Blogtable: Best under-the-radar free agents this summer?

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VIDEOKhris Middleton’s play has grown by leaps and bounds this season

> There are some big-name free agents on the market this summer (LaMarcus Aldridge, Marc Gasol and DeAndre Jordan to name a few). But give me a few under-the-radar free agents — some not-so-big names — who could make a big splash on a new team?

Steve Aschburner, Greg Monroe is a pretty big name, but he wasn’t mentioned in the question so I’m going with him here. The Pistons’ big man has limped down the stretch (sore knee), but he gambled on himself in seeking unrestricted status and it will pay off big for whoever signs him. He’s an 18-12 guy. Indiana backup point guard Donald Sloan is ready for a bigger role, not a smaller one, after being pressed into service through George Hill‘s absences. And if Washington doesn’t bring back forward Kevin Seraphin, he can bring his energy, wrecking-ball physical play and ability to create some offense to a happy suitor.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comAssuming that Draymond Green is no longer underrated, so I’ll lead with Milwaukee’s Khris Middleton. He’s restricted and the Bucks won’t let him go. DeMarre Carroll was the only member of the Hawks starters not voted to the East All-Star team, but gets it done as a 3-and-D guy and would fit in anywhere. The Blazers will want to keep Robin Lopez around for his presence in the middle and offensive rebounding, but the 7-footer will get plenty attention from around the league.

Scott Howard-Cooper, I’ll give you two shooting guards if you want under-the-radar: Wesley Matthews and Danny Green. I don’t think either are relocating. But if they do, or you want splash on the current/future team, there’s your cannonball. Shooters with range, willing to accept a complementary role without chirping about the lack of opportunities — a lot of teams would love the chance to sign Matthews or Green away.

Shaun Powell, NBA.comI’ll assume Draymond Green is a big name and leave him out of the conversation. Not sure how many restricted free agents will switch teams and potentially leave money on the table in what would be their first big contract. But two come to mind: Khris Middleton and Tobias Harris. Both are young and improving, and had the Bucks refused to trade Harris to Orlando so it could rent J.J. Redick for two months, Milwaukee would be sitting pretty. As for unrestricteds, Lou Williams and Rodney Stuckey could be good value.

John Schuhmann, Wesley Matthews isn’t too far under the radar, but isn’t a big name either. He’s more than a 3-and-D guy, because you can post him up. Mirza Teletovic gives you great shooting at the four, DeMarre Carroll has proven to be a valuable fifth wheel in Atlanta, and nobody runs the floor as hard and as consistently as Corey Brewer.

Sekou Smith, DeMarre Carroll does not get the shine he deserves as the fifth member of the ensemble cast in Atlanta. But he’s turned heads all season with his play and should cash in this summer. He’d fit anywhere with his versatility and ability to guard multiple positions at an elite level. Same goes for Wes Matthews from Portland, Danny Green in San Antonio and Rodney Stuckey in Indiana.

Ian Thomsen, Brandan Wright gave Dallas an efficient 20 minutes off the bench before being traded to Boston. Lou Williams’ scoring, Rodney Stuckey’s toughness and Brandon Bass’ mid-range shooting could help any contender — and all three are capable of filling out starting lineups if necessary.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogLiving in New York City, I hear a lot of talk about which free agents the Knicks could sign, who they could make a splash with, etc. And while sure, there are some big names out there such as the ones you listed, I also think there are some comparative bargains out there. Instead of spending $20-million a year on one guy, why not spread that around between a few players? I mean guys like Tobias Harris, Jimmy Butler, Khris Middleton, Aaron Afflalo or Brandan Wright. Or maybe you make a run at Wesley Matthews as he returns from his Achilles injury. Either way, for smart teams, there are some interesting options available this summer.


  1. Bata says:

    Guys, guys, you never know what this BIG teams (LAL NYK etc) have in mind,, I think its early to think about it right now, but let’s just imagine some of this free agents make a new BIG-3 with Kobe or Melo! Just wait and see, but in my opinion there wil be some movement from the rugged Western to much weaker Eastern C.
    M. Gasol
    C. Anthony

    Just wait and see!

  2. JeremytheKidd says:

    Not hating on Draymond, but he’s about to get overpaid.

  3. harriethehawk says:

    What about Reggie Jackson?

  4. dustydreamnz says:

    Yes, Khris Middleton may be the most underrated player in the league. That would make a good Blogtable.

  5. OKC says:

    Middleton is underrated. I got him of the waiver wire in my fantasy league this year and really saw how consistently he was. He is an elite defender on the wing raking up steals and blocks and was a constant 15+ point guy who shot excellent %s and always chipped on 3s. Middleton would complement any team as a big 3 and D guy who can post up and defend any wing position. If a contender could land him he could be a part of a championship team, but I don’t see the Bucks letting him go for anything since they are trying to build something.

  6. ImMe says:

    Realistically, only decent guy I see leaving his team is Greg Monroe.. Draymond won’t leave, Gasol won’t leave, LA won’t leave, and DJ won’t leave.. Wes won’t leave and Danny Green won’t leave.. lol

    • Brian Newell says:

      LA, Wes, and RoLo aren’t going anywhere. Olshey has basically said that our starters are untouchable. Plus RoLo fits Portland like a glove, LA wants to be the best Blazer ever, and Wes has said nothing about testing free agency and that he loves Portland.