LeBron, Curry lead initial All-Star voting

HANG TIME HQ — Two weeks after voting began for the 2015 NBA All-Star Game, despite finding a new home in the offseason, the King remains on top.

The first results for the 2015 All-Star Game starting lineup voting were announced, and Cleveland’s LeBron James is the overall leading vote getter, with 552,967 overall votes. But right on James’ heels is Golden State’s Stephen Curry, voting leader in the Western Conference and second overall with 549,095 votes.

NBA All-Star 2015James, who finished as last season’s leading vote-getter while a member of the Miami Heat, is followed in the Eastern Conference by Washington’s John Wall with 299,209 overall votes. In the Western Conference, close behind Curry is New Orleans’ do-everything big man Anthony Davis, with 524,623 votes. If the voting holds, Curry, Wall and Davis would all be making just their second All-Star appearances.

Interestingly, the third place spot in each Conference is currently occupied by an All-Star veterans, Los Angeles’ Kobe Bryant (521,542 votes), a 16-time All-Star, and Miami’s Dwyane Wade (265,917 votes), a 10-time All-Star.

Just several hundred votes behind Wade in the East is New York’s Carmelo Anthony, while Chicago’s Pau Gasol currently rounds out the East’s starting five. Out West, Blake Griffin and Marc Gasol are are currently leading in the race to win the remaining starting spots.

Several starters from last season’s game are, at least initially, off the pace to make the starting lineup. Kevin Love started for the Western Conference last season, but since being traded to Cleveland over the summer, Love is fifth among frontcourt players in initial voting with 169,818 votes. Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving started for the East last season and ended up winning the All-Star MVP award after going for 31 points and 14 assists. But in these first returns, Irving is third among Eastern Conference guards, behind Wall and Wade, with 237,356 overall votes.

Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant, the reigning NBA MVP, also started for the West last season, but after missing 17 games due to a foot fracture, Durant is currently fifth in the West with 191,881 votes. His teammate Russell Westbrook, a three-time All-Star who missed 14 games this season with a broken hand, is seventh among guards in the West with 84,686 votes.

This year, for the first time ever, fans have the power to vote for any active player in the NBA using the new online ballot. The 64th NBA All-Star Game will be played in New York City’s iconic Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Knicks, on Sunday, February 15, 2015. The BBVA Rising Stars Challenge, Sprint NBA All-Star Celebrity Game and State Farm All-Star Saturday Night — including the Sears Shooting Stars, Taco Bell Skills Challenge, Foot Locker Three-Point Contest and Sprite Slam Dunk — will be held at Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets. The recently-debuted uniforms feature nods to all five boroughs of New York City.


  1. mavs2015champs says:

    Monta deserves to go to the game. He averages the most 4th quarter points than anyone in the league

  2. Randysgt says:

    I agree Lowry should be a starter.

  3. BlogSoHard2015 says:

    WEST: davis griffin kobe curry westbrook
    EAST: drummond kg lebron wade irving

  4. Vaibhav Mohan says:

    Kyle Lowry should be a starter. He has been phenomenal

  5. WetheNorth says:

    Kyle Lowry is going head to head with each team’s best player day in and day out and bettering them (look at Toronto’s record).

    If you don’t watch the Raptors, you should start. Very exciting team and Kyle is the captain.

  6. Nelson says:

    Gibson not butler. He’s so insignificant I don’t even know his name

  7. Nelson says:

    And Irving over wade? What stats are you looking at? Wade is the only top 10 in scoring, not 7 ft tall, shooting over 50%

  8. Nelson says:

    Wow. Some of u bulls fans say Gibson ahead of wade? Please. Only on your lonely planet filled with unicorns and rainbows.

  9. Tinotenda Tavengwa says:

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, if Jimmy Butler isnt an all-star we gonna have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge problem !

  10. Tyler says:

    If you dont have Jimmy Butler on AT LEAST your reserves list (he should hands down be a starter for the East) then you are a MORON.

  11. Mamba 2.0 says:

    Fan balloting is an opportunity for fans to vote for their favorite players. That’s how it should be and how it always was. Allstar games are an exhibition anyway and don’t mean anything to a player’s true career worth. Thats why a player like Grant Hill was voted in as starters even though he was injured all season. It’s a popularity contest and the fan favorites win. The backups are left to the coaches to choose who really deserves it.

  12. DJ Tanner says:

    Fan voting should be banished! How is Kyle Lowrey (by many sources) the #7 candidate for MVP at the moment, and not voted to start for the East in the All Star Game? Fan voting is ridiculous. Just stop it. At this rate, Lowrey may not even make the all star game. Fans are stupid. And how does a player (Carmello Anthony) with a 28 loss team get voted in? Just because the team he plays for is in the biggest market with delusional fans? It’s just wrong!

  13. Inorref says:

    Kyle Lowry’s problem is that not enough U.S. fans get to see him play. I watch every Raptors game and his performance has been phenomenal in all aspects of point guard play. Its really fun to watch him. In their last three games, statistically he outplayed Lawson, Paul, and Rose. In the last two games with Cleveland, he outplayed Irving. That’s impressive!

  14. buburra says:

    It’s funny that there is not one player from champion team (SPURS) really,.. all star is not relevant

  15. Jim Bishop says:

    C – LaMarcus Aldridge
    PF –Anthony Davis
    SF – Kevin Durant
    SG – Damian Lillard
    PG – Russell Westbrook

    C – Chris Bosh
    PF– Carmelo Anthony
    SF – LeBron James
    SG – Kyrie Irving
    PG – John Wall

  16. china says:

    John Wall should be the starting point guard for the east. Lowry has been great this year but just as jalen rose said ” he is not on john’s level”!

  17. Gatsby says:

    Kyle Korver

  18. Wayne Turner says:

    Of course every season there are at least,but most often more than one player, that do NOT deserve to be voted as a starter.This season,it’s Bryant – His best is behind him,and he is ONLY getting votes cause he is a “name” voted by casual and less knowledgable fans.

    My starting teams are:-


    Forward: Aldridge (Portland)

    Forward: Davis (Pelicans)

    Centre/Forward: Gasol (Memphis)

    Guard: Curry (Warriors)

    Guard: Harden (Warriors)


    Forward: Millsap (Hawks)

    Forward: James (Cleveland)

    Centre/Forward: Gasol (Bulls)

    Guard: Wall (Wizards)

    Guard: Wade (Heat)

  19. ChillyB says:

    Everyone is overlooking the best point guard in the east “KEMBA WALKER”! Big Al deserves a space on the All star team also. Yes I am a Hornets fan.

  20. ryan says:

    It’s all a popularity contest there is guys who shouldn’t go like wade and Melo but guys like Jimmy butler don’t get it. Smh

  21. hector says:

    Hellooooo guys like i said. Who s gonna paid to see James harder ?.
    Kobe has to be there.

  22. IK brand says:

    jeff teague???????

  23. Marvin says:

    No Dwight Howard ??

  24. Jae Porter says:

    Maaan y’all crazy. If Durant doesn’t start which I believe he still will because the game is still a month away, Thompson should start at the 3 harden is the 2 hands down.

  25. tanichi says:

    I hope a lot of younger names to be involved.

    Wall, Butler, James, Horford, Drummond

    Curry, Harden, Davis, Griffin, Aldridge

  26. Mattias says:

    Shaqtin a fool mvp needs to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Daniel reese says:

    Kobe is going no matter what. Let’s be honest, if anybody shouldn’t be going it should be melo, talk about that.

  28. Wen says:

    Kobe Bryant is on the pace to start. Really?

    At least James Harden and Chris Paul should be in front of the horribly inefficient Kobe Bryant.

  29. Sour Patch says:

    Swaggy P lol

  30. johno says:

    Jimmy Buckets, most improved,all nba,mvp and most definate all star

  31. shako says:

    man , this is more interesting thn any other all star,i should say,
    one more thing if rondo in east this point he’ll be starter,but now he is west and he is gonna make at least reservers ,so we will see what happend ,,no hate

  32. tenby0630 says:


    Curry, Harden, Griffin, A. Davies, M. Gasol,

    Reserves: Durant, Aldridge, Lillard, Paul, Howard, Parker, Thompson


    Wall, Wade, Lebron, Love, Gasol

    Reserves: DeRozan, Lowry, Bosh, Korver, Irving, Antetokounmpo, Rose

    I don’t think Kobe and Carmelo deserves to be All Stars this year.

  33. cheatra says:

    Boston’s celtics

  34. cooglh says:

    No Aldridge and Lillard uh?

  35. talle says:

    No one fromnATL Hawks?? This is BS

  36. Kal says:

    Kyle Lowry doing nothing for the 1st place Toronto Raptors of course.

  37. denis_hawk says:

    NBA, don’t live people decide starting lineups please. This is a joke…

  38. Tcash says:

    This is the worst ballot I have ever seen. How come I don’t see James Harden, Chris Paul, and Vucevic on the ballot? Carmelo shouldn’t even be in the all star this year.

  39. DanGBuckets#21 says:

    where’s my man jimmy butler?

  40. Jameel says:

    It seems they are trying to persuade the votes a little bit by only showing the top performers, so that’s a good thing. But to my boy Louis, who said that Thompson should be in there over Harden I have one question. Place Klay Thompson on the Rockets and give him all of Hardens duties, do you think he would be having the same success? Not to mention Harden has drastically improved his defense and will to win this year.

  41. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    They should make it so the fans vote for the top 12 players, and the players with highest votes from each confrence should be the players on the team and the coach should be voted in by the fans too, regardless of position or team’s record, the fans know who is good and they will put the top players in the game. The biggest problem is who start’s, well let the players with the top votes start regardless of position, and as the game goes along let the players who are playing well in the game finish the game. it’s a exibition game, Wade, Melo, Kobe are putting up numbers on bad teams but that’s who they are and how good they are, Josh Smith was putting up bad numbers on a bad team, because that’s who he is, he’s just not that good of a player, but a lot of people think he’s going to take a team over the top and make them a champion, NOT…. The NFL has the pro bowl at the end of the season and the fans vote, and they play with no AFC vs NFC, just the best against the best, maybe the NBA should have the highest voted player’s against each other regardless of West or East, and just go down the list of players with the top votes, the top vote getter on one team the second vote getter on the other team and the third on the team with the first top vote getter and the fourth on the team of the second top vote getter and so on. I would like to see older players Duncan, Dirk, Kobe, Wade playing in the game against younger players, because i’m a fan, and other fans would vote them in if they could vote for the whole team. I’m Just a fan being a fan, I Love This Game…

    • NASH59 says:

      Don’t say kobe is putting up numbers when he Jacks up 30 shots per night. Did I forget to mention his shooting percentage? If I can jack up 8/30 every night I would be just as good as kobe? Cmon now, kobe is no longer the player he is, anyone in the NBA will have a lot of points if they get to Jack up 30shot attempt.

  42. ninokum says:

    What the hell??? Leading scorer not eve mentioned…He is dominating the league and the Rockets were quite impresive with only Harden in lineup of starters…Sluggish Kobe over Harden?

  43. Sean says:

    I don’t get why everybody seems to be complaining about who deserves what. The fans vote for who the fans want to see. It’s not fair? A lot of things aren’t. The coaches will select the reserves where the players’ play in the season will count more. Besides, there are awards for pure on-court excellence; they’re called the All-NBA/All-Defensive teams, look ’em up.

  44. Frederic says:

    kobe #1

  45. dzeno says:

    Dont know why somebody thinks that Lowry is better than Wade,He is not!

  46. Good Comment says:

    This is a wake up call for Bulls Fans myself included I only voted once thinking rose might be a lock since there are tons of Bulls fans. If ALL Bulls fans vote for Rose and Butler they can catch up. J. Wall is playing well and has the city behind him. The same with D-Wade. Time for Bulls fans to step up and start voting on a daily!

  47. Louis says:

    C – Marc Gasol (leading the MVP for a reason)
    PF – Anthoy Davis (Best PF in the NBA)
    SF – I have no clue since Durant has been injured all year
    SG – Klay Thompson (Don’t even argue Harden, he is a volume shooter and his defense blows)
    PG – Chris Paul (Best PG in the league, Curry a close second)

    C – Andre Drummond
    PF – Pau Gasol
    SF – LeBron James (Best player in the league right now, him and Davis most dominate in respected positions)
    SG – Jimmy Butler (21.7 PPG, 6.2 Reb, 3.3 AST, need I say more?)
    PG – John Wall (Just as good as Curry and Paul imo)

  48. Alexis says:

    Monta is so underrated in this league

  49. Most Valuable Stubble says:

    I really like to see Kobe making the starting five. I know he isn’t shooting the ball well and he isn’t making his team better and all of that, but his work ethic is an example to everyone, and what he is doing at his age is admirable.

    Plus we only have a year or two left to see Kobe play, I want to see him on the court as much as i can. Bryant making the All-Star game in the Madison Square Garden at age 36 will be quite a beautiful memory.

    But yeah, Harden, Thompson, Lillard, Ellis, etc. are playing way better basketball than KB and in a fair world all of them should be ahead of Bryant in the voting.

  50. Uhhh? says:

    The best GUARD in the east this year has been Wade. The only thing you can criticize him for is missing 7 games. Other than that he has been the best with Butler, Wall & Lowry not too far behind

  51. Ngozi says:

    I dont see how Demarcus Cousins isnt in there. He is the best center in the league, Anthony Davis is a PF. Cousins is having the best season of his career and the only reason why he didnt make it last year was because of his attitude which has greatly improved this season. #vote_DMC

  52. Joel Anthony aka Mr MVP says:

    Wut abuout Kawaii Leenord? He disurv tu bi an all stur! #FanOfKawaiiLeenord #FanOfSporz #Cavs2015Champs

  53. Andrew says:

    Everyone complains about vets making the allstar starting line up. Do you even realize it’s not the leagues decision who starts. The fans voted for them so apparently more fans would Esther have Kobe than Harden. Griffin over Aldridge, etc. if you want that to change then vote differently.

  54. hector says:

    The question is. Did you voted ? Because is look like if D wade and Kobe are there is because people want to see them. And guys you could say whatever but nobody wants to see James harder. We wanna see Kobe vs D wade, Lebron vs Carmelo, Curry vs ….. ????? Wall. Not vs lowry.

  55. yup says:

    wow can’t believe kobe got in instead of harden… Harden is the leading scorer in the league and has a MUCH improved defense… Harden is much better than kobe right now

  56. Carmelo starter? alridge out? Lowry and Jimmy butler out?

  57. nbaer says:

    Lamarcus aldrige should be a starter over all pf in the west and probably the league, thompson starting at SG and harden being his reserve. Anthony davis should be starting C, chris paul, curry and lillard are a toss up. But record wise lillard should start and curry back him up.

  58. Jackitup says:

    Maybe its a popularity contest vs ALL-STAR

  59. Art says:

    To allow fans vote for All-Star game starters is pathetic.
    Rondo is better than Thompson, Westbrook and Lillard?

    The best guards on East are Lowry & Butler. Wall & Wade are next.

    Please don’t select Barkley as game play-by-play commentator.

  60. Miles says:

    Melo, Wade and Bryant as starters is a travesty. Kyle Lowry should be a starter as well. KD has been injured so I don’t see a case for him. Is this game supposed to be the 2015 All Star Game? The merits of the players history should not warrant a spot.

  61. Del says:

    Where is Aldridge?

  62. ExilD says:

    Kobe ,LBJ are things from the past, Harden ,Curry and ,A.Davis are the best player now

  63. Jordan says:

    Andre Drummond is totally underrated.

  64. Sean says:

    Why is wade up there. That is terrible that wade is ahead of Kyrie. Terrible

  65. kwest says:

    how in the hell does marc gasol and blake griffindor make the all star game in front of kd. And how the hell does rondo and chris paul make it above west brick. And what about lowry he’s better than wall, wade, and irving. And lou also deserves some consideration. Curry is alright but its funny that curry is the most popular in the west because of his ability to shoot threes while kyle korver isn’t anywhere to be seen and he’s a much better shooter #rigged

  66. lol says:

    Harden is the best player of the league so far this season. He has been playing outstanding and even his DEFENSE is really good now. This dude tries to do it and does it vvery well, he will make the all defense team of the year, i am telling you!

    its sad that the fanboys vote kobe in when u got harden as your SG, I mean this dude is clearly by far the best 2-guard in the league

  67. Abe Reubin says:

    monta is an all star

  68. Theo says:

    What did lebron do so fare this season? Come on guys!!!!!!

    • devi says:

      At da age of 30, da man averages atlst 25.3 Ppg, 5.3 Rpg, 7.8 Apg……. wat else do u want…
      Credit daman coz he’s in a team but still pulling good numbers
      LOL 2 King James

  69. Theo says:

    Whaaaaat???? So how about harden,curry,lilard, davis……..

  70. tambe says:

    Why should lebron be an allstar? That’s not cool!

  71. harriethehawk says:

    I’m not surprised that Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant didn’t get high votes. But Russell Westbrook needs to at least be a reserve. And so should at least 1 Hawk player. Let’s Go Hawks!