Report: Kings fire Mike Malone


Mike Malone was 39-67 during his tenure in Sacramento (Photo by NBAE via Getty Images).

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — In a rather bizarre move, the Sacramento Kings fired head coach Mike Malone Sunday night, according to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The Kings were the surprise team of the first few weeks of the season, going 9-6 before losing star DeMarcus Cousins to what eventually turned out to be viral meningitis. They’ve gone 2-7 without Cousins, having lost to both the Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons in the last six days.

The Kings have outscored their opponents by 11.1 points per 100 possessions with Cousins on the floor and have been outscored by 8.8 with him off it. He’s been critical to both their offense and defense.

Still, the Kings were 1/2 game out of eighth place in the West when they lost Cousins. And right now, the Kings are still 1/2 game out of eighth place. Basically, the Phoenix Suns have been just as bad as they have over the last 2 1/2 weeks.

But apparently, Kings management expected more. And now they turn to Tyrone Corbin, whose Jazz ranked 20th or worse defensively in each of his four seasons as their head coach.

Malone was in his second season in Sacramento. Despite Cousins’ absence for nine of their 24 games, they were improved in both offensive and defensive efficiency from last season.


  1. asdg says:

    They fire Malone to let corbin take over, What a mess sacramento is, my god! Malone was doing a good job, Who really expects sacramento to win games without cousins, remove davis from pelicans for 10 games, and lets see how many they will win lol.

    Their roster looks terrible, but they were winning games with boogie in the lineup. good luck winning games with corbin defense lol.

  2. justsayin says:

    Paging George Karl?

  3. and cousins said this was a playoff team! LOL!

  4. bob says:

    Now that Ranadive has sold his busuness in the bay area, get ready for the helicopter owner to really mess up this already horrible franchise!! All this clown knows how to do, is bring in former Warriors. The next coach will be Mark Jackson or Chris Mullin, or maybe even Mitch Richman. Good luck Sacramento.

  5. harriethehawk says:

    What is most disturbing is that this will be Cousin’s 4th coach in 4 years. Not cool.

  6. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    Maybe the Kings are just garbage, and Cousins is there only good player, the team is full of average players so your going to be average when Cousins is out, they just don’t have the talent to win in the West. You can coach your butt off all day and be in a game for the first three quarters but if you don’t have the talent to close games then you will lose, look at the Rockets game last thrusday, winning first three quarters then Harden took over the fourth and overtime. Gay has been taking the shoot to win games but Gay has no jumper. When Cousins is on the floor they have a chance to win, but with out him no chance, and there in the West so they were going no were this season.

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  9. Verners says:

    Finally. Not a good coach really. Couldn’t re-group after missing one key guy.

  10. Carlo says:


  11. Vytas says:

    Maybe after loosing Cousins for handful of games they decided to stall and go for loterry draft but Malone didn’t agree and was fired.

  12. deematthew14 says:

    you just can’t blame the head coaches, they’re trying their best to get their teams going, its just the players don’t play hard enough to defend their spot or whatever it is…

  13. Ernie says:

    The Indian owner fire Malone because he refused to recall the big Indian- Canadian guy from the D league and use a cheaper player as Cousin’s replacement. It’s called outsourcing.Everybody in the biz world is doing it.

  14. BEST IN THE WORLD says:

    wow what a pathetic franchise, i wanted them to do well up until now. back to the lottery they go

  15. TY CORBIN says:


  16. TY CORBIN says:


  17. Moe says:

    Y Kings owners and managment?

  18. dustydreamnz says:

    There’s gotta be more to this. An argument or 3 between Malone and either the owner or CEO etc. I thought he was doing a tremendous job.

  19. Rohit says:

    Listen I’m neither upset or happy.. We should not be losing to bad teams even with cousins out. Whenever it a close game the ball goes to ruddy’so hands for ISO. What kind of a coach doesn’t draw up a play with the game on the line. And when cousins is healthy it seems like he only gets 30 mins of playing time. C’mon guys dmc is in his early 20’s he should be playing at least 38 a game. And that goes for all the young stars. The last 2 weeks seemed as if the urgency on the defensive end has withered away. Cousins was doing more coaching than Malone. Good things in the future go kings

  20. Francisco Santos says:

    I don’t like how organizations seem to jump ship at first sign of smoke. Again maybe something happened backstage between the coach and management, you never know, but continuity is sure needed for the Kings to be successful in the future. Look at Washington for example, they kept Randy Wittman even when they had rough times because of injuries a couple of years ago, look where they are now…

  21. Cisco Vargas says:

    I really liked coach Malone he seemed to have his players support. Yes I am disappointed in the teams recent losing streak but Cuz I averaging a double double that’s hard to replace. No excuses there were a lot of games they should have won recently. I would have given him the year to finish and then made the decision. I’m proud of my team and the coach we had I feel he did a hell of a job. Thank you Coach Malone.

  22. Justin A. White says:


  23. Lars says:

    Here’s a thought!!
    The guy saved our team and gave us a shot…he’s a billionaire whose committed to producing wins–let’s not ‘knee jerk’ about this until we find out what has really happened. If the team was in Seattle this year we wouldn’t have the opportunity to have this discussion—no one in Sacto Would care—let’s weigh in on this in May/June….just saying….

  24. Nate says:

    Their recent record reflects the Kings’ over-reliance on Cousins. You can’t blame a coach for losing when the pivotal star falls ill. You can, however, blame the GM for creating such a vulnerable team structure.

  25. badmovekings says:

    what a stupid move.. there must be something going on behind the scenes.. he was stable enough and they had improved a lot.. i had started watching their games.. they are gunna tank now for a draft pick, now that they have there core guys tied up.. boo

  26. Bad, bad move by the Kings. Now they will probably bring in someone worse….like Mark Jackson. I had early questions about the Kings meddlesome owner….and now they are starting to be answered in my mind.

  27. Wow says:

    Coach cannot prevent meningitis lol. What a knee jerk reaction.

  28. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:


  29. jdub455 says:

    bad move by the kings

  30. ko0kiE says:

    bad move… sacramento will never get to the playoffs if they have no continuity..

    • Costa says:

      Not only that.Cousins seemed to have a good relationship with him and respected him why would they risk Cousins getting out of focus and maybe return to his old ways?