Report: Nets, Hornets talk Joe Johnson trade

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Will Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King pull the trigger this time?

The Nets have been looking to unload one or more of their three biggest contracts for a while now. Last week, they reportedly came close to dealing Brook Lopez to Oklahoma City in a three-team trade, but pulled out because they were hesitant to take back Lance Stephenson.

Now, they may be bringing Stephenson home to Brooklyn in a different trade. Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Nets and Hornets are in discussions to swap Joe Johnson for Stephenson and a couple of his teammates …

The Charlotte Hornets and Brooklyn Nets have restarted trade discussions, this time focused on guard Joe Johnson, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The Hornets and Nets are discussing a larger package that would likely include guards Lance Stephenson and Gerald Henderson and forward Marvin Williams, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Johnson said Saturday that he has tendinitis in his right knee and left ankle. But he would be a boost to a Charlotte offense that ranks 28th in efficiency. The Hornets have won nine of their last 11 games to make a charge toward a playoff spot, but have done it with some ugly basketball.

The deal wouldn’t save the Nets much money (assuming Henderson exercises his player option next season), but it would give them some added depth in the wake of the news that they’ve lost Mirza Teletovic for the season, and it would make them a little more flexible if they want to make future deals. The Henderson/Stephenson/Williams trio would conceivably give them more shooting, but none of the three have shot particularly well this season.

Wojnarowski additionally reports that the Nets have talked with the Denver Nuggets about a deal for Lopez.


  1. 4pt Range says:

    Don’t do it Mike.

  2. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    This trade would be bad, both players are overrated, and Joe’s contract is just bad to take on.

  3. Lambros Balatsias says:

    Stupid trade. With Kemba out, I would try to send Pargo and Taylor to Orlando for Seth Curry. He is averaging 25+ and shooting over 50% on 3 pointers in the D league. Lance can stay on the bench the way Ben Gordon and Tyrus Thomas did. His play slows the team down, Curry’s shooting will stretch the floor. It would free Al down low. And Curry Hornets jerseys? Marketing gold. Johnson’s tendinitis will morph into something worse in Charlotte. Bring in hungry players, not over paid aging stars…

  4. carl mcneil says:

    hornets and nets trade needs to happen

  5. ftfjy vgt says:

    bad trade for hornets

  6. ftfjy vgt says:


  7. Tnice says:

    It will be a move to get them flexible for the future and get rid of the headache they call Lance. Both of these teams are headed for a first round elimination. So I understand the move it will free up more playing time for Vonleh Hairston and Jeffrey Taylor as well. Then I believe Johnsons contract will expire if they want to get rid of him aat the end of the season.

  8. Richard says:

    If the Nets want to get rid of Joe Johnson, then how valuable could he be, I know he has a big contract but if the Hornets trade for him, especially lance Stephenson, that is 2 mistakes in one season. FIRST SIGNING STEPHENSON, THEN TRADING FOR Johnson. STAND PAT !!!!!!

  9. Parlay says:

    Good move for Charlotte, will help push for a playoff run yet wont get far

  10. Ali Salem says:

    Mr airiness, please do not pull the trigger
    Joe Johnson trade is no different than drafting Kwame Brown
    Jj is a money men won’t win you even a playoff series
    JJ is just B Davis type who will just rack up points on the score board for a big pay cheque

  11. harriethehawk says:

    Joe Johnson is a bum.

  12. sfgdfgjsgdbdmbgfmb says:

    Hornets should go for Ray Allen instead of trading for Old Joe

  13. Nick says:

    don’t do it Mr. Jordan

  14. charlotte says:

    worst deal hornets can make