Blogtable: Future for Rondo and Ellis?

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VIDEORajon Rondo throws a fancy assist to Monta Ellis

> Your nameplate says “Donn Nelson, General Manager Dallas Mavericks.” So tell me Mr. Nelson, will Monta Ellis and Rajon Rondo be in your backcourt again next season?

Steve Aschburner, I don’t like it. Too mercurial. Too imbalanced. Not big enough for the defensive end, despite Rondo’s Boston reputation. An awful lot of money for too players whose consistency (Ellis), durability (Rondo) and temperaments (both) make your team vulnerable to way too many slumps and, considering they’re both veterans, far too much drama.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comConsidering that all we’ve gotten from this combination this season is a battle for a low seed in the West, it doesn’t seem reasonable to give both players big, big raises to do it all again. Considering that desperate teams such as the Lakers and Knicks might be reaching out to a free-agent in Rondo, it’s more likely that we let him go and concentrate on re-signing Ellis.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Rondo will, Ellis won’t. Ellis has had some good moments in Dallas, but I’m not going to reach too deep into the wallet to keep him. Rondo is another matter. Re-signing him was part of the plan when we traded for him. Of course there have been emotional conflicts. It’s Rondo. Big surprise. But tell me where I will find a better point guard. He may not be the Rondo of old, but he can still be a positive.

Shaun Powell, Unless there are better options, the answer is yes. I’m not thrilled with either player but it’s easy to say “dump them” without having capable replacements. Of the two, I’m not real sold on Rondo. His best years were clearly in Boston when Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were in their prime. His shooting is atrocious, especially for a point guard, and as a free agent this summer there’s no way I’d lock him up long term or even give him big short-term money. The Mavs have the upper hand with Rondo. Point guards are just too plentiful.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comI’ll certainly be more open to re-signing Ellis (if he declines his player option) than Rondo. Rondo killed my league-best offense when he arrived, clashed with my top-five coach, and was overrated in the first place. So I’ll let the Lakers or Knicks give him a new contract, attempt to work him into an above-average offense (something he hasn’t been a part of in five years), and hope he’ll care about defense on a team that was awful defensively this season. And I’m pretty confident that the Lakers or Knicks will make that mistake. My starting lineup has been much better with either Jameer Nelson or Devin Harris opposite Ellis than with Rondo.

Sekou Smith, They will not be back together again next season. The fact is, we’re talking about two guys who both need the ball in their hands to be effective. And it’s not that they are not capable of sharing, it’s that they know they won’t have to with free agency looming. Rondo will have options elsewhere, namely alongside Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles, and won’t have to toil in a system that feels restrictive to a free-thinker of his ilk. Monta has shown he can flourish here and should prove to be the better fit long-term.

Ian Thomsen, NBA.comIf that’s my name, then I have the authority to ignore your question! I’m going to wait because Ellis and Rondo are big-game players. The Mavs traded for Rondo in particular because of his postseason track record. If Rondo elevates his game in the playoffs, then this discussion changes.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogWell, can you put together a better backcourt? Both of these guys will/could become free agents this summer, and I’m not sure if a Rondo/Ellis backcourt is worth two near-max contracts. And to be honest, looking at their record and performance since adding Rondo, the Rondo/Ellis backcourt hasn’t exactly set the Western Conference on fire. If anything, the Mavs have shown they aren’t afraid to make bold moves. This may be the summer to do exactly that.



  1. justsayin says:

    I don’t know if they have the cap space – but I’d gladly forego Rondo if they could sign Goran Dragic. That would be one lethal offense.

  2. The_Dutch says:

    Mavs should lock up Ellis. He had the best of his game before Rondo arrived this season. And in my opinion Rondo does’nt fit in with the mavs. He’s one of my favorite players and i love his style of play but I believe he would be a better fit with the Lakers and have Kobe mentor him.

  3. harriethehawk says:

    Monte Ellis has too many tattoos. Rondo is a sourpuss and can’t shoot the ball. Those factors are weighing down the Mavericks. I know, doesn’t make any sense. just not a Dallas Mavericks fan. They are the masters of disasters.

  4. dustydreamnz says:

    There’s no doubt the Mavs have gone backwards since the trade, Cuban would never admit he was wrong.
    A lot will depend who else is available on the off season, they have plenty of offense. I think bringing in one or two defensive players will help a lot.

  5. TimTomson says:

    Rondo over Ellis, is this even a question? WOWOW BBall IQ Ellis has none.

  6. teg says:

    I don’t think this is going to work out. I thought they would have problems and I’ll say it again that they focused too much on having a great starting lineup which in return made them have a poor bench. I have been saying how much the bench was going to hurt them particularly when you have a few has-beens like Stoudemire and R. Jefferson.

  7. Ellis is a Spur killer so the Western teams that need offense off the Bench will be interested! The Mavs will probably resign him if the Price is Right!

    Rondo? He’s this Generations Rod Strickland, a talented prima Donna whose best years are behind him! Hell fit right in with the Fakers or Kicks but will end up playing in China with his kind of headvase, Stephon Marbury!!

  8. Missing AI says:

    They’r trying to make Rondo something other than what he is. I believe Rondo is a much more better overall player but he has no use in a team like Mavs, They’r trying to make him a threat from the perimeter… C’mon! If they haven’t traded Wright and Crowler and had a transition player instead of Ellis than they would be a contender. I am really sorry about how things have progressed for them but what the heck were they thinking with Ellis and Rondo as a backcourt… Dirk and Parsons also like to to create their own shots so it’s really hard to imagine what they expected.

    • artifex says:

      I’m heartbroken on how things turned out the past months.
      Rondo to Mavs was one of my fav player one fav teams. So, quite disappointed to not see expected progress (back) to his former self. As was said, there’s no ‘kidd’ing – Jason and Carlisle found a way and made it together. But connect coach and player is one thing, connecting 2 players is another.
      I was very suspicious when Mavs signed Ellis and became very positively surprised about how he fit in – and became the go-to-guy. Ellis turn JET could be an interesting thought. But for amll my love for Rondo, at this time Ellis is the man for the Mavs if there must be any decision, but I’d much rather keep both and work out a solution!!

  9. bodjee says:

    Ellis over Rondo, no brainer!

  10. Nibbles Terrell says:

    If Ellis is willing to come off the bench for 30-35 minutes a night like JET then both are capable of staying. Find a 3 and D guard to plug in the starting lineup, let Rondo run the offense until Ellis comes off the bench. They’d both still be on the floor to end games but Ellis coming off the bench would limit the minutes they have to play together.

  11. DW43 says:

    Id try and get them both on three year deals. Carlisle is supposed to be an offensive genius, so I imagine with three, four months he could find ways to make them both effective as possible,of course they could both make it a little easier by imroving their jumpshots. I will also say that people seem to forget that Paul Pierce liked the ball in his hands too,and he and Rondo worked together pretty well.And lastly, I think people give Ray allen a little too much credit for Rondo’s success in Boston. I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve any credit, but I don’t think he deserves as much credit as Pierce and KG.

  12. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Rondo is way better then Ellis, Rondo’s problem is the coach and the style the coach wants to play and how the coach wants to call plays, i believe Ellis will be back and Rondo will leave to play for a team with more freedom and money another team will offer him.