Parker ready for tonight’s Game 3

SAN ANTONIO — Tony Parker is a go for Game 3 but that doesn’t mean Parker will definitely go, in terms of acceleration.

As Tim Duncan stated earlier, Parker is “a gamer. I guarantee he’ll be out there because that’s the player he is.” Actually, Parker’s presence wasn’t much in doubt; his ability to roam the floor freely without any restriction or pain is in question. He has battled leg injuries for a segment of the season, first the hamstring and lately the quad and Achilles, which caused him to skip the last five minutes of regulation and OT in Game 2 without scoring a basket. Obviously his health is of great importance to the Spurs’ chances of beating the Clippers in this first-round series, let alone repeating as champs.

“Been a tough year,” Parker said. “But nobody cares about that. I’ll be alright.”

A limping Parker conjures up images of last season when he couldn’t finish a pair of playoff series, but the Spurs won without him. There’s a difference this time, though. Parker didn’t get injured until late in those rounds. This time, he’s gimpy right from the start, which puts the Spurs in a bind. If he can’t play at or near his level, that’s asking the Spurs to beat Chris Paul with Patty Mills three more times.

One game, OK. But three?

Mills dropped 18 on the Clippers and was huge in overtime. Also, Duncan turned back the clock with 28 points and 11 rebounds, but had to labor 44 minutes. Essentially, it took a lot for the Spurs to win Game 2, which would’ve gone the Clippers’ way had Blake Griffin not lost a crucial turnover late in regulation (and another in OT).

As if Parker’s problems weren’t enough, the Spurs are getting little from Manu Ginobili, who seems a step slow on the floor and one step quicker toward possible retirement this summer.



    Clippers didn’t want it as much as the Spurs. The spurs ran their plays and executed without thinking about it. They had so much confidence in their system and themselves. The Clips just looked out of rhythem all discombobulated, addled, baffled, bamboozled, defeated, befoged, befuddled, bemused, bewildered, buffaloed, confounded, confused, disoriented, flummoxed, foxed, fuddled, graveled, mazed, muddled, mystified, perplexed, posed, puzzled, vexed. Sorry if I misspelled anything. The Clips have to believe in themselves and the system good or bad. Just run the system with confidence. The Clips were beat mostly by bench players and guys who I never hear about throughout the season. It shouldn’t have happened. Clips, do what you did the first time. Run and gun the the aging BIG THREE and you will win like game 1. Stay under the three point line on defense and victory shall be yours, Freedom!!!!

  2. Francisco says:

    The team is better than each of their components. It’s not about how good a particular player is; e.g. ginobili might not be as in 2005, but he makes his teammates better.

    This same players won the championship last year, and they were not a lot younger!

  3. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Kawhi about to step up..

  4. harriethehawk says:

    Flippers fans, don’t be fooled by this The Slurs are used to playing through their pain, after all even the elderly have to go to work.


    • Rogelio says:

      There is no ‘should be’ in the playoffs – you either win or lose… That lack of composure that the Clippers have towards the end of a close game is going to lead to another first round exit for them. Spurs win tonight and Sunday then close it out on the road in game 5.

  6. claudio says:

    I hope they beat LA, ths spurs are a a great team even without Parker GO SPURS GO!!!

  7. Common Sense says:

    Clippers, please put blake on Timmy.
    He has a tough time against blake. Everyone else has a tough time on dj.

  8. bambooandy says:

    “…which caused him to skip the last five minutes of regulation and OT in Game 2 without scoring a basket” More impressive would have been if he’d skipped the last five-minutes and scored a basket!

  9. KarlS says:

    National writers still questioning the resolve of the Spurs. After 5 rings in 17 yrs. Parker gave them nothing in game and they still won on the road against the most athletic team, and possibily the Hottest team in the Playoffs. What more do you have to see. I know, 2 more wins at home. LOL