One Stat, One Play: Mid-range Aldridge

VIDEO: One Stat, One Play: Aldridge from mid-range

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The mid-range shot is the worst shot on the floor, worth only 0.80 points per shot across the league. A bad 3-point shooter (30 percent) scores as many points per shot as a good mid-range shooter (45 percent).

No player takes nearly as many mid-range shots as LaMarcus Aldridge, who has led the league each of the last three seasons.


Aldridge doesn’t shoot mid-range shots well enough for them to be an efficient option by themselves. But the Blazers have been one of the league’s best offenses over the last three years, combining Aldridge’s post-up game with Damian Lillard‘s playmaking and the most prolific 3-point shooting outside of Houston.

Most of the time, the Blazers enter the ball directly to Aldridge in the mid post and let him go to work one-on-one. According to SportVU, Aldridge leads the league in isolations this season.

But the Blazers can get Aldridge better looks by putting him on the move, with Lillard drawing the attention of the defense and getting it to Aldridge in his comfort zone (the left side of the floor) with space.

The video above is the latest installment “One Stat, One Play,” featuring a couple of plays where the Blazers do just that. According to SportVU, Aldridge has shot 53 percent off the catch and 45 percent on uncontested jumpers, but just 41 percent off the dribble and 34 percent on contested jumpers this season.

The Blazers host the Phoenix Suns in the second game of TNT’s doubleheader (10:30 p.m. ET) on Thursday.


  1. dd def says:

    well, this just might be the stupidest thing i’ve read today. maybe put down the calculator poindexter and watch some hoops if you’re gonna write about it. when a guy hits from both blocks, both elbows, mid range, at the rim, and now the 3 point, there’s not many places left on the floor to kill everyone from.

  2. harriethehawk says:

    I think Portland is going to go farther in the playoffs this year.

  3. magreen says:

    Bad percentages or not he is still a good shooter and a good player. A deserving all star and I hope they have more success this year in the playoffs. He is one of the many top big guys in the west. It feels like the year 2000 all over again when the west loaded with top notch bigs like Duncan, Wallace, Webber,Shaq,Stoudamire, and Garnett. Now it’s Blake, Aldrige, Cousins, Duncan, Randolph,Gasol, Davis, and DIrk.