated that same shoulder early in the season). But the defensive-minded guard said, “This is The Finals.”

Dellavedova didn’t suffer his cramping until the end of the game. The hospital stay was a precaution, too, but nothing that will get in the way of his next spirited performance.

“I was there for a little bit, but mainly just to rest up and recover,” he said. “We all take it pretty easy today just to get our treatment, and we’ve watched tape and things like that. So, yeah, I’ll be ready to go tomorrow.”

Said Blatt of the player who has the same gearbox as a Tasmanian devil: “I told him I was going to limit his minutes, and he said, ‘No, you’re not.’ Look, we’ve got to be realistic and keep our eyes on him and see how he recovers. He emptied the tank last night. Hopefully in the ensuing 48 hours he’s going to be able to catch up and to get back up to par, so to speak, in terms of his body. But he’ll be out there, and we’ll just monitor how he’s doing.”


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  2. The Cavs will take the title as the king and the team rejoiced his “Return! There is a possibility that it will end on game Six! Welcome back your Highness!

  3. D'Freak says:

    it’s old school basketball. not thinking of their salaries but putting their heart into each every game.

  4. bennie greer says:

    I think the crowd should get even more louder like the golden state crowd they really need that!!!!!

  5. Navi emor says:

    David beats Goliath
    Cleveland beats San Francisco

    It’s in Bible dudes

  6. cleavland LBJ fan says:

    I know LBJ needs to take more shots but I think he needs to trust his teammates to take more shots. They all need to screen for each other to get open looks especially JR. CAVS continue fighting play smart and defend all the way

  7. Jul says:

    Agree to Mitra. Don’t forget LBJ inspired Irving too. Irving went on the floor despite his injury cuz he said the team needed him and look, LBJ is bruised here and there. LBJ is a fighter. So many years of post seasons and Finals, plus tours after. Does this guy have a rest? Iron Man go go go

  8. Pétrus says:

    I’m sorry warriors fans, but this cavaliers squad are much more determinated to win than you guys, i’m picking the cavs in 6 games.

  9. Lovins says:

    It is pretty remarkable to play so hard that it requires a hospital visit, lol. I’m really hoping Cavs win for him and all the other guys playing their butts off with a depleted lineup while the Warriors continue to go through the motions and sulk instead of showing some heart.

  10. Mitra says:

    I have been an admirer of LBJ for a long time like many people.

    As I wrote before, there is very few instances in sports history that a single individual elevated an entire place and a depleted mediocre team to such a height as LBJ did and he did so successfully.

    The resulting motivation is now reflected in Dellavedova and Shumpert, for example, though I also believe what Della has showed so far in the final 3 matches is simply incredible. This will go down in NBA history as one of the most inspiring performances by a non-all star player.

    I hope this tempo would continue in matches 4 and 5 -two more wins!!

    One challenge for the whole CAV team is to figure how to slow down GSW in the fourth quarter. This happened twice that they came back pretty fast to close the gap.

  11. wtf says:

    As a fellow aussie, go Dellavedova!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Chill-E says:

    How much longer can Delly and Lebron keep it up??

  13. Houston Fan says:

    David Blatt should only be concerned about 3 things right now. How to defend the Curry Lee PnR, how to exploit Lee’s horrible defense, and how to get LeBron and company some much needed rest at the start of 4th quarters without surrendering the lead. Marion and Miller needs to play when LeBron is out cause as veterans they can handle the pressure and keep up with fresh legs.

  14. Ken says:

    As a Cleveland hater and Bulls fan, i’ve been very down on Dellavadova as a kind of dirty player, but the guy is showing me a lot. He is shutting down Curry without much help. When Irving went down, I thought the Cavs were doomed, Who knew that this cat would play BETTER defense than their All-Star? Well, not me, at least.

    • Brandon says:

      Well, I am impressed with how well Delly has been playing and stepping in that role of a leader since Kyrie has been hurt with his knee and he has put forth that effort that his team needed. I hopefully speak for everybody that I didn’t think he would be this good and such a great defender against the MVP Stephen Curry. He has done a marvelous job and I can’t wait to see what he got to give for the team and fans in game 4.

  15. Nick says:

    The heart of Delly and Shump exhibit what the Finals are all about! It’s great to see two teams with such drive, skill and determination go at it!

  16. Jim says:

    Cavs are ALL-In ,Warriors are all done-in

  17. Carla Y says:

    Go Cavs!!! Go Dellavedova!

  18. JustanNBA fan says:

    Thank you Delly and Shump for pushing through pain and injures….Lebron needs you guys