Blogtable: Your advice for LaMarcus Aldridge?

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VIDEOLaMarcus Aldridge says he loves being in Portland

> You’re LaMarcus Aldridge’s closest friend, his confidant. When he asks you what he should do this summer as an unrestricted free agent, what do you tell him?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comI tell him the same thing I tell all my friends who are contemplating big life decisions (job changes, marriage, etc.): Make a list of pros and cons, rank them in importance to you and, once you make your decision, don’t second-guess it. Yeah, I try to stay above the fray so I’m still their friend and confidant after they mess up the decision. Not specific enough for blogtable? Fine. I tell Aldridge, if he wants to win, win soon and possibly win multiple times, he heeds what the Spurs have to say when they woo him. But if he wants winning to mean the most, he stays right where he is in Portland, hitches up his big-boy pants and gets ‘er done there.

Fran Blinebury, Buy a ticket to S-A-N A-N-T-O-N-I-O. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker aren’t done. Kawhi Leonard is the real deal as a viable elite level partner for years. You can be playing in The 2016 Finals.

Scott Howard-Cooper, That friendship doesn’t come cheap. I could use a really nice vacation or a new car. After that, I tell him not to move just for the sake of moving. “It has run it’s course” is not a good reason to leave a team and a city that has treated him well and still has the chance to win big in the future. If getting back home to Texas is a priority, that’s one thing. If he sees another situation that will definitely be better, fine. But it is hard to see many places that would top the one he has now.

Shaun Powell, I’d tell him to follow his happiness, not the paycheck. He’s already banked roughly $90 million for his career and unless he’s a fool, he still has a good chunk of that. At this point his priorities should be chasing a title, making money and living where he feels comfortable, in that order. I’d end our conversation with this: Tim Duncan thinks you’d be a good successor in San Antonio.

John Schuhmann, It’s his decision and I’m not going to try to change his mind, but I’d remind him that he’s got a pretty good thing going in Portland. Most importantly, the Blazers are a stable organization with a good owner. Terry Stotts is a very good coach and at the time of Wesley Matthews‘ injury, Portland was one of only three teams that ranked in the top 10 in both offensive and defensive efficiency. If they can keep the band together and Matthews is healthy by next March, they can be a contender again. Of course, the change to play for the Spurs and alongside Kawhi Leonard for the next four years is probably tempting. And while I have LaMarcus’ ear, I’d tell him to cut down on the mid-range jumpers and get to the basket more often.

Sekou Smith, Play the field to your advantage big fella. Entertain all legitimate opportunities to chase a championship, wherever that might lead. I understand you have an allegiance to the organization and the fans in Portland. They’ve been great to you and you have emerged as one of the elite players in the league during your time there. And as your best friend, I love it there as well. But you owe it yourself, particularly at this stage of your career, to explore all of your options and decide what’s best for you, and only you, at this juncture. Don’t worry about anyone else’s feelings or wishes. For once, this is all about you and what you want out of the rest of your career.

Ian Thomsen, I’m reminding him that he’ll never be appreciated by any other city as much as he will be adored by Portland if he chooses to stay. I’m also urging him to exercise marketplace wisdom: The TV money of 2016 is going to create a huge flurry of player movement and a lot of bad decisions – which will leave the stable franchises standing stronger than ever.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: I don’t tell him anything in particular, so much as I ask him some questions. What is he looking for? Does he want to be more famous? Is he looking to make themost money that’s available to him, or is he OK with taking a little less? Does he have to be the best player on the team he plays for, or could he take a secondary role? Is winning a title the most important thing at this stage in his career? Has he talked to the Blazers and have they explained to him their plans going forward in terms of continuing to strengthen the roster? Does he want to play his entire career in the same city? LaMarcus Aldridge has to decide what he wants to do next. The answers to all these questions should lead him closer to making a decision about his future.


  1. dustydreamnz says:

    I’d tell him to do whatever he wants to do. There is more to winning championships, gotta think of his family etc too.

  2. kyle t says:

    I talked with him the other day and he says hes coming to utah

  3. daquis says:

    Cleveland Cavaliers will not resign Kevin love for the max he want to win that’s where he’ll go Tony parker is done patty mills can’t past Kwai shold be built around everybody else should be traded start to rebuild with pop and Kwai and Danny green it shouldn’t be that hard I’m pretty sure they can get mark or Kevin love he dont want to go to the Lakers for real it would be like being in Minnesota kobe done he should become a coach but hes done good run though or Marc to Minnesota would be a good cuz the lack of threes they took this year we know they want to go to a iso half court offense

  4. Jonathan Dominguez says:

    If LA wants to build his brand the lakers should be his choice. If he chooses that he wants to have the best chance of winning soon and winning overall, thrn spurs it is. If he was to build a a great legacy the stay in Portland and find a way to win, find a way to be the greatest Blazer. But I’m biased, come to the Lakers!

  5. YoYo says:

    Spur is obvious choice here!!! Pop will make sure you win at least one and your career will last longer there.

  6. homa_bird says:

    I’m from Portland, and I love you LA, you are my favorite on the team, and I am a faithful, devoted Blazer fan, so this is hard to say: I know you have a little boy, a son, in Texas. I think you should make decisions based on him. Not on your career, your bank, or your bliss: make a decision for the little guy I know has a big piece of your heart. Whatever that looks like.

  7. Hwee says:

    Obviously I’m a biased Blazer fan, but this season was injury riddled – even to him. Batum was also playing with a torn ligament in his wrist. Things were going great until Mathews went down, and when we brought in Afflalo things got better. The Blazers are one key piece in being a championship contender. When healthy they were the number 2 seed for a bit and were somewhat competing for number 1 seed.

    Damian Lillard is only going to get better. Has yet to reach his prime. Same with Mathews. CJ and Leonard are proving to be great draft picks. McCollum torched the Grizzlies in Game 5. Had the rest of the Blazers actually competed they could have won that game. Leonard was a 50-90-40 guy this year. Not many players can say that, even if their playing time is limited.

    The only thing keeping the Blazers from winning it all in the next few seasons is health and defense. They’ve got all the pieces that just need a bit more years under their belt.

    I’m also not convinced a Spurs team with LA is a championship contender. The Spurs lost to the Clippers in the first round. Clippers aren’t even the best team in the West. If he wants to ATTEMPT a championship now, he should go to SAS. But if he wants to build a dynasty that could win multiple championships he should stay in Portland.

    However I’m convinced he’s staying. I’d be VERY surprised if he’s leaving.

  8. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Head East young man Indy would love to have you as a Pacer, Then i woke up lol. The Spurs or the Cavs are your to best options the best team or the best player in the game. But he’s from Dallas, but there a mess, what about the Rockets, Howard and LA in the frontcourt, Harden ? I say the Spurs.

  9. John says:

    la la will not stay in p town. we are gonna miss him for sure!. I say he lands in dallas along with deandre jordan. Im just curious what pg they go after.

  10. Blazerfan4ever says:

    Full disclosure – I am a diehard blazer fan since the 77 championship year. I want Aldridge to stay and win a championship with us, but I want him to want to stay. LA has given everything in his time here and he deserves a huge raise and security till retirement. If he stays, we remain a real contender for late playoff runs and even a possible championship, provided all the rest of the pieces are in place, and it seems like we are getting there. All that considered, I can’t blame a guy for a wanting a change of scenery especially if it takes him home AND puts him in immediate position for a championship. If LA leaves for San Antonio (an organization I have the highest respect for), then he goes with my blessing (for whatever that’s worth) – if another team, then not so much. If he stays in Portland, then I would be immeasurably grateful (along with many thousands of other fans), and my respect for him would take huge jump because it would be a sure sign that he believes that he can bring another championship to Portland and that he is ready for the challenge. Ball’s in your court LA.

  11. Kobe@Manila says:

    Well LA Lakers is waiting for you.. You can win there..

  12. Clark says:

    i think this would be the biggest opportunity for the miami heat to finally acquire a big man to complete its core. LA head for Miami.

  13. Come on… Do you really want to ditch one of the most beautiful states for desert Texas? Do not run away, you are Blazers leader.

    • Mike says:

      Desert Texas? It’s obvious you know not one damn thing about Texas. We have 3 metropolitan areas, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. You are stupid don’t say anything

  14. Doncyn Cartwright says:

    Come to Miami PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ron Ewing says:

    LA you have been saying for years you want to be the best BLAZER ever. You have a chance to do that, even better than Drexler. Don’t get talked into something you will regret.

  16. Komatsuzaki says:

    If LA wants to win a championship, then he’ll head to San Antonio. Tim Duncan can put up 17ppg and 11rpg if he needs to even at 39, and having LA there to take off some of the load will make San Antonio a better team. It’s really his best option.

  17. SPURS BOY says:

    Go to Spurs since your a Texan . You will have a bright future with Spurs . Paint area will be solid. imagine Aldridge , Splitter and Kawhi . U will team up with lots of perimeter bombers. u will improve your skill there and no prima donnas .

  18. No way no says:

    He’s not going to be recognize as a big star in San Antonio compared to Portland, Portland Trailblazers have a strong team and now they got a lot of potential next year after CJ McCollum and Meyers Leonard stepped up big from the bench. If he leave Portland Trailblazers than he’ll leave the one family that knows him well compared to being a freshy in San Antonio. If he truly wants to become somebody big and remembered, he should try and bring Portland to win the championship. If it takes Golden State this long to make a deep playoff run, then I’m pretty sure Portland is very near to winning a title. Dirk Nowitski is dedicated to his own team and brought the team to a championship team even though it took him a long time. He should stay in Portland and become the best player in Portland history rather than go to San Antonio and become Tim Duncan’s sidekick.

  19. harriethehawk says:

    He should stay, he is the face of Portland.

  20. TheOracleOfBasketball says:

    To Denver!

  21. steagl3 says:

    Boston! Boston! Boston!

  22. TurdFerguson says:

    Stotts didn’t learn from Pop. Its not the Dallas Spurs man..

  23. positivedawn says:

    “he’ll never be appreciated by any other city as much” – you got that right! Portland loves LaMarcus and wants him to stay.
    – a Blazer fan (of course)

  24. Hako says:


  25. Erik says:

    Don’t leave Portland please

  26. Daniel Yonker says:

    I’m a Blazer fan so I’ll remove the bias. To be frank, if he doesn’t choose to go to San Antonio it will be because he has faith in the Blazers to bring home a championship, or he really, really likes it here. I don’t think either of these are strong enough for him to stay, but there’s hoping.

  27. Pej says:

    What they’re thinking is same as mine, go to Spurs!

  28. DeSean says:

    It would be nice for a warm welcome home party as Dirk’s Successor

  29. aj hargrove says:

    he should got to boston. they have alot of good talent and could use his skill

  30. courtsideguy says:

    LA and Kawhi? Spurs would own the west hands down. Its also his home town in texas? Being coached by the master who trained your current coach in stotts? Time to go black white and gray LA. Head to the spurs asap!

    • Rafter12 says:

      La has unfinished business left in Portland. He should stay there and let Neil continue building around him.
      Portland is very close to having what it takes to go all the way.

    • Nickthequick says:

      LA will stay in portland. this is his home now. everyone loves him in portland

    • TurdFerguson says:

      He’s not from San Antonio.

    • notcourtsideguy says:

      LA to spurs and you think they’ll be “hands down” the best in the west? hahahah. you’re really a Warriors fan huh? lulzzzz. Spurs are a great team, but ‘hands down’ best in the West, no way. If they can’t beat the Clippers leading 2 games with 1 to clinch, they sure as hell aint beating the Warriors, and Houston being a rival, lol…No way in hell would the spurs win like that. The times have changed now, the dominate spurs are DONE. They’ll still play really well, but the way the west is nowadays, no way.

    • dwyn says:

      you wish!