Shawn Marion to retire at season’s end

Shawn Marion helped deny LeBron James a title and now he only has one chance to help LeBron win another one. That’s because Marion announced this will be his 15th and final NBA season.

An interview with the Arizona Republic, Marion said: “I wanted to go out on my own terms. The biggest thing is having a son (eight-month-old Shawn Jr.). I got attached to him. Seeing him periodically is hard. Watching him grow up on pictures and video is hard.”

After spending much of his career with the Suns and winning a title with the Mavericks in 2011, Marion signed with the Cavs last summer because the chance to play alongside James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love seemed too good to pass up. While the Cavs have struggled much of the year, it’s much too early to leap to any conclusions right now. And Marion knows all about leaping.

“The Matrix” will be remembered as a small forward who could play big, hit the 3-pointer from the corner and play terrific man defense. His jump shot was one of the most unusual you’ll ever see — elbows popping outward, ball heaved from the chest — but Marion averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds with the Suns. And then he was a valuable role player for the Mavericks and along with Tyson Chandler helped put the clampdown on LeBron and the Heat in the 2011 Finals.

A five-team career (he also played with Miami and Toronto) which includes four trips to the All-Star Game will always be highlighted by those Mike D’Antoni teams in Phoenix, where Marion, Amar’e Stoudemire and Steve Nash played entertaining basketball but never could advance to he Finals (the Robert Horry shove didn’t help). Of those four main principals, only Marion has managed to win a ring. D’Antoni is out of coaching, Stoudemire is stuck with the Knicks and Nash is hurt and likely will retire next summer.


  1. Jerry says:

    Def a great career… Hate to see him call it quits but fatherhood is the best so can’t blame him… Truly unique player… Don’t recall many guys his size who could rebound like he did (in his prime)… Not that I’m pullin for Cleveland but it would be cool to see him get another ring before he’s done

  2. Gel says:

    A great player, a great man, a great father! One of my favorite player in the NBA along with co-Suns team mate Grant Hill. I’m happy that Marion got a ring in Dallas. You deserve to be a happy father watch your son as he grow up and train him to be like you a great person. God bless!

  3. vincent says:

    suns were fools to trade him for an aging shaq

  4. harriethehawk says:

    People first then money then things.

  5. Julio says:

    Marion you have been my favorite player growing up.. Great Talent + Great energy= Marion the Champion. Happy to see you leave on your terms.

    Congratulations on a great career,

    hope to see the Matrix in the hall of fame one day no doubt !

  6. Patty says:

    Dear Marion, You are one of the good guys in the NBA. Congratulations on your retirement. You are a Great Player!!!

  7. Unkle Daddy says:

    If I gotta hear about the Horry shove one more time… Then every time I hear about the Heat’s repeat there better be a lot of buts in there, and not game 6, game 7. The last several plays the Spurs were fouled over and over with no calls.

  8. KratosRage says:

    Marion still has bounce in his game a may stay for 2-3 yrs more but lets give this to the guy. Goodluck MATRIX!

  9. Adam Compeau says:

    It is wonderful that he is so interested in his baby! Go Shawn!

  10. dustydreamnz says:

    Very good player but has been poor this season. Good decision.

  11. Brandon says:

    Brandon from Phoenix here! Great read Shaun, i was a bit sad to read this but Shawn Marion truly has had a great career. I was honored to watch Shawn night in and night out here in Phoenix for many years. He was truly one of the BEST Suns players to ever play in Phoenix he is missed! Go Suns!

  12. silexu says:

    Year by year I was choosing Shawn to be one of my favorite players in Yahoo Fantasy team. That’s because of his consistence in his game.

    I was happy for him winning the NBA championship with Dallas.

    I wish him to be as successful with his son as he was in NBA.