Lillard calls All-Star snub ‘disrespect’

VIDEO: Lillard feels disrespected

HANG TIME BIG CITY — Last season, Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard made his first All-Star Game. He followed that up by leading the Blazers into the postseason and showing just how clutch he could be even on the biggest stages.

This season, Lillard continued his growth, averaging 21.8 points, 6.2 assists, and 4.6 rebounds for the 32-14 Blazers. But it apparently wasn’t good enough to earn an All-Star selection from the Western Conference coaches, who voted in Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul ahead of Lillard. This caused some outrage in Portland, to the point where the Portland Police Department tweeted that they may have to look into the perceived robbery …

Earlier today, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced that to replace the injured Kobe Bryant he was appointing Sacramento center DeMarcus Cousins. (According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, Cousins was ahead of Lillard in the voting of the coaches.)

With the Blazers in Atlanta to take on the red-hot Hawks tonight, Lillard spoke to the media about his All-Star non-selection, and promised to use it as fuel to continue his season.

“I’m definitely going to take it personal,” Lillard said. “I said I’d be pissed off about it. And I am. I just felt disrespected. Because I play the game the right way, I play unselfishly, I play for my team to win games and I produce at a high level. I think what I bring to the game as a person, my makeup mentally, how I am toward my teammates, how I am toward the media, how I am toward fans; I think what an All-Star represents in this league, and what you would want people to look at as an All-Star, I think I make up all those things. For me to be having the type of season that I’m having, which is better than any one that I’ve had before, and my team to be third in the Western Conference, I just see it as disrespect. I’m not one of those guys that’s going to say, ‘Oh, I should be in over this guy or that guy.’ I’m not a hater. I’ve got respect for each guy that made the roster. And I think they deserve to (make the team). But at the same time, I feel really disrespected, and that’s just honestly how I feel.”


  1. Pattye says:

    The All Star game is based on popularity so your fan base should have voted for you. You could have voted for yourself many times. Disrepected? By whom? Please stop whining! Everyone in Portland could’ve voted for you but they didn’t.

  2. Ryan Patterson says:

    Lillard should feel disrespected! Check out this ballot that includes Dame.

  3. glenn hays says:

    Damian Lilliard an all-star. Sure. anyone bother to ask him who’s place he should replace? It’s a limited selection with way more qualified players than available spots. to be “pissed off” is really immature. Disappointed, OK. Pissed-off, NOT. Like, at whom are you pissed-off? Really lame response by talented baller.

  4. TheLEBRONJAMESFan says:

    Damien Lilard definently should have went over cousins. REMEMBER! ITS ABOUT WHO THE FANS WANNA SEE AND NOT WHO SILVER WANTS TO SEE

  5. Nbafan says:

    I would have liked to see Lilliard over Paul. It’s too bad his hard work and improvement wasn’t recognized but there are limited spots and I guess they wanted to give the spot to the guy who does more commercials.

  6. squala96 says:

    Lillard played in several contests in last year’s All-Star event. Around three other players could have been given a chance to shine and get recognized, but Damian’s hogged the challenges, yet didn’t win any of them. I think this is karma well-served.

  7. Elijah 41 says:

    All Star Game is for kids…you play in the All Star but you’re not playing in the NBA Finals…

  8. John D says:

    Talk is cheap. All Star players are rarely shut out in the 4th quater of a close game, as Lillard was against the Hawks. Talk, talk, talk – back it up on the court after you make such statements Damian!

    • orcutt says:

      Lol just watch his actions after this snub. Lillard is going to be a perrenial all star. Tell me 1 other player in todays game thats more clutch than lillard. Jordan in his day kobe maybe. Now tell me the other nba players besides big shot bob, and of course jordan on multiple occasions hit a series winning shot. Everybody knows lillard got snubbed

    • MT says:

      Huh? Lillard is currently leading the NBA in 4th quarter scoring. I’d say he’s already backed up his talk enough already, dude. Don’t bring up one single time when the Hawks doubled him on every play, and pretend that is the norm. Lillard’s been one of the dealiest players in the 4th quarter all season. Unforunately, there are just too many great guards in the west. Dame shoulda made it over Durant, Westbrook, or Cousins though. I don’t understand how you are an All Star if your team isn’t in the playoffs.

  9. ken says:

    it’s typical that trail blazers don’t usually make the all star team. with the exception of clyde drextler;rasheed wallace;and lamarcus aldridge,and most of the time they only make by coach selection,it does’nt matter how good they are,portland is a disrespected franchice in the nba;and should not be expected to be a part of the all star game;or the playoffs;because the nba looks at them as a joke.which is why when charles barkley picked them as the best team coming out of the west this year,the others laughed and ridiculed his statement. i saw them win the finals in 77;and go to the finals in 90;and 92,so i’m not dissing them;but i’ve seen them snubbed alot of times in close important games by the officials;and media sources. maybe they should just disband as a team like the sonics did. then the NBA can go back to being what it was before 1970.

  10. Keithbkool says:

    I personally would have put lilliard ahead of Paul. Haven’t seen a lot of the Clippers this year, but I still think I can say that Paul’s firsthalf of season, was not better than Lilliard’s.

  11. Kirby Record says:

    Not disrespect. He just got beat out by better players at the guard spot. Durant is not a guard and his pick is irrelevant. But does anyone REALLY think Durant isn’t a worthy all star–I don’t care if he missed a lot of games. He’s as good as anyone out there.

  12. thunderousDayo says:

    preach Damian preach

  13. bob says:

    Damian just keep on playing ball. You and the Blazers are awesome.
    Seahawks and Blazers both champs this year.
    Team above all the nonsense of All Star games.

  14. free jordan clarkson says:

    the all-star game is for entertainment value only..ya’ll would really tune in to Dirk and Monta over KD and Westbrook? The NBA and its coaches know that All-Star game is a money making racket, and the big names will corral more viewers. Most fans who don’t follow the NBA religiously don’t know that Monta Ellis is a different player compared to his GSW ways.

    In regards to Lillard’s snub, I don’t see why coaches think CP3 deserved it more than Lillard. Lillard has out-played CP3 this year and his team is higher in the standings. Plus, Lillard is SO much more electrifying an athlete compared to CP3, who no longer remains in the battle for top 5 guards in the league like Lillard does. Paul has his nights, but he is too injury prone and doesn’t take over game like Lillard has this year.

    Duncan’s last hoorah was planned by the League, because otherwise he has no business being an All-Star. Same with Kobe; he is just that much a global superstar that he can be voted ahead of leading MVP candidate James Harden. Kobe is a once in a generation player, like MJ, Magic and Bird, Bill Russell, and now Lebron and KD. Don’t be surprised if he is voted a starter once again next year, the Laker fan base is world wide.

    In regards to Boogie being picked instead of Lillard for Kobe’s replacement, not only was Cousin’s vote count higher, Lillard had already responded to the snub. I can see Lillard coming out in the second half of the season much like Steph Curry did a few years back when he himself had been snubbed. The only way I can see Lillard playing is if his teammate Lamarcus Aldridge steps down from the game since he is battling an injury and rest would benefit him.


  15. Amir says:

    You guys are missing the point – the all star game is based on pure entertainment value and individual stats — so dont talk about your teams record, its probably the last thing that would be used as a tiebreaker. Its not weighted the way an MVP award is.

    This might be Duncans last year, so the coaches weighed in his favor for “one last hurrah” – and Duncan is a living legend and respected amongst all coaches in the NBA. There are 20 legitamate ALL STARS in the WEST, like Lillard/Ellis/Dirk getting snubbed, not a surprise.

    Its still hard not to take t personal but the WEST is too deep and theres politics and other things the coaches use to make their decision. Once the INITIAL reserves were announced, me and all my Kings friends were livid!! All over facebook, twitter, IG — all talking about Cousins gertting robbed. if Kobe wasnt hurt , D. Cousins (the best PURE CENTER IN THE NBA), would have been snubbed – and he is the first Center since Shaq to average 24+ppg and 12+ppg.. since SHAQ!!! — and he almost didnt make it

    Plus, the NBA is the most politically rigged sport in the world — theres so much BS going on inside the NBA, so much more complicated than thre NFL or MLB — its just the way it is.

  16. Eddie says:

    There were 2 mistakes that combined to make this happen.

    1) The roster was suppose to be 12 guys. 6 guards & 6 forwards but the commissioner picked a forward (Cousins) to replace an injured guard (Kobe Bryant).
    2) Cousins should have been on the team already but the coaches picked Tim Duncan over him, No disrespect to Duncan, but he is out of his All-Star form.

    Duncan should just bow out (fake an injury) and tell them to put Lillard on the team.

    • glink182 says:

      Agree. Personally, I love Duncan. Definition of professional. Would I pay $50 to watch him play this season? No. I’d pay $50 to watch the Spurs, but not because of The Big Fundamental. Lillard, on the other hand, I’d pay $50 to watch him play. Ultimately, that’s the true way to determine who should be on the All-Star roster. “Would you pay $50 to watch him play?”.

  17. Felix Johnhill says:

    Performance is just one of the criteria of All-star selection. It is really not a quantitative selection regarding how many point you’ve got or how many rebounds you’ve grabbed in the regular season. You are still young and still have many chance to be selected. Kawhi is the last Final MVP, but even not being considered at all.

  18. I wouldn’t say it was disrespectful. That’s a tough word, that makes it seem like it was personal.

    This wasn’t personal. The coaches were just idiots.

    Lillard will be a name to be reckoned with in the next few years of basketball. A clutch player. Plays hard and plays much bigger than his size, and still is an unselfish team player that brings in wins. Lillard is the definition of superstar. People don’t recognize it yet but they will.

    • What’s truly odd is how the media focuses on some players and ignores others.

      You know the year Derrick Rose won MVP, his numbers were 25 ppg, 7.7 apg, 4.1 rpg, 1 spg on 445% shooting

      Lillard’s stats are just 3.2ppg and 1.5apg less than that.

      Shakin my head…

  19. ciugaz says:

    He definitely deserved it but I wouldn’t take it that personal, I mean take a chance to rest and to be even more angry than before when things get serious eventually in the season.

  20. majormusik2215 says:

    Who cares about dirk and Dwight…they’ve been there before many times and they’re not competing with as high quality players that the west point guards are. Lillard not only plays like n all star but acts like one with plenty of highlight play potential. Westbrook should just join the dunk contest, im over it. If Durant wasn’t on the team ppl would hate Westbrook and his attitude even more. Don’t even get me started on cousins….whiny whiny whiny

  21. 17,6 says:

    Durant is perhaps the best player in the league but he and his selfish teammate Westbrook have missed a lot of games and are currently out of the playoff race, so neither deserved to be there. It should’ve been Lillard and Monta Ellis or Dirk. How are the Mavs 31-17 and don’t have an all-star? So in my personal opinion it should’ve been Lillard and Monta Ellis instead of Durant and Westbrook and Mike Conley, Cousins, Westbrook or Durant as Kobe’s replacement. Preferably Conley over Cousins. No disrespect to Cousins he is having a monster season, but in an incredibly tough Western Conference you have to reward the teams actually in the playoff standings. As for the starters, the fans voted, but the coaches should know better. Lillard, Ellis and Conley got robbed by the coaches.

  22. Chris says:

    i agree there are many bench players on this years reserves who dont deserve to be there such as jimmy butler, chris bosh, jeff teague, al horford, paul milsap, all of which players like lillard and micheal carter williams are way better then this is a joke jimmy butler? you gotta be kidding me, in video games his overall rating is like a 72

  23. JJ says:

    I appreciate, understand, hear and Acknowledge What Damian Lilliard expressed about not being picked on the All star Roster. But I think that is not a Winning Attitude but rather of a whining Attitude because even though you feel you deserve it it is not base on who deserve but Who the fans Voted for. And if you feel you deserve it, are you trying to imply that the ones who got voted in did not deserve it? Hopefully you have many NBA seasons ahead of you to grow. Be Humble, or get on the computer to vote for yourself.

  24. Fernando says:

    It was very difficult to make the West roster. i think that Lillard is playing better than Paul, no offense meant. I also think that Nowitzki should be there (as Duncan, he is at the end years of his carrer, but he is the best pkayer from the Mavs, and the Mavs are a great team, they are winning games).

  25. Sharif/Chicago says:

    I am really surprised to see that Lillard is not selected for all stars roster despite the stats he is having this year but I think another reason might be Western Conference is so much better compare to East. Winning percentage, points score per game and number of all star qualified players is just makes it very competitive to get in, if he was in Eastern Conf….NO DOUBT he would be in….regardless …you are my All Star Lillard !

  26. kobeballhog says:

    The coaches made a mockery about this years allstar game. 3 overrated hawks that almost no fans outside usa want to see. The warriors which plays better yet got only 2 nods. Duncan which is way over past being his great superstar self. Durant its a 50-50 thing. Yup he shouldnt be there in regards to played games but he is a star attraction still. Lillard is a 100% allstar material. He is playing more better this season and he got in last year. Allstar is about superstars not wannabes that plays great team game because their coach has a great system in place which maximizes their Abilities. I wouldnt be surprised if this turns out to be one of the lowest viewership ever of an allstar game.

  27. Martin says:

    Move on man. It is not about getting into the All Stars and playing those joke all star games. Prove to them that you can beat them come playoffs time then you tell them “Who’s the All Star now”. Take advantage of the all star week and rest your body.

  28. V2 says:

    There’s just something funny to me about him saying he plays unselfishly and that’s why he deserves a personal accolade like an All-Star spot.

  29. Rookie Price says:

    Why is Ronnie Price not in all star starters?

  30. TS says:

    Maybe Lillard should start beating up players, including his own teammates, then get about 4 head coaches fired. That should get him the All-Star selection later in his career,

  31. Raul says:

    Atleast the Trailblazers has a player playing in this year’s all-stars! Mavs got no one!

  32. nick says:

    It is too bad but we see the politics of sport in this case! There is just no way possible this young man should be left off of this team. there is no justification for it either. There is no explanation for it either.This kid is a bonafide MVP candidate this season and for him to be left off this roster just goes to show you how political sports can be.

  33. Dew says:

    It’s all about the entertainment factor. Sure, Lillard should be there, and probably ahead of most of the players on the bench. Looks like the coaches loaded up who will produce the most showtime antics and create the most ratings rather than picking legitimate all-stars.

  34. edward says:

    Lot of I’s….Great player though

  35. lanceysmiley says:

    No disrespect to Durant and Westbrook, they are all stars but not for this year.. they both missed games and their out of the top 8 at the moment.. how could the coaches pick 2 guys from a team out of the top 8? Cousins and Lillard should have taken those spots in the first place. Then maybe Westbrook OR Durant OR Mike Conley would be the Kobe replacement..

  36. TheBlazersAreWrong says:

    Westbrook and Paul have way higher PERs than Lillard.

  37. NBA says:

    This is ludicrous. How does someone averaging the figures he is, carries a team while their co-best player (yes “co” Lillard is just as important) to a so far 3rd seed in the ridiculous West get backhanded by 2 players who have a team who are not even currently in the playoffs? How does he eve get backhanded and then punched in the gut by not being the one one to take kobe’s (in which the fans backhanded, punched, kicked him while down, and spt on him by even voting Kobe in) over Cousins (even if he did belong there, their record should give Lillard the edge). Just… how? It’s impossible. It’s literally impossible unless there is something “strange” going on here. You have the numbers, you have the winning team, you’ve carried them before on multiple occasions, and you’re notoriety is steadily increasing (he has endorsements too). This is, without a doubt, something that is impossible unless something is afoot.There is absolutely no way a legitimate, unbiased vote could keep this guy from being an all-star. And this coming from someone who despises conspiracy theories. But the facts are there, COLD HARD FACTS that put him leagues ahead of perhaps even half the players chosen (arguably). Nothing else explains it, I’m sorry.

  38. hector says:

    Guys. If he was that good why nobody voted for him. It look like Everybody want to see somebody else.

  39. harriethehawk says:

    Okay, If you think Lillard should have been picked because he is good AND because he’s playing for a good team, then why did these players get chosen for all-stars: Kobe,, Carmello Anthony, Dwayne Wade, Bosh and Cousins?

    • Kimi says:

      You can’t include Melo, Bosh or Wade in that because they’re Eastern Conference & didn’t keep Lillard from being an all star. Kobe and Cousins different story.

  40. ace says:

    Start playing defense Dame and maybe you’ll be an all star and play for team USA. But I will say you did deserve it over westbrook and durant not because you’re better but because they missed a ton of games. All the ppl saying he deserves spot over chris paul, just stop it. paul plays on both ends and is the most complete point guard in the game today

    • pj brown says:

      Paul getting old, not the best anymore

      • CP3Fan says:

        He is a good player but i would still choose CP3 he is the best 2 way PG in the game right now sure he’s not as explosive lillard needs to relax he’ll have plenty of opportunities to come he is still young

  41. skunk says:

    i guess we’ll see what happens with his team mate’s hand huh.

    kobe, durant, if you’ve missed more games than you’ve played you should be unavailable to play.

  42. jackie says:

    well we need to consider that if we are the coaches
    ewhich players would make us feel nervous and worry about whether our team can win the game
    then durant and westbrook make it

  43. Romeo says:

    Lillard and Curry were tied for first, but if if i had to pick the best PG this season…easily Lillard. The All Star game is a popularity contest, Kobe doesn’t even belong after the way he laid bricks all season.

  44. SACKINGSFAN says:

    I’d take Lillard over CP3 any day of the week. I wish my garbage team would’ve drafted him instead of Thomas Robinson but oh well, life goes on.

  45. Antonio Perez says:

    this is what the nba has become


    nba games with no replays

    watch a 90’s nba games they show replays in almost every call

    now you don’t get replays

    trying to avoid controversy

    i can still see they are bad calls

    it’s a rule only the best players should be in the all star game

    he’s right to be angry he deserve to be in the all star game

    anybody who knows about basketball knows he can play and shoot

    i think he’s shot against the rockets last year was the best play in the entire playoff including the finals

    and i’m not a blazer fan

    but they are a good team , they play clean , and that man is a tremendous player

    what is fair is fair

    and this is unfair

    i’ve spoken

  46. Jill says:

    It is indeed a robbery! Lillard’s game has improved tremendously. It is not only a disrespect, but offensive and detrimental to the game of basketball. Paul is definitely NOT playing at Lillard’s level.

  47. JBlack says:

    No doubt Lillard deserved it, but so does Mike Connelly and he gets snub every year…… the chance Lillard got last year All Star was probably because Westbrook was out with injury for a long part of that season leading to the All Star games. The kid has game but He is not a better explosive player than Westbrook and he is not a better POINT guard/facilitator than CP3,and he is not on fire like Curry, these guys qualify to retain an All Star spot every year injury free or not,even Durant, these guys are BLOCKBUSTER . What happens next year to Lillard if Curry,Paul,Parker, Rondo,Connelly all play at a high level also ? Unfortunately a few guys will have to get snub every year. Tony Parker plays in some and does not get pick in others All Star games, so i guess you will have to join him in being a reserve player that gets in one year and snub year. CP3 got demoted from starter to reserve this year thats how difficult it is. What happens to the East when Paul George comes back or DRose gets back to playing great basketball. Thier are alot of great players that missed out in previous years that are back right now playing healthy that has a very slight edge over Lillard. So to Lillard you did not loosed out because of your talent, you loosed by the amount of guys just like you that is also playing at a high level and retained there All Star spot. One more thing All Star is not about your team not being in the playoffs,it’s individual talent game. If playoff was a criteria then Melo, Kobe and Anthony Davis should of not been a part of the fan voting as for injuries, it is apart of the game once these guys are playing healthy going in to the All Star games pick them.

  48. red says:

    Hahahahaha, that’s what happens when you become a cover of the worst basketball game ever.

  49. Charles hill says:

    Point guards drop 50 on this boy on the regular

  50. Tha game says:

    Kobe got no game and he just wanna be like Jordan. Lillard got hops and can 3 anywhere. Lebron always a joke.

  51. Ray says:

    Steph got snubbed last year.. Get over it an get he did

  52. jackie says:

    poor kid~~
    that’s what the life is
    just help your team play well in the playoffs
    you have the chance to prove your skills next year
    we all want to see this

  53. Charles Gtz says:

    I can’t believe how the league allows such a rip off to happen. Lillard has been extraordinary for his team and has played as an MVP so far. Durant?? Please.. he missed 17 games and it took him a while to get his rythm back and you can tell he is not 100%. Chris Paul has not even been on LA’s highlights. I have to agree with the police on this one and I am not even a Portland fan but have lots of respect for them!! You guys got robbed! sorry…

  54. Karl Pano says:

    I am 100% agree Lillard is an All star. There are few players should be an All star, its all wrong how they did All STAR picks. None just Lillard few players i have been watching the quarter of the season should have include All star. My opinion All star game is about stealing, choosing favor players they want include as part All star. I guess just make better pictures for previous NBA stars. Like Wade and Kobe should not be All star not playing well this season. Add better players stepping out this year. its unfair.

  55. Daniel says:

    This is without a doubt the worst All-Star snub in ages! And to think, Damian Lilllard was snubbed twice on the same year! What an injustice to one of the premier/elite NBA talents!

  56. GSW fan says:

    The one that does not belong to the roster is Westbrook. He missed a lot of games and OKC isn’t even in the playoff picture. Clearly poor judgement by the coaches.

  57. Andrew says:

    Take off Durant or Duncan replace by Lillard.

  58. TheRealChubbles says:

    Damian Lillard needs to get over himself! He feels disrespected for not getting in? Are you kidding me? Dirk didn’t make it! Dwight Howard didn’t make it! I’ll tell you what, Damian Lillard can feel disrespected in the off-season, once the Blazers get bounced in the first round! WRITE IT DOWN!! FIRST ROUND!!!

  59. Varun says:

    I definately think Lillard is 1 of the best PG in the league, no doubt!

  60. Paolo says:

    It’s almost a criminal act to leave him off the as roster. He has been brilliant all season, and his progression as a true leader outweighs even all the career high numbers he’s posted so far. Extremely clutch,fearless, and plays the game the right way, it’s hard to believe the head of the snake of the Blazers isn’t going.

  61. Stephen says:

    OKC is not even in the top eight teams in the west. What’s so All-Star about that? Lillard was robbed. Call the cops!

  62. northmen says:

    Lol salty boy, don’t you know he wouldn’t make it in the east

  63. YMVSpurs Fan says:

    Totally Agree, i already commented on why i believe R. Westbrook didn’t deserved his spot at all, this guy along with Curry should of been the top Guards to start in the West, with Mike Conley in a close third Place. Is even unfortunate that Kobe made it but not this guy, Just like i said before, the whole Balloting affairs needs to be changed if not, we’ll keep seeing a Kobe Bryant make the All Stars just cause of his name, and that’s not the point of it, but in some way highlight the best players of this first half of the Season. Whatever, keep doing your thing Lilliard, (except vs Spurs, give us a break that third OT game was hard to watch, for me atleast xD),

  64. TheTruth says:

    How sweet would it be if he uses this to fuel him to a championship ring come June.

  65. Andy says:

    According to stats of the season, Westbrook is ahead of Lillard; CP3 is somehow comparable with Lillard in terms of stats. However, when you look at overall effectiveness, Lillard is far better than Westbrook this season. Plus, OKC is not even in the first 8. I guess he is right with his disappointment.

  66. Chris says:

    There is no question whether or not Lillard should be an all star. I understand that there all all-star snubs every year. Ellis got snubbed and Lillard got snubbed.. But are you kidding me? Damian was an easy candidate to make the all-star team as much as anybody who actually deserved to make it. If the league is all about “rewarding winning”, then why are both Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook on the all-start team when they are not even in the playoff picture.. I understand they are household names…. but are you kidding me? The Blazers are third in the deep Western Conference, and Aldrirdge is the only one representing the Blazers.. The league has to some way figure out how to include Damian Lillard to the all star team.. I feel for you Mr. Clutch Damian Lillard

  67. Jenna says:

    Yeah I feel like Damian should’ve made it but we can’t do anything about it. Just more motivation for him.

  68. Yeszin says:

    D.Lilard is soooo right, he is playing like an ALL STAR all year long!!!! He is right to be pissed, I think the HAWKS are gonna lose tonight!!

  69. Clutch City says:

    I don’t like what he did to my Rockets last playoffs but he definitely deserves to be in there. Take out Westbrook or Chris Paul and insert Lillard and Harden. Melo should be out of there completely and D-Wade should be out of there too, and Kobe should retire. These 3 are being voted in based on past history, not the current season. Congrats to Cousins!!!

  70. Dieter says:

    I really don’t get you Adam Silver… the coaches made some wrong choices with selecting Westbrook and Paul over Lillard and Conley… you could correct it by selecting one of them, and what do you do? Yes, you selected someone who is a bad example for the sport, and plays good on a bad team… and has great stats because of that. Is the Cousins selection just something to get more fans to the Kings stadion, because it sure has nothing to do with selecting the most deserving players.

  71. William says:

    Agree. Lillard is playing fantastic ball.

    Kobe was voted in but wasnt playing well enough to make the second string on a contender team.

  72. greeklover69 says:

    i couldn’t agree more.. this kid really deserved it!!! you give Fishface and Durant a spot?!? WHY exactly?! this is no live achievement award!!! clearly poor judgement!!!

  73. TheKush says:

    Well this year I don’t think Russell Westbrook deserved to be in the all star game OKC isn’t even in the playoffs how in the hell did okc lose to the knicks? I hear you Lillard. Also Mike Conley should have gotten in over Chris Paul, My opinion so far Chris Paul has been a disappointment this year. But then again one can’t forget L.A has two basketball teams for a reason. Let em know on the court Lillard!