NBA family reacts to passing of UNC coaching legend Dean Smith

VIDEO: GameTime: Remembering Dean Smith

Dean Smith, the coaching legend who won two national championships at North Carolina and coached numerous NBA legends, has died. He was 83. The NBA community continues to react to the passing of a legendary and influential coach.


  1. "real"NBA fan not 4 kids says:

    the NBA needs more people like this and better more positive attitudes and less of these immature high school kids who have no respect for anybody but themself. RIP Dean Smith you wont be forgotten. Basketball is now a better sport because you graced it with your touch and wisdom. Respect legends old school basketball rules. New school kids needs a pen and paper to take notes about respect. If you dont give people respect youll never gain anything in life. Winning is losing and losing is winning thats what dean smith said. When you lose you improve yourself harder,and vice versa when you win you sleep easy and dont try as hard. RESPECT!

  2. arnold m says:

    Coach Dean Smith was the best. Simply the best.

  3. roderick says:

    #ripdeansmith a man like dean smith is a one of a kind, he legacy span for past his coaching, he have had a great impact on the men from the UNC on the court and off.

  4. Kirby Record says:

    A man like Smith should put to shame the so-called basketball fans who come on blogs like this with racial slurs and uncharitable attitudes. He was above all that and stood up for decency and fairness to all people, regardless of race. And he was a pretty good coach along with it.

  5. Sirc says:


  6. timpson says:

    even if u didn’t like the tarheels u like coach smith.