Blogtable: Kerr’s smartest move yet?

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VIDEOSteve Kerr coaches up the Warriors at Staples Center

> The Warriors have set a franchise record with 61 victories this season. The Knicks have set a franchise record with 60 losses. How smart does Steve Kerr look now, choosing the Warriors over the Knicks? And would he have made much of a difference in New York?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comI just so happened to mention that dichotomy to Mr. Kerr at the end of the evening Saturday in Milwaukee, noting the symmetry and the gulch between the two teams. The camera lights had been turned off and he shook his head and muttered, “Brutal.” Anyway, to answer the first question, as smart as Kerr is, he didn’t have to be a Mensa member to ascertain which of those positions packed more potential. The Warriors’ and Knicks’ contrasting trajectories were well-established. So, how much impact did he have on this season’s results? If you credit him outright for 10 of Golden State’s victories — or assume he could have staved off 10 New York defeats with his wiles — that’s still a 50 victories vs. 50 defeats difference. And that still would be “brutal.”

Fran Blinebury, I don’t think Steve Kerr deserves the Nobel Prize in chemistry for being able to tell the difference a vintage bottle of wine and a barrel of toxic waste. The only way he could have made a significant difference with the hand dealt by the Zen Master would have been to bring reach through a wormhole in time to bring some of his former teammates named Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Tim Duncan.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Does Steve Kerr look smart? Hmmmm. Let me take zero seconds to think it over. Of course he does. Einstein smart. It’s the genius decision of the season, and maybe several seasons. And not just because of how things turned out this season, complete with Kerr coaching the Western Conference All-Stars … in Madison Square Garden. It’s that the Warriors have a huge window of opportunity ahead. Unless Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes decide to retire around this time next year, Golden State will be better than the Knicks the next two full seasons as well. At least two seasons.

Shaun Powell, I can’t call Kerr a genius for choosing Steph Curry and Klay Thompson over Carmelo Anthony. Had he done otherwise, he would’ve needed his eyes checked. Anyway, Kerr wouldn’t have made a difference in New York — who could with that crew? — and I’m not yet convinced he’s made a difference in Golden State; only the playoffs will tell us if he’s indeed a better fit than Mark Jackson.

John Schuhmann, That first question was rhetorical, right? He wouldn’t have made much of a difference in New York, unless Phil Jackson gave him more freedom with the offense than he gave Derek Fisher. The Knicks’ steep learning curve with the triangle offense was a big reason why they got off to a terrible start and eventually (and rightfully) decided to take another step backward. Things would have been better with a more standard (and easier to learn) NBA offense that still promoted the ball movement that Jackson was looking for. Defense is another story, though. While Kerr was handed a top-three defense at Golden State, the Knicks were a bottom-10 defense that got worse with the departure of Tyson Chandler. It’s doubtful that anything could have been done on that end of the floor.

Sekou Smith, You didn’t have to be smarter than a 5th grader to figure out that the Warriors’ gig was a much better job opportunity than that … um, challenge in New York. So Kerr choosing the Warriors was a no-brainer really. And unless he has magical powers none of us know about, including the ability to transform role players and journeymen into All Stars, there is nothing else to see here folks. Nothing!

Ian Thomsen, Kerr would have made no difference. Even with a few more wins, the Knicks would’ve still looked hopeless based entirely on the dearth of their talent in combination with Carmelo Anthony’s injury. Looking ahead, the killer for New York is that so many franchises will have cap space when the new TV money floods the market in 2016 — it’s going to influence the market for the next two summers, making it harder than ever for the Knicks to compete for free agents.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogI just emailed Steve and asked if he has any advice for playing the lotto. Because not only did he end up turning down the Knicks, he got a better contract from the Warriors. And sure, it wasn’t a complete surprise this happened — after all, the Warriors were a playoff team last season, while Phil Jackson started stripping down the Knicks and selling them off for parts even before the start of the season. And I don’t know exactly what kind of winter they had in the Bay, but I’m guessing it wasn’t as historically brutal as they one we just endured here in New York City. So if anyone ever has to feel like they made the right choice, Kerr is that man. Now can I get those Powerball digits, Steve?



  1. drago says:

    He was lucky and he knows it the Warriors have extreme potential with any couch.

  2. taekayo says:

    Choosing GS over NY didn’t make Kerr a genius, it made him NOT stupid. But still, kudos to him, since the GS players have already bought in on Mark Jackson. Maybe some coaches won’t be able to pick-up from there, begin to clash with the players, disrupt what was built last year, and do worse instead of better. So Kerr is smart for doing a good job.

  3. harriethehawk says:

    I think Coach Kerr is brilliant and he looks great w/ the Golden Flake Warriors. They just might win the championship barring the Hawks doing something even more spectacular. However, the Coach of the Year nod goers to Coach Bud, no doubt about it.

  4. mga_tanga_kayong_lahat says:

    is kerr lucky or not?
    all i can say is… he’s a smart guy… no doubt about it… turning down NYK for GSW is the best decision that he’ve made in his first coaching year…and so far… he did a great job to the wariors.. line up wise? nothing much have changed compared to previous season.. but what he did is to get each and every guy on the roster to embrace their roles to become a more balanced team.. GSW wouldnt be the leagues best team without him… kudos to coach kerr! i hope that you guys end up as champions this year and you will be the coach of the year…

  5. dustydreamnz says:

    I think Kerr has made a difference with the Warriors, they have a similar squad to last season. I also think he could have got 20-25 wins with New York though that’s still a bad season.
    It was an easy decision choosing Warriors especially being closer to family.

  6. WestbrookMVP says:

    Even though I can’t stand the GSW that would not have accomplished near what they did this season had the league not been plagued by injuries I am a Steve Kerr fan. Yeah he walked into a pretty good team but he still had to coach em and it looks like he’s gonna be an amazing coach. He deserves coach of the year for sure.

  7. Zion says:

    With all the negativity thoughts and comments, I am gonna say Kerr is smart and he definitely has done a better job than Mark Jackson. The results tell it all. Is Kerr lucky yet? Yes, he is pretty lucky. Is Kerr stupid yet? Definitely not.

    AT LEAST, warrior has gone better when Kerr is around. Come on guys, give some credit, be nice and humble!

  8. NorCal Warrior says:

    It’s not just a matter of which team had a better chance, because well, that was obvious. But his family was the main reason. I think his daughter is now only an hour away by flight. Plus, he knew Phil and the New York fans. No Bueno.

    I was bummed when they let Mark go but after the players emotions settled, and mine, what a great move. Kerr’s personality, his experience, and his X’s and O’s make for a great combo. Well, that and he is not afraid to have good people around him. He might lose Alvin next year who will probably Head Coach but he and the front office have the right system in place. I know it will be hard to keep D.Lee around after paying Green a max contract but I hope they find a way

  9. I don’t know guys, hindsight is 20\20. When Phil Jacks came into the Knicks office and resigned Carmelo Anthony, many people thought this was a start for a better Knicks team. Many expected them to be playoff bound (and they should have been playoff bound. They are in the east were 0.400 is the cutoff to make the playoffs lol.)
    The Knicks were so bad this year, with or without Carmelo Anthony, it looks as if re-signing Melo would have never made a difference.
    I attribute a lot of it to bad coaching. JR Smith and Shumpert are playing really well for the Cavs. They look like core championship pieces when utilized properly.
    I think the poor execution of the triangle contributed to this Knicks team being that bad. And it’s possible that if Kerr coached the Knicks they would have many more wins (not just 10 more wins. I think they could have been a 0.400 team.)
    The Knicks kept getting worse as the season progressed and that’s a sign of poor coaching.

  10. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    No brainier…

  11. but hawks coach is going to win coach of the year

  12. Marty says:

    Your not smart for choosing the team that made the playoffs and won I believe 50 games last year.

  13. That guy, says:

    The smartest move is actually using Bogut proper … he was the defacto 2 C in the league before injuries. Mark Jackson didn’t know how to run the playbook or how it should’ve looked.

  14. John says:

    Hehe, Kerr is smart.

  15. Choosing Golden State was an obvious one…he is also lucky Bogut is fit and if he will do better than Mark Jackson is because of this and because of the exponential growth in confidence of Klay Thompson…I think playing with the national team made him a better player.

  16. TheKush says:

    w/e Kevin McHale is the coach of the year!

    • JezzaJ80 says:

      McHale CotY? April fools?

      He’s not getting much consideration but then the Rockets are more Harden focussed and he was with the same team last year – Kerr walks into not just a new job but a new career and the League of Warriors happens. It might be majority Jackson defines but the ball movement, sharing and switching schemes are actually the new staffs imposition. So I’d take Kerr over McHale.

      And Budenholzer has performed even better albeit in the weaker East, but no bona fide star, no go to guy in the dying moments, just all for one and one for all and the huge boost in confidence he’s infused. ATL earned him CotY already