Something new for old Tim Duncan

VIDEO: Parker scores season-high 32 as Spurs race past Bulls

Well, if you stick around the game long enough, anything is bound to happen. It did Sunday for Tim Duncan.

The future Hall of Famer, perhaps the best power forward ever, didn’t hit a basket in the Spurs’ win over the Bulls. Yep, that’s right. Zippo. Oh-for-eight, to be exact. So, for the first time in 1,311 games, you scored as many baskets as Duncan.

Of course, not that Duncan cared much. Actually, by game’s end, he was too busy smiling at the sight of Tony Parker finally coming through with a monster game (a season-high 32 points) which is far more important to the Spurs, since Parker had struggled since recovering from a bad hammy. And the Spurs did win the game, keeping them in seventh place in the West and (for now) avoiding the dreaded eighth spot and a potential first-round matchup with the Warriors (we’d rather see Russell Westbrook vs. Steph Curry anyway).

Duncan scored three points, which says plenty about the Spurs, that they could beat a quality team like Chicago mainly on smart point guard play and balanced scoring and solid defense. Truth be told, the Spurs haven’t leaned heavily on Duncan over the last few years, at least until the playoffs.

With a few minutes left in the game, Duncan was nailed to the bench, not because he went without a hoop, but because the Spurs were comfortably ahead and the reserves were doing a fine job. And he was smiling. Which means he probably wasn’t even aware he went without a basket, nor cared.


  1. jake s. says:

    Just like the honey badger… Tim Duncan don’t care.

  2. Ron says:

    we’d rather see Russell Westbrook vs. Steph Curry anyway

    Who is we? Shaun Powell can you explain?

  3. Kirby Record says:

    It’s not as if good teams other than Spurs can win without one or more superstars, let alone a guy just not scoring a basket in a single game. Spurs are like they always are solid, fundamental and if they get hot in the playoffs they will challenge for it all. If not, they do what they just as often have done. get eliminated in Round 1 or 2. There are another six teams or soin the same category: Warriors, Portland, Memphis, Atlanta, Toronto and Cavs. Clips and Houston a step away from this.

  4. dimsi says:

    “we’d rather see Russell Westbrook vs. Steph Curry anyway”

    parker will lock curry and westbrook in playoff, as always, so yes, i’d rather to see russ and curry compete first.
    GSW is not a playoff menace for the spurs (excepted injuries) curry is kind of soft when it’s hot, russ is amazing but OFTEN (very often) will make a shaqtin low IQ move when the game is on the line.

  5. D-Fence says:

    Nice article but they are 6th spot now right? or maybe you know more than we do considering DAL-LAL game (except for that they should win it anyways)? 😀

  6. rafael says:

    tim duncan is tim duncar best player ever and he dont care much his number…. while team wins games

  7. harriethehawk says:

    Chicago is bumming right now.

  8. Michael says:

    This win actually bumps them up into 6th, at least until Dallas beats the Lakers later today.

  9. alamoaggie says:

    you wrote this as if a loss would have put the spurs in 8th place. heck they’re two games closer to th 3rd seed than the 8th.

  10. hobbs210 says:

    its insane how much better basketball writers are than football writers.

  11. dustydreamnz says:

    Thanks, I actually never knew he hadn’t had a bucket(besides free throws) in a game.