Nowitzki replaces Davis as West All-Star

Dirk Nowitzki earns a spot in his 13th All-Star Game over the past 14 seasons.

The selection will make 13 All-Star appearances in 14 seasons for Dirk Nowitzki.

With one of the rising young stars of the game pulling out of the 2015 All-Star Game, commissioner Adam Silver has turned to an old veteran to replace him.

The Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki will fill the latest spot opened by the withdrawal of injured Pelicans’ forward Anthony Davis.

Nowitzki, who has posted averages of 18.3 points and 6.0 rebounds in his 17th NBA season, will be making his 13th All-Star appearance in the past 14 seasons. The highest-scoring player born outside the United States in NBA history, Nowitzki surpassed Moses Malone for seventh place on the league’s all-time scoring list last month.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr, who earned the right to coach the West squad because the Warriors clinched the best record in the conference through games played before Feb. 1, will determine Davis’ replacement in the starting lineup.


  1. ZALDY SANTOS says:


  2. silver says:

    i think its the right choice. With the teams standing as of today having another clipper would be absurd. They aren’t better then dallas at all to deserve another all star. As for monta being snub, i think its fair as there are way to many guards in it. Its only fair to exchange a foward with a foward. DJ is way down the pecking order. I would have given the spot to zack instead of dj any orther day…

  3. no body mentioned him but I think DJ definitely deserved to be an all-star this season. The ideal replacement for AD in the bench would be DJ no offense to Dirk he is a great player but he had his chances… DJ has been so important and consistent this season for the Clips. DJ allstar snub

  4. harriethehawk says:

    I’m happy with the decision even though I thought Zbo would have been chosen.

  5. Art says:

    There are already 6 guards on the West team: Curry, Harden, Thompson, Westbrook, Paul & Lillard, so stop whining about Ellis. And next guard in line is Conley. Ellis PIE is just 10.8 and all his numbers are close to career average.
    Randolph definitely deserved it more than Novitzki.

  6. Lebanese man says:

    Why NOT Monta Ellis??? Dirk Nowitzki is superstar but not this season. No doubt Monta Ellis deserves All-Star. it is disappointed for him. he has been playing great. I love to see him play. he had never been all-star. it’s so sad. it’s his last chance 😦 😦

  7. JerseyGuy says:

    Hm, great for Dirk but ya know what….Monta Ellis has been the main guy for the Mavs this year. I think injury to Monta may have played a part in the decision to go for Dirk over Monta since he did hurt himself against the Clippers but….he should have made it, no offense to Dirk, and I’m sure he’d have been content to watch Monta and take a week off too lol.

  8. GrizzNationGNG says:

    Another life time achievement award…sorry guys, but both Conley and Randolph deserved it more!
    The only team in the top 4 in the NBA that has a single all star…that was voted in by the fans by the way! Adam Silver, thank you once again for showing us that in NBA, the B stands for business!!!

    • artifex says:

      Agree that Randolph may play better this season than Nowitzki.
      But only top4 team with only 1 All-Star (and if not for the fans Gasol has definitely made the reserves)?
      Don’t remember that Rockets have anyone except Harden, and Clips also reduced to CP3 now.
      Mavs are the only playoff team without ANY player except 8-placed Phoenix.
      9th OKC come with 2…
      Guess that they want to distribute it more over the teams, thus Mavs are the logical pick.
      And with all the Guards already in the west it must be a big one – i.e. Chandler (injured) or ….
      good for him (really?)
      Though big D41 fan, wouldn’t have complained if they’d take Phoenix’ Morris…

  9. jake s. says:

    Every time i see Dirk with a fade away jump shot i think he’s dancing in Micheal Jackson’s Thriller video.

  10. gedz says:

    yes.. all star game is worth watching right now.. Dirk is coming..

  11. Jeff says:

    LaMarcus Aldridge should be a starter!

  12. Amitpal says:

    I think deandre Jordan might have deserved it more then dirk. The impact deandre makes on both ends is underrated.

  13. BasketballMachine says:

    Deandre Jordan should have been an all star.

  14. oren says:

    KD for AD in the West All-Star starting line up…..

  15. Elijah 41 says:

    boom! 7th all time in scoring…