Smith, Olynyk suspended; Perkins fined

The other shoe dropped, as expected, and now the Cavaliers will open the Eastern Conference semifinals without two of their starters.

The NBA suspended guard J.R. Smith for two games without pay for swinging his arm and clocking the Celtics Jae Crowder in the head during the third quarter on Sunday.

The Cavs had announced earlier that forward Kevin Love would miss the entire series after suffering a dislocated shoulder in the first quarter of the game.

The league office said that Kelly Olynyk caused Love’s injury when the two became entangled by yanking his arm down and has been suspended without pay for one game. Olynyk will serve his suspension in the first game of the 2015-16 season for which he is eligible and physically able to play.

In addition, Cavs center Kendrick Perkins had a second-quarter Flagrant 1 Foul upgraded to a Flagrant 2 Foul and was fined $15,000.

Smith took to Instagram to address the situation:


  1. Houston Fan says:

    Those who play basketball should know that Smith and Perkins are the type of player you would only like when they are on your side. So to put it simply, they did what they did for their teammates. Championship teams shouldn’t act so lowly, but when the refrees are determined to swallow the whistle you can’t just let your star players get hit on every “basketball play” Putting myself in the shoes of any Cavs player that played in that series I totally understand and love what they did. Every team should have players like J.R and Perkins to deal with “physical” play

  2. perkins is a punk that should not be allowed in the league

  3. Jerry Heasley says:

    Charles Barkley recommended a Smith suspension of ten games.

    I agree with Charles. In fact I think Smith should be suspended for the rest of the season. His action is the most malicious I have seen in the NBA since the league instigated flagrant fouls. He swung and hit Crowder in the face. Crowder collapsed like a fighter going down in the ring. I would like to know what Stern would have said and done.

    NBA needs a new commissioner. Silver is out in my book.

  4. old hoosier says:

    lets be serious, Olynyk was trying to hurt Love & he did, it was not a basketball play, he had a wrestling”arm bar” on Love & he pulled him by his shoulder for #2-3 steps—a big star is knocked out of a whole series by an intentional dirty play & the villain is slapped with… game? What is to keep a scrub on the Kings from taking out K Durant? 15-20 games minimum, maybe 1/2 a full season—-Olynyk could have broken Love’s arm

  5. Houston Fan says:

    I don’t think these punishments are fair given the circumstances. The Celtics were losing hard right off the bat of a elimination game when Kelly pulled that move and Perkins tried to retaliate for his teammate and that J.R move was all on Crowder himself. that dude committed at least 3 fouls pummeling J.R’s back when he was getting boxed out. As a fan I’m disappointed with the NBA because here we have these teams bringing physicality (cheap shots) to series and on the other side jump shooting superstars and teams enjoy touch foul and body contact fouls. The ones most deserving of any suspensions for future games are the referees, as they can’t seem to do their job (like players who can’t cant stay in the NBA they should lose their job)

  6. Dr. Oh says:

    Referees in the Cleveland-Boston series were terrible. I’m not sure which was worse: the calls that WERE NOT made during games one and two or the calls that WERE made during games three and four. Cross-checking is a part of the NHL not the NBA. Don’t tell that to Kyrie Irving! But the worst call NOT MADE was when LeBron James was hacked by Isaiah Thomas while James was in-bounding the ball with Thomas standing next to him out of bounds. That should have been an automatic technical foul and the referee standing about eight feet away from the two of them should be suspended for the non-call.

  7. dam says:

    thats ridicolus
    no suspension for perk and only 2 for smith with his history..
    com on give lebron the trophie right away…

  8. qwerty says:

    Suspensions and fines would have been much different if it the injuries hadnt have occurred.
    No K-Love injury = no suspension for Olynk and longer suspension for Smith.
    No Crowder injury = fine for Crowder

  9. jesse says:

    Olynyk fined one game in 2015-2016 season. Are you frigging kidding me. The guy yanked and injured a guy intentionally and put hampers to the onward move of a serious contender. Bulls must be having a big laugh and Must be sending millions secretely to Mr olynyk. Shud have been suspended at least 10 games and perhaps in the latter half of the next season to make the team pay for the awful actions.

  10. harriethehawk says:

    Hey Robert, your fines are swift, harsh and send a message: don’t do it again. I like it and wish it would have happened for real. In particular for JR Smith. He’s a bum.

  11. Jordansfan says:

    How could it be possible that Perk is not suspended? ? ?!

  12. robert says:

    for me, perkins 5 games without pay, smith 5 games without pay, fined 25 000 each. next time out of the league for the season.
    olynyk 10 games, 50 000 (deliberate arm bar causing a serious and potentially seasin ending injury), next time out of the league for the season
    and call the travels sometimes,

  13. The league should be fining and suspending the officials .Those guys let the Cavs get mauled starting game 3 of this series .J.R Smith and Big Perk may have crossed the line but game should have been more under control . If the Cavs get by the Bulls without their parts intact it will be a tribute to the legacy of LBJ and the hunger of young Kyrie ,,The league wants Atlanta to come out the East the writing is on the wall.. yI hope the Cavs fool them all..

  14. eschu says:

    Cavs got out easy on this one. Perkins should be out a game (not that he matters), JR could have easily got more than a 2 game suspension.