Report: Grizzlies get Green from Celtics

VIDEO: Jeff Green scores 32 points in Dec. 3 win over Pistons

While the Celtics continue the complete rebuilding effort that they hope will deliver the 18th NBA championship somewhere down the line, the Grizzlies are reportedly turning up the heat in pursuit of their first in franchise history.

Marc Stein of ESPN first reported that Memphis will trade veteran Tayshaun Prince’s expiring $7.7 million contract and future first round draft pick to Boston for forward Jeff Green.

It is possible, sources say, that Boston and Memphis will recruit a third team to join the final trade construction, but one source told that the trade will “most likely” happen with or without a third team.

Green was scheduled to start for Boston at Indiana but did not take the floor with his teammates and was ultimately pulled from the starting lineup and replaced by Jae Crowder.

Prince, meanwhile, was informed of the looming trade by Memphis officials but is expected to play for the Grizzlies in their Friday night game at New Orleans, which would pose no real issues for the Celtics because they’re essentially taking him back for Green because he possesses an expiring contract.

After starting out the season a sizzling 21-4 and zooming to challenge Golden State at the top of the Western Conference standings, the Grizzlies have hit a skid recently with Zach Randolph sidelined by injured and lost six of the 10 games heading into Friday night.

Memphis has been searching for offensive help at the small forward position for the past two seasons and the 28-year-old Green is currently having the best season of his career, averaging 17.6 points per game.

The Celtics had earlier announced a trade that sent recently acquired Brandan Wright to Phoenix for a conditional first round draft pick and created a $5 million trade exception in the process.

The Grizzlies turned their attention to Green after failing to in a bid to engage the Heat in talks for Luol Deng.


  1. RipCity2015 says:

    A guy I know who’s a Celtics fan bought a ticket at the start of the season to see the Celts play the Blazers in Portland. I feel sorry for him that he has to drive 6 hours and pay travel money just to see a shell of what he thought he was going to see.

  2. Jay says:

    Doesn’t really matter what the Celts do, they’re still better than the Knicks. However, they’ve got young talent and a really good coach. Gotta have a 5 year plan in Boston, and hope that guys like Young, Smart, Sullinger, Olynyck pan out and gel. Otherwise no vet is gonna wanna play there…

  3. vincent says:

    poor tayshaun, and Jameer too lol

  4. jose says:

    Griz just got better and the Celts got worst. Smfffhhh

  5. Bird33 says:

    If Danny is collecting picks to trade in for a marquee player or two (i.e. the fireworks that Wyc promised last summer but STILL HASN’T DELIVERED), then great move! If he is truly planning to use all these picks….OMG….as a celtics fan, I’m getting ready for another 22 years of darkness……

    BTW Danny and Wyc…..we buy more gear and go to more games when you win a title every now and then….

    SO LIGHT THE WICK, WYC !!!!!! 🙂

  6. daniel says:

    I like what danny ainge is doing, having a ton of picks doesn’t guarantee anything, but if you pick well in 2yrs they could be a dynasty again with one good FA pick up like a KD, and they would have the cap room to get a prime time player

    • harriethehawk says:

      Kevin Durant would never play for the Celtics. If he ever leaves OKC it would be to play for his home, the Wizards (Baltimore).

  7. Mefiu says:

    Prince (34)… such young talent

  8. eckos says:

    Good for Memphis, big gample for the Celtics! Why trade your All-Stars for an unknown player in the future? Ainge needs to have his head check. No one builds a team on new players, but tested players that delivers every game like Green and Rondo. Go figure?

  9. nbaer says:

    The blazers did what the spurs have been doing and now alot of teams are trying to do the same, BUILD THRU THE DRAFT AND DEVELOPE PLAYERS!!

  10. luis says:

    Great trade for the grizzlies. If the bench plays solid and Gasol & Conley stay healthy, they might have something to say in the Play-offs. They need still a quality reserve at the point and maybe another shooter, hope Carter puts up his final show at the play-offs as he did with Dallas last year. Go Grizz!

  11. Romeo says:

    One of the best SF’s in this league. This man is way underrated, he scored 30 points plus with Lebron guarding him every time they played. Grizzlies just became the number one team in the West.

  12. sheepblogs says:

    Im still confused why celtics are doing this to themselves. I don’t think the “rebuilding” process is working at all. The fans would get so tired and in the long run, they would stop coming to watch their young basketball team with no experience, maybe a few raw talents playing occasional fun action, and keep seeing their basketball team lose and not make it at all to the post season. Well I guess their in a better position than the sixers and knicks, but still….

  13. dustydreamnz says:

    Good trade for both teams. Helps the Grizz this year and helps the Celts long term.

  14. manu_mute says:

    Atlanta!!!!!!! Giles

  15. #30 says:

    go Sullinger!

  16. Endless Madness says:

    the celtics are trading all their players, now leaving only some un worthy players.

  17. Required says:

    Trade Danny Ainge! HAHA

  18. great pickup! now my grizzlies have a very very strong front court!

  19. james says:

    what about the lakers what they going do?

  20. BostonForLife says:

    WOW!! next thing we know Avery Bradley is going to be traded

  21. dee says:

    Man to be honest I was hoping that my mavericks would have bid for him along with rondo, but when it didn’t happen I was sure Chicago pick him up either to start and have Dunleavy back up both green and butler our have Green back up Dunleavy and butler

  22. Tony Damato says:

    Trust me, Jeff Green is a bust – the worst acquisition is Celtics history.
    he will fold when u need him the most
    a huge disappointment

  23. Issam says:

    Seriously, the NBA has to do something. West is becoming like the 1st division and East the 2nd.

  24. Lance says:

    Okay, so Celtics trade away Rondo and Green, and it’s a complete rebuilding effort. Sixers trade Evan and Spencer, and they are accused of tanking. Last I checked, neither Evan nor Spencer are starting, and the Sixers, just like last year, are not even the worst team in the league.

  25. jacktheripper says:

    I am gunna miss Jeff, but I feel he will fit in with The Grizz. I thought Boston would build around Jeff Green what the heck right? I mean you gotta start somewhere. They should have never traded Perkins or (Tony Allen) for Green anyways lol They had a better rounded team, then they had to mess it all up. They had another shot at a championship. Seriously management should fire themselves lol.

  26. Lame says:

    Stacked West becomes more stacked. How does it feel to watch basketball in the east?

  27. Mamba says:

    Solid pickup for the Grizzlies. Now they are legit contenders, they needed the scoring help for sure!

  28. Novelist Montage says:

    Maybe should hire me for editing

  29. TheKush says:

    Wow that’s a great trade in my opinion one of the best trades so far!

  30. Mark says:

    Houston gets Josh Smith, Dallas gets Rondo, and now Green goes to Memphis… The West just keeps getting stronger and stronger – it’s actually ridiculous.

  31. blazetheendlessblaze says:


  32. harriethehawk says:

    I bet Green is happy! I guess the Celtics know what they are doing. Which is?

    • steagl3 says:

      The Celtics (aka Danny AInge) have NO idea what they’re doing. They think that a dozen draft picks plus unproven, non-All Star players = long term success. It does not work that easily. You have to have balance to your rebuild. You can’t just ship out every veteran and All Star and hope that your draft picks compensate for that down the road. I am very unhappy by the roster management this year. A rebuild in Boston was clearly necessary, but not to the extent of getting rid of every talented player with over 4 years of NBA experience.

      • Stan says:

        They will be able to trade for talent down the road, but all (both) of the talented players they traded away would be too old and jaded after many seasons of losing by the time the Celtics are able to rise again.

    • Dionte Christmas says:

      Drafting the current starting 5 at Kentucky?

    • vendraminy says:

      Rebuilding obviously? Seeing as they have like 8+ first round picks now…