Report: Bulls will offer Butler the max

VIDEO: Jimmy Butler has been a constant top performer for Chicago this season

We know the unofficial voting for Executive of the Year has already ended and the hands-down winner is Jimmy Butler of the Bulls.

Face it. Unless the Cavs landing Timofey Mozgov or the Rockets shoe-horning Josh Smith into the lineup produces a championship in June, no general manager in the league is going to have made as wise a business as Butler in turning down that low-ball four-year, $40 million contract offer from the Bulls last fall.

Now that he’s playing like a sure-fire All-Star and a top of the class candidate for MVP, Butler is poised to hit the jackpot as a restricted free agent next summer.

According to David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune, the Bulls are preparing to keep their versatile two-way guard at home as soon he hits the open market:

“Internally, the Bulls are planning to take a proactive approach to contract negotiations with Butler next July and secure the shooting guard for a long-term spot alongside Derrick Rose.

“They fully expect to sign Butler to a max deal next July before another team even gets involved to tempt him with an offer sheet, which the CBA says they can after the moratorium ends. They accept that the size of Butler’s contract will put the Bulls in position to pay the luxury tax, something Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf says he will do for a championship contender his team is.”

Butler’s projected max salary is just under $16 million next season and the Bulls would be able to pay him more than $91 million over five years, compared to $67 million over four years by any other team.

Though Reinsdorf has said he won’t let crossing the luxury tax line sway him from holding onto Butler, there’s still a good chance the Bulls won’t have to do that. For all the good play he’s turned and goodwill he’s built up, Taj Gibson is a candidate to be moved out as rookie Nikola Mirotic has demonstrated that he can handle the job in his first season.


  1. Dyron from Belize # 1 Spurs fan says:

    Jimmy Boy to the Spurs next summer! Him playing the SG position along side the our Claw-Whi Leonard will lock down any wing guys the league has to throw at us! Not to mention their developing offensive game and guys like Danny Green and Patty Mills off the bench Spurs will win at least 3 more in 4-5 yeas! anybody say DYNASTY?!

  2. aaa says:

    Its the system. I know butler is good but definitely not THAT good…

  3. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    I would sign it with the option to opt out when 2016 comes around and that new league TV deal kick’s in and turn around and sign a bigger max contract. That new league deal will be getting players paid with big contract’s.

  4. Jay says:

    I think Mirotic is way over confident now…… he’s jacking up bricks from all over the court and not settling down his footing when he makes the shot. He gets the ball and just tosses it up hoping it goes in.

  5. dangerzonerva says:

    the only thing the bulls need is for derrick rose to be derrick rose to be derrick rose. nothing is wrong with the bulls roster, once derrick is back at his full potential then they are the best team in the east. the guy as missed two seasons even if he isnt up to par by the playoffs im sure next year he will be a force. im not worried at all about our beautiful team just have some hope

  6. kevin says:

    wow the bulls are really gonna give butler a max deal for averaging 21 a game for 30 games…wonder how much he would average when he is the head of the snake…10-13?

  7. KD over LBJ says:

    keep butler get nate back, he can come off the bench

  8. chicagorilla says:

    These last two games have been horrible!! I think they should slow down and at least wait to end of march, consistency is the key and right now our most consistent shooter us Aaron brooks! N he’s good but that’s not a compliment for the bulls. I live in Chicago but unless we become consistent and play every game with heart and energy we will not even make it to the e.c.finals… Its like we(especially d.rose) only gets hyped to play elite teams then the next night get spanked by a team under 500…. The wizards just had a gangbang and bulls pride was the victim

  9. rhedz says:

    Rose is still young and if he gets healthy enough he can produce and give bulls what they need along with butler who is emerging from rookie..bench and a starter bulls will have a great seasons ahead if noah and pau stays healthy aswell…

    If by any chance bulls land either gerald green or dragic or bledsoe or even isiah thomas or gerald wallace then it will be much more interesting…hehe



  10. just playing for max says:

    lol. once jimmy got the 5-year contract, he’ll perform another sub-par performance for the entire contract except the last year. You people never learn. D-Will, Bledsoe, Boozer, D-Rose, Melo, D-Wade, Bosh, Iverson, Marbury, Kenyon Martin and many more. Get over it Bulls, once he inked the deal, bid your farewell to “complete” butler.

  11. NASH59 says:

    the problem here is rose, what have he done for the franchise with that huge contract that he stole from the Bulls? Chicago should trade rose for a pg and sg that are decent. Rose for dragic and Bledsoe??? Think about it, dragic, Bledsoe, Butler, Noah, gasol? That’s a killer 5 right there

    • bonquifa says:

      Seriously? seriously…?? wich GM will trade Bledsoe and Dragic vs injured all the time ROSE… if so.. fire that GM common… you make no sense

  12. R says:


    1 good year does not discount the 5 years Taj has given the bulls

    • I think it’s too early to do that? I mean, only 37 games in and he’s slipped lately. I’m not saying the effort on his part to get that money isn’t there, but I think Taj and Noah have given everything since they’ve been with us and Jimmy has only had recent success. If you wanna pay him for his defense, I couldn’t agree more, but wait a while. Everyone has a good and bad stretch. Let’s find out if his offense has really proved the money.

  13. Ralph says:

    Kirk bye dunleavy bye gibs thanks But Bye snell shy so Bye Nazi Muhwho? Gtfoh Bye Gerald Green Gerald Green Green in Red….

  14. Ralph says:


  15. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    This guy is young and getting better, he’s going to be really good.

  16. en. says:

    Yep…rose ,gasol, and Noah take the pressure of him ….I wanna see him 1 deep without them an the rest of the bulls see how he does…..another gay thompson

  17. harriethehawk says:

    Unlike the OKC who let Harden walk away, Chicago is going to reward their really good player.

  18. Mamba says:

    They need to keep Butler and Gibson if they want to be real contenders.. Taj provides a real good spark off the bench, definitely a top 5, 6th man. Bulls cant really afford to lose anyone off this roster.. Last time they lost Nate Robinson that hurt them off the bench, if they were to move someone, it would be hinrich but I dont think he makes or wants that much money..

  19. Art says:

    Just yesterday Fran Blinebury wrote that Butler will be overpaid…
    Jimmy is the only player in NBA who always have to guard opposite best wing (sometimes PG too) and be the team best scorer. To save LeBron from doing the same Cleveland brought Shumpert).

    If Bulls want to be a contender they should have a top 12 or at least top 15 point guard.
    Rose now is not top 30. Last 6 games his FG% is 25 & 3P% – 17. It’s unacceptable and actually he should not start and play more than 18 min (one min per million he makes). The problem is that Hinrich – one a few PG who worse than Rose.

    Bulls shouldn’t trade Gibson unless they can get good PG (for instance Dragic). Of course Thibodeau should be in this case brave enough to bench Rose (like Brooklyn did with Williams)

  20. Blake says:

    Moving Taj would make this team very poor defensively. There are already more holes than normal. Don’t beat yourself or shoot yourself in the foot or whatever.

  21. kadir says:


  22. Keep all of our future All-Star says:

    We obviously saw something special in Taj… We drafted him, then gave him a six year contract. Why would we turn around and trade him…? Hopefully, the Bulls know better than to do something as thoughtless as the writer suggests. God bless

  23. Noitidart says:

    Jimmy deserves it. And Taj deserves more respect. His toddler cousin was shot and killed. And Taj has awesome awesome low post moves and awesome rebounding and dunks every game. Jimmy deserves the max and Taj deserves to stay with the Bulls, the Bulls must keep Taj and Niko it will give them excellent depth. Niko is not a future bench player. Niko is the future starter but wont till Pau goes to the bench. So Taj is needed without a question. When extreme defense is needed with no lull in offense you go with Taj.

    • Noitidart says:

      Jimmy deserves the max because the last thing he needed work on was 3pt shooting and he got it down man shooting 50% over the past couple weeks. He’s perfecting the three while perfecting driving and finishing at the basket. Deserves max man.

  24. mcluvin says:

    As well they should. Jimmy Butler is awesome.