Report: Rockets’ Beverley out for season

The Houston Rockets’ injury issues continue. Just days after getting Dwight Howard back from a 26-game absence with a knee injury comes the news that point guard Patrick Beverley is going to miss the remainder of the season after having surgery on his left wrist.

Rockets MVP candidate James Harden serves as the Rockets’ facilitator and catalyst routinely. But Beverley’s work as a defender will no doubt be missed. The Rockets also have depth at the position in the form of veterans Jason Terry and Pablo Prigioni.

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle has more on how Houston might offset the loss of its starting point guard:

Rockets guard Pat Beverley has opted to have surgery to repair ligaments in his left wrist injured last week in Indianapolis, a person with knowledge of the decision said.

The surgery will force Beverley to miss the remainder of the season, including the post-season regardless of how far the Rockets advance in the playoffs.

The Rockets’ starting point guard the past two seasons, Beverley has had multiple injuries, struggling through last season’s playoffs with a knee injury and going out this season after two games with a hamstring injury.

Beverley will be a free agent after the season, his third since the Rockets signed him in January 2012 as a free agent playing in Russia.

With Beverley out, the Rockets have started Jason Terry, going 9-0 in games Terry has started. He has split time at the point position, with the Rockets often using Trevor Ariza, Corey Brewer or rookie Nick Johnson to match up with opposing point guards.



  1. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    right okckd35, and where is kd now?

    Bev’s play was an old school play that I don’t expect you to understand. Russ’s injury was just unfortunate.

    • okckd35 says:

      Old school play?? I been watching the NBA since 1991 and never see people go for a steal after a timeout has been called. It’s bush league. And Beverley has Prova a few times he’s a bush league player. He even tried to do it again to Westbrook the next season. But I bet you seen everything in the 5 years you been watching. And what does Beverley injury have to do with KD??

  2. okckd35 says:

    Hopefully the injury occurred after he signaled to the official for time out. Then some bush league player plows into him ending his season…..wait Beverly is the bush league player that injures people after the whistle.

  3. harriethehawk says:

    Good riddance.

  4. DK says:

    I agree! Disrespect.

  5. TL says:

    BUT.. i do love pat’s game.. get well soon man!!!

  6. TL says:

    that’s what they get for treating jeremy lin so badly.. whether lin is a good player or not.. as an organization you can’t treat your player like that.. you just can’t (things like posting carmello in Lin’s number while Lin’s still a rocket a player.. it’s just terrible). I used to be a huge rockets fan during tmac/yao’s era, but seeing how the organization treats to their players and coaches.. i dont like them at all anymore.

    • Gt says:

      When the rockets tried to get bosh the first time, they gave him scolas number and scola didn’t seem disrespected at all. Basketball is a business and the rockets are just trying to get better

    • The year before when they were going after Howard they had him wearing number 12 which was Pat Bev’s number and he was ok with it…furthermore both Lin and Asik were told ahead of time that if Melo sigined they would be dealt…business is business and they were kept in the loop the entire time

      • TL says:

        business is business but you can do it in a more respectful way. by the way, i didn’t like how they treated scola either. how did you know that he didn’t get upset? he probably did but just wasn’t asked that question by the reporters. He was your starting forward man! with him rockets could have got a champ if Yao and Tmac (or just one of them) didn’t get hurt. Remember that series that they eventually lost to Lakers in a 7-games when Yao got hurt in the first game (and t-mac already out)? Lakers was the eventual champ and beat all other teams within 6 games or less. Scola was the starting power forward on that team, and a while before that year and a couple after that year. Then he got treated like that, and then got cut like that. man. totally sadness.