New faces, new places for All-Star starters

VIDEO: Stephen Curry is the leading vote-getter for the NBA All-Star Game starters

NEW YORK CITY — The 2015 All-Star Game will feature several first-time starters, as well several players making return All-Star appearances while representing new places. But perhaps the most surprising news from the All-Star voting results is a changing of the guard atop the polls.

NBA All-Star 2015Cleveland’s LeBron James, last season’s overall vote-getting leader while a member of the Miami Heat, led the voting through each of the initial voting updates this season. But a late push from Golden State’s Stephen Curry made the Warriors guard the overall leader, with 1,513,324 votes to James’ 1,470,483.

The other big surprise in final voting totals was the rise of Toronto’s Kyle Lowry. In the first voting totals, announced on Christmas Day, Lowry was in fourth among Eastern Conference guards, behind Washington’s John Wall, Miami’s Dwyane Wade and Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving. Irving started last season’s game for the Eastern Conference and went on to win the All-Star Game MVP.

In the most recent results, announced two weeks ago, Lowry had leapfrogged Irving to move into third place but was still over 100,000 votes behind Wade, with 406,974 votes to Wade’s 507,326 . But the Raptors campaigned hard for Lowry, with social media support from people like hip-hop star Drake and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, which apparently rallied enough support to push the 28-year-old Lowry, who has never been an All-Star, into the starting lineup. Lowry finished with 805,290 votes to Wade’s 789,839.

Last season’s second-leading vote-getter was Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant, with 1,396,294 votes. Durant went on to win his first NBA MVP award. But Durant has missed 23 of OKC’s 42 games this season while recovering from a foot fracture, while his teammate Russell Westbrook, himself a three-time All-Star, has missed 14 games with a hand injury.

For the second year in a row, forwards and centers were lumped into one frontcourt category. Each conference’s starting five will include one of the Gasol brothers — Memphis’ Marc for the West and Chicago’s Pau for the East, in his first season as an Eastern Conference player. New Orleans big man Anthony Davis, who one year ago made his All-Star debut as a Western Conference reserve, will join Marc in the Western Conference starting lineup, giving the West plenty of size along the front line.

Some players are noticeable by their absence. Despite winning the NBA title in dominant fashion a season ago, no San Antonio Spurs players were named to the starting lineup in the West. And in the East, no Atlanta Hawks charted among the top five, even though the Hawks currently are 35-8 and have a six game lead atop the Eastern Conference.

Houston’s James Harden probably has the best claim to a starting spot among those not voted to the starting fives. Harden currently leads the NBA in points per game at 27.2 per night. This year he was the only player over a million votes (1,069,368) not to make the starting lineup.

But could history repeat itself? Last season Harden was selected as an injury replacement for Kobe Bryant in the Western Conference starting lineup, and the announcement earlier today that Kobe Bryant suffered a torn rotator cuff last night puts his participation this year in doubt. If Bryant is unable to play, the Western Conference All-Star coach, Steve Kerr, will select his replacement in the starting lineup from among the players selected as reserves, where Harden would seem to be a lock. The reserves will be announced next Thursday night, Jan. 29.

Golden State’s Kerr will be the first rookie coach to coach in an All-Star Game since Larry Bird in 1998. Atlanta’s Mike Budenholzer, who is just in his second year as an NBA head coach, will coach the Eastern Conference All-Stars.

The 64th NBA All-Star Game will be exclusively televised on TNT from Madison Square Garden on Sunday, Feb. 15.



LeBron James, Cavaliers — No surprise that the league’s reigning best all-around player made the cut. After flipping from Miami to Cleveland in the offseason and a slow start with the Cavs, James recently sat out 8 games to recuperate from nagging injuries. In five games since returning, King James has averaged 30.6 ppg, 7.0 rpg and 6.0 apg.

Carmelo Anthony, Knicks — This must be a high point in an otherwise rough season for Anthony, who has averaged 24 ppg and 6.7 rpg in 33 games for the woeful Knicks, who are just 7-36 on the season. Anthony will likely be the only New York or Brooklyn representative in the game.

Pau Gasol, Bulls After 13 seasons in the Western Conference with the Grizzlies and Lakers, a move East to Chicago has vaulted Gasol into his first All-Star game since 2011, and the first All-Star start of his career. It’s well-deserved: At 34 years old, Gasol is averaging 18.7 ppg along with a career-high 11.4 rpg.


John Wall, Wizards — After making his first All-Star appearance one year ago as a reserve, this season Wall was voted in as the leader among Eastern Conference guards. The 24-year-old Wall is having a breakout season, leading the Wiz to a 29-14 record while averaging 17 ppg and leading the NBA at 10 apg.

Kyle Lowry, Raptors In his ninth NBA season, for the last few seasons Lowry has been the Eastern Conference player probably most deserving of an All-Star nod that never came. This season, Lowry is averaging 19.8 ppg, 7.5 apg and 4.9 rpg, career highs across the board.



Blake Griffin, Clippers — All-Star Weekend is nothing new for Griffin — he’s been a participant every year since 2011, the same year he won the Slam Dunk Contest by leaping over a car. But his game has evolved over the years, using less power and more touch. This season Griffin is averaging 23 ppg and 7.6 rpg for the 28-14 Clippers.

Marc Gasol, Grizzlies — The younger Gasol brother has made just one previous All-Star appearance, in 2012. But Gasol was named the Defensive Player of the Year last season, and this season has assumed a central role in the Memphis attack, posting 8.2 rpg along with a career-high 19.3 ppg.

Anthony Davis, Pelicans – The Unibrow is officially among the NBA elite. After a summer anchoring the gold medal-winning USA Basketball team in the FIBA Basketball World Cup, Davis has continued his strong play into the season. The versatile 21-year-old seven-footer, in just his third NBA season, is currently averaging a double-double, with 24.3 ppg to go with 10.4 rpg, as well as leading the league with 2.9 blocks a night.


Stephen Curry, Warriors – Thus far this season, Curry has been the best player for the league’s best team. In his sixth NBA season, Curry is averaging 23.2 ppg and 8.1 apg for the Warriors, who began the season 16-0 and are currently 34-6 overall.

Kobe Bryant, Lakers — After sitting out last year’s game while recovering from an Achilles tendon injury, the Mamba was again selected an All-Star starter, although like last season, an injury could curtail his participation. Even at 36 years old, the 16-time All-Star has remained effective, averaging 22.3 points per game this season in 35 appearances.


  1. Javier Gomez says:

    I am a little disappointed with the election. They keep avoiding to include Manu Ginobili in the start team. Manu is about to retire and he very well deserves to be included, as a moral award for his great career

    GO MANU!!!!

  2. Carolyn Baggarly says:

    I think there needs to be some MAJOR changes with the Western starting lineup. I know Steph Curry is good, but he does not deserve to start over Westbrook. It is confusing to not have a small forward in the starting lineup. They have two centers (Davis, and Gasol) and one PF (Griffin). I think that Davis should be replaced with another player. I know Durant missed a lot of games, he deserves to be in there considering he’s the reigning MVP. Don’t think that I’m favoring Thunder player either. I hate the Thunder being a die hard clipper fan. Since Kobe will probably not be able to play, I predict that Klay Thompson will get the start. He’s a beast and I hope he gets the glory he deserves.

  3. Nahid Ahmed says:

    James Harden and Klay Thompson need to be in the All Star Game. Harden deserves to start over washed up Kobe. Harden got over a million votes, but still wasn’t enough. Hell nah

  4. WestbrookANDdurant says:

    No Westbrook? No KD? This is a joke. Worst allstar game lineup I’ve seen in 20+ years. Reigning MVP not getting to start in the allstar game just because he was injured early on? Some of these so called allstars are being voted in by their teams record….Curry for example! You people are honestly telling me you think Curry is better than Russell Westbrook?!!! If it was a quick release 3 point competition sure but it’s not it’s nba basketball. Don’t matter though come playoff time OKC will show the warriors what’s up

  5. What a farse! says:

    Guys, you all still believe that you actually vote?!?!…. is all setup already, c’mon! Think about it, NIKE just launch the new JORDAN MELO M11, and do you think they don’t want to see Melo, in his hometown, showing the new shiny shoes to the world on the All Stars Game night?!… LOL… that’s the only reason how we can explain the Melo presence as a starter!! Seriously, how can he be there with so bad statistics so far in the worst NBA team of this season?????

  6. dawave says:

    Let’s keep in mind that NBA is a for profit business and a sport. So keeping the clients engaged and happy is important also.

  7. Mr.BigShot says:

    I really don’t know why the NBA allowed the fans to vote for ANY players in the league.
    I mean not every players are all-stars…
    This year event should be renamed the NBA Fan’s Game

  8. Cuban is right! says:

    Cuban is right! This vote is a disgrace! Kobe and Melo?!?! You must to be kidding! Harden, Cousin and many more deserve to be there! It’s true what they saying: depending of which shoes you wear, you play the all stars game, so sad!

  9. Allen Johnson says:

    Why isn’t Kyrie Irving a starter? Kyrie Irving is the nest NBA player ever! There is no one else out there that can shine the way that Kyrie Irving does. There is a reason why he won MVP of the All-Star game last year! Shame on all the people that didn’t vote for Kyrie Irving. He is way better than anyone else in the NBA!

    • northmen says:

      Are you serious? Kyrie Irving woudn’t even start over Kwame Brown. Kyle Lowry is the best PG in the East, and deserves to start, and John Wall is ok and should probably start, but Kyrie Irving? Most overrated PG to ever play in the NBA.

    • will809 says:

      My friend stop that right now. Kyrie is a good player but not the best player. I bet you anything on that, john wall is a better and complete player then kyrie.

  10. Jason says:

    To Everyone complaining about Kobe

    Kobe Bryant is a living legend, so what if he didn’t have a breakout year. Wouldn’t you guys want to see a kobe vs LeBron duel again or similar scenarios? Anyway loyal kobe fans like myself voted him in so you people are gonna have to learn to live with it, The all star game is not the Olympics. It’s suppose to be a fun night with players who we want to see on the court.

  11. NBA Fan says:

    Dirk Nowitzki has to be on the team

  12. evan says:

    People are complaining about the fact that Lamarcus, the Hawks, etc aren’t voted in and I can tell its because big market stars get the most votes. That’s why ‘Melo and Kobe are there, BG, etc..

  13. Lovie says:

    I am hoping that the coaches will give adequate minutes to those reserves that are more deserving than some of the starters.
    Is it true that the two All Star game coaches can not choose players from their own teams to play as reserves? Does that mean that NO Atlanta Hawk players can be chosen by their coach to participate in the “All Star” game? How sad if that is true.

    I think this will be the last time we see Melo and Kobe in the spotlight because we know for sure their respective teams will not be playing in the playoffs this season. Maybe that is why everyone voted the way they did.

    Can we open the voting again to choose the reserves?

  14. en. says:

    Let’s see what damian lizard does now

  15. Jeremy says:

    Ok I don’t have a fav team but why isn’t LA, or Lillard in the starting line up for the west. Also milsaps, or Al I. It for the east.
    I think you have to have the coaches do it. Kids just go by big names in big markets or by shoes. Kobe and melo shouldn’t even be in it. Also I think they should play a certain amount of games to qualify for the all star game.

  16. Kenneth Williams says:

    How is no Hawks a starter?

  17. Kenneth Williams says:

    Ill tell you this also as of right now Steph curry is the mvp if he keeps having this type of season and gets snubbed by durant or lebron then my nba days are over RIGGED!

  18. Kenneth Williams says:

    Cousins is way better than Blake griffin and Anthony davis. Hey becoming the best all round player in the nba even better than lebron just doesn’t get any love cause he’s in Sacramento only one that deserves it on the front court is marc gasol he’s the only big cousins has had issues with he gets double and triple team every game and still puts up huge numbers carmelo is a bust and shouldnt be an allstar at all. The allstar game is a huge bust cause the fans never get it right. Id rather be voted to allstar by coaches now days it means more than voted by fans. The regular nba fan now days is overwhelmed of bandwagon fans

  19. dissappointed says:

    I cannot believe Kobe was still selected. Apparently it’s not the quality nor integrity of the player, it’s all about the shoes they endorse. Shame on the people that voted for Kobe who is making Byron Scott coaching gig miserable for the Lakers. What a disappointment that Harden was not starting.

  20. danriano1 says:

    can someone tell me how the hell does Anthony or kobe Bryant deserve to get in the whole team let alone the starting line up. Both players had an average season, they might get 20+ points a game but they miss a lot more shots than they hit. absolute joke again with the voting. Bookmakers have harden 3rd favourite for regular season mvp so hows he not in starting line up???

  21. Skerge says:

    The VOTING SYSTEM SNUBBED deserving players!!!!!!!! Cousins and Durant were impossible to locate? I ended up voting randomly out of frustration!!! YES we need to see Wade and James do their magic tricks one last time together…. YES, DURANT is better than the WHOLE WEST Starting 5……. Sorry Kobe, Harden is the man this year…..

  22. Kal says:

    to the one guy saying Jeff Teague deserves to start more than Kyle Lowry…

    Kyle Lowry doesn’t have Korver, Millsap and Horford on his team.

    Lowry didn’t even have Derozen there for most the season so far… Lowry is the #1 reason the Raps are leading their division, without him, with the injuries to DeRozen, even with a good coach and good players, they would be near the bottom of the standings right now… but Lowry lifts them up every night and he does it the oldschool way with grit and heart.

  23. htownplaya says:

    Where is HARDEN in the starting line up??? There talkin about curry or harden as the top 2 MVP candidates but harden isnt a starter.. What a damn Joke.. Instead they voted that old man kobe as 1.. Smfh

  24. Unbiased says:

    Jeff Teague
    John Wall
    LeBron James
    Pau Gasol
    Al Horford

    Kyle Lowry
    Jimmy Butler
    Kyle Korver
    Brandon Knight
    Paul Millsap
    Nikola Vucevic
    Andre Drummond

    Stephen Curry
    James Harden
    Anthony Davis
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    Marc Gasol

    Damian Lillard
    Klay Thompson
    Russell Westbrook
    Goran Dragic
    Blake Griffin
    Tim Duncan
    DeMarcus Cousins

    *Couldn’t decide on a Maverick, tough crop to select from

    • Jazz says:

      John Wall
      Jimmy Butler
      LeBron James
      Paul Millsap
      Pau Gasol

      Kyle Lowry
      Jeff Teague
      Kyrie Irving
      Dwyane Wade
      Chris Bosh
      Al Horford
      Andre Drummond

      Stephen Curry
      James Harden
      Blake Griffin
      Anthony Davis
      Marc Gasol (I think the voters basically got this one right, minus Kobe of course)

      Damian Lillard
      Russell Westbrook
      Monta Ellis
      Klay Thompson
      Gordon Hayward
      DeMarcus Cousins
      DeAndre Jordan

  25. Luis says:

    37.3% FG and 29.3% from 3-Point range.
    Those are Kobe Bryant’s stats this year. James Harden is in both categories almost 10% better and makes 4.0 points more in average, what a joke!

  26. B Radd says:

    Kobe out, Dame in 👍✋👏

  27. JoePro says:

    Wow! I don’t get how Kobe or Melo are starting…Pathetic

  28. john says:

    There seems to be a lot of disagreement on the starting rosters. What would be your objective criteria for playing in the all star game?

  29. Javier says:


    Curry • Wall
    Harden • Buttler
    Griffin • LeBron
    Davis • Gasol
    Gasol • Vucevic

  30. K.G says:

    where is Demarcus Cousins vote though??????

  31. ebfilmsman says:

    I, for one, am happy to see Kyle Lowry make it to the starting lineup. We the North!

  32. Lovie says:

    Is the All Star game about past stars or future stars? Yes, I do agree that Kobe and Melo were good in their day but lets move forward to the new day of players. For certain players to be neglected from this “All Star” game is a disgrace to the league. Shouldn’t the players that are playing the best this season be the “ALL STARS” What kind of message are we sending to these players that have really stepped up their game this season in many areas and not be rewarded for it. In my opinion this is a time that they should be rewarded. Let’s change the way the players are voted in. Every team should have a representative in this game because every team has someone that is an ALL STAR. Example: Knicks losing record but MELO is still on the team.

  33. KC says:

    Meanwhile the Hawks are snappin on hoes, 28 out or 30 games bruh and no starters. NBA champions. Coach Bud will lead us to the promise land. Warrior will get demolished in ATL in Feb.

  34. Donte says:

    All of yall are complaining about Kobe being old and not productive but he is still putting up 22ppg. Stop hating on the man. Harden should be the small forward instead of blake or kobe should play sf.

  35. Rockets Fan says:

    it is a joke? wher is Harden?

  36. thatoneguy says:

    I respect Kobe, he is a Legend. But why can’t fans respect this year’s best players? Harden is having a MVP-like season so far and he deserves the respect of the fans and be voted in. Thompson, CP3, Parker are also having better seasons. Again, I’m not disrespecting Kobe, but let us respect other players who are having better seasons on better teams.

  37. Kevin says:

    maybe there need to be a new all-star selection method where the honor for players to play in an all star game (based on their preformance) and the idea that the all star game is being played for the fans. For players is being an all-star part of their resume and part of being inducted in to the hall of fame for example. Maybe good teams need a multiplier. for example a vote for an all star that plays for the nr 1 team in their conference gets a multiplier of 1. every spot you drop you drop 0.1 point in your multiplier. The knicks or 76ers of timberwolves couldnt have sent an all star this year becouse they are seeded lower then the 10th spot.

  38. Rodney Mathews says:

    really kyle lowry over kyrie irving c’mon man

  39. Alejandro says:

    It’s funny how everyone complains about having Kobe and Melo in the starter lineup, but no one seem to complain about not having Durant!. It’s crazy that he is not there, I know he was injured at the beginning of the season but he is back and in shape (already in the top 3 players).
    I have to complain about the voting system this year. Durant was not even listed in the first page of players when selecting West front-court. You have to basically search for him, that obviously affected is number of votes. He will be a reserve for sure, but he deserve to be an starter.

  40. Jebodia Springfield says:

    If the East wins, does it go towards Carmelo and the Knick’s win total for the season?

  41. David says:

    hope kobe plays, and im excited to see the celeberty all star game. And i hope kevin hart plays because he was so funny last time and the year before that

  42. Zojbiko says:

    All you Melo and Kobe haters. People pay big time to watch these guyz and that’s why they voted them. Just like Westbrook, Melo is one of the most explosive offensive players that ever played in the NBA. I will vote Melo until he retires

  43. lakerstrash says:

    why is the nab stupid y kobe kobe is trash so are the rest of the lakers

  44. Someone Else says:

    As usual Mr popular and over-hype Kobe Bryant gets another undeserved starting vote. Melo might have deserved it had the Knicks not been so awful this season. One problem is the Lakers are the most popular franchise worldwide with the Knicks high in that category too. Some call Bryant a “legend” but it’s the media over-hype that has awarded him that label.

    Pleased that Kyle Lowry get recognition from the fans. As he plays in Toronto I thought more people were going to ignore him. I suppose on the bright side Bryant and Anthony are the only undeserving vote getters.

  45. OGM says:

    As a bulls fan happy to see gasol there I can careless who else made it from kobe to melo… Jimmy G Buckets the G stands for gets will make the all star team and if the game is close he will be in there with Wall James cause of his defensive presence.

  46. thespectator says:

    people.. its the all star game, its the same every year and has been for a long time…the starting lineup consists of the most popular player, regardless how good or bad they are doing… then the next set of popular players are part of the reserves. thats all

  47. Fernie says:

    BS, No Timmy, No Parker, , No Spurs…………………..This is horrible.

  48. Fernie says:

    BS, No Timmy, No Parker, No Green, No Manu, No Kawhi, No Spurs…………………..This is horrible.

  49. Arlen Perla says:

    I guess being an ALLSTAR has nothing to do with your performance. How did Kobe get a starting position over Harden, when the stats are plain and simple? How did Carmelo Anthony get the starting position oncer Jimmy Butler?

    I thought allstar weekend was to give us an exibition game of the best of the best.

  50. Diego Vazquez says:

    Its an all STAR game. Kobe the biggest basketball STAR in the world. Dont hate GREATNESS

  51. CarlosDiaz says:

    why people get so mad, an allstar game is for the fans to see the player they like
    KOBE and MELO have a huge fan base and want to see KOBE and MELO in the ALLSTAR game, is you wanna see the others players starting, tell them they should go to the LAKERS or the NICKS #hatersgonnahate

  52. Nate says:

    Correction, the Warriors started off 5-1, then they went on a huge winning streak. They did not start off 16-0, I would know because I watch every game!

  53. Kobe? says:

    If Kobe ever wanted to prove he loves basketball more than he loves himself, he has the perfect opportunity. Decline the invitation, citing more deserving others. Not because he’s injured, or too old to play so many games, but because there are others who warrant recognition more.

    What about Chris Paul? Russell Westbrook? Kay Thompson? (The most obvious of all) James Harden? Damian Lillard? All having betters years. Kobe’s not even shooting 40% or 30% (3Pt)!

  54. steve says:

    Harden & Wade not starting??? Ok I maybe understand Wade coming off the bench but Harden…C’mon now

    East: West:
    James Gasol
    Anthony Griffin
    Gasol Bryant
    Wade Harden
    Teague Curry

  55. JOE KERR says:


  56. New faces indeed. Hope we get a nice game. However I think it’s going to be the West all the way this time!

  57. as says:

    Love that Lowry made the starting lineup, well deserved, now I expect milsap or horford and jeff tegue to get selected by the coaches, if it was up to me I would throw in Kyle Korvor, 50-50-90 thats allstar to me:)

  58. Jacob says:

    Marcin Gortat Polish Hammer !

  59. Cj says:

    Remember. Blake didn’t jump over a car. He jumped over the hood of the car. He got mad hops tho!

  60. bryan trent says:

    what about Klay Tomphson

  61. N8than0125 says:

    Go GS DUBS!!!Steph Curry #1

  62. Harsh says:

    Where is Mr. drew?

  63. Benjie says:

    Why Lowry not wade/ stupid system. Wade is a better player then him by farrrrrr.

  64. SL Cobb says:

    Is it so hard to get it through your head that this is a POPULARITY vote. If some of these commenters are as stupid as they sound, this world is in a heap of trouble!

  65. Melo? Kobe? says:

    Kobe? All Star? Maybe Jordan should come out of retirement and be an All Star because he’s a “legend”

    Kobe is done and going to get shut down, Melo is going to get shut down this season.

    Both careers are over and need to move on from All Star status, because that’s what they are, just a legend.

    Let the young guns have a go.

    • Denholm says:

      Kobe gets the nod year in and year out because of his sky high popularity in china and because of the legions of hopeless lakers fans, the man is 37 granted he is a hall of famer and one of the games greatest players of all time, but he does not deserve to start the all star game over james harden… no way.

  66. KLEIN says:


  67. Mike says:

    Anybody voting for a player who’s returning from injury (especially Kobe at his age) should be ashamed of themselves. Even with the low minutes that players get during the All-Star game. The prospect of risking those players just so you can watch them participate in a meaningless circus act is despicable. And you call yourselves fans?

  68. Lechtor says:

    Where is Marcin Gortat? Come on!

  69. Jose says:

    People relax : fans wants to see melo and Kobe not harden and milssap.All star game is an exhibition game . Fans want to see the best not who’s having a good season

  70. Roberto says:

    Harden not a starter what a shame… #1 leading scorer in league… Bull

    • Isaiah says:

      DEFENSE that’s why. Harden plays the worst defense ever!

      • BeardMan says:

        Yeah dude… Because defense is a TOP priority for the All Star game… LOL

        Year Lg Date Result MVP
        2014 NBA 16-Feb-14 East 163, West, 155 Kyrie Irving
        2013 NBA 17-Feb-13 West 143, East, 138 Chris Paul
        2012 NBA 26-Feb-12 West 152, East, 149 Kevin Durant
        2011 NBA 20-Feb-11 West 148, East, 143 Kobe Bryant
        2010 NBA 14-Feb-10 East 141, West, 139 Dwyane Wade
        2009 NBA 15-Feb-09 West 146, East, 119 Kobe Bryant
        2008 NBA 17-Feb-08 East 134, West, 128 LeBron James
        2007 NBA 18-Feb-07 West 153, East, 132 Kobe Bryant
        2006 NBA 19-Feb-06 East 122, West, 120 LeBron James
        2005 NBA 20-Feb-05 East 125, West, 115 Allen Iverson
        2004 NBA 15-Feb-04 West 136, East, 132 Shaquille O’Neal

  71. Peter says:

    Why James Harden and Jimmy Butler aren’t in the starting line up is a headscratcher for me. James Harden should be starter next to Curry.

  72. Exciting players whos fun to watch says:

    Allstar game is for guys who are best at their respective positions. I.e. Athletic skills, can create their own shots, and play defence thats why only certain players get the max multimillion dollar contracts. Thats why Rose and Irving made USA basketball and not Lowry and John Wall got cut lol. Thats why the best players got us the gold in the olympics??????????????

    • asdf says:

      You cant be serious if u mean that those guards are better than Wall, John wall is the best point guard in the east its not even up for discussion.

      In my opinion Lowry and Wall are better than Rose and Irving.

      atleast right now.

  73. village idiot says:

    Warriors did not start season 16-0. I’m a fan and know that they lost some games in the beginning.

    • MIGO says:

      You are absolutely correct, Warriors started 5-0 then lost on Nov 9 and Nov 11, to the Suns and Spurs in a row making them 5-2 THEN!!!!!! they went 16-0 before loosing again on DEC 16 to the Memphis making their start 21-3 which is a GREAT start but not 16-0 lol amazing how they try to sell hype by lying and not looking for simple things like record thru first 24 games lol

  74. spartan kick says:

    Maybe Kobe (legandry effect) but Melo!!! Come on, Melo isdecreasing the level of All Star game…

  75. nbafan1 says:

    Why are the 2014 Regular Season and Finals MVPs not starting? It’s ridiculous not to have Durant and Leonard, or at least someone from the reigning championship team represented. Also Harden and Westbrook are great. I don’t understand voting in Kobe when Duncan is also a living legend who is still playing very well and on the 2014 championship team.

    • asdf says:

      Kobe plays in LA, Duncan plays in San Anonio(huge difference), kobe are a huge brand all over the world, People who dont watch basketball regulary doesnt even know who Duncan is as crazy as that sounds.

      Allstar are a joke, and fans shouldnt be voting, because you will pretty much see the same guys over and over again no matter how well they are playing. I think coaches/writers should make all the votes and not the fans, unless you wanna keep seeing a broken down kobe or a carmelo on a 8 win team every year.

      The allstar game will always be unfair until the league remove fan voting.

  76. NBA2K says:

    If Kobe and Carmelo didn’t get voted in, they wouldn’t even be All-Stars. Those spots (especially Kobe’s in the West) should go to more deserving players. The West is so jammed full of All-Star caliber players, especially in the backcourt, that it’s a shame an extra player will be snubbed along with those who would have been because there are only so many spots. Harden, Thompson, Conley, Lillard, CP3, Westbrook, Dragic, Rondo, anyone else I missed off the top of my head. I don’t envy the coaches here, and no matter what there will be several left out who deserve it.

  77. VictorS says:

    I can not believe the disrespect being thrown around to Melo and especially Kobe. Kobe has 5 rings and is a definite future Hall of Famer. He is a living legend and although his stats and performances on court are somewhat disappointing by his standards, he is still arguably one of the best players to have ever played this game. Due to his age and the probability that he might not be around for all too long, he still deserves an all-star spot. We might never see him play again soon. I am willing to say however that maybe he shouldn’t be starting and that Harden should be getting the nod, but to say that Kobe should be left out completely is blasphemous.

    As for Durant and Westbrook, they don’t have the stature that Kobe has (yet!). Although there is no disputing that they are absolute beasts on the court. Both of them have missed a substantial amount of games and (i’m choosing my words carefully here) haven’t shown they should be starters and haven’t solidified there status as legends. Westbrook should be in the team however, but im ok with Durant not being there for one year, he’ll be there next year for sure!

    All the players there deserve an All-star nod. I do hope however, that some players from the hawks are taken as reserves. They may not have a superstar, but as they are the best team in the East. They deserve to have representatives.

  78. Bar says:

    Nikola Vucevic is better then Pau Gasol!!!

  79. Gordon Hayward says:

    This is an all Star game, we have to be entertain when both east and west play basketball and Harden is boring to watch even he is really good on this current NBA season.
    I want fancy plays and exhibition moves since this is an All Star Game.
    we will see how the coaches will make the rotation and how boring the player should stay in a game.
    I love hawks because they are really playing real team basketball even they don’t have much fancy plays but watching them beating Superstars like Lebron, Durant, Curry is fun to watch. That’s a real all star game entertainment. Hahahaha..

  80. Chad says:

    I think k it’s ridiculous that people think certain players (Hawks) should be all stars because they have a team that has bonded and has chemistry. What happens if next year they totally flop? Think ten years down the road Great players deserve all star games, not some scrub that’ll have 1 when his career is over because he happened to be on a good team. What a joke people.

  81. says:

    No James Harden? The fan voting system is utterly bogus, and Mr. Silver needs to change it. Only reason a guy like Bryant is voted in is because of all the coverage he has gotten from the networks over his career. Give coverage to the guys who deserve it. Showcase the best players, and build up the worthy generation of stars. The people will follow. Bryant missing most of his shots does not make him an interesting player to watch. CP3 is the best major market guard by far.

  82. Tom says:

    Butler & Harden got robbed. Melo and Kobe are overhyped stars playing poorly on trash teams.

  83. christopherwai says:

    Reblogged this on According To Chris Wai.

  84. yaj says:

    why kyle lowry not d wade ?

  85. Thisisouryear says:

    I’m ok with having NO hawk as a starter.
    As long as we get four All stars. Teague, Millsap, Horford and Korver. + coach bud
    Atlanta Hawks vs western conference All stars.
    Hawks win.

  86. Knicks Need to Kick Melo to WIN says:

    Melo = All Star?? hahahahaha….mayb ppl who vote for him wish to see his 350 shot attempt in one game and turns it over and act like its his teammate fault…. Melo should quit all star himself

  87. henry dougherty says:

    Harden, Thompson, Millsap, Teague, Horford, Korver >>> Kobe, Melo

  88. disgusting says:

    melo? kobe? this voting system is a disgrace

  89. Gabriel says:

    Yall are idiots Kobe does deserve to start. Kobe is a active NBA Legend. Heis the second best SG ever. Do you think Jordan would’ve missed an All-Star game… absolutely not. Kobe deserves everything he gets. Just because he is a Starter doesn’t mean he is or even wants to play the whole game. Yall chill out.

  90. Petya Ivanov says:

    Kobe? Common, maybe on a “retired NBA allstar bench”. Melo? Oh, common – maybe on the bench with Kobe? Ridiculous!! Maybe they’ve got too much money and keep buying votes for themselves just to be in this show. Both Gasol’s are likely to be in the All-star game but not starters for sure.

  91. Deon says:

    The NBA should do all the voting James harding and Kevin Durant both deserved spots (with or without missed games).

  92. jeremy says:

    Use common sense. Its all about popularity. yeah harden is a good player(even tho he needs a razor) but kobe is the most liked/hated person in the nba. Of course i cant stand lebron but thats a nother story. Nobody frm the hawks made top 5. Now thats that bs. The best team in the east an maybe all the nba an teague or korver or horford didnt make it?? Thats that bs.

  93. nbafan says:

    Half the players voted in are simply disappointing for me. Did anyone see Westbrook blow by Wall last night? Wall & Beal scored 32 points together with 38 attempted shots. Westbrook scored 32 alone with 28 attempts. I don’t understand the some of the Westbrook hate because the guy is entertaining and extremely talented. Plus, Durant not on this list is ridiculous! I don’t believe it and I’ve lost interest because I look forward to watching guys like Durant, Westbrook, etc.

  94. House says:

    East is gonna get rekt!!

  95. GATAN says:

    Give the old man ah break

  96. chano says:

    Kobe and Melo has still the charisma despite of their ages…

  97. Andrew says:

    this result showed how little knowledge that basketball fans. Melo doesn’t deserve the starting line up, probably 11th or 12th man. Whoever is Kobe’s fans must admit he doesn’t deserve an all star spot. Whatever rough treatment that Nash had, it must be equally to be blame on this guy, who had a big salary, but play nothing above average NBA player for last few seasons. No doubt he is a legend, but if he want to help Lakers or love the organization, he must return back all next season salary to them to help the Lakers get back on their feet. Black Mamba will always be top 20 players of all time with his winning integrity, not unlike, Jordan.

  98. Nicholas says:

    Where is Durant????!!! For shame.

  99. lbj says:

    There’s no point arguing about who the All-Star starters will be. The fans have spoken. These are the people they want to see in the All-Star Game.

    Reserve selection on the other hand… Let the trolling and arguing begin!

  100. Matt says:

    Hahhaahha the warriors didn’t start 16-0 they went on a streak of it but not to start the season still though pretty much everything else is true and yes melo record or not is putting up exciting numbers and shooting a respectable percent before the injury

  101. Sirjabol says:

    wait… maybe I don’t understand it, but there will no reserve players ?

  102. Arel says:

    Glad that Lowry is a starter, and that the fans voted him in. But there was no support from Drake I think you confused that with the botched up support from Justin Bieber

  103. Don O says:

    No KD, no Westbrook , no Kidding most exciting duo since Batman and Robin , we was robed .

  104. Darryl says:

    Chill out man. The all star game is meant to be a “show” even the players don’t take it seriously. Kobe and Melo have what they deserve (thanks to his team and own performance) they both are in the bottom of their conference respectively

  105. NOT A KOBE FAN says:

    Kobe will be an All Star even after he retires, that’s how dumb the system is.

  106. We The North says:


  107. MagicJohnson says:

    Stop hating on Kobe. The man is a living legend!

  108. tkha007 says:

    Outrageous! Kobe does NOT deserve to be a starter or even an All-star. I respect his game but he should not even be in All-star discuss now or for the last two seasons! James Harden is far more deserving.

  109. Sherlock18 says:


  110. sha says:

    this is so not right I respect Kobe but i don’t think anyone voted for him…. i think they put Melo in the game cuz NY is the host this year.

  111. Jay says:

    So KD isn’t a starter but Kobe is? I respect Kobe but come on man you got at least 3 players that deserves that spot fr fr

  112. NyK says:

    I like the idea of fan voting but there should be a condition that players must have played in at least half of the games up to the voting deadline to be eligible to make the team. It would be posted online so fans know that voting for someone who hasn’t played in at least half the games would be throwing their vote away. They should also add real incentive for each conference to want to win the all-star game, I’m just not sure what that would be.

  113. E.T. says:

    This is how is should have been:

    PG- J.Wall
    SG- K.Lowry
    SF- J.Butler
    PF- L.James
    C- P.Gasol

    PG- S.Curry
    SG- J.Harden (Kobe is injured and might not be able to play in all-star this year)
    SF- K. Durant
    PF- A.Davis
    C- M.Gasol

    East Reserves


    West Reserves

    L.Aldridge is injured so D.Jordan should get a chance

    I love Basketball !

  114. David says:

    It’s called respect. There’s no doubt that Kobe is not the player he once was, but he’s got a few years left in him, if that. This guy changed the game of basketball. It’s out of respect that he got all those votes. Like Reggie said in a recent game, we need to soak up whatever we can of Kobe cause a player like him doesn’t come around too often. RESPECT.

  115. Raptors says:

    How is Kobe on the starting line up, he deserves to be and all star even though he is inefficient. But a starter, that is harden’s spot. Harden has the highest ppg in the league. Ok I get that kobe at a point in his career was the best player in the NBA and people just love him. He is not deserving. And lowry knock em dead, we the north.

  116. K.Rich says:

    I love that Al Jefferson made the roster.

  117. joseph says:

    kd and westbrook got robbed kobe my fav player for his past accompilsments…they shouldnt put u as allstar because of the past but because of what ur doing harden got robbed to …yoo imagine if okc was able to have kept jeff green and harden they would be unstoppable…they should have been like the spurs have a bunch of great players and take a little pay cut so everyone can stay

  118. Nick Johnson says:

    Kobe has gotten hurt and STILL NO James Harden! Comon people, SERIOUSLY!!!!I’m happy that they put in Steph and Wall, but seriously, MELO AND KOBE, but no Harden[COMON!!!], maybe Bosh please.

  119. Diego Vazquez says:


  120. louie says:

    What has kobe done this year to be a starter he should not even be on the team

  121. ix says:

    Kobe all star starter!!! What is wrong with the fans? Looks like still too many Laker fans around the world.

  122. Lovie says:

    I am very disappointed in the voting for the All Star Game. What does ALL STAR really mean? How do we justify not having any players from the Atlanta Hawks on this team. How do you honestly include Kobe and Melo. Are you KIDDING ME! Again it is about popularity and not the best during the season. The voters should be ashamed of themselves.

  123. suchagitspathetic says:

    WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE ANGRY?? THE FANS VOTE YOU IDIOTS!! Its who the fans want to see, not the best players!! sheesh!! fmo IG suchagitspathetic

  124. adam silver says:

    i think you idiots don’t know what all-star means these days, it means ‘most voted for’… not ‘best player’ not ‘mvp’. it doesn’t matter who deserves to be an all-star, it’s about WHO GETS THE FANS TO VOTE FOR THEMSELVES

  125. Diego Vazquez says:


  126. Steve says:

    Look at all the records DIRK is breaking.

  127. Juan says:

    Guys, the news is that 2 brothers from a third wolrd country like spain are starters in a all star game… sad is that?

  128. Ash says:

    We need Tim Duncan 😀

  129. ahemahem says:

    This must gall Kobe haters who never wanted him on any team ever.

  130. Bulls FTW says:

    If jimmy butler doesn’t make it, the system is rigged

  131. d says:

    Big Kobe fan, but he doesn’t deserve it

  132. joe says:

    Kobe is having a great season when he plays. It’s not the best of Kobe seasons, but it’s still a darn good season compared to 95% of other players

  133. sergio carvajal says:

    This year, in spite of having broken a nice record, Kobe Bryant did´nt deserve to be in the All Star at all, and yet he´s a starter. Something´s rotten in the election system since he can take a starting place from James “Fear the Beard” Harden. Statistics don´t tell everything but they don´t lie either. His are simply too bad and have been discussed by his team mates. I fully understand why Gasol wanted to leave the Lakers. He was pretty much the scapegoat last year being the european guy. Undeservedly so. This year he´s showing why he´s so highly rated by most of the coaches who appreciate an unselfish player who leads by example and makes first and foremost his team mates better and help your team play beautiful and effective basket even when it costs at a personal level…

  134. maxwell says:

    Kyle Lowry is well deserving of the starting spot, but Jeff Teague has had a better season so he should be starting.

  135. Yer says:

    Harden CARRIES his team all season long, arguably one of the best players in the league with Lebron and Anthony Davis

  136. dee says:

    Derrick rose should of been in

  137. fiddletown says:

    I agree with most everyone that Kobe and Melo starting is a joke! Glad to see Lowry made it, and wish James Harden and Big DeMarcus Cousins were starting.

  138. Yeah, the Warriors had a 16-game winning streak but did not go 16-0 to start. They went 5-2, then won 16 to become “Whatever and 2” in Draymond Green’s words.

    Speaking of Dray, best defender in the NBA and he should be an all-star along with Klay Thompson. No homer I swear.

  139. tobias starnes says:

    jimmy buckets should be a starter, best shooting guard in the nba

  140. Corban Collina\s says:

    Where’s Durant???????????? Blake Griffin over KD? Unbelievable

  141. von says:

    Why are people surprised of the voting outcome? Frankly, I hate it too. The most deserving players aren’t here, but yet players that hardly played are going to start. It’s been like this for years, remember Yao Ming?

  142. Akshar Patel says:

    there are so many players out in the west that deserve kobe’s spot:
    Harden (should have been starter, he is a possible MVP like seriously), westbrook, Klay, Lillard, Paul (although he has not done that well he is still playing better then kobe), I would even put Ellis over Kobe.

  143. Paul says:

    And Steph definitely deserves to be the leading vote getter

  144. Paul says:

    Kobe should not be there, but then again he was voted in last year too without having hardly played at all…his fans aren’t reasonable. It’s a good thing he got injured so Harden could start like he deserves to…if not, then the coaches would be unreasonable. Melo should not be there considering he can’t get Ws for his team. I wouldn’t put Lowry there, I never voted for him personally, I usually voted for Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving, or Jeff Teague, but always for Wall. Marc Gasol either, I personally never voted for him either, I voted for Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant as always and either Blake Griffin or LaMarcus Aldridge.

  145. Stephone says:

    I’m so happy that my man, Marc Gasol has gotten his recognition of being a starter in this year’s NBA All-Star Game. I’m satisfied with all of the starter selections except for Kobe Bryant. James Harden is suppose to be in Kobe’s spot. Harden got snubbed. Look at Harden’s number. The are better than Kobe’s this year. Just look at the numbers, they don’t lie.

  146. s0ngwriter says:

    Curry FTW!!! but please people.. just because your player is not in the list and others are.. doest make the voter dumb… this is a freaking all star game.. it suppose to cater for the fans.. so what if they want to vote their favorite players? are you jelly? grow up please..

  147. Akshar Patel says:

    This is so dumb people vote for players according to their prestige but don’t vote according to who deserves to be on the team, the league should stop letting people vote in the starters cuz its not fair

  148. zAeL says:

    what a voting result. Wade on the bench?. LoL

  149. nyny says:

    Kobe is the best

  150. dalethepogi says:

    marc gasol did not deserve to become a starter
    he is so overrated

  151. kanuk says:

    carmelo?!?! what a joke. whomever voted for that guy has no idea about what basketball is all about …. as an athletic team sport that is.

  152. LBJ23CAVS says:

    i was fine with the lineups till i saw kobe and marc gasol by da way congrats to my homeboy lbj and j wall

  153. Mike says:

    Maybe he meant 16-0 from Nov. 13th- Dec. 22nd. Haha. Warriors are crazy right now….

  154. wadafaq says:

    Kobe and Melo should dress in suit(unless they think they’ve done enough) for the all star weekend.. Harden or maybe Thompson should take Kobe spot and the Hawks should get at least 1/2 starting spot!! You vote AllStar based on their season performance not their dusty fame..

  155. Slava says:

    Not one starter from the current NBA CHAMPIONS?

  156. Claudio says:

    I don´t believe that, and the Champions Spurs? no way

  157. Rdm says:

    effective? 37% shooting is “effective”????

  158. MambaFan says:

    Wohooo Kobe to the all star game !!! He does not even need votes, he should be there by default. Kobe = LEGEND

  159. Patrick says:

    Wow no Dirk, or Monta KD, or Lillard, i understand the West is packed with great players but come on why is Kobe there?? And Melo in the East please this is a joke. They need to put an end to this voting system and just choose players by how they prove themselves.

    • Yves says:

      You said on how they prove themselves right, the all-star game is about who games want to see, but if we go buy your logic, than Melo should be starting. What forward in the east is putting up better #’s than melo besides LB? And that is why Melo is starting, it had nothing to do with the team, it’s not Melo’s fault he is surrounded by a bunch of BUMS, he is still doing his part which is top 5 in scoring at 24ppg 7rbs and 3ast, would avg more ast if he had someone who can put the ball in the whole, so even by your own logic Melo should be starting. So do me a favor and all of u people stop the MADNESS

  160. diehardlal says:

    All you guys that say kobe doesnt deserve it are just haters pure haters

  161. steve says:

    Warriors had a 16 game win streak after starting 5 and 2.

  162. says:

    Kobe – 5
    Everyone else mentioned below – 0

  163. Zykique says:

    Congrats to Lowry for making the All Star starting 5!! really smh..C’mon Lakerfans,

    Kobe is paid 20+million to attract you guys to buy tickets to Staples, we all know that. He is not paid to perform on the court anymore, much less deserving of an All Star starting spot. So many more players have better offense and defense rating than Kobe. These mindless fans have to stop. People will talk about Kobe in the future how he has been an all star so many times, but the truth is that he does NOT deserve that honor anymore NOW. Stop living on past glory Kobe fans.

  164. dustydreamnz says:

    No selections surprise me. Until they change the system, it won’t and for this reason Kobe was going to be voted in.
    I believe the coaches should vote.

  165. Kendall Howard says:

    Howcome Derrick Rose is not in the All -Star Game. ?

  166. Jeff says:

    Kobe? What a disgrace, the NBA should be ashamed of themselves.

  167. SEMAJ KILAM says:

    Philadelphia’s own Kyle Lowry is finally a all star

  168. Ryan Casper says:

    Russell Westbrook should be starting. He is the best guard in the world.

  169. salmaanjaved says:

    Good: Lowry baby! Glad to see him get what he deserves, they got the coaches right, Wall getting the start, Steph beating out Bron for total votes

    Bad: Kobe over Harden is utterly preposterous, Melo, Gasol over Millsap (team records…) or any Hawks representation..c’mon!, completely wrong about Warriors starting record (coming from a Dubs fan), Griffin over Aldridge is tough and clearly skewed b/c of LA market size, if these old stars can make it why can’t Boogie make it? Dude’s a beast.

    All-Star is whack

  170. Ernest says:

    The influence of sports commentary !

  171. Dawson says:

    klye lowry i just got home and the first thing i did was go online i voted every day

  172. John Evans says:

    The whole idea behind all-star games is incredibly meaningless in this day and age. At one point when it was a chance to see players you rarely could see (before every game was televised almost everywhere), it was a little entertaining. Now its meaningless, the players don’t play hard, etc. Frankly I like the 3 point, and slam dunk contests much more than the actual game. For my money more contests would be great; like free throws, dribbling exhibitions and the like.

  173. denden says:

    PAK yea aZsh0les.. Kobe is GOAT! LEGEND He deserve to RESPECTED.. 16 time all star? did your fav. player do that haha i Bet no.. so back off you HATERS.. YOU HATE HIM BECAUSE YOU AIN’T HIM!

  174. Ronald Lajara says:

    Lowry over Wade??? Come on guys. You must be kidding. Not even in Wade’s last years in the NBA can Lowry beat him in his prime now one on one. I don’t think Lowry deserve to be an All Star. NBA All Star Selection this year messed up big time.

  175. Zack says:

    The all start voting is a popularity contest as well as who is playing well. If having Yao Ming start every year while he was on the Rockets over Shaq not prove that, everyone is stupid. Kobe does not deserve to start, but he is arguably the most popular player in the league.
    Good Voting!

  176. Elkahyam Boyd says:

    For Durant to not be a starter and Kobe and Melo are….. I’ve never seen nothing this messed up in my life before. KD the best player in the game and after one injury y’all just gone give up on him! Come on man

  177. Eduardo Aceveod says:

    Estan bien indios Kobe no va a aguantar el partido, blake no es la gran cosa y harden deberia de estar que putos

  178. XOXO says:

    Kobe as a starter? Is that a joke or what? this is just stupid.

  179. Summatime says:

    It’s always a popularity contest. This is nothing new! I guarantee the coaches vote two Hawks into the East reserves. And KD missed a quarter of the season so of course he didn’t get the starter nod. He will still be an all star though, just coming off the bench.

    Regardless congrats to this year’s all-stars! Happy Lowery beat out Wade and Irving!

  180. harriethehawk says:

    Kobe Bryant has stolen the all-start slot from James Harden. Carmello Anthony has stolen the all star slot from Paul Millsap. No fair!

  181. LeggoHeat says:

    Wade >>> Lowry

  182. wagedu says:

    So, the opinion of other fans shouldn’t count but yours should?

  183. Jashan says:

    Kobes fans r too loyal

  184. Dara Hospital says:

    It would be fun to watch the Atlanta Hawks play the Western Conference all-stars. I’d put my money on Atlanta.

  185. what a joke says:

    Disgraceful that Kobe and Melo are All Stars

  186. Carlos Claro says:

    Wade (the all-star role player) doesn’t deserve make the team. He seems good only with better players around.

  187. Hako says:

    This is trash where is harden

  188. aidanmaughan says:

    Gasol wasn’t defensive player of the year last year, Noah was

  189. aidanmaughan says:

    Marc Gasol wasn’t defensive player of the year last Yeah, Noah was

  190. Bob Spruill says:

    I actually think this starting lineup is less stupid than ones from years past. And, much as I am not a Kobe-hater, it could be that the rotator cuff injury is the best thing that could have happened: He gets his “start” in the year when he reached his career goal for scoring, and one of the dozen (charitably) more deserving backcourt players from the West will be the one actually playing.

  191. Allie says:

    How is it that there are no Spurs players in there? Kobe? Carmello? What about Tim Duncan and Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard? How is it that the champs from last year have no one in the game? This is ridiculous.

  192. disgrace says:

    melo? kobe? this voting system is a disgrace

  193. tdot says:

    Kobe and Melo? Really? I can see Melo as a reserve…MAYBE. How Kobe is even part of this discussion is beyond me.

    • DRose_wannabee says:

      couldn’t agree more. All-stars are supposed to lead their teams to victories. I have full respect for Kobe and Melo but they just ain’t playing at an “all-star level” this season

  194. Demetri Bose says:

    Why did Kobe make it he only appeared in 35 games and didn’t even get over 25 points per game. James Harden did way better than Kobe and James didn’t make it. C’mon man!!!!!!!!!!

  195. Tucker says:

    Yet another All Star nod that Kobe didn’t deserve. That makes three now. The first one being early in his career when he didn’t deserve to even be a reserve and was only voted in because people were excited about him possibly being the next Jordan. These last two seasons obviously he didn’t deserve to be an All Star. Didn’t play last year, and hasn’t played that well this year. Give me Stephen Curry, James Harden, Klay Thompson and Chris Paul. The rest of the roster should be filled out by Forwards/Centers. I wish the NBA had some sort of Electoral College system where if the fans are obviously voting for an undeserving player, they can override it. Screw the fans. The fans will vote for whoever they like even if they didn’t do anything that year. Yao Ming for instance the year he retired he got voted as the All Star starter for the west without playing more than like 5 games. It’s just really unfair to the guys who actually played or just flat out played better than whoever the fans mindlessly pick.

  196. Jared says:

    Pretty typical. The players in big markets make the starting 5 even though their teams are terrible.

  197. Steven says:

    Ada boy lowry kill em

  198. Sid 6.7 says:

    Why is Kobe Bryant a starter smh, he shouldn’t even be an All Star this year, he better sit this one out and let people actually deserving of it stand in.

  199. solomonjkim says:

    How did Kobe get voted in?!? This is why the all-star lineup should be determined by a committee and not by fans. Kobe was not all-star material this year. Where is James Harden? He is playing amazingly this year and Kobe, who is currently injured and has been all year, gets voted in. That is completely ridiculous! James Harden played better overall and definitely shot better than Kobe. Either a committee decides based on the players achievements for ONLY that season, or we continue to allow the fans to vote and just disregard how many all-star appearances a player has made. People bring up how many times players have gone to the all-star game as if that shows for anything, and it would if the fans would base it off of the achievements of the player for that season. Seeing Kobe in the all-star game and not Harden makes me disappointed in the fans.

  200. BallDontLie says:

    The Warriors did not start the season 16-0, but good try Lang

  201. croatia basket says:

    i understand NBA is mostly showtime,but to put Mello and Kobe into the starting line ups,little bit too much.This is big snub for Paul Millsap,who has a phenomenal year,and Mello should give a big bonus to his PR team for making sure he dont miss starting 5. I love and respect Kobe but both of them are having lousy individual years without playing any defense, in awfull teams and at least 5 guys should be on Kobe’s place.Anyway,just saying maybe KD,Westbrook,Harden,Lillard,Thompson,Kawhi etc. feel the same

  202. biggiethekid says:

    it’s kind of funny kobe is on the game…that should be harden, right?

  203. JoeLOVESthePELICANSbae1280 says:

    Anthony Davis is only 6 foot 10. There needs to be a correction.

  204. Annhouseman says:

    Kobe is not. going to the all. star. game,he is. hurt

  205. Ryker says:

    Carmelo definitely doesn’t deserve to be a starter. Also, no Westbrook or Durant?? Ans seriously, why is Kobe in the starting line-up? Even if he recovers in time its not like he’s very entertaining to watch… This disappoints me NBA people, and I hope one of you read this and realize that the All-Star voting is just wrong.

  206. What A Joke says:

    This is why fans shouldn’t be allowed to vote. James Harden is way more deserving of a spot in the starting lineup than Kobe.

  207. northmen says:


  208. anonymus says:

    The warriors are awesome!
    but the haven’t started the season 16-0

  209. AtlVIPstyle says:

    Are you joking…. Not one starter is an Atlanta Hawk?! Wow….. the Hawks should have 4 All Stars (Horford, Teague, Millsap, Carroll/Korver) . Teague or Horford should be a starter. That is a joke.

  210. roger says:

    wtf. kd should have made it over marc gasol. i am sorry but kd is kd. come on man! If kobe can make it w/o playing a single game (last year) to the all star, so should kd. WTF

    • Quranmuhammad says:

      Idk what basketball u been watching if you think kd should start over and Marc gasol shouldn’t

      • arjay says:

        where is durant? i know he missed a lot of games but he is still one of the best and he’s the reigning mvp.

  211. Thornton says:

    Another year of Atlanta getting robbed.

  212. wonderer says:

    how come any normal, sane person could vote for Kobe ?

  213. Steve Nash says:

    The warriors definitely did not start the season 16-0

  214. Cal says:

    “In his sixth NBA season, Curry is averaging 23.2 ppg and 8.1 apg for the Warriors, who began the season 16-0 and are currently 34-6 overall.”

    This is false information. The Warriors did NOT start the season 16-0. They started 5-2. They’re a great team with an elite record, but they did not start the season 16-0. I would have thought an article on would have better researchers.

  215. Al says:

    Lowry deserving of it!! So happy man :)… didn’t think he’d be voted… thought he’d be a reserve

  216. Brian McMahan says:

    Kobe again. My god people are just soo dumb

    • jason says:

      That’s Lakers fans for you..

    • PBoggs says:

      Selfish, delusional Laker fans thinking that everyone still has to homage to the Mamba stuffing the ballot box IMO. Did you see how many votes Jeremy Lin got? LOL

    • tobias starnes says:

      jimmy buckets should have been a starter

      • Derrick says:

        A lot of people commenting on Kobe don’t understand what 18 yrs mean …bc they haven’t lived that long….present basketball players dreamed of playing along side him…He is a legend…accept it people…. the fans voted him in… and will next year if he returns….The respect level..he’s earned it….LIVING LEGEND….THE DAY HE RETIRES …IF YOU DONT SHED A TEAR..YOU’RE NOT A TRUE FAN OF THE GAME….MOST OF YOU NEVER SAW HIM WEAR NUMBER 8 WITH THE FRO