The Finals Stat: Game 2

VIDEO: The Warriors talk about their Game 2 loss.

Game 5 basics
Pace 96.7 96.7
OffRtg 85.9 90.3
EFG% 37.2% 44.6%
OREB% 28.6% 19.6%
TO Ratio 15.4 18.4
FTA rate 0.444 0.301

OAKLAND — The Finals are even and the Cleveland Cavaliers have taken home-court advantage away from the Golden State Warriors with a wild win in Game 2 on Sunday. One stat stood out from the rest in the Cavs’ 95-93 overtime victory.

The stat

26.1 – Stephen Curry’s effective field-goal percentage. He shot 5-for-23, including 2-for-15 from 3-point range.

The context

That’s his worst effective field goal percentage …

  • in 36 career playoff games.
  • in 97 total games this season.
  • in the 247 career games in which he’s attempted more than 15 shots.

When the MVP is shooting like that, you have a chance to beat the Warriors at Oracle Arena. The Warriors are 0-4 in the playoffs and 30-41 all-time when Curry has had an effective field-goal percentage of less than 40 percent.

The Cavs became the fourth road team to win in Oakland this season, and they did it without Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love.

Irving’s absence had something to do with it. Matthew Dellavedova got the start in Irving’s place and did a solid job of staying in front of Curry and contesting his shots. Eight of Curry’s 15 3-pointers were contested, according to SportVU. In Game 1, just one of his six 3s was contested.

Klay Thompson scored 34 points, but needed 28 shots to do it. And the other Warriors weren’t able to pick up the slack. As a whole, the team shot 8-for-35 (22.9 percent) from 3-point range, their fourth-worst mark in 99 total games and their worst mark in 51 home games this season.

The Cavs have shown tremendous defensive improvement in the playoffs. They just held what was the postseason’s best offense to one of its worst offensive games of the year, and it started with their defense on the MVP.

Pace = Possessions per 48 minutes
OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
EFG% = (FGM + (0.5 * 3PM)) / FGA
OREB% = Percentage of available offensive rebounds obtained
TO Ratio = Turnovers per 100 possessions
FTA Rate = FTA / FGA


  1. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Lebron King James, triple double OG !!!! Is this series over now because the Cavs won with out Kyrie ???? LOL Cavs role player’s Delly, Mosgov, Thompson, JR, Shumpert, High Five from the Spiked out guy, in the front row….

  2. Houston Fan says:

    This MVP is a highly overrated all-star level player thanks to the help of media these days. Hype and headlines with not much to back up the bold statements. When the best player of the season gets blocked twice by a hobbled all-star that is known for his horrible defense, the media should have shut up and the BS. Even though it’s a mutual relationship, Curry clearly benefits more from his teammates than any other “MVP”. This series is showing why there is no credibility behind the Curry is the caliber as LeBron or Durant, and also that BS Warriors is one of the best teams since the MJ Bulls!

    • NBAfan says:

      If you want to pick at someone having a bad game.. What about Harden shattering the record for the most turnovers by a player (even worse an all-star/superstar) in a playoff game.
      Now Curry also holds the record for most missed 3pt attempts in a playoff game, he also has the most made in less throughout playoffs in less games than Ray Allen.