Warriors’ Thompson out indefinitely

VIDEO: Klay Thompson takes hit to the head

OAKLAND — Warriors guard Klay Thompson is out indefinitely after being diagnosed with a concussion suffered in Game 5 against the Rockets on Wednesday. The surprising update raises the possibility of Thompson at least missing several days of practice before The Finals against the Cavaliers open Thursday at Oracle Arena.

There is no timetable for his return. While the injury generally does not linger as long as a week, each case is different and Thompson will go several days at the minimum without practicing with the Warriors, a potential problem for his conditioning and rhythm.

But, coach Steve Kerr said, “I think with Klay, probably not as much with some guys, Klay picks up his rhythm very quickly. We’re going to practice tomorrow, we’ll have Sunday off and so he’ll have the next couple of days and we’ll re-evaluate. This break has turned out to be good for us, obviously, and maybe good for Cleveland too because they’ve got some injuries. It’s just something we’ve got to work through and we’ll see how it goes.”

Thompson attended practice Friday but was not available for comment.

He was injured after taking a knee to the head from Houston’s Trevor Ariza when Ariza jumped to make a play on defense. Thompson went to the locker room, was examined by doctors and then cleared to return, only to have the Warriors later release a statement saying, “After the game he began to not feel well and developed concussion-like symptoms.”

The Warriors were off the next day, Thursday. On Friday, Thompson has been sidelined.

“Following extensive examinations over the last two days — including neurological tests earlier this morning — Warriors guard Klay Thompson had been diagnosed with a concussion,” the Friday statement said. “He will not return to the court until he is symptom-free and cleared under the NBA’s concussion protocol guidelines. He will be evaluated daily and there is not timetable for his return.”

To be cleared to return, Thompson must go through several steps of increasing exertion — from a stationary bike, to jogging, to agility work, to non-contact team drills — without any setbacks. When Thompson completes those steps, a Warriors doctor will talk with the head of the league’s concussion program, Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, for final approval for Thompson to rejoin the team.



  1. sanjay says:

    ariza is not a dirty player but there was no need to jump like that!
    ariza had no business to raise that knee of his. he could jump without bending the knees -protecting his groin.
    the iq factor comes in to play here( most of nba players are uneducated). I do not want to say that but that is the truth!

    they are hanging poor delladova who at most: just tied a leg when guy was shown down by one bully called gibson, rolled to protect the ball with frozen krover-who had no reflex to remove his leg, was virtually pulled to the ground was nearly closed lined by innocent looking howard! He did not injure anyone come to think of it, unlike this ferocious head butt!

    this is basketball we are talking about and not american football. hitting someone is boxing. do not be confused between physical play and hitting somebody and knocking them out!

  2. sanjay says:

    if concussion is serious a 3 week rest is minimum. so I doubt he would be ready.
    if it is minor than he would need 10 days rest so he might miss first game or make it!
    GS should hope for the best.

  3. harriethehawk says:

    Get well soon to both of the Splash Brothers…

  4. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    The game is played fast and things happen, it was not bush league, Ron Bio Polar Artest’s people’s elbow to Harden’s temple now that was dirty…

  5. bbr says:

    it was clearly , he was not intention but that moment was loosing sight of intention to hurt klay. Mmma .

  6. B Ball Lover says:

    Accidents happen in competitive sports. It’s just the way things work. No malicious intent like all the babies are claiming.

  7. ian says:

    lot of stupid people here thinking ariza did it on purpose

  8. Yoss says:

    Ariza’s move is very understandable. You see it in every good MMA fight, when one opponent wants to knock out the other one. “Flying knee”?!?
    I’m very disappointed that after reviewing the video, the officials went with anything less than flagrant-2.

    • David says:

      Oh come on, when you leap forward like Ariza did, you need to push your knees forward to be able to land back on your feet. Besides, Klay moved into Ariza AFTER his knee was already out, attempting to draw a foul. It’s no ones fault, and it was nothing more than a common foul on Ariza, which it was called as.

  9. Percy delcastillo says:

    Please we need Thomson on the Finals ,May the Lord God Bless you Thomson and get well.We love you

  10. pokie says:

    Use the ball to sell your shot fake not your face.

  11. Domeizter says:

    Is there any sanction on the medical staff of teams letting their player check in despite concussion symptoms? I mean in the case of Klay Thompson bleeding out after being hit with Ariza’s knee on his right ear and continued to play, there should be a sanction in which medical staff cleared a player to play but showed signs of concussion-like symptoms afterwards. Is the NBA checking this or are they busy counting their revenues? Come on guys. These are humans we’re talking about before being an athlete. Medical staff should be 100% sure in clearing players to get back on the court especially with concussion-like symptoms. They (medical staff) aren’t just for show. They’re getting paid to do their job properly. It’s the same with any labor codes. Nobody even yourself can force you if you’re not fit to work regardless if it’s a game 7 of the finals.

  12. kobeballhog says:

    These warriors bandwagoners are crying over nothing blaming ariza. Heck i salute ariza for not giving up on the play. You bandwagoners just wants to blame someone. Bogut plays so dirty yet you dont say anything about it. Just make your klay to man up. This is the playoffs. Dont be a crybaby.

  13. johnny dawson says:

    Clay Thompson should not have returned to the game. Sometimes the swelling in the brain takes a while to become manifest. It was very dangerous for them to allow him to return.

  14. Wilt is GOAT says:

    Umm, Curry jumped over Ariza when he was facing away. He couldn’t help that one.

  15. Yoss says:

    Not sure if the two injuries are related, but in Klay’s case, it pretty clear that Ariza lifted his knee. A player that wants to avoid hurting the other player would have kept their knee low when coming in such close contact. This is almost like an MMA move.

  16. Jas says:

    Watching the replay and the way Ariza looking at Thompson and raising his knee, its seems he did this on purpose. God Bless, Klay will be back…..

  17. Mike Tulugak says:

    This is a sensible process.

  18. Charles Maize says:

    Trevor Ariza clearly hooked his knee intentionally into Thompson’s head. Having one’s knee that high in such an athletic play is reasonable and acceptable. Pulling your knee directing a blow to your opponents head is not. That he wasn’t immediately ejected and fined is unacceptable and a blight on the character of the NBA.

  19. bs says:

    We all know he’s going to play, this concussion policy in the NBA is a joke, PG got a concussion last year’s playoff and he played right away in the next game, players in the NBA never miss games due to concussions. This isn’t the NFL.

  20. James Soften says:

    Klay Thompson is a fraud. This is boost for Warriors

  21. NorCal Warrior says:

    All I can say is that for a team that many considered soft because they play with style and substance and don’t play “Bully Ball”, they are tough as nails. I’m proud to be a Warrior fan and Lebron is going to have to double up on the Fruity Pebbles while sitting in the Kia. Instead of confetti he may have to settle with the tiny bubbles from his Lebron inspired sprite. Warriors win in 6

  22. Lenworth Harrison says:

    People with inferior talent always try to play rough and say it is playoff basketball: Anybody can fight with an elbow, a knee and win a possession in dirty ball. I have seen too many excuses that are over looked and are clear violation of brute beast against the skillful players that we fans come to the games to enjoy. Just look at J.R. Smith Jump ball I’ll give 5 stitches to Klay Thompson is the season. Who jumps like that and call it fair, yet he got away with it. Twice now Ariza injure a more talented player than he: come on people, look and tell me who jumps with a knee out except in martial arts and MMA to attack your opponent. If your a baller after years of playing, you know your body constitution in the air or when a player is off balance and is about to hit hard, so you reach for him and help him land: that’s how we use to play: its about a person’s livelihood and good health t retire down the road. Its a game remember that: No offence but Charles Barkley kind of play cannot sustain the league, And Yes, Ariza has a history of doing these things. Common people wake up: it’s a Blow To The Head.
    The NBA better open its eyes, the Talent of these two, Curry and Thompson, cause me to order the sport packaged and return to NBA action: Word to the Wise.

  23. BIG-GAME-JAMES-23 says:

    Cavs in 6.

  24. chandra says:

    Ariza in the air moved leg towards thompson. pity it was not reviewed.

  25. Shawn says:

    I think Ariza did this on purpose. It seems to be a strange coincidence that with both of the potential injuries with the splash brothers ariza was involved in both plays.

    • kaz says:

      you know how quick that happens, there’s no way it was intentional. klay lead with his head anyway. and dont go looking at a slo mo replay. cmon man

    • ????? says:

      you, sir, are dumb.

    • edwin says:

      Ariza is not a dirty player you moron!!! Why in he’ll don’t you better think Ariza in both occasion was defending the best GS players.

    • Michael says:

      Curry flew over Ariza, how was that Ariza doing it on purpose? Lol

    • steve says:

      i think he was genuinely initially going for the block on klay’s pump fake but once airborne, made no effort to pull his knee back which was inevitably going to collide with Klay’s head

    • ? says:

      He’s aiming for the head, adjusts his knee mid air, based on the video i would say it was on purpose

    • Rufus says:

      We need a good conspiracy theory to go with the playoffs, but this isn’t it.

      Curry jumped onto Ariza’s back and rolled off. I’m not saying Ariza doesn’t foul hard or is above questionable play but, seriously, even suggesting that he was at fault on Curry’s fall is just silly.

    • Forr Xu says:

      Yes I agree. Watch Ariza’s right leg in midair in the slow replay, it was not relaxing as people jump, it was tightening up and moving toward Thomson’s head. His left leg was the jump one, so he lifted right one unusually. It was so dirty.

    • blahblah216 says:

      come on. steph currys injury was self inflicted he jumped over ariza. ariza fell for the fake and had no control in thompsons injury. be real here bud.

    • costa says:

      good thinking,….