Reports: Kings in ‘serious’ talks with George Karl about coaching position


George Karl ranks sixth all time in NBA coaching victories with 1,131. (NBAE via Getty Images)

Having already made a coaching change once this season, it seems the Kings might be ready to jump back on the carousel.

Reports from various sources say the Sacramento front office is engaged in serious discussions with George Karl to take over as head coach of the slumping team.

From Marc Stein of

Despite the fact that team owner Vivek Ranadive recently signed Tyrone Corbin to a contract through the end of this season, a nose-dive record of 1-10 over the past two-plus weeks has the perennially befuddled franchise getting itchy on the trigger finger again.

But sources say Ranadive is increasingly intrigued by the idea of bringing Karl in immediately after initially pledging to give Corbin the rest of the season to make his case.

From Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports:

Karl has professed to the Kings that he would concentrate solely on coaching and not front-office moves, a source said. He has also told the Kings that he is a huge fan of All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins.

The Kings do have some concern that Karl could get interest from the Orlando Magic for their coaching opening as well, a source said.

Karl, who ranks sixth all time in NBA coaching victories with a 1,131-756 record, is a fan favorite for the various reclamation projects he’s undertaken in his career and has let it be known that he’s interested in a return to the bench.

Back in December when the Kings fired coach Michael Malone, Karl tweeted: “I want to thank all the @SacramentoKings fans & supporters for their kind messages. It has not gone unnoticed.”

When the Magic fired coach Jacque Vaughn earlier this week, Karl tweeted: “It’s no secret I would love the opportunity to coach one more time. Love the skills and speed of the Magic and the great young players in the league!”

Evidently the possibility of Karl getting snapped in Orlando has lit the fire under Ranadive and could be bringing things to a boil.

Going into Saturday night’s game at Utah, the Kings are 17-31 record, the fourth-worst record in the Western Conference. The are 6-18 under Corbin.


  1. beachesq says:

    Demarcus Cousins will block this, Who he is to do this I have no idea. I dont even know who he is; Why should a player have the final say on the new coach or the exisiting coach is beyond me.If he this reflects in his attitude or play let him go elsewhere.Players dont own the team and should realize no matter how good they are it is only for the moment. Kook what happened to the Knicks when they let Melo call the shots.

  2. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Sac should of never fired Malone, that is a bad franchise, and it show’s on the court…..

  3. Bird33 says:

    Great to see all the love for Coach Karl coming through the posts. Good luck Coach, where ever you land!

    Us old school fans from the 80’s are really looking forward to seeing you on the sidelines again. And a special shout out to the Seattle fan who suggested he coach the next Supersonics. As a fan of the game, I’d love to see the Sonics take flight again in Seattle (hopefully Commissioner Silver has someone monitoring these feedback posts 🙂

  4. Tim Duncan says:

    George karl can help you get to the playoffs. But he is trash when it comes to coaching defense. So don’t expect to get through the first round.

  5. NBA2K says:

    No! I want him in Orlando… shoot… come on, bidding war commence!!

  6. Acer says:

    I Don’t know how is he going to control Cousins ? he (Karl) is of a peaceful nature, doesn’t like confrontations.

  7. The toronto and portlnd and oklahoma are best clubs in the lnba ligue

  8. Fear The Deer says:

    Great coach….loved him while he was in Milwaukee(as a coach)
    Just don’t let him have any say as far as trades/front office decisions.
    Remember when he traded Ray Allen in his prime for a washed up Gary Payton?Wisconsin still hasn’t got over that horrible trade.
    With that said…..he is still one of the greatest coaches ever.

  9. Novelist Montage says:


  10. DIETZ says:

    George Karl should be the new coach but not at Sacramento but a team located in SEATTLE. Got it!!!!!!

  11. Haim Azulay says:

    What about their former coach Rick Adelman?
    Adelman brought the Kings to the Western conference finals in 2002 and combined very well between the players that a lot of their jerseys are retired and lift their numbers on the roof like Divac and Webber!

    It can be possible now as well with great players like Cousins, Gay and McLemore by his old style game and successfull method!
    That’s the way for returning the Kings on the right place at right time!

  12. LongTimeLakerFan says:

    Coach Karl would be a great choice for Sacramento. Denver was foolish to let him go and they have been going down hill ever since he left. Karl is one of the best coaches ever, and I rank him well above Jackson, who would never had so much success, if he were not coaching Jordan’s Bulls, or the combination of Kobe & Shaq. Jackson is probably the most over-rated coach of all time and I doubt he will last in New York’s front office. Karl on the other hand has always done the best with what ever players he has been provided with and any team would be lucky to get him. He deserves another chance to coach in the NBA.

  13. harriethehawk says:

    Hollins coaches the Nets. I think George Karl would be a better fit for Orlando and Sacramento? They need a Mark Jackson type. To me.

  14. Justin says:

    Any team is lucky to land Coach Karl. He is a consummate pro coach with a solid background and years of experience with all kinds of players.

  15. lol says:

    one of the better coaches along with hollins who did a fenomal job in my eyes, both of them. both got sacked same season but i think hollins got a job now again, forgot wich team

  16. Kenneth Williams says:

    Please come to Sacramento! KARL WE NEED YOU! Can’t believe what happened to my team

  17. Mike says:

    Bring back Mike Malone lol

  18. 4pt Range says:

    Best coach not in the NBA. Kings would be lucky to get him.

  19. dustydreamnz says:

    I reckon he looks like Red from That 70s show.