Reports: Hornets shopping Stephenson

VIDEO: The Starters: Is Lance Stephenson stealing rebounds?

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The honeymoon is over in Charlotte, apparently.

The Charlotte Hornets were supposed to be an improved team this season, with the addition of Lance Stephenson giving a boost to an offense which ranked 24th last season. But Charlotte has been the most disappointing team in the league thus far, having regressed on both ends of the floor.

The Hornets have played the toughest schedule in the Eastern Conference and Stephenson isn’t completely to blame for their 6-17 start. But he hasn’t fit in well and has shot just 39 percent (16 percent from 3-point range).

And now, with Stephenson eligible to be traded on Monday, the Hornets are looking for a mulligan, as Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports

The Charlotte Hornets are targeting the Indiana Pacers and Brooklyn Nets as destinations to unload guard Lance Stephenson, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Stephenson becomes eligible to be traded on Monday, and Charlotte has rapidly lost hope that its brief partnership with Stephenson can stand the test of time.

Indiana hasn’t ruled out the possibility of bringing back Stephenson, but appears unwilling to seriously engage the Hornets without the inclusion of a first-round pick in a potential deal, sources told Yahoo Sports.

So far, Charlotte has shown no inclination to package a future draft pick to move Stephenson, league executives told Yahoo Sports.

ESPN’s Marc Stein has more

Although sources say no deal involving Stephenson is imminent, Monday is the first day that players signed to new contracts in July are eligible to be dealt, which typically triggers what teams leaguewide regard as “trade season” over the next two months leading into the annual February trade deadline.

One factor that could ultimately lead to a deal, despite Stephenson’s ragged and discouraging start, is the fact that the three-year, $27 million deal he received over the summer from Charlotte owner Michael Jordan is only guaranteed through next season. The third year of the deal is not guaranteed, which theoretically enhances Charlotte’s chances of finding another team willing to gamble ‎on the mercurial swingman.

Sources say that the Hornets are not in a move-him-at-all-costs mode with Stephenson but made it clear that Charlotte is ready now to abandon the experiment if a palatable deal presents itself.


  1. Indiana'sownLarryBird says:

    He’s ok on defense but just garbage on offense, he brings energy off the bench, he would be good for a team that needs a spark off the bench, but that’s all he is. Lance is not a starter.

  2. Rhedz03 says:

    @beachesq: Well, Knicks does not need scoring as melo already can give that..What knicks need is a good center that can give a defensive presence on the court and a solid point guard.

    @The Voice Of Reason: Yes, Another good landing spot for L.S is Clippers, playing alonside Griffin, Jordan, Crawford, Paul…It would really be an upgrade “IF” L.S can play like how he played back in Pacers. But it’s a big risk for clippers. Maybe Scaramento can get him but they already have demarcus cousins as a headache for that, I don’t think the team can handle another Demarcus cousins like player.

    L.S got that potential to be one of the best in the league…He just needs to fix his attitude, maybe a counseling would help. He is young so his abit aggressive and raw, I hope he can be molded into a better player and person on the court…

  3. Rhedz03 says:

    Lakers needs him..But im not too sure if L.S can work well with kobe. Nets could make use of him but i don’t think Kg can work well with L.S. Spurs could be the best place for L.S under Coach Pops, T.D and company…All are mature and L.S can learn alot from spurs…

    Here’s how it would look if L.S goes to spurs

    C – T.Splitter
    F – T.Duncan
    F – K.Leonard
    G – Stephenson
    G – Parker

    If not spurs then the last place he can go is Rockets but he will be playing behind Harden and Ariza. He can prolly learn something from Mchale.

  4. NeilR1090 says:

    This is a difficult one. There’s no doubting that Lance is a talented basketball player, but if it is his personality and inability to fit within the Hornets organisation, what is his realistic trade value? There were reports of him struggling to get along during his time with the Pacers and his style of play, all-be-it intense, is not necessarily focused around winning basketball games. If Charlotte do decide to cut their losses with Stephenson, his market value will have sharply decreased and the destinations where a viable and beneficial (for both teams) trade can be made will have done the same. Will another team be prepare to take a gamble on him? If they wouldn’t take him for free in the offseason, why would they give up pieces for him now? Indiana would be my bet. Their organisation knows Lance,(how to deal with him) and what they’ll be getting. But, what would they be prepared to give up? It’s hard to believe that the Hornets would include a first-round pick as they may well be looking at the lottery over the next few seasons.

  5. Jaysketball Profet says:

    IF Stephenson NUMBER IS GOING DOWN…the hornets need to put him on D-league

  6. Coach Chris says:

    Give us Hardaway jr. And Shumpert and lance is all yours,

  7. NJ says:

    Was it just me, or did the video have nothing at all to do with Lance stealing rebounds from his team mates? I watched a heap of emal questions, and not one of them related to that.

    Also, are there any jobs going for proof readers at Most of your articles need one!

  8. Caleb Klee says:

    I like the Indiana Pacers and I think that it might be a smart idea to get Stephenson back. Larry Bird like Lance and I think that Lance respects Larry and I think that in Charlotte he is out of his comfort zone and that if he comes back to Indiana that it would very much help the team. And you also have to remember that the Pacers tried to sign Stephenson back for this year, but Stephenson decided to go where there is more money. To me I think that Stephenson is going to come back to Indy.

  9. ericA. says:

    play alog side Kobe!…Mitch K. trade Sacre and Clarkson,Kelly!

  10. ericA. says:

    Lakers can sign him….maybe?what do u think Mitch K?

  11. Jose says:

    come to Miami or maybe he wants to be traded to Cleveland & play with Lebron?? :))

  12. LA-Kobe@Manila says:

    We need you @LA..

  13. nba fan says:

    Bird is really an intelligent guy, knowing Lance attitude and ability. And again MJ was only good in playing basketball but very poor in decision making. Good luck to whoever the team who will get Lance. Bird will only get Lance back if the deal favors Pacers not Hornets or even Lance.

  14. Reymon de Guzman says:

    My God NO! I’m a Pacers fan, and as much as it pains me to see the state we are in this year, we don’t want to go from bad to worse. I’d rather deal with injuries than a locker room toxic in Lance.

  15. Wayne Swartz says:

    The current Pacers team is having problems, but that is related to a seemingly endless slew of injuries. Adding Stephenson will not help. So what if Larry Bird likes him; Bird also liked Shawne Williams, David Harrison and Stephen Jackson. Stephenson may get decent stats but he gets his numbers at the expense of others and he doesn’t make his teammates better. His shot selection is questionable, his attitude is awful and he is a locker room chemistry killer. Lance Stephenson is in the verge of joining that list of players who had talent but were “head cases”. …..aka B.J. Ryder, Bonzi Wells, Ron Artest, Vernon Maxwell….. (plus the aforementioned). I say, good bye and good riddance.

  16. jc says:

    Ball hog,cry baby and snitch will never come close to MJ. Where’s the hardware ? He ran off every big man because he wanted to be the man.. And you say he’s better .MJ was a team player…Can u truley say this about Fobe Kobe ???Just ask Shaw and D Howard..

  17. lbj says:

    Charlotte is already giving up on its prized royal ear blower?

    The King of all basketball laughs at these silly games.


  18. harriethehawk says:

    This is shocking! And even more shocking that the Indiana Pacers want him back! Is it a good idea for him to return there? The Brooklyn Nets stink. And they will have chemistry issues their too.

  19. Rändom says:

    Lool. Reading about this kid could get traded already made me laugh so loud at 4:00 at night.. Good luck to him.
    Btw, I’m surprised Jordan has managed to put together such an horrible roster with 0 Europeans. What kind of team is that?! Who cares about an all-american and one african team, L0L?

  20. The Voice Of Reason says:

    Um Clippers need a solid wing player?
    If Stevenson plays D like he did in Indiana then he would definitely be an upgrade from Matt Barnes, but attitude is an issue…
    Truth is with his new contract, if he continues to play like he has so far this season, ain’t no team in the NBA hell even D-League for that matter gonna want him.

  21. Sunny Ng says:

    Now,MJ is openly admited another mistake and hope he can fix it right this time. Steveson is good fit with Lakers for his scoring ,let see who is wise enough to pick him up.

  22. TheKush says:


  23. I think the Pacers are the only team willing to put up with his antics, Bird loves him so I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back

    • beachesq says:

      the knicks need someone with his length who can shoot and score. everyone and anyone except for melo could be dumped without recourse or damage. they just need some scoring.