Pippen recalls MJ’s return

Think back to 20 years ago and so many of our now commonly used words that didn’t exist yet:

— Blog.

— Google.

— Mashup.

— Bromance.

Then think back to exactly 20 years ago today and two of the most famous words ever uttered in sports:

“I’m back.”

With that short, sweet phrase, Michael Jordan shocked the world by coming out of retirement to return to NBA. Two decades later, teammate Scottie Pippen took to Twitter — another word that hadn’t yet been invented — to provide some insight into the impact on the Bulls.

Even Pippen didn’t think it would ever happen.

After three straight titles, the 1993-94 season was a dramatic change for those left behind.

While the rest of the Bulls tried to carry on with him, Pippen admits to keeping one eye on the baseball diamond.

But they all knew things had changed when Jordan put down his glove and bat and started hanging around the gym again.

Then came maybe the most famous fax in history:

It was odd to see him wearing jersey No. 45 instead of his old No. 23. But he looked like his old familiar self as soon as he walked back into Madison Square Garden for the first time.

They made it back to the Eastern Conference finals, but didn’t have enough to get past Shaq and Penny.

But that just lit the flame under Jordan and with the addition of another colorful Hall of Famer, it was just like old times.

It all added up to a word that had been invented just a decade earlier — another “three-peat.”


  1. BullsEra says:

    There will never be another Jordan. Not in the skill set kind of way but Mentally. Nobody will ever be as Mentally strong as Michael Jordan was overcoming all odds that went against him. In today’s game you can see how weak everyone is Mentally, they just can’t take the pressure: Lebron, Rose, and Howard are just a few to name. In order to dominate the game you have to come out and want to dominate and win so badly just like Michael Jordan did day in and day out. The skill set and size was just a plus I mean Iverson even almost did it but he lacked size his Mental state was there though.

  2. Ben says:

    The Bulls lost in the semifinals in 1995, not the Eastern Conference Finals. Orlando defeated Indiana in a great series to move on to the Finals.

  3. MJ was the best competitor in the game and no one ever came close. He’s a real killer and I personally think he should worn #45 all the way. 🙂

    Speaking of 45, there’s this awesome basketball-related, picture-guessing contest in FB that gave away 300, 150, and 75 bucks to the first three placers. And the best part is, there’s only a handful of dudes entering the contest, maybe as low as 45 people, and that’s crazy to think how high of a chance we got to win those cash prizes! But the illustrations the past two days got really, really hard so if you think you’re better than me, check out their pages and win 300 bucks easy!


  4. DBest says:

    Great intro to your article, Fran! It caught my attention–of course, the headline did it, too. Pippen, MJ…great times.

  5. KingdomMan says:

    Just found my copy of SI of his return against the Pacers…can you believe it was 20 years ago???

  6. harriethehawk says:

    Scotty Pippen is a bum.

  7. KEVIN says:

    that season was magical…and surprise surprise even when the bulls were waaaay on top as east #1 seed…all starters still played reminder of season…no rest…if that was today with the players we got now..they would have rest the last 20 games.

  8. Xin says:

    I’m back! How inspiring it is! Wish I could hear it one more time – From both of you!

  9. Antonio Perez says:

    i still remember

    i’m back

    then in the fifth game

    55 points against the #1 defensive team in the league

    then in madison square garden

    after they lost to orlando

    they came back the next year with the best record ever


    and swept the orlando magic in their rematch

    so many good memories

    i will never forget

    the bulls made history

  10. en. says:

    The best ever hands down

  11. Indiana'sownLarryBird says: