Report: Knicks shopping Calderon, Bargnani

VIDEO: The Game Time crew breaks down the job Phil Jackson is doing in New York

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Phil Jackson is not done dealing yet in New York.

The New York Knicks’ boss didn’t necessarily expect to take apart the roster this soon in New York, but after moving J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert last week to Cleveland, it appears Jackson is intent on doing more trade business in these opening days of the New Year.

Both Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani are in Jackson’s crosshairs now, according to a report from’s Marc Stein and Ian Begley. Amar’e Stoudemire, however, is not believed to be in the current plans:

The New York Knicks are actively tryi‎ng to trade veterans Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani as part of their ongoing roster clearout, according to league sources.

The Knicks recently dealt J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert to Cleveland and waived center Samuel Dalembert to start the process of disassembling a roster mired in the worst start in franchise history at 5-35.

Knicks president Phil Jackson, in publicly taking the blame for the team’s dreadful record under rookie coach Derek Fisher, said Saturday that “no one should be surprised” if the club continues to reshape its roster through deals prior to the Feb. 19 trade deadline.

But ‎sources maintain that the Knicks are not looking to move Stoudemire and, at least for now, intend to keep him for the rest of the season. That could theoretically lead to Stoudemire — who has relished his time with the Knicks despite the club’s struggles — re-signing with them over the summer at a reduced rate. The 32-year-old former All-Star, who has been plagued by knee injuries in recent years, is playing out the final year of his current contract at $23.4 million.

Calderon, meanwhile, has no shortage of admirers around the league despite his struggles this season, averaging a mere 9.3 points per game on 40.8-percent shooting. But the two years left on his contract after this season — worth $15.1 million — could make it difficult to move the 33-year-old Spaniard, ‎who arrived in New York in late June as the Knicks’ foremost return in the Tyson Chandler deal with Dallas.

Sources say Bargnani, meanwhile, is a candidate to be waived next month if New York can’t find a deal for the former No. 1 overall pick and his $11.5 million expiring contract before the Feb. 19 deadline for deals.


  1. Jose says:

    Andrea Bargnani should sign with Miami… he’s perfect fit the way Coach Spo runs his system

  2. Jose says:

    Its Clear: Triangle is not working for the Knicks.. yes? Triangle gave Phil Jackson 11 Championships…
    but do his players embraced it? maybe yes? maybe no?

    If I were in Phil Jackson’s Shoes… I’ll get some of my former players to teach each of this Knicks Players
    how to play in the Triangle… Derek Fisher needs more help from People who knows the Triangle well

    SCOTTIE PIPPEN is the right guy to mentor Carmelo Anthony on the Triangle

  3. bodjee says:

    I think the Jazz should get Calderon.

  4. kobeballhog says:

    Bargani will have teams all over him after he gets waived they could sign him at a minimum. Whether he plays great or not the risk is small. And bargani still laughing at all his haters all yhe way to the bank. Lol stoudemire is already set for life. After this contract he should just settle for a veterans minimum. Thats what he is worth now. When was the last time he finished a full season?

  5. MrNBA says:

    What about those Pistons?! Started out 5-23, waived Josh Smith now they’re 2-3 games away from the 7 or 8 seed. Did I mention it’s because they waived Josh Smith?

  6. harriethehawk says:

    Since the NY Knickerbonkers are letting everything be up for grabs, why not see what they can get for their basketball nets?

  7. Christopher says:

    I like Amare coming back to NY. He is a great role model and professional and also defines what it takes to be a champion.

  8. Jimmy says:

    Phil is right. There has to be some serious restructuring if the Knicks want to become a good team with a future. Also, they should let Carmelo leave. He can’t carry a team, never could. Go Phil!

  9. BigCitySid says:

    Normally players are a bit nervous about being traded when a team is not performing as it should. However in this case I have to believe these guys can’t wait to be traded and get out of town.

  10. Max V. says:

    Trade Cole Aldridge too while at it. This guy has the worst hook shot in the history of the NBA…it just throws it in the air without looking at the basket and hopes it goes through…reminding me of this tall kid (zero talent, Low IQ, uninspired, just tall) in our recreational 8th grade basket ball tournament. No team can win in this league with just 2 stars (Ex: Irving and Love in Cleveland, Paul and Griffin in LA, Bosh and Wade in Miami…so now you understand why Knicks can’t win with just an injured Carmelo, a washed up and injured Stoudemire and 13 D-leaguers

  11. Geronimo says:

    They should trade C. Anthony and start with a young core.

    Dallas: C. Anthony
    Charlotte: D Harris
    NY: L Stephenson+ C Parsons and 1rnd pic Dallas

  12. Raptors says:


  13. William says:

    In theory, Bargniani was supposed to be the next Nowitzki.

    He isn’t.

  14. dustydreamnz says:

    I love the trading process mid season but Kobe to the Knicks, are you serious Drummercash?

  15. vern says:

    Might as well wait out Bargnani, nobody is going to pick up his salary. Bargnani was a bad pickup and Lowry was a bad veto both because of Dolan. Phil Jackson is doing the right thing by a fire sale. Carmelo is the only one not on the block, Stoudemire will probably be resigned for a much lower salary.

  16. DrRosenberg says:

    To think the Knicks could have had a roster consisting of Z-Bo, David Lee, Jamal Crawford, Nene, LaMarcus Aldridge, Gallo, and….anyone else I’m missing? Not saying all of them are the greatest, but what do they have in exchange for any of them?

  17. DukeBlueDevils says:

    What a big bust this Bargnani is. NYK will waive this tool, and he’ll be on the next flight back to Italy. Good riddance.
    I don’t know what Colangelo saw in this 7-foot dud when he drafted him first overall for the Raptors.

  18. Mendozer says:


    • rich says:

      Meanwhile.. a Russian billionaire who is currently selling his team is in talks with these 3 guys building a new team.

  19. Skrutz says:

    No one wants Bargnani – it’s still confusing why they took him. Calderon would be of value somewhere, but the pricetag make it hard. And as for Stat, he had damn well better sign for a smaller contract.

  20. alex english says:


  21. JJ says:

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Bargnani and Amare’s contract expiring this summer? So Bargnani will be off the books anyway? Why not wait it out?

  22. Toronto says:

    L O L

    from Toronto.

  23. Jay852 says:

    Masai Ujiri is a huge reason they are so bad this year. He destroyed their roster and took their draft picks with the Melo deal and Bargnani deal. And after those two, Dolan decided to veto the deal that would have landed them Kyle Lowry LOL.

    With that said, I still do think they will be a 4 or 5 seed either next season or the following after their financial situation gives them freedom to sign and trade for other pieces.

  24. Drummercash says:

    All of this clearing house sweepstakes are paving the way for an older, yet more reliable, valuable, and marketable Black Mamba. Phil and Jeannie Buss are up to something, with sitting Kobe and all. I would believe that the Lakers having had Bryant sit it out quite a bit as of late, are prepping the fans for a team without the 2nd coming of MJ (both of em, Magic & Michael). Kobe is all set and ready to go to Melo; that would explain the reasoning for Melo not signing with the Lakers.

  25. Jill says:

    Hopefully NY can find some talent will all the money they intent to save; however, talent most likely come to a team that is NOT in trouble. Certainly not to a team with coaching problems as well administrative problems. Talent tends to go to successful teams, contenders with successful managerial staff. How are Knicks going to attract these players? Successful players are learner oriented players with progressive minds. They want to improve and they search EXPERIENCED MENTORS or COACHES. If Jackson does not want to coach, then he should bring a GOOD COACH to be the mentor that GOOD and TALENTED players are searching. Money is not everything that talented players are after. We have multiple examples of this statement in the NBA. If Jackson talks about TRADE BLOCK, he should start with the leadership. NY fans deserve it.

  26. punjaaaabi says:

    I hate this trading processes in the middle of the season.
    One player could be trade, wave,.. dont know which dress is wearing! its a chaos