Rose readying for yet another return

 Can Derrick Rose regain his familiar form again?

He’s used to this sort of thing. Unfortunately. Derrick Rose is entering the final phase of his comeback, and with no setbacks, he expects to be back on the floor before the regular season ends.

K.C. Johnson of The Chicago Tribune has more on Rose’s plans:

Derrick Rose said he expects to be cleared for contact either this week or next and remains confident he’ll return from arthroscopic right knee surgery this season.

“I’m feeling good. I’m trying to do all the right things. Put all the positives in the bag and just try to go with it. It’s something that I’ve been doing for a long time. Rehab is definitely a grind. But I’m getting used to it.”

Rose had a small piece of his right meniscus removed on Feb. 27. The Bulls estimated his return to action at four to six weeks. Friday marks four weeks since the surgery.

“Should be sometime this week or next week,” Rose said when asked about taking contact. “Gotta talk to (Director of Sports Performance) Jen (Swanson) and go from there.”

Rose is doing everything basketball-related with the Bulls, including Wednesday’s morning shootaround at Air Canda Centre, except taking contact. Rookie Doug McDermott, who underwent a similar procedure to Rose but doesn’t share his injury history, was activated five weeks and two days following his surgery.

“It depends on how you take the contact,” Rose said. “If I don’t have any setbacks, I would say 1-2 weeks (after being cleared for contact).”


Rose said he has no pain or swelling in his right knee and is confident that the Bulls could have a deep playoff run.

“We can be really good,” he said. “It’s just all about everyone being healthy, a little bit of luck and everyone staying together.”


Yes, there are certain tasks you’d rather not be an expert at, and rehabbing from surgery is one. That said, Rose sounds optimistic about his prospects this time, a stark contrast to the mood in the basketball room when he re-injured his knee and required surgery on Feb. 27 to remove a piece of his right meniscus. Rose said it “should be this week or next” when he resumes contract drills.

With Rose looming, the Bulls are the league’s biggest mystery as the playoffs approach. All season, we really haven’t seen the real Bulls for various reasons. Injuries to Rose and Jimmy Butler have kept the Bulls without their starting backcourt for a combined 42 games. Joakim Noah hasn’t been healthy all season. Luckily for Chicago, rookie Nikola Mirotic has improved greatly in the last month, averaging 23 points and 7.4 rebounds in his last five games.

How all of this comes together will provide some drama in Chicago, where championship dreams exist despite the strange season. It is possible the Bulls haven’t yet played their best basketball. Or, they’ll remain inconsistent and stumble in the post-season.

Obviously, lots depends on Rose and what he’ll contribute. Before his latest surgery, he shot poorly (40 percent) and was average defensively. In a best-case scenario, Rose finds a reasonable rhythm, yields at times to Butler and Pau Gasol in big moments and the Bulls improve defensively. That’s what it’ll take to be on par with the hard-charging Cleveland Cavaliers, who turned their season around, and the Atlanta Hawks, the East leaders since winter.


  1. LA@Manila says:

    Go Rose and beat the Cavs!!

  2. Devante says:

    Derrick Rose keep up the work and i hope u win the championship please make it happen

  3. JumpmanCBT says:

    well, when Rose is cleared that means it takes at least 1 – 2 weeks more before he returns to the game.
    If there would be no pressure by the fans and front office he would even take more time to recver.
    Let’s hope his legs don’t get injured again so soon.

  4. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Rose on the court in the playoffs is good for the game. Glad to see him have a chance to compete in the playoffs again, he’s so fun to watch.

  5. LA@Manila says:

    Keep it up Derrick and be ready for the playoffs.. Get that ring!!

  6. harriethehawk says:

    Am I the only one out here who thinks that Derrick Rose could benefit from a trade and maybe play with a western contender team that could use him off the bench? It just seems to me that as long as Chicago keeps counting on him to be key to a title, they will always be “pretenders” and not contenders. Just sayin.

    • Dawn of Da 2nd Bulls Dynasty says:

      You make an interesting point, Dirty Harry…
      But, we’re keeping all of our “all-stars” here in Chicago. HALLELUJAH!!! If I were in your position, I might feel the same way… or I’d be worried if the Hawks could hold up in the play-offs. My reason is because if they meet the Pacers, the Nets, the Hornets (there, I said it!), or even the Pistons in the first round, it’ll be a long, reality-check kind of a series. They’ve raised their expectations, and this is the best Hawks team since the late 90’s teams that used to push the Bulls to their limit, year after year (along with the Pacers & the Jazz).

      The Bulls, on the other hand (with or without our MVP), will be just fine. We’ve had our humbling experiences in the playoffs (the past few seasons), learned thousands of thousands of lessons, and have grown, and still continue to grow stronger and wiser, as a team. We feel & believe we can compete with, & beat anybody (with respect to the defending champs) in a seven game series. Stanks for the thought provoking comment though. 1love

  7. educatedron says:

    Funny how they said a rookie had the procedure and came back in 5 weeks. Rose is in better physical shape than him so there is really no excuse. Once he is cleared to play, if he does not, then don’t pay him. He needs to play while limping around and dragging legs if it means we can win. That is why Noah and Luo or so respected. They will always try their best. Rose lives in Chicago and acts as if tomorrow is promised in life. Tomorrow is not promised, you gotta live today. I think we are better off if he doesn’t come back at all, he’ll come back just in time to ruin any chemistry brooks is getting. Enough already.

    I have just spoken.

  8. doctor joe says:

    The NBA playoffs are wide open…anyone in the west and Atlanta Chicago and Cleveland in the East.
    Rose matters. He is another weapon and he CAN bring it on certain games…could be a series difference maker.
    The Bulls have been inconsistent all year and it would be a long shot for them to go all the way. Probably win a series or two…but I am a fan….I hope for the best!

  9. sanjay says:

    roses knees are shot man! todays nba is outright ridiculous! his game is not smooth at all. atrocious shooting skills means more pounding his small body has to take among these trees cutting to the baskets. Even west brook has had knee problems and now durant. and other point gurards too. rose is done basically in a season or two( at least as a marquee player for sure)

  10. See red says:

    I’m really excited for the playoffs this year. I just don’t know if we can rely on Rose though. Even without him, I can see the bulls making the Eastern Conference Finals. I’m feeling good about my bulls right now, with or without rose.

    Lets go bulls!


  11. EVERTON says:

    d rose real deal . bulls got this in june

  12. Many NBA critics and so call experts say the Bulls with a Rose being the Rose are one of the teams that can win it all. I just dont understand all the effort put forth on Rose to be the Rose of old after missing 2 yrs and the last amount of games. Expecting him to rise up and be the Rose we want to see I just dont know what we will get from him. I believe we will see a much better Rose next season but with this season still going on we cant expect Rose to be throwing up 3’s and impacting the Bulls ability to win. In order for Rose to impact he must be in attack mode, in half court and full court.

    One thing Rose walking the ball up the court has limited Rose ability to be a factor. Watching him from the past he made the defense get back now he walks the ball up the court and it allows the defense to get set and put it’s concept on how to defend him.

    His impact will be that the other teams has to prepare to stop him now he has Butler Gasol and Mirotic who can impact how defenses play Rose. If Rose is the major concern for those teams he finally has teammates that can handle the load. It’s going to be a wait and see how he comes back. Please be in attack mode and mid-range jumper.

    • JumpmanCBT says:

      some people are just very optimistic with Rose. Me personally, I think we are done to treat him as the franchise player who could carry the Bulls to any championship.
      This season he had a few good games and more bad games where he shot awkward 3 pointers and having several injurues (again).
      Jimmy Butler and Pau Gasol did much more efforts to carry this team. He is far away from other guards’ performance and team value like Curry, Harden, Westrbook or Irving this season.