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VIDEOAndrew Bogut denies Wesley Johnson’s dunk attempt

> Last week it was the All-Rookie first team. This week, we want to hear your All-Defensive first team.

Steve Aschburner,
F Rudy Gobert, Utah

F Andrew Bogut, Golden State
W Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio
W Draymond Green, Golden State
W Tony Allen, Memphis

Just so we’re clear, my terminology for this squad is F for “frontcourt” (good enough for All-Star balloting) and W for “wing.” I’m not getting pinned down by the five traditional position designations when I could have guys who can ball-hawk and rim-protect like these five. I’m not sure what sort of offensive numbers my group could put up but I’ll take my chances on yours scoring fewer.

Fran Blinebury,
C Andrew Bogut: 
For all the pretty offensive plays the Warriors make, his defense in the middle is driving championship hopes.
F Tim Duncan: 
Only the players he defends and ties into knots every night want Old Man Riverwalk to retire.
F Kawhi Leonard: Pound for pound, inch for inch, simply the league’s defensive knockout champ.
G Draymond Green: He can cover all five positions like Spandex on Beyonce, so I’m sliding him into the backcourt.
G Tony Allen: Still the the one who puts the grind in the Grind House.

Scott Howard-Cooper,
C DeAndre Jordan

F Draymond Green 
F Kawhi Leonard
G Tony Allen
G John Wall

Center is so tough, with Andrew Bogut especially and also Tim Duncan, Rudy Gobert, Andre Drummond, Anthony Davis and Marc Gasol all deserving votes. And probably others I am forgetting. The depth is that good.

Shaun Powell,
C DeAndre Jordan
F Anthony Davis
F Draymond Green
G Tony Allen
G Kawhi Leonard

All of the selections are very good but there wasn’t that solid, no-brainer lockdown guy this season. I also liked Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Nerlens Noel. The most improved defender? James Harden. But he only had one direction to go.

John Schuhmann,
C Rudy Gobert
F Draymond Green
F Kawhi Leonard
G John Wall
G Tony Allen

Allen and the two forwards were easy picks, though it’s tough to leave Tim Duncan and Andre Iguodala off the list. I gave Wall the edge over Chris Paul, because the Wizards are a top-5 defense and they’ve been much better with Wall on the floor. And I gave Gobert the edge over Andrew Bogut because he’s played 500 more minutes.

Sekou Smith,
C Andrew Bogut
F Kawhi Leonard
F Anthony Davis
G John Wall
G Tony Allen

As far as postseason awards go, the first five on the All-Defensive team might be the easiest group to identify. Wall and Allen are no-brainer picks in the backcourt. Leonard and Davis have the forward spots locked down. And Bogut gets the nod at center as the league’s most dominant rim-protector and post defender.

Ian Thomsen,
C DeAndre Jordan

F Draymond Green
F Kawhi Leonard
G Tony Allen
G Chris Paul

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog:
C DeAndre Jordan

F Draymond Green
F Anthony Davis
G Chris Paul
G Kawhi Leonard

I’m cheating and putting Kawhi at guard but I really feel like he’s one of the best defenders in the NBA and deserves a spot. This is a big-guy heavy team I’ve assembled, but just try and score on them.

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  1. John Nickson says:

    The 1st All-Defensive team is:

  2. KaWOW says:

    Leonard is the DPOY…hands down.

  3. micromoi says:

    NBA Awards Review

  4. Devin says:

    All Defense First Team

    C- Tim Duncan
    F- Anthony Davis
    F- Draymond Green
    F- Kawhi Leonard
    G- Tony Allen

    All Defense Second Team

    C- Andrew Bogut
    F- Marc Gasol
    F- DeMarre Carol
    G-Danny Green
    G- John Wall

    Tough to leave Bogut out of the first team, when healthy and playing argument could be made that he’s better than Duncan, but Duncan has played all but 1 game this year and is an excellent rim protector and master of defensive rotations.

    Anthony Davis gets the nod over other deserving canidates (Gasol, Bogut) because of his versatility to defend further away from the basket and his propensity to get steals as well as blocks and rebounds.

    DPOY- Toss up between Draymond Green & Kawhi Leonard

  5. jclaude66 says:

    I think Kawhi Leonard has to be MVP. This guys offense has been looking so great because he starts it with defense. His defense is that good that it is fueling him in every other category and setting the tone for his team on defense.

  6. Mark says:

    Andrew Bogut – has guile/high IQ, always in the right position at the right time, has old man strength and brilliant anticipation.
    Anthony Davis – Long, athletic, high iq, so fast and reads pick n rolls well and is never out of it. Always a chance and a recovery block.
    Draymond Green – the most versatile defender. He can and has guarded 1 through 5 this season, has high iq and high energy.
    Kawhi Leonard – Those arms though. like Davis he’s so fast and athletic and deceptively fast. Easily the closest to Pippen I’ve seen.
    Tony Allen – hounds you like an unrelenting pitt bull. Like a pitt bull, once his jaws are locked onto you, you are done for.

  7. Pratik Patel says:

    G- Tony Allen
    G- Draymond Green
    F- Kawhi Leonard
    F- Anthony Davis
    C-Andrew Bogut

  8. Nate says:

    Kawhi Leonard is the DPOY. Nearly impossible to score on, steals the ball from everybody, including handles guys like Irving and Curry. His lenght allows him to fill the height gap on post players. We primarily saw that against Aldridge in the playoffs last year. The scary thing is, he’s only getting better. Took longer for him to blossom, but mostly cause they didn’t put the game on his shoulders right away. Not only is he the best choice for DPOY, he’ll be in the conversation for MVP for the next 4-5 seasons.

  9. Cody Gephart says:

    First Defensive Team-
    C-Andrew Bogut
    F-Rudy Gobert
    F-Draymond Green
    F-Kawhi Leonard
    G-Tony Allen

    C-Deandre Jordan
    F-Anthony Davis
    F-Serge Ibaka
    F-Demarre Carrol
    G-Chris Paul

  10. Diogo says:

    Danny Green should be in the all defensive second team. He and The Claw are incredible defenders.

  11. T says:

    No love for Danny Green?

  12. Caspi says:

    Kawhi Leonard definitely the top defender over all – he is standing up against greatest players in the league

    DA Jordan – amazing in rebounding and blocks ,but not as good in defending best centers

    A.Bogut – not played so many minutes, but if he would play more he will have amazing numbers

  13. kek says:

    Leonard is the best defender in the nba, and he should be concidered for DPOY. Just look how good the spurs became when he came back from injury.

    my 2nd choice would be green, DeAndre Jordan isnt that great of defensive player, yes he`s a rebounding machine and he block shots, but his timings and rotations arent that good. and the clippers arent even a great defensive team.

  14. frankmat says:

    I sincerely hope half these guys don’t actually have a vote in the award. How you can put in DeAndre Jordan in over Bogut… when GSW are thee #1 defensive team and the Clippers are ranked in the bottom half of the league…. is beyond me.

    And John Schuhmann…. justified picking Rudy Gobert over Andrew Bogut because Gobert has played more minutes. What the??? The reason for that is because Bogut, Curry and co sit out entire last quarters of games because they are blowing teams out by 20-30 points a game… and it is BECAUSE of Bogut that they are blowing teams out.

    Why would that count against him? It should count for him. What ridiculous logic.

  15. jabarca24 says:

    C-Andrew Bogut
    F-Rudy Gobert
    F-Draymond Green
    G-Kawhi Leonard
    G-DeMarre Carroll

  16. Kawhi Leonard says:

    seems like Kawhi is on everyone’s list which really is no surprise as he really is one of the best defender in the league. he’ll also be a good contender for DPOY aside from Bogut

  17. YoungGriff says:

    How can anyone NOT have Deandre Jordan as their best defensive center? What game are you watching? He is without a doubt the defensive player of the year.

  18. C – Gobert
    F – A. Davis
    F – Dieng
    G – Leonard
    G – Tony Allen

  19. Jeremytgekidd says:

    Gobert. I already hate him….but I respect him. There’s not a better defensive player in the league.

  20. harriethehawk says:

    Excused me?? No Serge Ibaka or Demarre Carroll? What are you a wise guy or something?

  21. dustydreamnz says:

    F-A Davis

  22. darrennnnng says:

    G-Chris Paul
    G-Tony Allen
    F-Kawhi Leonard
    F-Hasaan Whiteside
    C-DeAndre Jordan

  23. @KaashMoneyy94 says:

    1st Team All-Defensive
    G- John Wall
    G- Tony Allen
    F- Draymond Green
    F- Anthony Davis
    C- Andrew Bogut

    2nd Team All-Defensive
    G- Chris Paul
    G- Avery Bradley
    F- Kawhi Leonard
    F- DeAndre Jordan
    C- Marc Gasol

  24. mcbigredd says:

    What about Ibaka? And how about show Atlanta some love, DeMarre Carroll anybody?!?

  25. mcbigredd says:

    Man what’s Atl gotta do to get some love? What about DeMarre Caroll?!?

  26. Threezy says:

    DJ can’t be DPOY or on the All-defensive team as the Clippers are a poor defensive team and Jordan isn’t a great rim protector (not in top 20 of rim protectors according to Nylonstats).

    Why no Serge Ibaka? Because OKC’s been rubbish on D this season?

    Mike Conley, Tony Allen, Draymond Green, Tim Duncan and Andrew Bogut.

  27. Bryce Maximus says:

    My All-Defensive team is:

    G- Tony Allen
    G- Kawhi Leonard
    F- LeBron James
    F- Anthony Davis
    F- DeAndre Jordan

  28. Jazzsneaker says:

    Rudy Gobert is my hero
    Rudy Gobert is Utah’s hero
    Rudy Gobert beat Kanter is awesome!

    • rp says:

      Kanter is doing great in OKC. If it weren’t for injuries, Kanter would be playing for a championship contender this season. Utah?

  29. Bryce Maximus says:

    No love for LeBron a.k.a the best defender in the game?

    • Mike says:

      Lol u said the best defender…. No that would be the beast down in the big easy named Anthony Davis. Blocks steals and takes opponents out the game in man coverage

    • rp says:

      No, he’s nowhere close.

  30. Daniel says:

    Why didnt nobody use serge ibaka tf?

  31. Defdun says:

    Sean Paul has got it right:
    DJ – AD – Draymond Green – Kawhi Leonard and the Grindfather are the toughest defenders in the game today.