Hang Time Podcast (Episode 194) Featuring Brandon Jennings

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Brandon Jennings created a stir as a teenager when he bucked the system and decided he would create his own path to the NBA, one that didn’t involve a stop in college for one year. Instead of seven months on campus and perhaps a wild ride during March Madness at some traditional college powerhouse, Jennings opted for a year in Italy earning a living as a true professional and learning the ways of the world (basketball and beyond) before coming to the NBA.

Fast forward eight years and Jennings, 25, has a much different outlook on things. If only he knew then what he knows now. The Detroit Pistons’ point guard insists he’d “already have been an All-Star,” perhaps a couple of times.

Wisdom comes with perspective. Both are the byproducts of time and experience. Jennings has accumulated his fair share of it all throughout the course of his intriguing professional career. And there is no better time than now, as Jennings battles back from an Achilles injury, to reflect on his past, examine his present situation and forecast his future.

He does all that and then some on Episode 194 of The Hang Time Podcast, going back to his days as a hoop dreamer idolizing Kobe Bryant in Compton to his life overseas as a teenage pioneer to his entry into the NBA and the trials, tribulations and triumphs as the mature veteran he has become (complete with his mastery of the social media world).

We also salute Steve Nash now that he has officially retired, discuss what’s wrong with the Atlanta Hawks, what’s right with the San Antonio Spurs and more.

You get it all on Episode 194 of The Hang Time Podcast … Featuring Brandon Jennings …



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VIDEO: Brandon Jennings goes off for a career-high 21 assists


  1. Patty says:

    Brandon Jennings is an outstanding player!

  2. zulu says:

    Young fella put his “basketball” career (and future) on the line. When he made the decision to play in Europe. Yes he has matured.

  3. Armin says:

    He’s a good player but i lost all respect for Brandon Jennings when he made negative comments towards Ricky Rubio. Fast forward to now and we can clearly see who has had a better career. Ricky Rubio understands the NBA game a lot more compared to Jennings.

  4. chu-pa-in-mo-ko says:

    he’s good but not good enough to be an all star. he needs consistency. get well soon…….. and get better .

  5. harriethehawk says:

    That’s mean!

  6. duhwighthoward says:

    He knew nothing then; he knows nothing now.

    All-Star? He’ll be lucky if he ever plays in the NBA again.

    I hope he didn’t burn all his bridges in Italy.

    • iSpeakReal says:

      You really sound ignorant my guy. He has a multimillion dollar contract for a reason. It’s people like you who motivates him to be successful. Wish the man a speedy recovery and stop hating 💯.

  7. duhwighthoward says:

    He knew nothing then. He knows nothing now.

    He’s delusional. He’ll never be an all-star. In fact, there is a good chance he’ll never play in the NBA again.

    I hope he didn’t burn all his bridges in Italy.