Blogtable: Thompson’s 37 or Kyrie’s 57?

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VIDEORelive Kyrie Irving’s 57-point game

> Klay Thompson’s 37-point quarter, or Kyrie Irving’s 57-point game? In your eyes, which was more remarkable?

Steve Aschburner, I’ll go with Kyrie over Klay for overall remarkability. Thompson’s 37 points in the third quarter against Sacramento in January was breathtaking, but it was the ultimate “in-the-zone” moment that just happened to last a whole 12 minutes. Irving had 53 minutes with which to work, but he got 11 in the five-minute overtime, 27 after three quarters — and did it in a real statement game not against the Kings but against the defending-champion Spurs on a rare night when they weren’t focused on resting.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comHalley’s Comet or a shooting star? While it was great fun to watch (and I was sitting right there courtside at the AT&T Center last week), Kyrie Irving’s feat does not compare to Klay Thompson. The fact is 22 different players have scored at least 60 points in a game 64 times and Irving didn’t even get there. Thompson’s mind-boggling quarter was unprecedented, probably once-in-a-lifetime brilliance.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Irving, because of the opponent, because it was on the road, because it won a game. Anyone who tries to lessen what Thompson did looks foolish, so thanks for holding the door open. But the biggest threat he faced from the defense was staying out of the way as the Kings rolled over. The Warriors were going to win in Oakland even without a quarter that registered on the Richter scale. Irving in San Antonio was more sustained, with bonus points for coming later in the season as part of the Cavaliers revival.

Shaun Powell, Getting 37 for a quarter was more remarkable, key word “remarkable.” Not more important or meaningful. Kyrie did his damage against the defending champs, on the road, hitting a massive basket to send the game into OT and then followed up with another hoop that was just stupendous. Yes, cramming 37 points into a quarter comes with a slightly better wow factor, but give me Kyrie’s any time.

John Schuhmann, Thompson’s 37 was more remarkable, for sure. Players have attempted 13 or more shots in a quarter only 11 times this season, so to make 13 shots is kind of ridiculous. But Irving’s 57 was both more impressive and more important. While Thompson’s 37 was a case of a guy getting ridiculously hot over 12 minutes against one of the five worst defensive teams in the league, Irving’s 57 mixed hot perimeter shooting with an uncanny ability to get to the basket against a top-10 defense. And a performance like that in a playoff-like atmosphere might pay off down the line for a guy (and a team — as constituted) that has never been to the playoffs before.

Sekou Smith, Both were spectacular and equally remarkable, given the circumstances. But the time-sensitive nature of Klay Thompson’s work stands out to me. If Kyrie was on fire during his 57-point overtime showcase, Klay was a human incinerator during his wicked 37-point quarter. I relished every single second of each performance. And I cannot imagine what either one of them could for an encore to top their respective performances (but go ahead fellas and give it a try in this last month of the season). Still, choosing between the two feels a little bit like car shopping and having to choose between a Rolls Royce Phantom and a Bugatti. You’re riding in high style either way.

Ian Thomsen, Irving scored his under pressure to win a big game on the road. His performance had to mean a lot to LeBron James, based on his own rivalry with San Antonio. If the Cavs go on to reach the NBA Finals, that performance will be viewed as their omen.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: This is like Sophie’s choice. I guess I’ll go Kyrie? Don’t get me wrong — Klay Thompson’s eruption in the third quarter that night was incredible and exciting and a signature moment. But it was also just a moment, one quarter of excellence. To me, Kyrie’s night was just that – an evening of greatness, four quarters (and an overtime) of amazing play. Sure, there were ebbs and flows, but he sustained it all night. Also, he didn’t miss a three the entire game, which was remarkable.


  1. jake s. says:

    I don’t think anyone chose Kyrie… because it happens all the time.

  2. Marcus says:

    Many players had scored 57 points in a game prior to Kyrie. None had scored more than 33 in a quarter. I’ll let that one sink in.

  3. Quranmuhammad says:

    All I’m going to say is who didn’t play the forth quarter?

  4. Antonio Perez says:


    sorry english only


  5. Tom says:

    Niether, Kobe 81 , 55 in second half. but if I have to choose, Klay’s will be remembered.kyrie’s will not.

  6. realdeal says:

    sometime i dont understand nba blogers, how you even compare them.
    klay made history that night, 50 point game is not close to that,

  7. NBANZ says:

    i watched both of them kyries was cool. but klays was out of this world. they will still be talking about klays in 20 years kyries will be a distant memory,…

  8. michael antiporta says:

    All of you have cars? Where you were prefer to go to the mechanic that work for the entire day to run your car or to an hour only. that’s what you’re comparing

  9. Of course Klay Thompson’s performance was more historic! He broke the all-time record for most points in a quarter! And he didn’t miss a single shot during that time!

    Not Kobe, Not MJ, Not Lebron, Not Wilt, Not Bird, no one has ever made that many points in a quarter! And without missing a shot!

    And whoever said the Kings weren’t defending did NOT watch the highlight reel! They got a hand up in his face for all of his shots after 15 points and they even fouled him and he made it!

    Kings aren’t the best team but they were still playing hard at the time and lets face it ANY TEAM is going to play defense against a player after he makes 10 points in a quarter. You don’t “cruise” to 37 points in a quarter.

    Come on!

  10. Nick Simkalo says:

    Klay Thompson without a doubt. Guys score a bunch of points often. Never, and I repeat NEVER has anyone scored 37 in a quarter before. 57 points in 53 minutes isn’t history. End of discussion.

  11. Think about it says:

    Both guys went nuts. They were definitely both fun to watch.

    But think about it this way – Kyrie’s game was definitely amazing. But no one will remember it after this season. Klay’s 37 will be talked about until such time somebody else can beat that record.


  12. Kyle says:

    pointless article revolving around two players with names that start with “k” and scores that end in “7”. The similarities end there. The 37 point qtr has no equal… this is simply insulting.

  13. Kyle says:

    Its simple.

    10 years from now we will still be talking about one of these two performances. Hint: it won’t have anything to do with the number “5”

  14. DopeBoyFresh says:

    Kyrie play against a team of old timers. If he did this in the playoffs, then that’s a different story.

  15. Rj says:

    Klay no doubt was much more remarkable!! He Broke the NBA record for most points in a quarter and had 52 points total and he didn’t play the 4th qrt. He would’ve scored more if he played the 4th. Kyrie, although was amazing.. Was not breathtaking!!

  16. Ray says:

    You have to look at it this way Kyrie’s game was great and had clutch moments, but it’s was just a sensational regular season game. TMac scored 50-60 points multiple times, but the one performance he is most remembered for is his 13pt in 30 sec. Klay’s 37 point quarter without a missed field goal cannot be overlooked and it will go down as one of those rare moments.

  17. Shikamaru714 says:

    I’m a Cavaliers fan, both performance are true remarkable. But i’ll go for Klay coz he made an NBA record. I watched Kyrie’s big game and it was so breathtaking performance, he was shooting face to face against different defender but the defence always failed to stop him. Too many crucial shots he made. It was like watching Heat vs Spurs Finals when Ray Allen hit a crucial 3 pointer to put the game on overtime. While Klay’s quarter was a jaw-dropping performance, he never miss at all. He shoot everywhere. The title “REMARKABLE” for Klay, but i’ll give “AMAZING” for Kyrie,

  18. Luke says:

    Klay’s was more remarkable. He made 9 THREES in a quarter!! Kyrie had an amazing game also. Klay was just in a zone.

  19. en. says:

    Gayy thompson is overrated dude can’t carry team on his own needs curry to hold his hand

    • whut says:

      Lmao Same can be said for Irving, dudes never even tasted the playoffs needs Lebron to hold his hand

    • Markus says:

      If you have any idea how bad the cavaliers were the past two years, you’d know there is legitimate proof Kyrie can’t carry a team without lebron holding his either. Never came close to the playoffs without him. So if you were tryong to make a point, it was a terrible one.

  20. stephcurry says:

    Klay Thompson Definintley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    37 In a quarter is amazing and once in a lifetime moment

  21. lbj says:

    Klay over Kyrie in my opinion.

    Klay got hot in that quarter so they fed him the ball. In the other quarters, they didn’t have to force it because they have a great team. The Kings defense had something to do with it, 37 in a single quarter though? 37 in a game is remarkable, 37 in a quarter is historic.

    Kyrie was jacking up difficult shots here and there all game long and they were going in. It WAS certainly impressive. But this is Cleveland with Kyrie, Lebron, and Kevin Love. I just feel like they should be dominating everyone with the big three averaging 20-plus points each and not winning in overtime riding Kyrie’s 57.

  22. De Navard says:

    How is it that the common people commenting on this have a better understanding of the question asked? And how can anybody in his/her right mind even think about comparing the two? Kyrie’s 57 pt game is amazing! I hate him for it because I’m a Spurs fan. However, we are talking about an NBA all-time record. As great as Kyrie’s performance was, it does not belong in the same sentence as what Klay did. Read the darn question people… Which was more REMARKABLE?

  23. MK says:

    Klay Thompson did what he did against a terrible defense and made wide open shots while having a lead, he had no pressure, it is still incredible that he made that many shots without missing and what he did in that quarter is a remarkable feat, Kyrie played one of the best defensive teams in the league and the defending champs in a much more competitive environment and had one of the clutchest performances of all time, Kyrie played a better game and Klay just had an incredible scoring quarter vs a weak defensive team. Also I guarantee Klay Thompson could not score 57 vs the spurs

  24. MGM says:

    KYRIE. PERIOD. that’s great that Klay broke a mediocre record. How many of you know who holds the record for the most steals in one quarter? (don’t look it up, your proving my point). How many people know who holds the record for most blocks in one quarter? or most rebounds? NONE OF YOU. You don’t win a game by playing well in ONE quarter, it takes FOUR. Kyrie’s feat was against the defending champs, a much better team than Klay was playing, and his clutch play was PERFECT from beyond the arc, PERFECT from the free throw line, 63% from the field (the highest shooting percentage in NBA history was 69% [Artis Gilmore]), and he sent the game into overtime, and won it for his team. DONE DEAL, SORRY KLAY.

    • Think about it says:

      Following your logic – how many other players have scored 57+ points? How many others have shot 63%? How many others took a shot that sent the game into overtime? Does that make Kyrie’s game mediocre? Which team did Kobe score 81 pts against? Did you know that even Gilbert Arenas scored 60 in a game? Did you know a certain LeBron James did it as well? Do you remember those games? Amazing and remarkable as it is, you will probably forget Kyrie’s 57 after this year. It was definitely fun to watch. Good as Kyrie is, there have been others and there will be others who will score 57+ points and carry their team in a game.

  25. harriethehawk says:


  26. check it ou says:

    I think you need to check who’s opponent when KLay have 37 quarter. point

    and kyrie 57 point 7/7 3 point FGS

  27. yellownick7 says:

    Easily Klay how is this even a debate? This has never been done before and if Klay had been played in the fourth quarter he could’ve crushed Kyrie’s 57. I will see another game like Kyrie’s again one day in the future but theres a chance I may never see someone get as hot as Klay Thompson ever again.

  28. red says:

    Neither, unless I watched the game when it happened. Highlights itself doesn’t help.

  29. newyorker says:

    Klay’s game was the most remarkable thing that I ever watched. I enjoyed his every step this quarter. So he has my vote today. But Kyrie had my heart that night vs Spurs.

  30. Markus says:

    how can kyrie’s be more remarkable? more important maybe (can’t be that important when they almost have a playoff spot clinched already), but klay’s has to be more remarkable and impressive. No matter the opponent, he scored 37 points on 13-13 FG in what was really a 9 and a half minute span, against an NBA TEAM. Also, Klay scored 52 in 3 quarters, would have blown kyrie’s 57 away if he even had 1 quarter more. Since this asks for most remarkable, how is this even a debate?

  31. Jong says:

    1 year from now no one will ever remember that 57 game, but Klay’s play will be remembered for a decade at least

  32. PuchoTRD says:

    You kidding me? Youre telling me that an overtime performance of 57 points is going to top a perfect shooting quarter that made HISTORY!!!! Thats just idiotic to argue!

  33. bob smith says:

    How is it only like 1 of the people they asked about this understood the question. It was which was more remarkable. You can’t say Irving because 57 has been done before. Irvings performance was easily more important but you can’t argue that it was more remarkable than Thompsons. It’s setting an all time NBA record versus having a clutch high scoring performance.

  34. dustydreamnz says:

    Thompson because it had never been done before.

  35. Alvin411 says:

    On individual scoring: 52 w/ 37 in one quarter vs 57 w/ overtime? #KlayAllDay

  36. Archylala says:

    Ok, so they didn’t say Klay’s 52 pt game vs Kyrie’s 57 pt game, they said his 37 pt QUARTER. Kyrie’s performance of course was more important, but the question is who’s was more “remarkable,” meaning memorable or unprecedented, and a lot of people are forgetting that. It looks like remarkable is just a buzz word the media throws out there cuz it’s obvious that a 37 pt quarter w/o missing a shot is way more memorable and has never been done before.

  37. Harley C says:

    Uh Klay for sure… Does everyone forget he scored 52 that game? 37 of which came in the third and didn’t need OT. I’m willing to bet if he played the fourth and OT he would have smashed the 57 making this question insignificant.

  38. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    37 in a quarter is off the chain, that’s more then half the 57 Kyrie had in a complete game and 5 minute OT..

  39. Afg says:

    Klay was ridiculous

  40. Edizzle says:

    This is not even debatable. Klay Thompson’s 37 point QUARTER?! We see someone go off in the nba for 50 seems like every other week. Maybe if the debate was a 80 to 90 point game, then I’ll go back and rewatch it… I’m a kings fan and I watched that quarter twice over. Unbelievably the most amazing thing I’ve watched in a nba game.

  41. TK says:

    Klay for sure. I was watching that game live, and what was insane about it is the fact that he went from an average day, to record setting quarter in one shot. Something changed inside of him and he just went bananas, hit shots that were insane, including shooting over three defenders. Not something that has ever happened before, so my hat goes off to Mr. Thompson.

  42. Kirby Record says:

    No comparison. Flash in the pan vs a whole game of excellence.

  43. James says:

    Klay got (extremely) hot for one quarter, playing for the best team in the league, at home, vs the Kings.

    Kyrie scored 57 AT the defending champs, from the point guard position. Plus some clutch shots in there, too.

    Two great performances. I’ll go Kyrie.

  44. T gas TT ako says:

    for WOW its KLAY
    but for IMPORTANCE and DIFFICULTY you know what KYRIE did, ryt POP?????

  45. ImMe says:

    Easy.. Klay, new record. Kyries was impressive to but the 57 has been done before, plus it also took him OT to get there, Klay didnt play nearly as many minutes.