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> Tough blow for the Bulls, with Derrick Rose sidelined again and possibly out for the season. What’s Chicago’s next move? And what does the long term future look like now?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comBetter call Nate. Nate Robinson might be the best the Bulls can do, if they can plug him into the role he filled as Rose’s surrogate in 2012-13. Otherwise, this news is a gut punch to the team and to Chicago fans, and clearly even worse to Rose. If, somehow, some way, this meniscus tear were cleaned out rather than stitched up, the medical experts say Rose could get back in time for the playoffs. That might keep a glimmer of hope alive, though it’s not the way he and his “camp” have done things with the previous two injuries. They favor longer vs. shorter rehabs, and they’re probably thinking about Dwyane Wade’s meniscus-deprived knee issues. Just so they and everyone else knows, going the long route likely will slam shut this roster’s championship window. And frankly, the city is ready to move on from Rose and this Groundhog Day marathon screening.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comCircle the wagons, batten down the hatches, bar the door.  Get down, get gritty, sink your teeth in on defense, roll with Aaron Brooks and don’t feel sorry for yourselves.  In other words, just another ordinary day with Tom Thibodeau.  In the short term, the Bulls will still be a tough out for any playoff opponent, but obviously slip down in the pecking order for the Eastern Conference title.  In the long run, when you lose your franchise player for the third time in four years, it’s probably time to look at a re-boot at the point.  The pressure will be ramped up even more to keep free agent Jimmy Butler next summer.

Scott Howard-Cooper, There is no next move. At least not this season, because losing Rose is a huge blow and losing him now, immediately after the trade window closed, adds to the hurt. The only thing the Bulls can do is play through it. The good news is, they have before, just not at a championship level. Depending on the matchup(s) and the health of other teams, I could still see Chicago winning a playoff series or two. That’s a tough group with an excellent coach. As for the long term, this is the moment for me that says once and for all the Bulls cannot rely on Rose to get through 82 games and an entire postseason. Hopefully he proves me wrong. But the future has to include finding a starting point guard.

Shaun Powell, It won’t be easy for the Bulls to lift their morale off the floor, but that’s the first order of the day. Next, they must find a replacement ASAP and hope he can do for them what Nate Robinson did a few years ago and D.J. Augustin did last year. As for the long-term answer, nobody knows yet because Rose hasn’t gone through recovery. But let’s not try to kid anyone here: The Bulls can no longer resolve around Rose.

John Schuhmann, I’m guessing that the next move is signing Nate Robinson for the rest of the season and hoping Rose can make it back for the playoffs. They’ve already taken steps to be less dependent on Rose this season, and there hasn’t been much of a drop-off when he’s been off the floor. But the defense (which hasn’t been up to the Bulls’ standards in the first place) will suffer with a lot of minutes for Robinson or Aaron Brooks, and the offense with suffer from too much Kirk Hinrich, who’s had a rough year. Long-term, they just have to hope for the best, because they’re paying Rose more than $41 million over the next two years, a tough number to work around when you’re not willing to pay the luxury tax.

Sekou Smith,​It’s a wicked blow for Rose as well as for the Bulls organization and a passionate fan base that believed Rose would lead them back to a championship level for the first time since the Jordan era. Next up is to get Nate Robinson on the line and give this unit some security and a spark. There isn’t much more you can do in the short-term because you don’t know exactly how Rose will respond from this latest bit of adversity. The long-term future changes dramatically now. The prospects of a Rose-led Bulls team hoisting a Larry O’Brien trophy one day is hard to imagine given the grueling road he’ll have to travel to ever come close to playing at a MVP level again.

Ian Thomsen, NBA.comThe team that expected to own the Eastern Conference playoffs can now hope only to remain competitive with the Hawks, Cavaliers, Raptors and Wizards. The Bulls will put up a good fight, will probably fall short of the NBA Finals, and then will go into a summer facing no good options: It’s either continue to build around a star who has been unreliable physically, or else trade their 26 year old league MVP for pennies on the dollar – knowing full well that Rose could suddenly enjoy a long run of good health for his new team. It is an awful predicament with no certainty whatsoever.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogI saw reports last night that depending on the severity of the injury, there’s a chance Rose could return for the postseason. So I suppose first of all, the Bulls should wait exactly how long Rose is out. In the short term — meaning through the end of this season — I think Chicago does what they always do: The soldier on and they grind and they leave it all on the floor. And then they probably lose in the first or second round of the playoffs. Longer term, and it hurts to say this considering all Rose means to the city and the franchise, but at some point I wonder if they consider moving Rose, giving him a fresh start elsewhere and giving themselves a more reliable piece without the injury history.


  1. kadir says:

    Derrick rose was never a great player even before any of the injuries he suffered. He just wanted to make the highlight reel and it cost him these days for some reason people think you have to jump out of the building to be considered great. Let’s not forget John Stockton he was a great player without the high flying

  2. Angel says:

    I hate when the Bulls are instantly written off as having no chance of making it far in the playoffs or even winning the finals without D.Rose.

  3. ALLNBAFAN says:

    City of Chicago has given him a lot, its time for him to take a major paycut to stay with the team and give them chance to add another quality player and give the team shot at championship. Its not fair to guys like Noah whom play their hearts out but all the attention is on an injury. Yes, he WAS an MVP, but he hasnt proven nuthin in playoffs, out of the first round once, shot less than 40% in two of 4 yrs hes been to playoffs. He should be more like D. Wade reinvent his game, take a paycut. If we wanna talk loyalities Rose should equally be loyal to his team/fans as is he to his daughter/family. After all its fans and nba whats made him. Players like Ron Artest have came back from same injuries with in a month, I’m doubting his heart. I respect athltes I know sport is just more than a sport but at the same time players like him gotta stop treating it like business first, and dude got 100s millions, we fans are loyal to our favorites, shouldnt more players be loyal to the game. Im not a chicago fan but im not a hater either I love the game. What you guys think about my oponion abt his situation?

  4. johnbob says:

    at this point teams should be able to renegociate the salary of a multi-years injured 80% inactive player. rose could choose to stay or go, but now the bulls are hostage.

  5. Pelican says:

    OK, So I with diandim on this and to add, I also feel for the guy, but come-on folks!! The BULLS have got to step-up and quit crying about D’Rose!!!! What the BULLS need is a great Defensive coach!! Everybody scared to play defence! We have people who can score, but we need another “CRAZY MF” whom loves PAIN! Yes, like you-know-who. DENNIS RODMAN!!

  6. Stanton says:

    People forget how big people like D Rose, Kobe and KD are to the NBA. All are game changers, all are MVP’s but suddenly a few injuries get all these impatient people crying for replacements. A bronze medal today is worth nothing compared to the gold that is to come. Be careful saying they won’t be back with vengeance.

  7. Derrick Rose is the heart and soul of Chicago. Born and raised. Bulls need to have D.Rose as a bench player supporting Nate Robinson as a starter. The Bulls have great talent and with D.Rose coming off the bench man he will still be good but won’t play a lot of minutes. Coach Thibs needs to play all his players and not wearing out his starters

  8. Travis says:

    I have always hated the Bulls, almost as much as I hate the North Side Loser Cubs, and while I have never like Rose, mainly just because he played for Calipari and cheated to play college ball, I do hate to see a guy constantly have to deal with injuries. Maybe its Karma coming back to bite him in the rear, crazy to see a guy have so many issue with injuries in his career. I think its probably time for the Bulls, to just cut their losses, and look for a starting pg, whether its in the draft, trade or FA this summer. He has shown to not only be weak physically with not being able to stay healthy, but also weak mentally with all the time it took him to come back from the injury, considering others have come back and been fine, so I think his playing at a elite level for a full season is over, and if and when he does come back will probably be a guy who isn’t capable of playing a lot of minutes, so the Bulls really don’t have much a choice but to not count on him, and build thru someone else. With his injury prone body and contract there isn’t no way they can move him, so they just have to live with it, or cut him loose and eat the money.



  10. Steven says:

    I guess the Bulls could pay Derrick Rose a lot less money and he can come off the bench or cut his min’s way down one and still be a starter… But since Derrick Rose has been hurt the last few years and missed a ton of games I figure the Bulls will try and redo his contract and pay him lesser money if they intend on keeping him because as of right now there over paying for him, even thou the injuries aren’t Derrick Rose fault, but to better the team by taking somewhat lesser money they could bring in some more good players… If the Bulls were to trade Derrick Rose am not sure how much value they would get back for him being teams aren’t going wanna give up a lot for him because of his injuries plus Derrick Rose big contract…

  11. harriethehawk says:

    But still, this is his livelihood. This has to be messing w/ his spirit. Best wishes. I agree that the Bulls should make a decision. Maybe not so drastic to waive him, but maybe not start him anymore, as can’t be counted on. Too bad so sad.

  12. RS says:

    I feel bad for Rose, but this is a business. Rose turnovers lately have been a problem and his defense has been non existent. Rose has been hesitant to start the season, flapping his mouth off when its Pau who should be talking. A bust is a bust and that is what Rose has been the past 3 seasons. Get rid of him.

  13. lbj says:

    For the past two seasons, the Bulls overachieved without Rose. This season with Rose, the Bulls seems to be more lethargic game after game.

    Maybe Rose’s injury will instill a renewed sense of urgency going forward. It will be a tough road with the Hawks, the Cavs, the Raptors, and the Wizards but the Bulls have Jimmy Butler, Joakim Noah, and Pau Gasol, that’s a big three right there. Not to mention Taj Gibson and their bench of quality players.

    They still have a chance of winning it all without Rose. They just need to find a decent player to replace him ASAP.

  14. Derrick rose is my fav. Player but his knees are banged up its similar to brandon roy i think he is aiming a early retirement like brandon roy he has to look out for his future

  15. capicaphi says:

    February 25, 2015 at 1:40 pm

    I think its the shoes, I got many editions of d rose shoes and got a series of injuries from each pair that I wear. Horrible support! nah but seriously this is sad.”

    i think some very vicious concurrent company shoes could send some people talking that kind of nonsense in the forums to take market points.
    is it legal ?
    Also it could be a random opinion of an unsatisfied buyer i’m ok with that, or a fanboy, i’m ok with that.
    but if it’s a company, it’s not the same thing.

  16. dwight says:

    bulls need to move on from rose cant build around guy that cant stay healthy

  17. Ben-jammin says:

    Get well soon Derrick. I never turned my back on him before and I’m not going to now. Chicago should still be considered a contender to win the East especially if they can keep getting Joakim to round into form. Everyone saying to trade Rose or whatever should take a step back and think about how many former MVP’s still in there 20’s are available. There is still next season.

  18. D'Man says:

    He should stop wearing addidas and strat wearing Nike instead. Most superstars who wears addidas gets injured.

    Just saying..

  19. RaRa says:

    Someone need to tell Rose to add gelatin to his diet. Rooting for him.

  20. studentofthegame says:

    whoaaa on now…I smell a snelly cat in the room. the east is still very winnable because let’s face it the east was weak to begin with. all you gotta do is put Snell at the 2,Jimmy at the 3,Brooks at the 1 and let Moore,Kirk,and Dunleavy come off the bench. Gasol can start at the 4 as he’s doing now and Noah at the 5. use Doug McDermott to spell Butler at the 3,and Taj and Merotic to sub for Pau at the 4. that leaves Nazr Mohammed and Bairstow* to sub for Noah. I know Bairstow is a power forward but it wouldn’t be the first time a team used a 4 at the 5 spot. OKC has had similiar bad luck this season but they now stand in the 8th spot in the west and no one and i do mean NO ONE wants to play them. the BULLS can still win it all. the question is….HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT!!!!

  21. chiballer says:

    Thibs pushing guys with long minutes. Hard core drill sergeant. Should play everyone on bench no exception just to get better with minutes. Bulls have a 20 point lead in the 4th but subs with only a minute left, might as well let them sit. He needs to rotate all the guys just for them to get a taste. I think he pushed DRose too hard too soon. Everyone was mad because DRose didn’t suit up for the playoffs last year. I guess now he proved he wasn’t ready then and now. Pax needs to let Thibs go, good coach, but not good using everyone he got. He wears out all the starters and they get tired come playoff time.

  22. dontworryboutit says:

    I think its the shoes, I got many editions of d rose shoes and got a series of injuries from each pair that I wear. Horrible support! nah but seriously this is sad.

  23. lee says:

    If the tear the team down like the Celtics did the might be able to rebuild in a couple of years but their is no point in keeping Noah, gasol or any of the others really except butler and the 2 rookie shooters maybe trade for d will in the off-season and hope he can lose weight and not be shelfish

  24. Ronè A says:

    Keep your head up D Rose man, focus on getting better an fixing your problem personally then once you get yourself together personally,physically mentally, then you can focus on your fans. I know it’s probably real difficult to block out the negativity but always know the negativity can last for so long know that they’ll love you to hate you to love you again. When you do get back and I know it’ll be soon just look foward get better an prove yourself that you’re still a top 5 player because you are let yourself know that you’re good before satisfying anyone else you got this gods on your side know that, you’re strong keep pushing surround yourself with people that will help an encourage you push you, Do This For You and you’re fam only this is about you Derrick shake back my man improve on things you might think needs improvement look up son video tapes on certain players study them, look up some players that’s you can learn some attributes from of all combinations hit them with angles when you get back you have this Derrick! It’s about Derrick Rose right now once you’re good then Worry about Chicago and the Bulls lets good keep your head up!

  25. Eusiano J says:

    I Don’t believe that Derrick Rose is the whole team, so i believe that we will do just fine we just have to play for him, in his absence.

  26. Dantheman says:

    well in looking at this I think his earlier high intensity play style has a taken an effect on his knees. I don’t know because I’m not part of the situation but he may benefit from a switch in playing style. Just my opinion. I do agree that this is sad.

  27. greeklover69 says:

    tried to laugh it off.. but damn.. I feel like crying!!! 😦

  28. greeklover69 says:

    just sad…. just sad.. man…. :/

  29. David Yarboro says:

    The Bulls should definitely sign free agent Nate Robinson right away? Anyone disagree?

  30. cLow says:

    Time to move on Chicago! Sad to see another Penny Hardaway/Grant Hill-like career, Add D-Rose to that long list of What-if’s

  31. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    If they go on the road in the first round they could be a one and done, This team is so up and down.

  32. As a die hard Chicago Bull fan it’s really tough to have to relive this situation. I can’t imagine what Mr. Rose is going through, and I know how hard he must be taking this. The man has worked so hard to rehab his previous knee injuries and get back out on the floor with his team.

    If signing Nate Robinson is an option I’d really like to see the Bulls take it. A couple season’s ago Nate had a coming-out party for Chicago in the playoffs (filled in for D-Rose then too). It’s no secret that Mr. Robinson can provide an immediate offensive spark.

    The Bulls still have a lot of talent on the roster, and Jimmy Butler has been given an opportunity to really take control of this team. (Real unfortunate circumstances). All in all I believe Coach T will have this team battling it out every night. Sharpening up their defense and getting as far into the playoffs as they can.

  33. bulls_fan says:

    The number with and without Rose are a good statistic, however to be completely fair we should consider that Rose was coming from a very hard injure and was not on top form during most of the games. He is a top player and the numbers with him fit could make Bulls winners of the NBA.

  34. Moe says:

    Cut Rose or waive him. The reason is he’sa Bradon Roy as of now. He’s good or player but injury keeping him from being on the court.

    • jr says:

      your an idiot

      • diandim says:

        I don’t understand why everybody is crying about D’Rose injury, He is not the same MVP style player anymore. He is just a player. He is irrelevant. Bulls have enough talent to win without him. Look at Westbrook, the same bad knees but hi plays like a crazy and he is a MVP candidate. Rose does not have the mentality for a leader, who can lead the team to the championship. Bulls need to bring Nate Robinson back, I still can’t understand why they let him go away, and that was the biggest mistake they did.